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Ald-Vendras (3.0)
Filename: aldvendras_v3.rar

Date Added:
Type / Category:
57.95 MB
Tribunal, Bloodmoon
Modifications > Huge Mods

Average User Rating: 8.8
Number of Votes: 18
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Ald-Vendras (3.0) - File Description  

This mod adds a large landmass just east of the Isle of Solstheim. The island has two unique climates- The west has a Solstheim feel whereas the east has a feel of the Bitter Coast and Ascadian Isles. There are many abodes for you to live in as well, such as the excellent Avalon Castle.

There are also compatibility patches for LoKKen Castle and Solstheim Castle, if you are running those mods.

Overall, this is an excellent mod, and is certainly worth your time.

Ald-Vendras (3.0) - Screenshots  
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Ald-Vendras (3.0) - File Download Options  

Primary Download Locations:
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Worldwide Mirror by FileFront
usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download Ald-Vendras!

Ald-Vendras (3.0) - Readme  
Readme File:
"Ald-Vendras-Vogar V3" by Centurion
A plugin for "The Elder Scrolls III, MORROWIND"
(Created with US-version 1.6.1820 - Tribunal & Bloodmoon required)

What is It?
Ald-Vendras V3 is a combination of high detailed islands (containing all available work around Ald-Vendras V2 including all updates and addons plus a further
extended landmass) east of Solstheim.
It can be split into two regions called Ald-Vendras and Ald-Vendras West. While Ald-Vendras is more looking like Vvardenfell, Ald-Vendras West is pure
Solstheim style.
Beside the huge landmass Ald-Vendras offers also some quests and many homes (including 4 castles) which can be obtained by the player; some by quests, some
can be bought or can be earned by your chosen career.

Changes in V3 (compared to V2 and it´s available addons):
-Combined work to avoid users being confused about so many available patches, updates and addons for Ald-Vendras V2
-further extended landmass
-minor improvements to the included "Castle Kanthrock" version
-removed all NPC´s out of Castle Avalon (it´s now buyable)
-New NPC (Stratus) who sells some homes
-added mooses and squirrels
-many minor improvements to the landmass (replaced a tree there, added a rock here, improvements to some landscape-textures, and so on...)

Copy these files into your "Morrowind\Data Files\" directory.
Ald-Vendras V3 comes with 3 alternativ files:

-"Ald-Vendras_V3.esp" (normal file)
-"Ald-Vendras_V3-LoKKen.esp" (only for users who wish to run Ald-Vendras in common with "The white wolf of LoKKen"-plugin ("B_Whitewolf_1_0.esp is required"))
-"Ald-Vendras_V3-LoKKen-SC.esp" (only for users who wish to run Ald-Vendras in common with "The white wolf of LoKKen" and "Solstheim Castle"-plugin ("B_Whitewolf_1_0.esp" and "Clean Solstheim_Castle_v1.1.esp" are required))

When you run Morrowind, click on Data Files, then check off your chosen "Ald-Vendras_V3-esp-file" and run the game (only one file, never use 2 or all 3!).
Tribunal & Bloodmoon required!
The files out of "Weapon Rotate" must also be checked off (at least "Weapon Rotate.esm") - please have a look into the included Readme
(WeaponRotate1.0.txt) to know how the racks out of it can be handled (the racks are used in Castle Avalon, Castle Kanthrock and Builder´s Estate)!

All 3 files of Ald-Vendras V3 are compatible to "Illuminated Order" and "Korobal Island" as long as you keep Ald-Vendras V3 loaded last and will be
always compatible to "Balmora Expansion" (no more patches needed!).
If you are running "The white wolf of LoKKen" and "Solstheim Castle"-plugin "Ald-Vendras V3" must also be loaded after them to avoid heavy landscape conflicts.

Some hints regarding "load order"
Load-order can be essential to avoid conflicts (the load-order in Morrowind will be determined by the date of every plugin).
To avoid errors I offer a load-order-example for some plugins which may otherwise conflict with Ald-Vendras (if you use the genuine plugins without having them
touched and saved in "Construction Set" you must not worry about any load order; the release date of these plugins will give you the correct load-order
- except "Necessities of Morrowind" which must be always loaded last):

-Illuminated Order v1.0.esp
-Korobal v1.2.esp
-Balmora Expansion V1.4.esp
-Clean Solstheim_Castle_v1.1.esp
-Clean SCastle_LoKKen_Patch.esp
-Any version of "Necessities of Morrowind" ("NoM" must be always loaded last!)

If there is any need to update "Ald-Vendras V3" please remember that it must always be laoded as active file in Construction Set in common with "Morrowind.esm", "Tribunal.esm", "Bloodmoon.esm" and "Weapon Rotate.esm"!

Warning to all who are running any previous versions of the Ald-Vendras serie:
If you wish to use this plugin in common with a savegame that already touched any location of the Ald-Vendras serie do
following to avoid errors:
1. Load your save and remove all your storage out of the Ald-Vendras region (otherwise it will vanish!).
2. Save your game and quit.
3. Uncheck all (old) esp/esm-files concerning Ald-Vendras and Vogar from the Plug-in/Data Files Menu (you may delete these files, you don´t need them anymore).
4. Load your save (maybe you will get errors but load anyway).
5. Save your game and quit.
6. UnZip the file "Ald-Vendras_V3.rar" into your "Morrowind\Data Files\" directory and select "Ald-Vendras_V3.esp" in the
Plug-In/Data Files Menu
7. Load your save and play!

What´s this all about "Necessities of Morrowind 2.0 - Compatibility Pack"?
Best will be to have a look into it´s readme:
"The pack contains all the foods, activators, potions and item added by Necessities of Morrowind 2.0 to permit you to add them to the game world.
People using Necessities and loading it after your mod, will be able to use them. People using only your mod will still see the Necessities items,
but won’t be bothered by them."
In short, I added some ingridients etc. out of the pack to "Ald-Vendras" for use in common with "Necessities of Morrowind" (NoM).
No "NoM-user" can see the items and the activator´s names but won´t be able to do much with them (no harm for no "NoM-user").

Some info about the mannequin:
WARNING: Remove all items before moving the mannequin. Please don't
complain if you lose anything. Their is no weight variable that you
can check. You also don't want to use "Dispose of Corpse" as this
will remove the mannequin completely from the game. You'll get your
armor back this way, but you won't get the mannequin.

Behavior of the mannequins that come with Bran-Castle (not the ones that can be found in Castle Avalon and Castle Kanthrock):
- When telling mannequin to show weapon mannequin will turn towards player and will track player's movements for 1 second. This is because the mannequin starts combat with the player then stops combat 1 second later in order to pull out the weapon so it is wielded.
- Telling Mannequin to show weapon can cause followers to attack mannequin. This is due to starting combat with player temporarily to have mannequin wield weapon.
- Mannequin's head will swivel to look at player and/or other actors that are within range of the mannequin. According to currently known information this is hard coded into the game that living actors look towards other living actors within range.
- To have mannequin wield a ranged weapon mannequin must also posses at least 1 of that weapon's ammo. This is due to NPC's only equipping and trying to use weapons that are actually possible to use.
- Mannequin will un-equip weapon when you change cells. This is due to the fact that the animation is reset and that the mannequin is no longer in combat with you.
- It is possible (though nearly pointless) to use persuasion on a mannequin as it is a living NPC and you have to be able to talk to it for it to work at all. (Side-Effect: you could practice speechcraft on the mannequin)
- Side-Effect Because the mannequin is a living NPC it is possible to use it as a training dummy.
- Since the mannequin is an NPC it can still say the generic NPC dialogue that isn't filtered out by NoLore. (I could fix this, but the possibility of causing conflicts with other mods would increase dramatically.)

Warning when using the "Waste Basket" in the alchemy lab of Castle Kanthrock and Castle Avalon:
Any time you empty the trash all items in trash will be PERMANENTLY deleted.
Do not place quest items in trash or you will break the associated quest(s).
Do not place unique items in trash unless you REALLY do not want it.

Using the "Alchemy Sorter" that can be found in Castle Avalon and Castle Kanthrock:
The alchemy sorter can be found beneath the alchemy lab. Just push the "Magic Sorter"-button and all your ingredients out of your inventory will be stored
in the jars. The shelves to the south contain jars for ingredients out of Morrowind, the one to the north-west jars for ingredients out of Tribunal and
Bloodmoon. The jars on the shelf to the north-east (unlabeled jars) are meant for "unknown ingredients" that can´t be handled by the sorter (may be out of
an other plugin).

How to go to "Ald-Vendras"?
-If you are Redoran, have a look into the "Council Hostil" in Ald-ruhn
-As a member of the Fighter´s Guild you might prefer the travel-option offered by Christine Eagle inside the Balmora Fighter´s Guild
-Take the boat at Khuul (talk to Bogra-Olkush at the docks by Khuul) or at Dagon Fel (talk to Ogra-Bulok at the docks by Dagon Fel).
+ there are further possibilities to reach "Ald-Vendras". Some may be discovered during a quest.

The quests can be started by talking to following NPCs:
-"Vogar" (priest Tuck at Vogar can tell you more)
-"Bushor´s Vampires" (talk to Bushor at the lighthouse north of the "Redoran Archmaster Summerresidence")
-"Abondoned House" (talk to Cardo Petralir by the "Redoran Archmaster Summerresidence")
-"Privateer´s Hold" (talk to Hunter, you can find him in the woods of Ald-Vendras between "Redoran Archmaster Summerresidence" and "Castle Eaglestone")
-"Manko´s Tower"(talk to Sparlo, you can find him in the woods of Ald-Vendras between "Redoran Archmaster Summerresidence" and "Castle Eaglestone")
-"The Warmkeeper" (talk to the shipmaster at "Tranthor")
-"Lady Thornball" (talk to the merchant Torga at "Castle Eaglestone")
-"Buyable Manor" (talk to Jo Soronsen by the windmills)
-"Bran Castle" (go to Kundarach and talk to some people to start the quest)
-Castle Eaglestone (not realy a quest, but having achieved the rank "Master of the Fighter´s Guild" that castle will be your place to rule "your" Guild.
Talk to the Guard Captain at castle Eaglestone to receive the key)
-Summerresidence (also not realy a quest - being named Archmaster of the Redoran the Guard Leader by the Summerresidence will grant entrance)
-Castle Kanthrock (earn that castle if you have chosen to be a member of the "Imperial Legion" - talk to the guard-leader in the "Festival-Hall" of Castle Kanthrock)

Comment regarding Castle Avalon and Castle Kanthrock
Both castles use many same looking interieur cells.
Castle Avalon is ment for users who don´t want to join the "Imperial Legion" but wish also to own a good looking castle while Castle Kanthrock will be a reward
in the Imperial Legion career. So both castles may be considered as alternative choice (but full compatible to eachother!) for a castle home.

I added a directory to the files called "Readmes_of_used_mods_in_Ald-Vendras" which contains all readmes (if available) of the used models/mods in
Ald-Vendras. So if you wish to use some of that models in your own plugin you should have a look into it.

In no special order I used the work of following authors in Ald-Vendras:

Lucan: (http://lucan.heph.org/)
relocated version of "Lucan´s Vogar" without any changes (except the connecting landmass)

-FaldaarDarkbane -schoenkoenig@hotmail.com
relocated version of "Bran Castle" (and of course all the work which is allready mentioned in the genuine readme of Bran Castle)
Changes in Bran Castle (compared to genuine version):
-relocated to Ald-Vendras
-deleted unused ID´s/objects to spare download-size
-deleted the white robes of the "3 sisters" (that was an hard decission, but this spared another 30 MB of download)
-deleted unclean entries
-renamed some nif-files and textures (to avoid this plugin being a general texture replacer)
-renamed some object ID´s (making it compatible with other plugins)
-redone / altered landscape
-corrected some interieur cells by adding missing walls and correcting overlapping interieur-parts
-changed the genuine glass display cases by the ones from dongle (the genuine ones had an error that couldn´t be solved by me)
-added Dongle´s Imperial Gates
-added a small cave
-added a quest to obtain Bran Castle
-added a teleportation-ring which will bring you home to Bran Castle (can be obtained during a quest - hint: Hubertus has it)
-altered travel-options for the "boatman"
-some minor changes

"Knight Stand"

-Dongle: (http://www.deffeyes.com/morrowind/)
"Nord Halls", "Elisabethan Galleon", "Windmills", "Glass_Doors", "Junk", "Glass Display Case", "Instruments V 1-1", "Conopy Bed", "Window Jambs 2",
"Imperial Gates", "Dongle's Water Pack"

-Lady E / Proudfood: (http://www.proudfootimaging.com)
Parts of "db sewer tile set", "db deer", "db reaper bridge", "db treeanim", "db treeset", "db demo housecats", Most parts out of "pfweapons" (but with altered ID´s to avoid conflicts),
"crowscage", "rack", "torture chair", "bat", "blood","spiderwebs", "display cases","db_gravyardfog", "eye_walhnging", "db_archbridge"

-Dracus: (http://phobos.ramapo.edu/~fzazulka/index.htm)
"Tree Model Pack"

-Morrowind Creations: (http://www.mwcreations.00freehost.com/)
"Outhouse", "Bathtube", "Woodenfort"

-Bethesda Softworks: (http://www.elderscrolls.com)
Sounds and dragon-flies out of "Bitter Coast Sounds" Plugin (only the files, not the whole plugin! "Bcsounds.esp" is still
needed to create the swamp sounds in the Bitter-coast region and can be used in commen with "Ald-Vendras")

"Pack Imperial", "pack_deco_alcar"

-Taddeus and Nymeria (http://www.tadnan-hideout.com/MW/main.html)
"Necessities of Morrowind 2.0 - Compatibility Pack"

-Pseron Wyrd / Cait
mouse out of "Cait´s moose on Solstheim", squirrel out of "Cait´s Squirrels"

-Texture Freak

Barabus (http://www.freewebs.com/barabus/)
"Barabus´ Fireplaces 2", "Barabus´Graveyard", "Barabus´Clocks"

"Etagères retexturées","Tableaux"

"Bureau d´alchemiste"

-Cydine, Maboroshi Daikon, and Erstam
"Weapon Rotate 1.0"

-kwshipmann (http://www.kwshipman.com/kw_mods.html)
"kw's Rich Furniture v4", kwshipman´s "Alchemy Sorter Modder’s Resource"

"Alchemichal jars"

"Furniture Rescource"

"Onyx Armor Ver. 2"

-VÎKIÑG_LÖRÐ aka Anastasio Alexiou
Scripts for the training-dummy and the mannequins out of "ATG" (can be found in Castle Kanthrock and Castle Avalon)

-Chris Janosi
"Armor Mannequin"

-Phaedra (www.geocities.com/lady_phaedra13)
one trashcan (waste basket) out of "Trashcan Mod"

some parts out of "Freedom Keep"

-wiremonger & unknown

some parts out of "Imperial Buildiungs"

Known bugs and issues
There are no known bugs (besides the fact that the northern parts of Ald-Vendras won´t be visible at your in-game-world map; there can´t be done anything to
overcome this, it´s the normal behavior of the game-engine).
If you find any errors or having problems with this plugin (there is still some hope you won´t) "pm" me at the elderscrolls- or send me an e-mail
(UdoSpringalla@AOL.com) so that I can try to fix them.

Ald-Vendras (3.0) - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. The Elder Scrolls Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 6 | Last comment: 11-01-2008 at 07:01

 #1 - Nice - 01-25-2006 at 17:31
Joined: January 16th, 2006
Posts: 3
Very, very cool. Like the deer a lot. Muy bueno.

 #2 - This Is Totally SWEET - 12-07-2006 at 06:46
Joined: December 7th, 2006
Posts: 3
Not to mention that wicked house mod that you can download for this!
GREAT WORK also thank you for including a readme RockcoolHmmm Donut! heheheh he likes donuts!

 #3 - 07-09-2007 at 17:28
From: (N. S.W)
Joined: October 31st, 2005
Posts: 130
RANDOM WORD FOR THE WEEK : Diestive systemBeer! Beer!Hmmm Donut!

 #4 - 01-27-2008 at 15:01
From: (Macon)
Joined: January 15th, 2005
Posts: 281
Definately a great mod, Rockbut there is a problem with the Thornball quest: after you clear out the castle, Lady Thornball is not to be found nor are there any additional messages. Am I just lost?confused

 #5 - 01-29-2008 at 19:04
From: (Macon)
Joined: January 15th, 2005
Posts: 281
Never mind, had a bad downoad big grin

 #6 - Ald Vendras - 11-01-2008 at 07:01
From: (West Virgina)
Joined: July 29th, 2008
Posts: 1
very nice very unique 10/10 :>wink

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