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Oblivion Itemizer v3.00 (3.00)
Filename: oblivion_itemizer_3_00.zip

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Oblivion Itemizer v3.00 (3.00) - File Description  

  NOTE: This file has become outdated and there's a newer / better version available.
  You can still get this file but we suggest you have a look at the NEW / UPDATED VERSION first!

Have you ever wanted or needed an item in Oblivion so much but just can't seem to get your hands on it? Well, search no further. Thanks to my creation, Oblivion Itemizer, you can have that item, or any item for that matter. Oblivion Itemizer is preloaded with over 5400 items, separated into databases, that can be chosen from and automatically written to batch files. These batch files can then be uploaded into Oblivion. What's more? Every single item has stats listed for them. Every database is sorted alphabetically by item name and is also searchable by item name. You can also sort any column in any database by ascending or descending. Oblivion Itemizer also includes Shivering Isles items within its databases.

<========== Oblivion Itemizer Version 3.00 Features and Changes ==========>

-> Rewrote the entire coding for the initial importing of the items upon startup of OI. Items for the lists are now loaded from .ini files located in the Main directory. Not only did this decrease startup time but it is more efficient code-wise.

-> Added a few more columns to some of the items tabs.

-> Removed the Help Box. It was an unnecessary tab. I integrated the contents of the Help Box into the Help Me file and made a few changes.

-> Removed the Batch File Reference List. It is no longer visible because I felt it was unnecessary to have shown on the GUI.

-> Did some rearranging of the GUI features on the right hand side. Each object is labeled so it now easy to tell what each object does.

-> Removed the stat boxes for each of the items tabs. The only stats that are shown now are the item name, item code, and the item's full cheat. I felt the stat boxes were not needed because the stat columns are already in the lists.

  NOTE: This file has become outdated and there's a newer / better version available.
  You can still get this file but we suggest you have a look at the NEW / UPDATED VERSION first!

Oblivion Itemizer v3.00 (3.00) - Screenshots  
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Oblivion Itemizer v3.00 (3.00) - File Download Options  

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Oblivion Itemizer v3.00 (3.00) - Readme  
Readme File:
/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/OBLIVION ITEMIZER-------
-------USERS GUIDE/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/

This user�s guide and the Oblivion Itemizer program are the property of SPIKE


First and foremost, I would like to say that I spent almost a year developing this program and it has undergone serious testing throughout its development. Therefore, I ask that anyone using Oblivion Itemizer would respect the fact that I worked very hard to create this program and to not redistribute it, alter it, modify it, or use its coding in any way without my strict written consent. This is mainly because I would like to take credit for Oblivion Itemizer as the creator, developer and designer. Though this type of program is not my original idea and there are some programs out there like it, the fact that I designed it should be enough incentive for anyone using Oblivion Itemizer to abide by these "rules."


INSTALLATION: All the files that are required to run Oblivion Itemizer are already included in the folder. Simply run Oblivion Itemizer and enjoy!



I tried, and I am still trying (for later versions), my best to make Oblivion Itemizer as user-friendly as possible. It is difficult to do this because of how many buttons are needed to make everything function properly. I am still trying to cut back on buttons, but as features are added, more is required from the User Interface. Therefore, and by suggestion, I am including this help guide on the Help tab within Oblivion Itemizer.


Setting Custom Item Quantities

-By simply clicking on any of the items located in the lists on any of the tabs, information will be shown on the left hand side about the clicked item and the item will also appear highlighted in the list.

-Along with the information of the item on the left hand side, there is also a box called "Full Cheat." This is the actual code that is used to tell Oblivion what item to import. You can change the quantity that will be added to your character's inventory by editing the very last value in this box. For example, if you are on the "Weapons" tab and you have the Akavari Sunderblade selected in the list, the "Full Cheat" box will say:

player.additem 000CA154 1

The very last value (which is a one (1)) is the value that you can edit to change the quantity that will be added to the inventory. So if you want 10 Akavari Sunderblades instead of only 1, you can change the "Full Cheat" box to look like:

player.additem 000CA154 10

It's that simple!

-Once you are satisfied with the quantity and the selected item, simply click the "Add Item To Batch File List" button. This will add the selected item to the top list on the right hand side and to another list below it that will then contain the actual full cheat along with the edited quantity.


Creating The Batch File

Step 1) After you are satisfied with the list of items you have chosen,
click the "Create Batch File" button. This will bring up a
dialog box so you can choose where to save the actual batch file.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND saving it in your Oblivion directory (the place where
you have the files for Oblivion installed). Place it in the folder
that also contains the Data folder and Oblivion.exe.
This way you can simply type in the batch file name and not
have to worry about typing in the hard drive letter and so on.

Step 2) Click the "Write Batch File" button to write the batch file to
to the specified location. The batch file is written to a .txt
file extension. Using the example above, the file will look like:


Step 3) Start or load a game in Oblivion and press the ~ (tilde) key, which
is located above the Tab key on the keyboard, to bring up the in-game console.

Using the example above, you would then type:

bat batchfile1.txt

Be sure to include the ".txt" at the end of the path otherwise
it will not work. After you do this, press "Enter" on your keyboard
and you will see that the items will start to be added to your inventory.


Button Help

:::Clear List:::
Clicking this button will clear the list of all its contents. You will be prompted to confirm
that you want to perform this action.

:::Reset Duplicate Items Checker:::
Clicking this button will clear the duplicate items list (this list is hidden). It basically stores a list
of items that you previously added to the other batch files. You can click this button if you are creating multiple batch files and don't care if you get duplicate items in the batch files. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to perform the clearing of this list.


Side Notes

-Just as a side note, the maximum amount of items that you can have in any list is 15.
For some reason, the maximum items in a list that Oblivion will import is around 15. I
have it set so Oblivion Itemizer won't let you add more than 15 items to a list, so don't
worry about going over.


Adding Custom Items

-To add custom items to Oblivion Itemizer, go to the "Add Items" tab and enter in a name
and then the code for that item. You can enter in as many items as you would like. After
you have entered in the name of the item, along with its code, click the "Add Item" button.
This will add the name to the top list and the code to the bottom list. Once you are satisfied
with the list of custom items, click the "Save List" button.



SPECIAL NOTE: Oblivion Itemizer will save the custom items list to its containing folder (the folder
where Oblivion Itemizer resides). The file is automatically named "CIList.ini" (note
the ".ini" extension) and it is extremely important that you do NOT delete this file if
you want to keep your list of custom items. I recommend keeping a backup copy of
this file in another directory so that if it does get deleted, for whatever reason, you
will still have the list. It is also extremely important that you do NOT rename this file
or tamper with its contents. Doing so can cause problems when Oblivion Itemizer
attempts to load the file.

NOTE: If for some reason the CIList file should get deleted or you just need to restore it, simply
copy the backup file you made back into the Oblivion Itemizer folder. It's that simple. Be careful,
however, because if you named it something different other than "CIList", you MUST rename
it back to "CIList" to prevent problems when Oblivion Itemizer attempts to load it.

NOTE: Do NOT change the extension of this file because it is hard coded into Oblivion Itemizer
to read from the ".ini" extension.

NOTE: You will have to restart Oblivion Itemizer in order for the custom items to show up.

NOTE: If you remove an item AFTER you have already saved the custom items file, you must click
the "Save List" button again to update the file.

Furthermore, I CANNOT be held responsible if anything happens to your list of custom items.
That is solely YOUR responsibility!


Due to a heavy amount of confusion, I have decided to re-create the entire Oblivion Itemizer main help file. I realize that some of you out there are not familiar with the Oblivion in-game console and the "bat" command. So I have decided to rewrite the new main help file in easy-to-understand terms.

Just as a side note - I am currently brain-storming an idea of how to automate the whole process of importing batch files into Oblivion. However, I cannot guarantee anything.


Before I tell you about how to create and then import batch files into Oblivion, there are a few necessary terms that I need to explain.


1.) Batch file

A batch file is basically a file that contains more than one line of words that tells Oblivion what to do. These lines of words are called "commands.

2.) File extension

Have you ever created a new text file and renamed it something other than "new text file?" If you have, then you should have noticed something at the end of that name. It looks like this: ".txt". That is called the "file extension." You will see why it is important for you to know this term later in the help file.

3.) Oblivion console

When you are playing Oblivion, there is something running in the background (behind the scenes, that you can't see right away) called the "Oblivion console." This is used to type commands into to get different results or to make certain things happen in Oblivion.


1.) bat

Short and sweet. The word "bat", when typed into the console, tells Oblivion that you are getting ready to import a batch file into Oblivion. Later in this help file, I will explain how to use this command.



While in Oblivion Itemizer you will notice that there are quite a few tabs at the top of the window. Most of these tabs contain pre-loaded items for both Oblivion and Shivering Isles that you can choose from to add to a batch file list using Oblivion Itemizer. The following steps are based off of an example only:

1.) Click on the "Weapons" tab if it is not already clicked.

2.) Locate any item within the list and click on it. (For this example, we are going to just use one item so you understand the main concept of adding an item to the batch file list.)

3.) Click on the "Add Item To Batch File List" button.

4.) You will notice on the right hand side of the Oblivion Itemizer window that the item you just chose is now added to the list. Go ahead and click on the "Create Batch File" button.

5.) A window will pop-up asking you where you would like to save your batch file. To avoid confusion with importing the file into Oblivion, you are going to save your batch file directly into your MAIN OBLIVION DIRECTORY. (This is the directory where Oblivion is installed.) For example, my path looks like this:

C:Program FilesBethesda SoftworksOblivion

6.) Once you have selected a location you can now click on the "Write Batch File" button.

7.) Navigate to the folder where you saved it to.

8.) You should now see the batch file.



When you are playing Oblivion, usually no matter what is going on in the game, you can always press a certain key to bring up the Oblivion console. The key is as follows:

"~" ---This is called the "tilde" key. Kind of looks like a wave, doesn't it? This key is located (on most keyboards) above the Tab key.

When you press this key, in most cases, whatever is going on in the game will pause. You will notice that your status bars and other stuff at the bottom of the screen will disappear. Don't worry, this is normal. You will then see a vertical white bar in the lower left corner of your screen.



So now that we have opened the console, let's go ahead and try out the bat command.

Now, assuming you have read the help text, which is located on the last tab in Oblivion Itemizer, you should have already created a batch file and saved it in your MAIN OBLIVION DIRECTORY.

Also, I am assuming that you named your batch file something unique. So instead of "batchfile" (which I have used below), use the name that you have given your batch file.

I am going to try my best to break up the command and path into little pieces so it is easier for you to understand:

- bat

- batchfile

- .txt

Now that it is broken up, let's put it back together:

bat batchfile.txt

Once you type this in, and after you hit "Enter" or "Return" on your keyboard, your batch file will be loaded into Oblivion and you will see that all of the commands that are in the batch file will be shown on the screen. You will also notice that it will appear that the items are added one at a time. But if you look in your inventory, all of the items will be there right away. So ignore the "item added" text at the top of your screen.

It is very important that you use the ".txt" after you type in your batch files' name. Otherwise, Oblivion won't know what kind of file it is and it will not be imported. To exit out of the Oblivion console, simply press the "~" (tilde) key again on your keyboard.


If you are still lost or have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email.

My email address is: oblivion.itemizer@gmail.com

I wish you all the best and happy gaming!



Just as a side note, each database in Oblivion Itemizer is searchable. When you search for an item in the desired database, the item(s) matching the search criteria will automatically be highlighted. You have to be on the tab that contains the database you want to search in.


I hope you enjoy my hard work!


Copyright é SPIKE 2009 � oblivion.itemizer@gmail.com

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