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Hemingwey's Capes (1.02c)
Filename: hemingweys_capes_1_02c.exe

Date Added:
Type / Category:
11.62 MB
Modifications > Clothing Mods

Average User Rating: 10
Number of Votes: 6
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Hemingwey's Capes (1.02c) - File Description  

This mod add a lot of Capes into Oblivion and some new merchants/vendors that sell them also... you will find that they are also being adorned by the NPCs also...

The nice thing about this is that you can add even more to the by making your own plug-in and having even more stats and changes to them...

All i have to say is that Hemingwey has done a very nice job and i'm looking forward to some

Reviewed by
knivesdamaster aka lord_X and "X"

Hemingwey's Capes (1.02c) - Screenshots  
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Hemingwey's Capes (1.02c) - File Download Options  

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Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download Hemingwey's Capes!

Hemingwey's Capes (1.02c) - Readme  
Readme File:
Name: Hemingwey's Capes
Version: 1.02C
Date: 01/30/2010
Category: Clothing
Author: Hemingwey

The version 1.02c package contains all textures, meshes, current esps, optional esps and texture upgrades previously released to date and is likely the last download package that will be released before version 2 (which is in development, but progressing rapidly).

Hemingwey's Capes adds seventy-two unique capes to Oblivion -- offered for sale by new and existing merchants and worn by scores of NPCs.


Wyre Bash.

Hemingwey's Capes adds seventy-two unique capes to Oblivion. Capes are added to hundreds of NPCs and are sold at existing shops throughout Cyrodiil, as well as by four new merchants who travel between various inns and cities.

Among the wide variety of capes added to vanilla Oblivion by this mod are special capes for many of the factions appearing in the original game, capes designed for roleplaying various types of characters, as well as capes designed to match or compliment numerous vanilla Oblivion clothing sets.

Each cape has its own, unique custom icon. The icons are useful for determining the color schemes of the capes before making a purchase.

Each cape comes in two varieties. One which uses the "tail slot" and another which uses the "amulet slot." The names of capes which use the tail slot end with "(T)," while those occupying the amulet slot end with "(A)."

If you wish to have your NPC companions wear capes, you should probably purchase the amulet slot capes (those having names ending with "(A)") and ensure the subject companion is wearing armor or clothing which does not hide amulets.

Note: One way to ensure that most armor and clothing does not hide amulets is to use Wyre Bash (highly recommended and found at http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=22368) to activate and order your mods. Build your bashed patch with Wyre Bashâs âarmor shows amuletsâ and ârobes show amuletsâ options enabled. See the Wyre Bash user documentation for more details.

Note: In my own game, I use Wyre Bash with both "show amulets" and "unlimited amulets" features enabled (which prevents amulets, and thus the capes, from showing); however, I also load the Hemingwey's Capes .esp file after my bashed patch (which appears to circumvent the problem of Wyre Bash's unlimited amulets feature not showing amulets).

Capes and other items added to NPCs by Hemingwey's Capes bear the annotation "(H)" after their names. "(H)" capes occupy the amulet slot (except for Capes of the Thorn, which occupy a "ring slot"). Chest armor and clothing with the "(H)" annotation does not hide amulets (while certain gauntlets with the "(H)" annotation do not hide rings).

NOTE: I could have simply required players to use Wyre Bash and its show amulets features; however, I wanted Hemingwey's Capes to work for users who are not comfortable using Wyre Bash. As such, I replaced the chest armor and robes of many vanilla NPCs with versions that do not hide amulets. The drawback is that, without using Wyre Bash, such alterations can cause conflicts with some other mods that modify NPCs.

One of my design goals in Hemingweyâs Capes is to create more reasons to explore Cyrodiil and visit various shops and inns throughout the game. However, for those players who wish to know precisely when and where to purchase each and every one of the seventy-two capes, a guide/spoilers file is included in the distribution package.

The distribution package for Hemingwey's Capes v1.02C is comprised of all the mesh and texture files needed for the capes and associated icons, this readme file, a guide/spoilers file, a separate readme file for Mart's Monster Mod - Hemingweys NPC and Guard Capes, and four .esp files:

(1) Hemingweys Capes.esp

This .esp file adds capes for sale by eight vanilla Oblivion shopkeepers throughout Cyrodiil (using the "hidden vendor chest" method). It also adds four new NPC cape sellers, who travel between various cities and inns -- Sir Hemingwey, Goriath, Utnapishtu and Sara. (As I begin delving into the mysteries of quest making, the personalities and back stories of these new NPCs may become the subject of future expansions of this mod.)

The new NPCs will only sell capes while staying at inns (again, the "hidden vendor chestâ method is used), and the capes offered for sale will vary depending on the inn at which an NPC is currently staying. Envious of Utnapishtu's Cape of the Raven? He might sell you one, but only if you find him while he is staying at the Roxey Inn.

The new vendor NPCs are intended to be tough opponents, but they are not flagged "essential" (i.e. immortal). If one of the new NPCs is killed in your game, he or she will not respawn, and thus, capes offered by such NPC will no longer be available for sale.

Only one of each cape is stocked in inventory at any given time; however, cape inventory is restocked from time to time. So, if you want to outfit a band of companions with matching capes, you can do so, given time and patience.

This .esp file has no known conflicts with any other mods.

(2) Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp

This .esp file adds amulet slot capes to most vanilla Oblivion guards (except in the Imperial City) and scores of other NPCs throughout Cyrodiil. It does not add capes to Imperial City guards because OOO already includes this feature and I play with FCOM installed. (A version which adds Hemingwey's Capes to IC guards and other imperial troops may well be "in the works.")

This .esp also modifies the chest armor and clothing of various NPCs who wear Hemingwey's Capes, so as to show amulets (and, therefore, the amulet slot capes).

Unless Wyre Bash is used (as explained elsewhere herein), Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp will suffer minor conflicts with some mods which alter NPCs, such as OOO and FCOM.

While the capes made available for purchase by the Hemingweys Capes.esp file are not enchanted, Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp adds enchanted versions of some capes to various NPC adversaries, which may be looted from their corpses. (I may expand this particular feature in future versions.)

(3) Hemingwey's NPC Capes for OOO and FCOM.esp (contained in the "Alternate Versions" folder in the distribution package)

This .esp file is an ALTERNATIVE version of Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp, designed to provide minimal conflict with OOO/FCOM. This .esp file REQUIRES OOO. You should run either this .esp file or Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp, but not both. This file MUST be loaded AFTER OOO's .esp file when starting a game because it is DEPENDENT on the Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul.esp file. You can use OBMM or Wyre Bash to set the proper load order. If you are not running OOO and/or FCOM, DO NOT use this file.

(4) Mart's Monster Mod - Hemingwey's NPC and Guard Capes.esp (contained in the "Alternate Versions" folder in the distribution package)

This .esp file is another ALTERNATE version of Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp, designed by Corepc to provide minimal conflict with MMM, as well as OOO and FCOM. I highly recommend this version. Not only does it provide the maximum compatibility with FCOM and MMM, it also adds Hemingwey's Capes to additional NPCs (including certain capes randomly appearing on certain MMM bosses). As explained below, this file REQUIRES using Wyre Bash for installation. The MMM version is what I currently use in my own game.

Basic Installation of Hemingweys Capes.esp and Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp
1. Extract the files in the download package to a temporary location.

2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.

3. Copy the extracted files to (install folder)OblivionData

4. Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files,' place a checkmark beside Hemingweys Capes and Hemingweys NPC Capes.

5. Run Oblivion and enjoy!

Advanced (Recommended) Installation of Hemingwey's Capes.esp and Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp

It is recommended, but not required, that you use Wyre Bash to activate this mod, especially if you are running Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp with overhaul mods which change some of the same NPCs. The Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp file will cause minor conflicts with OOO and other mods which make changes to certain NPCs. There are simple work arounds for this issue, using Wyre Bash (or, if you are running OOO and/or FCOM, you can simply use the optional Hemingweys NPC Capes for OOO and FCOM.esp and not use Wyre Bash):

1. Install Hemingweys Capes as described above.

2. Start the Wyre Bash launcher. (You can find Wyre Bash and its accompanying user documentation at http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=22368.)

3. Check the Hemingweys Capes.esp file to activate it. You can place this .esp just about anywhere in your load order.

4. If you choose to use the Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp file:

a. Check the appropriate box to activate it;

b. Move the Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp file to a position early in your load order (before most other .esp files, such as those for OOO, MMM, Frans, etc. and any other .esp files which modify NPCs) by editing its "Modified" time and date;

c. Tag Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp with the "Invent" bashed tag (with the Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp selected, right click in the "Bash Tags" box in the lower right hand corner and select "Invent");

5. Uncheck the Bashed Patch .esp (which should be very late in your load order).

6. Right click on the Bashed Patch .esp and select "rebuild patch."

7. If you are using Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp (not one of the alternative esps for OOO and FCOM), in the resulting dialog box, highlight and check "Import Inventory" (on the left hand side) and then check "Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp" (on the right hand side).

8. Click "OK" (lower right hand corner) to rebuild your Bashed Patch.

9. Activate the Bashed Patch when prompted.

10. Run Oblivion and enjoy!

Installation of Hemingweys NPC Capes for OOO and FCOM.esp

In the alternative, if you are running OOO or FCOM and choose to use the Hemingweys NPC Capes for OOO and FCOM.esp INSTEAD (recommended) of Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp:

a. Copy the Hemingweys NPC Capes for OOO and FCOM.esp (from the Alternative Versions folder contained in the distribution package) into your Oblivion Data folder;

b. Activate Hemingweys NPC Capes for OOO and FCOM.esp (and DO NOT activate Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp); and

c. Using Wyre Bash, Oblivion Mod Manager or BOSS (or some other means) move the Hemingweys NPC Capes for OOO and FCOM.esp file to a position in your load order AFTER the Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul.esp. (Better Oblivion Sorting Software a/k/a "BOSS" should recognize the Hemingweys Capes esps and automatically set your load order properly.).

d. You can (and should) use Wyre Bash to install the Hemingweys NPC Capes for OOO and FCOM.esp (and bash tag it "Invent"); however, the same is not required.

(If you do not understand the instructions in this section, then, perhaps, you should not be running a heavily modded Oblivion game just yet. You can still enjoy Hemingwey's Capes -- just stick with the two basic .esp files: Hemingweys Capes.esp and Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp.)

Installation of Mart's Monster Mod - Hemingweys NPC and Guard Capes.esp

Mart's Monster Mod - Hemingweys NPC and Guard Capes.esp is a modifed version of the original Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp, modified by Corepc especially for use with MMM, MMMforFrans, MMMforOOO and FCOM.

Hemingwey's Capes 1.02 resources from main download
Mart's Monster Mod 3.7b3
Wrye Bash for Inventory Importing and Compatiblity with MMMforFrans/MMMforOOO/FCOM

(1) Do not use with Hemingweys NPC Capes.esp or Hemingweys NPC Capes for OOO.
(2) Do not use with Hemingwey's NPC Capes for OOO and FCOM.esp. If you are using MMMforOOO or FCOM, recommended (by Corepc and Hemingwey as of the date of this writing) you use Mart's Monster Mod - Hemingweys NPC and Guard Capes.esp instead; however, you MUST follow the load order and bash tag requirements below in order for the same to function properly.
(3) You can continue using Hemingweys Capes.esp (which adds Hemingwey's Capes for sale by new and existing merchants throughout Cyrodiil).

Load order and bash tag requirements:

A. For MMM or MMMforFrans:

1. Load Mart's Monster Mod - Hemingweys NPC and Guard Capes.esp before Mart's Monster Mod.esp or Mart's Monster Mod for Frans.esp.
2. In Wyre Bash, tag MMM.esp and MMMforFrans.esp with "Invent" bash tag.
3. Select Mart's Monster Mod - Hemingweys NPC and Guard Capes.esp AND either (a) Mart's Monster Mod.esp or (b) Mart's Monster Mod for Frans.esp under import inventory when building your bashed patch.


1. Load Mart's Monster Mod - Hemingweys NPC and Guard Capes.esp BEFORE Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul.esp and FCOM_Convergence.esp.
2. In Wyre Bash, tag the Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul.esp and FCOM_Convergence.esp with "Invent" bash tag.
3. Select Mart's Monster Mod - Hemingweys NPC and Guard Capes.esp, Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul.esp and FCOM_Convergence.esp under import inventory when building your bashed patch.

It is very important that you follow the foregoing steps. If not, this mod will not function properly -- capes will not show up, NPC stats, factions and so forth will be incorrect, etc. (If installed correctly, using tes4edit you can check your bashed patch and you will see Hemingwey's Capes added to NPCs, but such NPCs' stats and other changes made by MMM, OOO, Frans and/or FCOM will be preserved.)

Finally, once installed, you will need to wait a few game days for Hemingwey's Capes to begin showing up on MMM bosses.

Manual Version Uninstall
1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s).
2. Delete the Hemingwey's Capes .esps and then the mesh and texture files/folders associated with the mod.

The mesh and texture resource folders for Hemingwey's Capes are as follows:

OblivionDataMeshesHemsCapes (and all subfolders and files therein)
OblivionDataTexturesHemsCapes (and all subfolders and files therein)
OblivionDataTexturesMenusIconsHemsCapes (and all subfolders and files therein)


Hemingwey's Capes is generally compatible with most other mods, but the NPC Capes plugins may have some conflicts with other mods that modify the same NPCs.

Known Issues or Bugs
Hemingwey's Capes makes extensive use of the mostly excellent cape mesh from the venerable Capes and Cloaks mod by Someone1074. Depending on what armor and clothing your character wears, as well as which, if any, character animation mods you use in your game, the Capes and Cloaks mesh will likely result in some minor clipping issues.

Contact and Other Stuff
You can find me on the official Elder Scrolls forums as 'Hemingwey.'

Hemingwey's Capes is my first attempt at modding a computer game. Originally, I began work on this mod for my own use and enjoyment. At first, I just wanted to see if I could fashion a cape for one of my characters. However, once my modest efforts âaccidentallyâ grew to their present size and scope, I decided to share and discover whether others might enjoy using Hemingweyâs Capes in their games.

Feedback and suggestions for improvement (as well as bug reports) are welcome, but please do try to be polite. I will endeavor to fix any bugs brought to my attention.

Thanks to Someone1074 for creating the original Capes and Cloaks mesh I used for the capes in Hemingweyâs Capes. Essentially, Hemingwey's Capes
applies a variety of new and original normal maps and textures of my own making to the Capes and Cloaks cape mesh.

Special thanks to Corepc for his support, help and advice concerning constructing compatiblity patches/versions for OOO, FCOM and MMM, as well as creating the Mart's Monster Mod - Hemingweys NPC and Guard Capes.esp.

Thanks to Kafeid for creating the beautiful Vermillion and Silverthorn textures, portions of which I borrowed and modified to create two of Hemingwey's Capes: the Fancy Black (Vermillion) Cape and Silverthorn Cape.

Thanks to Painkiller_Rider for creating the Lord's Mail texture, portions of which I borrowed and modifed in order to create the Lord's Cape in this mod.

Thanks to the Oblivion mod community for inspiration and guidance, as well as numeruous informative tutorials that got me pointed in the right direction.

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.

Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator I used to help create this file.

If I missed anyone who I should credit, please let me know!

Please do not redistribute this mod without my permission.

If you wish to make use of some of my capes (or textures) in your own mod, I request that before (re)distributing or incorporating in other mods any portion of this mod (textures, designs, etc.) you (1) contact me before distribution, (2) let me know what use is being made thereof (permission to use will likely be freely given) and (3) credit me in your readme and distribution materials (and, please, if you use their work, be sure to give credit to the mod authors listed above who created the underlying meshes or otherwise contributed to the portions of Hemingwey's Capes you use).

Hemingwey's Capes (1.02c) - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. The Elder Scrolls Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 4 | Last comment: 05-01-2010 at 01:33

 #1 - Truly impressed... - 01-31-2010 at 18:37
Joined: January 31st, 2010
Posts: 1
Firstly, this was exactly what i was looking for and i managed to trip over it and care to read it and... its just perfect, for instance, the "+" symbol red and white cape for the crusader's relics also, Secoundly i especially admire the special simularity between a cape and an outfit or armor set in cyrodiil, its totally worth trashing an amulet. Thirdly, Are these encantable?

 #2 - 02-27-2010 at 05:00
Joined: January 6th, 2005
Posts: 289
Great work!

 #3 - 03-11-2010 at 14:31
From: (Tennessee)
Joined: March 10th, 2010
Posts: 8
Pretty Coolcool

 #4 - 05-01-2010 at 01:33
Joined: April 30th, 2010
Posts: 5
lol, this is a great mod but I had a hell of a time installing it, I got a bad esp the first time, that no matter what, didnt do anything in game, so no capes, once I got a working esp downloaded I then couldn't get the textures to work, then the meshes gave, mostly my fault but still... Resistance is Futile!

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