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Plasma Sabers (1.2)
Filename: plasmasabers1.2.zip

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1.37 MB
Modifications > Weapon and Armor

Average User Rating: 8.2
Number of Votes: 58
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Plasma Sabers (1.2) - File Description  

Well, as you can see from the screen shots, these are pretty much light sabers, just with different names to avoid lawsuits stick out tongue.

Anyways, these are pretty interesting to mess around with, especially if you are a Star Wars fan like myself. Yes, they are not supposed to be there in lore, but we can always point to the Dwemer for our sci-fi needs. They come in six different colors- green, blue, yellow, purple, orange, and red and three different hilts split up depending on the color. Now I warn you though that these weapons are very powerful (and can be enchanted to make them even more so), and easy to get- they are laying around in crates in the Imperial City Market District, and a hint is in the read-me.

The author addresses that the purple lightsaber uses a blue icon instead of purple, and will probably get on this on the next installment. They also use the default sword sounds, so you won't hear any of those lightsaber sounds.

The only problem I encountered was with the blood in the game. I have my .ini files set to display blood on textures, so this means that those of you who do this to may see that the blood gets on to the lightsabers, which isn't possible. But they are still cool to look at, and I like them.

Plasma Sabers (1.2) - Screenshots  
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Plasma Sabers (1.2) - File Download Options  

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Plasma Sabers (1.2) - Readme  
Readme File:
Plasma Sabers V1.2
by: NeoK182
modders resource by: Sahardoom

For TES4: Oblivion

extract all to the DATA folder of your Oblivion Directory. And make sure PlasmaSaber1.0 is checked in your data files on the oblivion menu.

Info: This mod uses the Dwemer Plasma Blades Modders Resource by Sahardoom from his mod Children of Rourken. (which you should go download episode 1 of COR right now! http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=6875)

these are 'lightsabers' more or less made for us star wars geeks who play Oblivion. This set comes with 6 colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange, and Red. and 3 hilts split among the 6 in how i felt the colors match good/evil based on hilts from the Jedi Knight series of games.

Since these are supose to be made of plasma and not metal i have made them very strong. they are not enchanted so you can enchant them on your own but they are very powerful so you probably wont have to. most enemies can be taken out with up to 5 hits. granted it might be a bit overpowered for some people but it's a simple edit in the construction set if you dont like it. i personally feel that they should be very powerful.

Currently they still use default sword sounds though i'm working on a way to give them custom sounds. though Sahardoom might manage that one in his COR Episode 2 mod (which you should download when it comes out)

and i know that the purple saber uses the blue icon. i'm color impared so i cant see the difference so i just used the blue again. hope no one minds.

Find them: They can all be found in the imperial city market district. though to make this somewhat difficult. i'm gonna make you have to search for them. they are outside possibly in boxes. i know i know, very eazy to get. in version 2 i'll try to make it a bit more difficult.

4 can be found in locked barrels or boxes
2 can be found in wooded areas.

Legal: use this at your own risk. works perfectly on my computer and will most likely work on yours, but just make sure to backup your save file like you should do with all mods.

Thank you so much to Sahardoom for these amazing blades and for releasing them as a modders resource. and for all the work you've done for oblivion. Again this is all his work i just put them into the game from the resource, so thank him for the hard work.

v2.0 will hopefully have custom sounds and maybe more hilts


If you have any problems or would like to help me out on v2.0 e-mail me at NeoK_182@yahoo.com

Plasma Sabers (1.2) - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. The Elder Scrolls Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 98 | Last comment: 08-16-2011 at 06:08

 #1 - 12-31-2006 at 10:55
From: (The Heartlands)
Joined: November 5th, 2006
Posts: 334
u r sick to play this game with gore on mad but the mod is col 10/10

 #2 - 12-31-2006 at 11:04
From: (west friendship)
Joined: August 29th, 2004
Posts: 155
why is it sick to play this game with gore? its not even that gory when it is on lol

 #3 - 12-31-2006 at 11:25
Joined: July 19th, 2006
Posts: 120
you think its sick go play dark messiah

 #4 - 12-31-2006 at 12:46
Joined: July 24th, 2006
Posts: 116
DUDE wot mod do u have playing? is it overhaul cos weaps in the menu look sw££t! awsome mod i can now be darth vad0r whenever! 10./10

 #5 - 12-31-2006 at 13:12
Joined: September 7th, 2005
Posts: 14
well when it comes to gore i personally play it with it on. i've yet to notice the blood being on the blade though. i'm glad you guys like it. In version 2.0 i do plan to have custom sounds and possible more hilts to choose from (big if there but it's one idea)

@Bladez616: i have like 50 mods running on my game hard to tell exactly which one your taking about. the bow and arrows are my own custom. buster sword is clouds sword from FF7. few lord of the rings swords i've found around online. Dwemer plasma blade and my armor is from sahardoom's COR-E1. and the i dont remember what mod the small icons are from lol.

 #6 - 12-31-2006 at 17:06
From: (Akureyri)
Joined: March 4th, 2006
Posts: 64
Dude, Where can I get that armor. It looks great.

 #7 - 12-31-2006 at 20:10
From: (OR)
Joined: October 30th, 2005
Posts: 412
The small icons mod comes in real handy

Awesome mod, NeoK182 Two Thumbs Up!

 #8 - 12-31-2006 at 22:45
From: (NJ)
Joined: August 2nd, 2006
Posts: 410
Where did you get the LotR swords again? This is a great looking mod by the way, im waiting for the sounds thoughstick out tongue

 #9 - 01-01-2007 at 03:17
From: (Nuenen)
Joined: February 22nd, 2005
Posts: 11
The small icons are from the BTmod.

 #10 - 01-01-2007 at 04:44
From: (Hoeselt)
Joined: June 21st, 2004
Posts: 210
Star wars ^^ Nice one

 #11 - 01-01-2007 at 15:35
From: (Melbourne, Victoria)
Joined: August 10th, 2004
Posts: 624
People complain about gore? Has anyone played Condemned yet?
That's gorey, undeniably so.

Anyway, these are pretty well constructed but because of the myriad of other mods with your character its a bit daunting to look at the screenshots. Plus, Star Wars just wasn't that big a thing for me big grin But because it's made pretty solidly I'll give it an 8/10.

 #12 - 01-01-2007 at 16:52
Joined: December 11th, 2006
Posts: 442
They look funny!big grin
(i don't mean this in a bad way)
Two Thumbs Up!

 #13 - 01-01-2007 at 17:43
From: (NJ)
Joined: August 2nd, 2006
Posts: 410
I just had this great idea! I didnt dl this cause as ive said, im waiting for V.2, but im asuming that the laser is still visible when the blade is sheathed, if not, then disregard this suggestion

anyway, you can make an invisble "sheath" that covers up the laser, but not the hilt. Itll be invisible, so itll be as if the laser turned off. I dont know how to do this for i am not a modeller or if this is even possible. But its worth looking intobig grin

 #14 - 01-01-2007 at 19:07
Joined: September 7th, 2005
Posts: 14
@delta: it comes with a sheath. very plain. one thing i didn't like about it. however an invisible sheath would be a good idea. though i dont think it's possible. i'll do some research into it to see if that can be done.

 #15 - 01-02-2007 at 00:04
Joined: May 28th, 2006
Posts: 60
umm can you enchant it i noticed they werent already.. so is it possible?? looks pretty dman cool

 #16 - 01-02-2007 at 03:14
From: (The Heartlands)
Joined: November 5th, 2006
Posts: 334
blood is unpleasant in games and i wish i never mentioned it now. if u play it with gore u r sick END OF STORY

 #17 - 01-02-2007 at 05:32
From: (Hofors)
Joined: October 3rd, 2006
Posts: 88
why are you sick if u play with gore? u afraid of blood or summin? i play with the blood mod and blood time maxed out. it stays forever big grin its so kewl

 #18 - 01-02-2007 at 07:48
From: (Akureyri)
Joined: March 4th, 2006
Posts: 64
HAHA! Why is one sick if one plays with blood? It's just blood! You see it when you get a paper cut or when you get a nose bleed. Blood sustains life! So if anything, it should be sick NOT to have blood. Also, the blood in TES is barely visible. Ever played Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War? Didn't think so. Play that and THEN tell me TES is sick.

 #19 - 01-02-2007 at 08:52
Joined: September 7th, 2005
Posts: 14
to hell with warhammer, go play FEAR / Doom3 / Quake4. now theres some gore for you. lol. and if you think of it, blood in oblivion makes sence. when you hit someone with a sword they're going to bleed. go watch the gladiator or any other movie from those times. or any new movie, people bleed when they get hit with a sword. oblivion isn't that realistic in the fact that you cant cut body parts off. back then a quick swing of the sword and you dont have a head anymore. like in the star wars jedi knight games, you turn on dismemberment. and people got cut into peices. and thats how it would really be with a lightsaber.

@ghost099: yes you can enchant them. they're already incredibly powerful so you dont really need to but have fun with it.

 #20 - 01-02-2007 at 11:45
From: (Hoensbroek)
Joined: September 13th, 2006
Posts: 16
where can you get anduril flame of the west (saw it in inventory) from lotr

 #21 - 01-02-2007 at 12:08
From: (Cape Town)
Joined: November 30th, 2006
Posts: 311
U hav nooooooo clue how long I was waiting for a PROPER lightsaber mod......AWESOME!!!!!!RockcoolTwo Thumbs Up!

 #22 - 01-02-2007 at 12:21
From: (The Heartlands)
Joined: November 5th, 2006
Posts: 334
yes when u hit a person with a sword u dont get it all slopping everywhere. accept this guys GORE IS FOR UNPLEASANT SICK MINDED FREAKS. THe blood in oblivion is so over the top. THe maximum u wud get is a spray and a small stain on the ground and sword not gore splatting up the wall. That would only happen if you chopped off limbs which you cant on this game so you are all wrong. Doom 3 and Quake 4 and all tht junk are all disgusting midless horrible unpleasant games.


Oblivion could of made an easy 12+ if they hadnt spiled it with the violence. Aaargh!!!

 #23 - 01-02-2007 at 12:23
From: (The Heartlands)
Joined: November 5th, 2006
Posts: 334
Srry bout 2nd post but tht was to #19 and i have seen gladiator. they chop off limbs and you actually see it (like tht guy tht gets cut in half). Gladiator is a bit over the top but its pretty good.

 #24 - 01-02-2007 at 13:20
Joined: February 27th, 2006
Posts: 69
Your body has 6 liters of blood on average.If you chop off right over the knee and hit the artery,you'll see a bit more than a small spray and some stains.
As for being sick minded,how the hell are we sick minded if we play with gore?It's a natural thing,if you get stabbed with a knife,not only will it be covered in blood,and so would your wound.It's not being sick,it's having a bit of realism.

 #25 - woah - 01-02-2007 at 14:19
Joined: September 7th, 2005
Posts: 14
alright alright. some people like gore, some dont. i personally dont mind it at all. i think it ads realism into some games. but lets not argue about it more so no one gets in trouble.

and oblivion was never going to make it to the E10 or even a T raiting because of the violence, even with out the gore. go play through the dark brotherhood. yea it wasn't getting anything lower than M. and ontop of that, there are a lot of alcohol references and you can even drink it yourself which instantly gets you an M rating. so lets just leave it at that.

@LORDPALADIN: i do not remember where i got the original mod, but that is my own personal reworking of it. (enchanted, ect). i got it from tessource. thats all i know. sry lol.

 #26 - O MY GOOD!! YOU ARE A GOD MAN!!!! - 01-02-2007 at 15:25
From: (jonkoping (jönköping))
Joined: June 12th, 2005
Posts: 16
eek!WOW THIS IS AMAZING I love it man wonderful the only bad thing is the sound the rest i can live whit 1000/10 and i hope the sound will come soon=) a littel bit enoying that it is a normol sword sound when you hit something... but i still Love itbig grin
You'r really a GodRock

 #27 - 01-02-2007 at 16:33
From: (NJ)
Joined: August 2nd, 2006
Posts: 410
Oblivion actually did start out as a T game. Then someone made a topless mod... Then everything got messy... Then ESRB went "what the hell, whatever, lets bring it back"... Then Oblivion became an M game... Then I found out i had cancer and only have 2 months to live, well thats besides the point(just kidding)

 #28 - 01-02-2007 at 21:01
From: (California)
Joined: October 31st, 2006
Posts: 13
they r really cool i wish they made the saber sound

 #29 - 01-03-2007 at 02:39
From: (Cape Town)
Joined: November 30th, 2006
Posts: 311

 #30 - 01-03-2007 at 02:42
From: (Cape Town)
Joined: November 30th, 2006
Posts: 311
U people are arguing about freakin small blood decals!

 #31 - 01-03-2007 at 11:15
From: (Ontario!)
Joined: October 11th, 2005
Posts: 879
in the first ss howd u get all those weapons on a single page like that?!

 #32 - 01-03-2007 at 23:17
From: (Cape Town)
Joined: November 30th, 2006
Posts: 311
I am gonna release a mod to make this mod more lightsaber like! But don't worry only on this site and tessource.net!

 #33 - no. - 01-04-2007 at 07:10
Joined: September 7th, 2005
Posts: 14
@Hobo_some_guy: considering i havn't gotten an e-mail asking for permission. your not allowed to do anything with this mod. if you want to make your own you can download the original modders resource and give sahardoom the credit. but i'd rather you left mine alone personally since i have not finished with it yet. And i dont know what you mean by 'more lightsaber like' only thing left to do is the sounds. and that requires a lot of scripting which i'm just learning how to do now. and i will have it done by the end of this month at the latest.

 #34 - It´s great! - 01-04-2007 at 07:22
Joined: August 11th, 2006
Posts: 5
I´m a star wars fan and i love this mod .

Great job, NeoK182 Two Thumbs Up! 9/10

 #35 - 01-04-2007 at 10:32
From: (The Heartlands)
Joined: November 5th, 2006
Posts: 334
gore is unpleasnt. stop coming back to this topic just coz i dont like it. next one to say it will get an oblivion gate opened in their garden and my army of clannfears will destroy youDevil!

 #36 - 01-04-2007 at 19:48
Joined: May 6th, 2006
Posts: 341
Yeah what if I kill em clan fears. Anyways when you were talking about gore play F.E.A.R. and you will see what gore is or play COD2 with the merciless mod, now thats an insane amount of blood. Anyways cool I will dl the finished version. Good luck with the mod.

 #37 - Gore - 01-04-2007 at 22:52
From: (Akureyri)
Joined: December 20th, 2004
Posts: 48
I love gore! Oblivion should be more gory, like slicing people in half gory, now that would be awesome!

 #38 - the item ids - 01-05-2007 at 07:50
Joined: January 5th, 2007
Posts: 7
can i give anyone the item ids for the sabres infact i know them for all the mods ive gotconfusedRockconfused

 #39 - 01-06-2007 at 13:39
From: (Florida)
Joined: March 19th, 2006
Posts: 256
Why change the name if the design is the same? 10/10

 #40 - is the amour included in da mod - 01-06-2007 at 23:46
Joined: January 6th, 2007
Posts: 17
oh briltant mod great works 4 us star was fans lookin forward to the sound arival were did u get da amour?

 #41 - 01-07-2007 at 07:50
From: (The Heartlands)
Joined: November 5th, 2006
Posts: 334
OMFG stop talkin about gore just COZ I H8 IT!!!!!!

 #42 - yo - 01-07-2007 at 08:01
Joined: September 7th, 2005
Posts: 14
aggron: back off man. i'm gonna report you if you keep this up.

@soapy777: the armor is the hellspawn armor from Sahardoom's COR-E1

 #43 - 01-08-2007 at 03:06
From: (Cape Town)
Joined: November 30th, 2006
Posts: 311
More lightsaber like means that is faster and a lot stronger!Hmmm Donut!Pimp!Rock

 #44 - 01-08-2007 at 03:09
From: (Cape Town)
Joined: November 30th, 2006
Posts: 311
It would be cool if this could cut thru armor and the whole body.....Not to mention almost everything.....But it is impossibleCryAaargh!!!Two Thumbs Down!

 #45 - 01-08-2007 at 03:13
From: (Cape Town)
Joined: November 30th, 2006
Posts: 311
oh and Aggron,get a life!Two Thumbs Down!Two Thumbs Down!Two Thumbs Down!

 #46 - 01-09-2007 at 03:11
From: (Boston)
Joined: October 1st, 2005
Posts: 3
Sweet mod, combined with Dark Lords armor and starwars force power mods, I've got a pretty high infamy!! I tweaked the force power Jedi mind trick and I have a small army of minions doing my bidding! Muhahaha!

 #47 - 01-11-2007 at 14:01
Joined: November 3rd, 2006
Posts: 167
nice im Dling but nice weapons in ur inventory. (hacked much? nothing sells for that much)

 #48 - lol - 01-11-2007 at 16:24
Joined: September 7th, 2005
Posts: 14
theres not much in my game that isn't modded. goin on 150 mods. lol.

 #49 - gore? - 01-12-2007 at 05:55
From: (stockholm)
Joined: March 30th, 2006
Posts: 69
TES gorey!? Play Soldier of fortune 2, thats gore!

 #50 - 01-13-2007 at 03:28
From: (The Heartlands)
Joined: November 5th, 2006
Posts: 334
i only just played this mod and i think its really good. i think they could be a little biggeer but other thn htt GR8!! and plz dont do anything to do with gore. i dont like it coz its gets everywhere. if u like it then thts u i hav no problem with tht. i shud of just sed "i dont really play it with gore on" not "EUGH UR SICK!!!". i need to think before i act

 #51 - 01-13-2007 at 23:15
From: (Cape Town)
Joined: November 30th, 2006
Posts: 311
Wow ummmm....Aggron I am so sorry I misjudged youfrown You are a real good influence on some people.......Now Mr.change of heart......U like donuts?Hmmm Donut!Hmmm Donut!

 #52 - 01-14-2007 at 10:10
From: (Cape Town)
Joined: November 30th, 2006
Posts: 311
Sorry Aggron wat I meant was:You hav set a good example on some people with ur last comment....Again I am so sorry I said you must get a life I do not feel proudfrownCry

 #53 - 01-14-2007 at 10:16
From: (Cape Town)
Joined: November 30th, 2006
Posts: 311
Hav u ever seen MOnty Python and the holy Grail? It is funny but has as much gore as oblivion...

 #54 - I wanna be Darth Vader - 01-15-2007 at 02:35
Joined: May 7th, 2005
Posts: 5
that'd be kick @$$ to have a vader set of armor and walk around busting up bandits with the lightsaber

 #55 - 01-15-2007 at 10:10
From: (The Heartlands)
Joined: November 5th, 2006
Posts: 334
its ok i hav seen monty python and its probly the funiest films i ever seen

 #56 - kool - 01-15-2007 at 11:28
From: (Cape Town)
Joined: November 30th, 2006
Posts: 311
I think it is the funniest film I have ever seen!Rock

 #57 - sweet buster - 01-15-2007 at 19:17
Joined: October 29th, 2006
Posts: 3
where in the heck did you get the buster sword?? i want bad!!!

 #58 - ... so someone likes my work? - 01-17-2007 at 06:25
From: (Rijeka)
Joined: January 17th, 2007
Posts: 1
I am glad to see that my work is beeing used, if you guys like Sci-fi go here
and tell me what you think about that!

 #59 - yup - 01-17-2007 at 18:59
Joined: September 7th, 2005
Posts: 14
yea and you should all go download Children of Rourken. Sahardoom's awesome mod. and i cant wait for COR-E2 Sahardoom.

 #60 - nice - 01-20-2007 at 06:34
From: (Amersfoort)
Joined: January 6th, 2007
Posts: 39
i love this mod 10/10 i dont know if it's possible but maybe you could make it glow so you dont have to carry a torch next to it. Can't wait till you make them with sounds.

 #61 - 01-23-2007 at 19:03
From: (NJ)
Joined: August 2nd, 2006
Posts: 410
any info on the next version of Plasma Sabers?

 #62 - answers - 01-23-2007 at 20:44
Joined: September 7th, 2005
Posts: 14
@Raaventje: i dont know if it's possible. but if it was you wouldn't be able to use it when sneaking either cause the light would draw attention to you.

@Delta: still working on it, i dont like scripting and unfortountly to add sounds i need to do some of that. I also have a website and forum i'm making right now as well so it's a lot on my plate, but i am working on it.

 #63 - hmm didn't tougth about sneaking - 01-24-2007 at 06:36
From: (Amersfoort)
Joined: January 6th, 2007
Posts: 39
i have 100% chameleon so i wont mind but ok that is not realy usefull

 #64 - glow - 01-25-2007 at 07:57
Joined: September 7th, 2005
Posts: 14
i'll take a look into it and see if i can make some sort of glow, but dont count on it.

 #65 - i cant find them - 01-27-2007 at 21:04
Joined: January 21st, 2007
Posts: 13
Aaargh!!!madCrytell me where they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

 #66 - one missing - 01-28-2007 at 08:25
Joined: January 21st, 2007
Posts: 13
srry for double post but where is blue one

 #67 - where to find - 01-29-2007 at 09:04
From: (Amersfoort)
Joined: January 6th, 2007
Posts: 39
the red and yellow are not in boxes and are around the wells somewhere the blue and green are in the same box and the purple and orange are in barrels i believe it was

 #68 - yup - 01-29-2007 at 09:29
Joined: September 7th, 2005
Posts: 14
sounds about right to me.

still working on this. though i have a website i'm working on and another mod as well so i'm cutting time in between. I am still working on this though so a version with sounds will come out.

 #69 - umm green was stuck in rock - 01-30-2007 at 09:24
Joined: January 21st, 2007
Posts: 13
it was in a rock so blue cant be in a container wgreen cuz green wasnt in a container

 #70 - 02-01-2007 at 06:32
Joined: February 1st, 2007
Posts: 9
Where exactly are thesse ?? frown

 #71 - found it! - 02-01-2007 at 07:13
Joined: January 21st, 2007
Posts: 13
yellow was in rock and found crate and to#70,search in market of ic for locked stuff and in the openings ijn backs of buildings for themsmilegood luck!

 #72 - Im a retard - 02-02-2007 at 10:15
Joined: February 1st, 2007
Posts: 9
I dont like to look for stuff LOL, so can you just email me the exact locations of alls theese? confused Rock

Thanks Email: Dereck43@lycos.com

 #73 - 02-03-2007 at 11:22
From: (Riverview, Florida)
Joined: July 27th, 2006
Posts: 33
Congratulations. You just made a Star Wars nerd even more of a nerd. XD

Would be nice to have sounds, but if you're ever going to do them, work at your own pace, not the pace people want you to work at. stick out tongue

But hey..Lightsabers with swords sounds...It's a funny combination in my opinion. XD

 #74 - . - 02-03-2007 at 16:04
Joined: September 7th, 2005
Posts: 14
sounds are coming. i've been busy working staff down at the superbowl the last few days which takes up a lot of time, that and i had to find my JKA disks / mods to get sound files and i'm working on like 4 other mods and a website right now.

so sounds are coming. i'm not one for quests or anything, so v2.0 will have them in the same spots, just with sounds. and i'll try to make it so you can install v2.0 over 1.2 and not have any trouble with your savegame.

 #75 - 02-12-2007 at 13:50
From: (NJ)
Joined: August 2nd, 2006
Posts: 410
and that is exactly why i like to wait for a solid version to come out before getting...

 #76 - 02-15-2007 at 12:16
From: (NJ)
Joined: August 2nd, 2006
Posts: 410
let me try something:

:eatlead!: :eatlead:


 #77 - 02-15-2007 at 12:17
From: (NJ)
Joined: August 2nd, 2006
Posts: 410
nope didnt work...

 #78 - 02-21-2007 at 06:33
From: (Cape Town)
Joined: November 30th, 2006
Posts: 311
hahaha and lol XD

 #79 - 02-28-2007 at 22:15
Joined: December 8th, 2002
Posts: 43
Very nice, had a year long hiatus from this game after I got fed up trying to create my own models (And spending 160 hours on my first character)

Come back and see all these cool new mods, awesome. Always the Star Wars fan this easily caught my eye. Definitely a 7, the blades seem a bit short, and of course the sounds, but that will all be fixed in due time I'm sure, still a good appetite-whetter for the time being.

 #80 - WOW... - 03-06-2007 at 12:42
Joined: March 5th, 2007
Posts: 15
I can now be Darth Maul or a Jedi! Really nice work!!!

 #81 - 03-29-2007 at 04:55
Joined: March 29th, 2007
Posts: 3
I saw that u have on 1st picture a list of your weapons and i saw that u have LOTR sword (anduril)... so i was wondering if u could tell me where the f*** did u get it? :/ PLEASE.... Cause i love LOTR and ye... your mod is realy good smile

 #82 - your armor - 08-06-2007 at 09:22
Joined: August 5th, 2007
Posts: 20

 #83 - Plasma Lightsabers - 10-15-2007 at 11:41
Joined: April 11th, 2006
Posts: 28
Hi I Would like to congratulate the modder for adding these weapons Two Thumbs Up!cool10/10 any chance of making them sound more realistic like from the movies

 #84 - HElP - 11-10-2007 at 12:24
From: (Jacksonville)
Joined: November 9th, 2007
Posts: 4
wut is this giant exlamation point when i equip the sword and its invisiblemad

 #85 - 11-21-2007 at 10:36
Joined: December 15th, 2004
Posts: 38
Don't just use the .esp file. Install the two folders in their correct place.

I really wish someone could figure out the audio part as well.

 #86 - Lockpick Mold - 01-06-2008 at 09:43
From: (Ur moms house.)
Joined: December 30th, 2007
Posts: 14
Where did you get it? Did you get it from a mod (Tell me which one please) Or from the game (Tell me where please) smile

 #87 - 03-01-2008 at 05:14
From: (Roma)
Joined: February 21st, 2007
Posts: 245
Lol all of his inventory comes from mods.
Realy cool though, must be proud of your char.
But, is that Masamune a reference to Chrono Trigger or...?

 #88 - 03-03-2008 at 21:55
Joined: December 10th, 2007
Posts: 38
Aaargh!!!where do i get that ....armorAaargh!!!Puke!

 #89 - Plasma Sabers - 03-20-2008 at 18:56
Joined: April 11th, 2006
Posts: 28
Can you Use This Mod For morrowind

 #90 - 03-26-2008 at 20:10
From: (Citrus Heights)
Joined: January 13th, 2008
Posts: 24
hy does your lockpick mold do 439 damage??

 #91 - Great Job - 04-09-2008 at 05:26
Joined: October 2nd, 2007
Posts: 74
Great Mod!

10/10 Stars. Keep up the good work.

 #92 - DONT WORK - 06-03-2008 at 11:17
Joined: June 2nd, 2008
Posts: 1

 #93 - 06-06-2008 at 15:45
From: (Pawcatuck)
Joined: April 29th, 2008
Posts: 40
my oblivion wont show them it will only show a blue and yellow square

 #94 - 10-25-2008 at 13:07
From: (George)
Joined: October 25th, 2008
Posts: 2
I can't download this file for some reason frown

Can someone please help, I have registered at FileFront so I do not see what can be the problem

 #95 - 01-14-2009 at 10:52
Joined: August 16th, 2008
Posts: 12
this combined with the quest for the mythic demon armor and you can look like a mega-sith! Devil!

 #96 - Permission to use this. - 05-11-2009 at 01:43
Joined: March 26th, 2008
Posts: 2
Hello, I was wondering if perhaps you would allow me to use this Mod well at least the meshes and textures of your /plasma sabers/ for my own Oblivion Mod which will introduce the Jedi and Sith orders into the World of Oblivion.

I already obtained permission from Sahardoom. The reason I ask is because I can not get access to his modder's resource to edit the blades into different colors. I have absolutely little or no talent when it comes to editing items like this.


There is proof of permission

 #97 - two red plasma sabers - 02-23-2010 at 18:40
From: (md)
Joined: February 23rd, 2010
Posts: 1
this mod is awesome (even though there are no new sounds) but after i found all of the sabers i went back to my house in the waterfront district and there was another red plasma saber floating in the middle of the room so now i have two red plasma sabers.

great modRockBeer! Beer!Rock

 #98 - 08-16-2011 at 06:08
Joined: August 11th, 2011
Posts: 5
low weight, high damage, what else do you need

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