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Adonnays Elven Sabres (2.72v)
Filename: adonnays_elven_sabres272.7z

Date Added:
Type / Category:
14.64 MB
Modifications > Weapon and Armor

Average User Rating: 8.5
Number of Votes: 34
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Adonnays Elven Sabres (2.72v) - File Description  

This version introduces new bows (including meshes!) to the Elven Sabre's mod! Many thanks to Windy and Throttlekitty to get custom bows working in game! I made six different color schemes and two new meshes. In addition to the existing retexture this makes a total of 18 bows (+2 shortbows). Summing up the 30 different sabres/knives and the 10 different offhand weapons this makes a total of 58 (!!) new weapons, new arrows, quivers (6 arrows + 6 quivers) and unique sabres (2 unique sabres + 1 unique longblade) not counted!

Remember: swords and bows are sold on a leveled list basis so you won't always find what you were looking for even if you have the necessary level. Come back now and then (3 ingame days I think - unconfirmed) and see if he has new items. The higher level the item is the more hard it will be to find (check rarity and level requirements below).


New in this version:

- Modified the magical effect scripts to not effect essential NPCs or the Player's horse
- Slightly scaled down the newly added bows

- Modified the magical effects (Hithlain, Ithildin and the Bladeweaver) to not affect essential NPCs. This is to prevent those NPCs from getting permanently affected by the extra damage dealt sometimes. You will certainly like this when you tend to hit your pet or any vital Quest NPCs.

- Fixed the missing texture bug for the offhand knives

- tweaked some textures and added 3 more color schemes to complete the sets (redwood/tree, cloud and white)
- tweaked the leveled lists for the vendor.
- Reduced the filesize by using 7zip and removing some unnecessary textures (knives were the only sabres that had a seperate blade texture apart from the longblades)

*** It is strongly recommended to DISABLE and/or delete any former versions of 'Adonnays Elven Sabres' or any other versions you have of this mod while testing to avoid confusion with the items in this new one. ***



- Extract the contents of the corresponding .zip/.rar/.ace archive into your Oblivion/Data folder
- Enable the 'Adonnays Elven Sabres.esp' module in you Oblivion launcher using the "Data Files" option



- Disable and Delete the 'Adonnays Elven Sabres.esp' file in the Oblivion/Data directory

- Delete the complete subfolder and ONLY the subfolder 'Adonnay' found in
/Data/meshes/weapons and

- Delete the complete subfolder and ONLY the subfolder 'Adonnay' found in

- Delete the complete subfolder 'rangerarmor' found in



Weapons Data:

Sabre versions sorted by damage value/size:
- 2-handed long version
- 2-handed normal version
- 1-handed normal version
- 1-handed short version
- 1-handed knife version

Bow types sorted by damage value/speed:
- Ayleid Warbow (slowest)
- Ayleid Ceremonial Longbow
- Ayleid Bow
- Common Shortbow (fastest)

Quiver/Arrow/Bow versions sorted by damage value:
- Royal
- Cloud
- Ebony
- Tree/Redwood
- White
- Elmwood

All quivers come in two versions, normal and ornate. The ornate versions do the same damage and just look different.

Texture/material sets sorted by level and rarity:
- Royal: Level 30+ rarest ivory/gold
- Ebony: Level 25+ black/silver
- Cloud: Level 20+ blue/silver
- Tree: Level 15+ glowing tree/gold
- White: Level 10+ white leather/greenish gold
- Elm: Level 5+ most common elm wood/greyish black


Known Issues:

- sometimes grass is sticking through parts of the house
- Auto Unequp Script not working when you just switched a weapon via the Swap Weapons Spell.
Workaround: Unequip and requip the offhand weapon once.

Adonnays Elven Sabres (2.72v) - Screenshots  
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

Adonnays Elven Sabres (2.72v) - File Download Options  

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Adonnays Elven Sabres (2.72v) - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. The Elder Scrolls Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 35 | Last comment: 10-20-2010 at 14:20

 #1 - 08-01-2006 at 06:07
Joined: September 7th, 2005
Posts: 121
Looks good

 #2 - 08-01-2006 at 17:27
Joined: May 24th, 2006
Posts: 19
slight problem, when i vist the cottage i talk to the guy but the barter option doesnt show up, is this supposed to happen?

 #3 - 08-03-2006 at 16:34
From: (Staten Island, New York)
Joined: June 28th, 2006
Posts: 104
where can i find these??? i mean where are they sold ingame???

 #4 - 08-09-2006 at 04:46
Joined: July 11th, 2006
Posts: 5
As for #2:
He doesn't sell them 24hrs a day... visit him between 8 and 19h I think.

Here's a map to the cottage smile

Thanks to the admins for hosting this!

 #5 - PLZZZ!!!!! - 10-18-2006 at 16:17
Joined: October 18th, 2006
Posts: 9
can u plz make 2 scimatar models named iceingdeath and twinkle. im trying to make a character from forgotten realms named drizzit. and also can u make the weps able to switch hands? love the work you've done its awsome, hell its so good u should b working 4 a gaming company smile plz plz plz do it im begging u lol

 #6 - 12-01-2006 at 14:46
From: (The Heartlands)
Joined: November 5th, 2006
Posts: 334
thiss is one of the best weapon mods i've seen

 #7 - 12-04-2006 at 06:14
Joined: December 4th, 2006
Posts: 3
Can u make this into a .zip or .rar? I have no idea how to do it with a .7z????

 #8 - what a 7z file is - 12-18-2006 at 11:28
From: (Glasgow, Scotland)
Joined: December 18th, 2006
Posts: 1
seen this asked in a few ones now but 7z is a type of compression similar to zip.

The program to use it is found here http://www.7-zip.org
Its free etc so no issues using it myself

 #9 - problem with dl - 12-19-2006 at 12:38
Joined: December 19th, 2006
Posts: 1
Hey uh, i've got a little problem. Does this mod include all of the sabers, or just one? cuz when I try to find them in the Construction Set, there's only this sword called Bladeweaver.

 #10 - location - 12-23-2006 at 12:01
Joined: November 30th, 2006
Posts: 1
looks good-but no location in read me

 #11 - 12-26-2006 at 00:36
Joined: July 11th, 2006
Posts: 5
Ah well, filefront didn't upload all the pictures. On the other two sites there is an additional screenshot showing the location of the map. Apart from that... it is said in the readme, unfortunately down in the version history wink (West of cheydinhal, north of the barren cave).

And no, there are of course more sabres in there. Did you only look in the toolset or in the game as well?

 #12 - 01-05-2007 at 22:58
From: (California)
Joined: January 4th, 2007
Posts: 98
#5 -- LMFAO! You're trying to make Drizzt? Nice! xDDD Actually, I think he IS a Dark Elf in that game, whatever it was called... Dark Alliance II! That was it. xD But Drizzt was sooo funny. xDDD Try going to the mage's guild and enchanting the sabres with those names. Actually, now that you mention it, I may give my Dark Elf two sabres named Icingdeath and Twinkle...

 #13 - 01-05-2007 at 22:59
From: (California)
Joined: January 4th, 2007
Posts: 98
Oh! :O Drizzt was from another game original? Well, uhm, duh on my part. Anyways, he's the character you get to play after you beat Dark Alliance II. xD

 #14 - 01-14-2007 at 12:06
Joined: October 18th, 2006
Posts: 9
ya the only prob i got so far is that i cant find an offhand scimitar ( not those big a$$ huge ones either lol) and p.s. drizzit is from the forgotten realms series of books stick out tongue there awsome!

 #15 - 01-14-2007 at 12:07
Joined: October 18th, 2006
Posts: 9
if only adonney would me help me i would serve him in the after life lol. i havent tried the construction thing yet

 #16 - 01-14-2007 at 12:09
Joined: October 18th, 2006
Posts: 9
oh is there anyway i can make the sword with having the magical effect i want but without the charges???

 #17 - 01-16-2007 at 12:27
Joined: October 18th, 2006
Posts: 9
well me and another person have teamed upto produce those to weps plus some originals, and we may b able to animate it so that u can use to hands to attack an defend with plus have to sheaths on either side of the player. one for each wep equiped. might tske awhile though

 #18 - Sorry... - 01-20-2007 at 00:49
Joined: July 11th, 2006
Posts: 5
Sorry guys... I don't look in here very often since I can't update this file manually this site is not my first choice to put my mods. If this has changed in the meantime, please tell me wink

You can't buy offhand weapons. Just buy a normal one an switch it to the offhand using the 'Swap Active Weapon' spell. It only works with knives and short sabres though. Regular sabres can be swapped between 1-handed and 2-handed usage.

I have a new beta-version up btw (3.51) with some new blades as well as (simple) scripted enchantments for all the weapons

 #19 - Nice mod! - 03-04-2007 at 12:34
From: (Ontario)
Joined: February 16th, 2007
Posts: 42
Sweet mod! The graphics r freakin crazy!!! smileRockTwo Thumbs Up!

 #20 - Sic! Man Nice Job! - 03-10-2007 at 19:57
From: (Maine)
Joined: March 10th, 2007
Posts: 6
Best Elven weapon i've seen in the game! Rock smileRock

 #21 - 05-13-2007 at 11:26
Joined: April 16th, 2007
Posts: 25
very nice mod, good looking weapons, I can almost never find REALLY good weapon mods, especially with new bows and arrows, now I can, Thanks!

 #22 - READ NEED HELP - 05-26-2007 at 09:48
Joined: May 26th, 2007
Posts: 6
i have some problems whit loading the file (constructor set) if i start game (launcher) in date file do i have to put an [X] infront of Master file or not (if i dont do i cant load/new game and if X it dousnt come/ so tell me how do i load an own created world from the constroction set of oblivion so i can play on it please tell me mail me at Krisjj-2006@hotmail.com

 #23 - ? - 06-08-2007 at 14:27
Joined: June 6th, 2007
Posts: 6
witch one is the one with the red cover and grip

 #24 - nice mod - 07-03-2007 at 08:58
From: (Wisconsin, Dane)
Joined: March 1st, 2007
Posts: 15
hey, nice mod keep up the good work Rock Two Thumbs Up!

 #25 - problem - 07-03-2007 at 09:06
From: (Wisconsin, Dane)
Joined: March 1st, 2007
Posts: 15
sorry for the double post but i have a problem it says its supposed to be 14.64 MB up on top but instead its 15 KB, plz help

 #26 - ahhhh i cant find it - 07-27-2007 at 12:30
Joined: June 17th, 2007
Posts: 20
ive bought about everyyhing you can buy from the ranger int the cottage, exept the armour (im wating for him to sell that)

but i found out about two special swords called Ithildin and Hithan (im not too sure how thweyred spelled) and i found out they are in two aliyd ruins called malada and lindai. WHERE ARE THEY??? i have searched about 20-30 ruins and i cant find it!! so if any body can help, please do.

 #27 - NiCe - 08-01-2007 at 06:12
Joined: August 1st, 2007
Posts: 9
nice mod love the nice elven detail smile Two Thumbs Up!Two Thumbs Up!

 #28 - NICE!!!! - 08-24-2007 at 02:11
From: (ohio)
Joined: August 24th, 2007
Posts: 6
this mod is good so im going to give it a 10/10big grinTwo Thumbs Up!

 #29 - WOW - 12-27-2007 at 07:22
From: (Iowa)
Joined: October 16th, 2007
Posts: 93
they are swwwwweet

 #30 - FOR 7z files!!! - 01-20-2008 at 16:46
Joined: January 15th, 2008
Posts: 12

 #31 - Help - 01-28-2008 at 10:31
Joined: January 28th, 2008
Posts: 1
could i know what's the name of the armor he is using in the pictures??' is it a mod? name of the mod?If not, where can i find it in-game? thx

 #32 - OOO? - 03-12-2008 at 09:06
Joined: March 12th, 2008
Posts: 1
is this compatible with OOO couse it looks freaking awesomeTwo Thumbs Up!Two Thumbs Up!Hmmm Donut!

 #33 - PLZ HELP - 09-06-2008 at 23:49
Joined: February 4th, 2008
Posts: 27
I'm having problems with all "7z" and "RAR" type files...

because they arn't "esm" or "esp" type files Oblivion wont register either of em and wont come up in the data files on the launcher

I tried changing the files to "esp" or "esm" it then shows in the data files but it wont let me tick it

I also tried using the OBMM to "make" an esp file and still the same outcome...

what am I to do?

plz plz plz help this mod and manny others look sooo cool and I cant use em coz of this...

 #34 - Problem with file after dwnlod - 11-14-2009 at 14:35
Joined: August 16th, 2008
Posts: 41
I have a proble because i use win ace, i converted the zip file to a win ace file and every time I end up back where i started and it is a never ending loop of converting and extracting

 #35 - 10-20-2010 at 14:20
Joined: October 20th, 2010
Posts: 1
lovin the styles
but offhand doesnt block properly
9 out of 10

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