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Goblin Wars (BETA 3)
Filename: beta3goblin_wars.zip

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Modifications > NPC and Creature Additions

Average User Rating: 8.3
Number of Votes: 18
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Goblin Wars (BETA 3) - File Description  

NOTES: This mod does not break any quests or inadvertently affect normal gameplay.

This mod modifies the scripts and AI related to the 7 Goblin Tribes of Cyrodiil. Those are the:

Bloody Hand tribe of Cracked Wood Cave.
Rock Biter tribe of Timberscar Hollow.
Skull Breaker tribe of Wenderbek Cave.
White Skin tribe of Goblin Jim's Cave.
Dust Eater tribe of Barren Mine.
Three Feather tribe of Plundered Mine.
Sharp Tooth tribe of Derelict Mine.

Each tribe owns a Goblin Totem Staff. By stealing a totem staff from one tribe and placing it in another tribe's lair, you can instigate war. At 6 PM every day the War Chief of each tribe will determine whether or not their totem has been stolen. In the case of a missing totem, the War Chief will set out on an excursion to retrieve the tribe's lost staff. All of the goblins save for the shaman will accompany him. After the tribe's totem is retrieved, the skirmishers will stay behind for a short time to search for an enemy totem. They will pick up any totems within a search radius of their location and escort them to their own lair.

If the tribe's shaman dies, the tribe will fall into disarray and lose hope of recovering their totem. The shaman /does not/ respawn. All other goblins will respawn when their cell is refreshed (3 days after the player last visits it).

As of this version, you do not have to place the totem in another tribe's lair. You can place it anywhere in Cyrodiil and the owning tribe will still attempt to retrieve it. By placing the totems of multiple tribes in the same location, you can draw out the tribes to a meeting point where conflict will occur.


This version of Goblin Wars is BETA and is highly untested. To aid in the debugging of this mod I have done two things. One, I have enabled debugging messages. When important events happen related to the Goblin Wars you will get a message on your screen informing you of the circumstances, all of these messages will be prefixed by the string "DEBUG:". Two, I have included a small additional mod titled "book_stat_hacks.esp". This mod attaches a script to the book named "On Oblivion". When this book is activated, all of your attributes are maxed as well as most of your skills. This makes it easier to start a new game quickly for the sake of testing. Please post all feedback and results while using this mod on the appropriate forums.

How to start a new game quickly

Start a new game, skip the intro, and name your character. Do not bother changing his race, gender, or face, etc. As soon as you have control, bring down the console by hitting the "~" key. Now type 'togglemapmarkers 1', then 'coc testinghall'. After the loading screen, you will be placed in a room with many doors. Check your map to find the room "Book Warehouse", go there now. On the first table you will come across, there is a green book named "On Oblivion". If you've installed "book_stat_hacks.esp", activating it will max all of your stats. Now exit the room, and find the door in the center of the testing hall to "Hawkhaven", from here, you can fast travel back into Cyrodiil and visit the goblin caves. I recommend using the command "tgm" to enable God Mode, this will compensate from the inevitable fall damage of maximized acrobatics.


To install this mod, copy the goblin_wars.esp file into C:Program FilesBethesda SoftworksOblivionData. When you launch Oblivion, click the "Data Files" menu and checkmark the esp file's box. Launch the game normally.

Changes since BETA 2

Changed AI flags to prevent scenarios in which the War Chief would reach an objective and give up on it.

Reordered the Skirmisher AI so that they cannot pick up their home totem before the War Chief does.

Changes since BETA 1

Fixed a glitch in which Goblin Skirmishers would attempt to steal a totem staff from their own lair.


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Goblin Wars (BETA 3) - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. The Elder Scrolls Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 23 | Last comment: 07-22-2010 at 14:50

 #1 - 04-18-2006 at 15:28
Joined: January 24th, 2005
Posts: 89
First d/l, first post. Excellent work! I'll be sure to let you know if any major bugs or flaws are discovered, but I'll tell you now that this premise is positively brilliant. It adds a lovely quirk to the game.

 #2 - 04-18-2006 at 17:46
From: (PA)
Joined: May 18th, 2004
Posts: 8
Couldn't this be used to draw them into Oblivion gates?

 #3 - 04-18-2006 at 18:04
From: (WA)
Joined: February 20th, 2006
Posts: 501
ahah that would be funny to see a whole Goblin tribe take on the Planes of Oblivion

 #4 - 04-18-2006 at 21:29
From: (Flevoland)
Joined: November 30th, 2005
Posts: 1267
Well...now i know for sure that my firewall blocks my mails, i mean, my files are still not on filefront and when i said that i send mails to my friend he says like wt* you didnt....

Anyway nice mod it seems you had some work on that, anyway i like it! 10/10

 #5 - 04-20-2006 at 06:03
From: (Warsaw)
Joined: December 23rd, 2005
Posts: 2
Brilliant idea Rockkeep up the good work

 #6 - 04-20-2006 at 08:06
From: (Flevoland)
Joined: November 30th, 2005
Posts: 1267
"Fixed a glitch in which Goblin Skirmishers would attempt to steal a totem staff from their own lair." - Wow, i knew goblins weren't so very smart...but this?????


 #7 - 05-01-2006 at 12:24
From: (bristol)
Joined: October 19th, 2005
Posts: 73
i downloaded and tried it but i cant find this toem staff anywhere. i suppose its a really big cave to look around in but that sucks

 #8 - 05-25-2006 at 22:08
From: (Glendale)
Joined: August 10th, 2004
Posts: 80
The totem is usaully right next to the Shamen goblin. If you kill the Shamen they won't give up on everything.

 #9 - 05-25-2006 at 22:12
From: (Glendale)
Joined: August 10th, 2004
Posts: 80
edit: they will give up. This site needs an edit.

 #10 - 06-17-2006 at 03:14
From: (Vic)
Joined: June 17th, 2006
Posts: 2
OK, can someone give the loction of were the tribes are

 #11 - Hmmm - 06-24-2006 at 22:10
From: (Melbourne, Victoria)
Joined: September 18th, 2005
Posts: 233
Is there a way to NOT have the book hack thing activated? Is it a seperate file that I can deactivate with the Oblivion Lancher?

 #12 - 06-24-2006 at 22:17
From: (Melbourne, Victoria)
Joined: September 18th, 2005
Posts: 233
Oh, wait, I see that it's a seperate file, so I just won't install it... hmmm, does this work if I load an old saved game? I don't really want to start all over again or be all powerful...

 #13 - 06-24-2006 at 23:55
From: (Melbourne, Victoria)
Joined: September 18th, 2005
Posts: 233
Ah, there we go, yes it does work with a saved game. Hmm, last question (and I won't answer this one by myself), is there a way to get rid of that "DEBUG: Blah blah blah" message that pops up every now and then?

 #14 - er - 08-16-2006 at 11:41
Joined: July 11th, 2005
Posts: 259
What are the spawn codes? I would like to make a battle on top of a mountain between bandits, the blades, and goblins! I need spawn codes! (numerical)

 #15 - 10-05-2006 at 03:07
Joined: October 4th, 2006
Posts: 14
Amazing. The things some people have done with this game as far as mods go spins my head in circles with flabbergasting force. Great work bro. 10/10

 #16 - 03-25-2008 at 01:55
Joined: March 25th, 2008
Posts: 2
Aye this is all good but ... Where is the "On Oblivion" book ? And where are the totems ? frown Two Thumbs Down!

 #17 - 03-25-2008 at 01:58
Joined: March 25th, 2008
Posts: 2
LOL it's ok now ... didnt read the "Read Me" stick out tongue

 #18 - help plz - 02-16-2009 at 01:23
Joined: February 15th, 2009
Posts: 10
i cannot seem to find the location of the totem or the goblin shamin... i had never been in there befor so there was no chance of me previously killing it and i would like to know whayt the totem looks like, so i can better look for it.

 #19 - 02-16-2009 at 01:50
Joined: February 15th, 2009
Posts: 10
i found the totems and placed them at one location, i waited untill 6 pm, nothing happind then till 6 am still nothing. then i waited a week and still nothing, i dont know what happend but it did not work for me but it was a great idea and im sure if it worked i would have loved it 7/10

 #20 - 04-28-2010 at 13:00
From: (Pittsburgh, PA)
Joined: March 10th, 2010
Posts: 146
Oh, thanks so much. I took a bunch of tribe totems and placed them in an impossible to retrieve place in the imperial city. The guards will go stir crazy once this attack is launched. >=D

 #21 - 06-15-2010 at 15:29
From: (Marrion ILL.)
Joined: October 27th, 2005
Posts: 201
YES, I love Goblins!Rock

 #22 - I hope this works... - 07-19-2010 at 10:31
Joined: July 19th, 2010
Posts: 2
I finally got my internet to because I really wanted to make a goblin war. It said on one site I didn't need a mod to make a goblin war work but they lied... big time. This is probably the only time I will be able to get on the internet on this computer so if this mod doesn't work I will be mad! >( If it works I rate it 10/10.

 #23 - It worked...but sucked! Plus easy vampirism and vampire cure info. - 07-22-2010 at 14:50
Joined: July 19th, 2010
Posts: 2
Ok I do admit that this mod worked. You here me??? It W-O-R-K-E-D. Not the way I would have expected though. So I have a couple of things to say. 1. I don't care about the debug things that is not why I'm mad. 2. What I am mad about is why can't the goblins get the staff when you are not there! What would be the harm in that? Plus they war chief half the time runs away and forgets to pick up the staff! 3. Since these are some things I disliked may rating goes down from 10/10 to 4/10.

P.S. If you are playing oblivion on the pc and are a vampire (or find yourself wanting to become one) then I got a cheat for you! Go into the cheat console (~) and type "coc testinghall." You will be teleported to a big area with many doors. If you want to be a vampire, go to the door walls with the blue lights and keep looking until you find a door that says "wooden door to" and thats it. Enter that door. Go up the stairs and you will find 2 beds, a guy sleeping called "Vamp Chow" and 2 tombstones. Go to the first one. It will say "Click me to become a vampire!" Click it and get the disease. If you don't want to wait three days to turn into a bloodsucking monster go to the second one. It will say "Click me to get full vampirism!" Click and you are now in the final stage. If you want to go to the first just feed on the vamp chow (It is not considered assault). If you want to easily get rid of you vampirism go to the door walls with the red lights and you will find another door that says "wooden door to" go in. You will find yourself in a room with a couple crates. Go to the one on the top far left and open it. It has all potions in the game in it. Scroll down until you find the cure for vampirism. Drink it and you will no longer be a vampire. These are the best vampire cheats available on the pc no matter where you look. Rate me from 1 to 10 saying how much you like this cheat.

P.S. (Continued) I reccomend when you get the cure for vampirism go to the cheat console and type "player.createfullactorcopy" You will create a full version of yourself. Target your copy by clicking on them with the console open and type "kill" You will kill the copy instantly. Check the body and go down to potions. Find cure for vampirism and take. Type "deletefullactorcopy" to delete your copy. Now you can become a vampire and cure yourself anytime you want.

Note: Copying yourself is also a great way to get large ammounts of any other items you have by turning them into large quantities by repeating the process. You can rate this tip from 1 to 10 also.

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