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Alagaesia (BETA)
Filename: alagaesia.zip

Date Added:
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4.32 MB
Modifications > Huge Mods

Average User Rating: 4.5
Number of Votes: 49
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Alagaesia (BETA) - File Description  

This mod creates a whole new world accessed by a teleporter in front of the IC Palace.

Has some small villages and cities like Carvahall, Gil'ead, Teirm, Eragons house(in flames)
and a tower as Galbatorix's place (WARNING: Galbatorix has a super-powered sword.Prepare to die by his hands.).

Also includes the Beor Mountains with an entrance to the the Varden in one of them.

And Du Weldenvarden and an entrance to Ellesmera.(Du Weldenvarden is very thick.)

Visit Carvahall first to get a fast horse.(The world is large.)

Alagaesia (BETA) - Screenshots  
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Alagaesia (BETA) - File Download Options  

Primary Download Locations:
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Worldwide Mirror by FileFront
usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download Alagaesia!

Alagaesia (BETA) - Readme  
Readme File:
Alagaesia (BETA) by Kirillkor
Installation: Place the .esp in your oblivion data folder and the .dds in your textures folder
At the Oblivion startup screen click on data files and check Alagaesia.
This mod creates a whole new world accessed by a teleporter in front of the IC Palace.

Has some small villages and cities like Carvahall, Gil'ead, Teirm, Eragons house(in flames)
and a tower as Galbatorix's place (WARNING: Galbatorix has a super-powered sword.Prepare to die by his hands.).

Also includes the Beor Mountains with an entrance to the the Varden in one of them.

And Du Weldenvarden and an entrance to Ellesmera.(Du Weldenvarden is very thick.)

Visit Carvahall first to get a fast horse.(The world is large.)

To contact me: kirillkor AT sbcglobal DOT net

This is still a beta so dont expect too much of it.

Alagaesia (BETA) - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. The Elder Scrolls Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 51 | Last comment: 11-17-2010 at 06:53

 #1 - 01-27-2007 at 05:21
Joined: July 30th, 2006
Posts: 276
We need more mods like this. Bravo.

 #2 - no downaload - 01-27-2007 at 07:28
Joined: November 22nd, 2006
Posts: 4
downloads not possible...errors or file not found !?!?!

 #3 - 01-27-2007 at 07:43
From: (Iowa)
Joined: June 6th, 2006
Posts: 47
idk if ill dl good book but terrible movie looks good thobig grin

 #4 - 01-27-2007 at 08:47
Joined: July 19th, 2006
Posts: 120
looks a little plain the entrance of the woods and the wood looks like you cant even enter

 #5 - 01-27-2007 at 18:39
From: (Lithgow, NSW)
Joined: January 2nd, 2007
Posts: 14
keep up the good work mate! Two Thumbs Up!

 #6 - 01-27-2007 at 18:40
From: (Lithgow, NSW)
Joined: January 2nd, 2007
Posts: 14
sorry to double post but i might not d/l until the better comes out

 #7 - 01-27-2007 at 18:53
Joined: December 11th, 2006
Posts: 442
Great book, horrid movie and what looks from the screenshots like a pretty ordinary mod. I would rate it, but i'm not going to download=(

 #8 - 01-27-2007 at 21:37
Joined: May 28th, 2006
Posts: 60
its a whole lot of nothing but it has alot of good things joed and even his wife durza but u didnt name him..... and y do u fight and KILL him twice...... he should flee or something in gilead...... is uru bane supposed to be the tower by gilead?? i wanna fight galbatorix so badly( and probly die.... cant mess wit them riders.....)u should put zarroc in the final version and wat ever galbatorixs name is called... make sure its blk like his drag.... y did it say there was a caged animal in eragons room in ellesmera i couldnt find it....u should put somekind of land scape in the final tooits bleak riding through the same thing all the time... and cadoc is gay and wont stay he always goes back to carvhal... pretty good job

 #9 - 01-28-2007 at 09:43
Joined: October 19th, 2006
Posts: 64
This looks REALLY ugly! The things I see on the screenshot really suck. sorry to say so, but the house of Eragon looks bad with that bleeding house, wich should look burned, that small town on the first screen is way too empty, no plants, no poeple, no clutter, nothing! just some stupid all the same houses. the third sceen looks like nothing and the fourth screen is the same as the first one, the last one is too! This is a beta, but come on make it SOME better before you release a bta! it should be playable, this is just rubbish if you look at the screens. CrymadTwo Thumbs Down!

 #10 - 01-28-2007 at 10:00
From: (akureyri)
Joined: December 31st, 2006
Posts: 73
i agree with #9 it sucks sorry

 #11 - 01-28-2007 at 20:35
Joined: February 13th, 2006
Posts: 27
Dude.... You gotta put more time into your mods.Two Thumbs Down! Two Thumbs Down!

 #12 - 01-29-2007 at 03:35
From: (Bolsaward)
Joined: July 30th, 2006
Posts: 80
Is this from the movie Earagon?

 #13 - 01-29-2007 at 16:14
From: (Chicago, IL)
Joined: June 18th, 2005
Posts: 153
Quote:y do u fight and KILL him twice......

i seriously hope that the script your using for that wasnt copied from anyone without their permition....because i looked at your readme and there, so far, are no credits....

 #14 - #13 - 01-29-2007 at 17:36
Joined: October 21st, 2006
Posts: 8
Theres no script for it. And #11 this is just for SUGGESTIONS for now.

 #15 - 01-31-2007 at 05:58
Joined: October 19th, 2006
Posts: 64
Well, kirillkor, if you want to release a Bta, first make it a bit reasonable and playable. We can't give you ANY suggestions if you deliver a barely playable mod!

Though, I can give you this one: A teleporter in front of the imperial palace isn't very origina, it's awefull for a mod of this size.

 #16 - 01-31-2007 at 15:29
From: (Chicago, IL)
Joined: June 18th, 2005
Posts: 153
yes put the teleporter in some tucked away location... but with a map marker so we can find it

 #17 - 02-01-2007 at 12:25
From: (Ochten)
Joined: January 20th, 2007
Posts: 113
this is not looking good it looks like a ghost town you cant enter a house
verry lame 3/10

 #18 - 02-03-2007 at 18:52
From: (Chicago, IL)
Joined: June 18th, 2005
Posts: 153
Zahn note its a beta.... its not completed yet... its like Halo 2.

 #19 - 02-03-2007 at 22:28
From: (Tassie!!!)
Joined: February 3rd, 2007
Posts: 87
hmm I wish more mods come off movies BUT they dont this is one of the first ive seen but sorry it...SUCKS ...Aaargh!!!

 #20 - the big meh - 02-11-2007 at 23:56
Joined: June 13th, 2006
Posts: 18
I really dont want to download this, from just looking at the screens it kind of well meh. I know its just beta but i have seen more complete BETA versions than this. Next update it would be better if we saw some real eye openers of Alagesia. ALSO dont do what the film director did. Eragon the movie was terrible and the book was wonderful. Read the book and then make the mod favouring more of what the author wrote rather than that terrible movie made out of ten pages of the book. By the way ill have to say this about the mod's screen. Man its like a ghost town with a splatter of different textures with no real variety. Two Thumbs Down!

 #21 - 02-12-2007 at 12:37
From: (The Heartlands)
Joined: November 5th, 2006
Posts: 334
oh dear you shudn't critisise mods just like tht. This looks really good. i'm giving 10/10. we just need a dragon to ride on and a bit more hills to swoop around.

 #22 - Keep trying and honing your skills - 02-15-2007 at 14:21
From: (Sjbo)
Joined: December 31st, 2005
Posts: 4
This mod looks really really bad, what people before me have said is really important, such as the townsfolk, realistic trees, clutter, rocks etc. To make a good mod you need to make it look professional. This doesn't. Try a little harder before posting your next version.

 #23 - 02-17-2007 at 02:37
From: (Breda)
Joined: February 25th, 2004
Posts: 188
I downloaded it, and, for a beta its even way too empty. Better call it an Alpha version. The mod needs a lot of work, seriously. But the idea is cool =)

 #24 - 02-19-2007 at 02:43
From: (New Milton)
Joined: August 7th, 2006
Posts: 81
looks basically like you made an entrance to the place with all the npcs in player.coc warehouseactivator

 #25 - 02-25-2007 at 04:38
From: (The Heartlands)
Joined: November 5th, 2006
Posts: 334
is it really tht bad???

 #26 - 03-02-2007 at 15:21
Joined: October 15th, 2006
Posts: 30
you cant even enter the cities!!!Aaargh!!!

 #27 - AAAAAHHHHHH - 03-09-2007 at 12:01
From: (Ontario)
Joined: February 16th, 2007
Posts: 42
Ok, I Whent in, YOUCANT EVEN GO IN THE FREAKIN HOUSES!!! Plus, Your character can just walk through the doors as if they werent even there. Plus, theres a TON of nothing madAaargh!!! Two Thumbs Down! 3/10

 #28 - 03-14-2007 at 07:10
Joined: November 27th, 2006
Posts: 121
Answer to #27:

The creaters of oblivion made the doors able to walk trough so you dont make a misstake and put the real door behind a door that wont leg you get trough. Test for your self in TES CS. Just put a house without a door. And come on ppl. It maybe is a new modder with an great idea and it is just an beta version. To the modder. Take their advice and do like they say but dont give up! And next time wait until your beta version is more finished before you release it! Good Luck!Two Thumbs Up!smile

 #29 - 05-07-2007 at 10:24
Joined: April 22nd, 2007
Posts: 23
this place is too empty, but keep trying because I really would like to roam through alagaesia in TESIV Oblivion big grin

 #30 - 05-17-2007 at 11:35
Joined: May 16th, 2007
Posts: 7
Worst mod ever.

 #31 - Your on the right track!!! - 06-17-2007 at 20:31
From: (Toronto - Newcastle - New South Wales)
Joined: June 7th, 2007
Posts: 7
You need to put a lot more work into this mod, the books have a map (if you havn't read them you really need to before makeing this mod!) Maybe you could use some inspiration from the game on Xbox360? (I wasn't all that impressed by the demo I played, but the cities looked OK (It was too much like the movie though!))

I'm also a N00B modder, I've been working on a similar project based on The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb, though my efforts have been pretty fultile so far.

Just remember: Don't be discouraged by negative feedback, use it as fuel for the modding fire! Aaargh!!!

Also for #21, there is a flying dragon mount mod called:
Akatosh Mount By Saiden Storm Release 1.9
You can find it at:
I havn't had the chance to try it out yet but it looks like it rocks! Rock

 #32 - boring - 07-08-2007 at 11:36
From: (Alaska)
Joined: July 10th, 2006
Posts: 4
you cant go anywhere all u can do is fight urgals and ride a really fast horse

 #33 - 07-21-2007 at 05:43
Joined: July 21st, 2007
Posts: 6
good modTwo Thumbs Up!

bad book Two Thumbs Down!

its a RIP OFF the wheel of time (same world map except the water is mountains and the mountains are water! and WoT came 10 years before Eragon!!!) Aaargh!!! make a mod for a good book! (i.e WoT)

No offense :-)

 #34 - swampass - 08-10-2007 at 07:42
Joined: August 10th, 2007
Posts: 16
Looks like ass; not even going to bother downloading it. Why do people even release beta mods like this on here? If you need testers then find them and send them the files to test it. We want quality upgrades here; not beta testing ugly mods.

 #35 - 08-13-2007 at 07:25
Joined: August 28th, 2005
Posts: 85
just as the film killed the book, so have you

 #36 - ITS A BETA - 10-22-2007 at 12:51
Joined: October 22nd, 2007
Posts: 5
at the harsh "critics":
this is a beta so all of you who are giving him a hard time theres no need. just let him get on with making it better not dealing with complaints.
to the author:
the screen shots look not so good for a beta. maybe it should have been a alpha release (to friends) only for now and then once they had decided on what to think of it and a little more work then should have been a beta.
for the short term
put clutter in towns- can be a big project
make trolls or what ever they are look less happy they look as if they are going to hug you not kill you
for the long term:
give it main quests like a plot
maybe include the dragon as a mount i have seen one some where but i don't remember where
give the place life put all the thing that you'd expect to see within this huge place e.g. old camps from travelers
include some spells weapons and armor within the mod.
final tip:
Be Creative

 #37 - just...horrid - 12-31-2007 at 00:23
Joined: December 30th, 2007
Posts: 17
2 suggestions...1)put a second horse for those with companions...2)put the teleporter to Cyrodiil in a visible location

2/10 Two Thumbs Down!Two Thumbs Down!Two Thumbs Down!
1 becuase you tried
1 becuase it Alagaesia

 #38 - 02-15-2008 at 19:27
Joined: November 15th, 2007
Posts: 19
Its basic I could make thta in my sleep.Two Thumbs Down!

 #39 - I'm Stuck, I want to go Back to Cyrodiil - 03-08-2008 at 20:12
From: (Irvine, CA)
Joined: November 18th, 2006
Posts: 9
Ok man, I have a problem, I am stuck and I want to go to Cyrodiil but I don't see the portal anywhere on the island... anybody else having the same issue?

 #40 - Nevermind - 03-12-2008 at 05:21
From: (Irvine, CA)
Joined: November 18th, 2006
Posts: 9
I used the console to get out

 #41 - 05-10-2008 at 10:00
From: (Citrus Heights)
Joined: January 13th, 2008
Posts: 24
although its still a beta you could have done better and at least biuld a path or a road to the locations im running around blindly killing every one trying to find your guy who has this "sword that will kill me" but i cant find him..... but i did find the shade! he died (i didnt cheat "realistic combat mod" helped me) so other than that and what other people are saying yea work a little more on this plz

 #42 - #41 - 06-28-2008 at 17:03
Joined: June 20th, 2008
Posts: 102
Shade? What shade? And btw I agree that you should make a path because all I've found so far is Ogres named Urglan I think it was...and some houses in flames. NOT TO MENTION THE BORING OLD GHOST TOWN WHERE YOU APPEAR! I wanna find the guy with the 'Sword that wil kill me' AND KILL HIM! It does sound cool though. 4/10 for your effort.

~elaskin was here Pimp!

 #43 - 06-28-2008 at 17:05
Joined: June 20th, 2008
Posts: 102
Sorry for repost but I meant to say 5/10...coolcool

 #44 - 10-07-2008 at 20:45
From: (Portland, Oregon)
Joined: October 30th, 2007
Posts: 54
I agree with #36 smile

 #45 - uuups - 10-27-2008 at 09:58
From: (Reykjavk)
Joined: May 5th, 2008
Posts: 7
sorry for bad words dude but i tested it and it is rather badTwo Thumbs Down! no one could talk about anything but rumors and nothing more so i can see but a good idea

 #46 - 06-01-2009 at 06:06
Joined: May 28th, 2009
Posts: 1
great idea, but maybe you should make a smaller part of alagaesia, like only carvahall, but try to make it godd, with more detail, etc

 #47 - 07-12-2009 at 16:48
From: (larvik vestfold)
Joined: July 12th, 2009
Posts: 6
Hmm, my only comment is that u should read the book cause the urgals in the film are wrongCry u should dont use ogres but minotaurs. just mod a little and make a little bt smaller. Otherwise follow the good suggestions hereRock

 #48 - Is this mod being worked on still? - 08-04-2010 at 00:17
From: (Indiana)
Joined: July 14th, 2010
Posts: 2
Does anyone know if this mod is still being worked on, because i would like to tinker around with it. I love the Eragon books, and this seems like a good way to practice modding. Thanks in advance for the answer.

 #49 - Ok - 11-17-2010 at 06:11
From: (Eslöv)
Joined: November 15th, 2010
Posts: 17
Ok here goes I hope this works.
Can you meet Eragon and Saphira and the rest in this mod?

 #50 - Problems - 11-17-2010 at 06:42
From: (Eslöv)
Joined: November 15th, 2010
Posts: 17
Ok I am in Carvahall where is Galbatorix?Aaargh!!!mad

 #51 - No - 11-17-2010 at 06:53
From: (Eslöv)
Joined: November 15th, 2010
Posts: 17
Sorry but except for the people...........this mod sucks like cow poo! Make it more living!!!Two Thumbs Down!eek!embarrasment

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