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The Lost Telvanni Codex (1.51)
Filename: the_lost_telvannu_codex_1.51.rar

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Modifications > Magic

Average User Rating: 8.6
Number of Votes: 13
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The Lost Telvanni Codex (1.51) - File Description  

The Lost Telvanni Codex is a story of a missing mage and his supposed book of spells. Or should I say the story of the hero who found it.

The original goal of this MOD was to put back all the spells omitted from Oblivion that were available in Morrowind. Since many of these spells were not that useful and would unbalance the schools in OB, many others spells are also added with the intention of providing additional game play elements. This MOD is supposed to be balanced and leveled and is suitable for long-term play at any hero level. Another intention of the Lost Telvanni Codex (LTC) MOD is to provide a mini-quest that can be played concurrently with the main game or as side quest for those who want to specialize in one type of mage or demi-mage class. The quest aspect of this MOD will become much more significant in later versions.

In fact this MOD delivers 91 new spells distributed evenly across the magic schools. Approximately half of these are faux Morrowind. These spells are learnt one at a time by reading the Codex (from your inventory). But there is a catch.

The full list of spells described by the Codex is given below:

ALTERATION - These spells enable you to explore the beautiful world of Cyrodiil from a whole new perspective:

Jump Spells: Tinur's Hoptoad, Mountain Goat, Acrobat's Leap, Wizard's Leap, Azura's Vista.
Levitation/Slowfall Spells: Parachute, Bumble Bee, Feather Fall, Wild Grouse, Eagle Wing.
Lock Spells: Lockbox, Fenrick's Doorjam, Guildmaster's Seal.
Swift Swim Spells: Buoyancy, Swimmer's Blessing
Other Spells: Vampire Swift

CONJURATION - Almost any hero will find some of these spells useful:

Call Creature Spells: Beckon Creature, Call Creature, Call Fire Flies, Call Bats, Call Wolfpack.
Create Arrows Spells: Create Iron Arrows, Create Silver Arrows, Create Dwarven Arrows, Create Elven Arrows, Create Daedric Arrows.
Conjure Item Spells: Conjure Fire Light, Conjure Herb, Conjure Item, Conjure Salt, Conjure Apparatus.

DESTRUCTION - These spells provide some 'new' ways to harm, scare or even entertain your victims:

Cursing Spells: Holy Water, Bal's Blessing, Holy Light, Abysmal Blessing.
Telvanni Poison Spells: Black Hand, Viperbolt, Potent Poison, Poisonbloom, Toxic Cloud.
Weakness to Posion Spells: Leper's Touch, Hand of Corruption, Dire Weakness to Poison, Cursed Ground.
Pyrotechnics Spells: Pyrotechnics, Greater Pyrotechnics.

Note: Telvanni Posion spells may be cast against you (or your companion) and their effect can only be fully healed using Telvanni Cure spells.

ILLUSION - These spells offer 'new' ways to evade and defend against enemies:

Blind Spells: Alad's Caliginy, Crying Eye, Erelvam's Wild Sty, Mass Hysteria, Mass Mesmerize.
Sanctuary Spells: Father's Hand, Sanctuary, Shadow Weave, Sotha's Grace.
Sound Spells: Earwig, Wild Earwig, Dire Earwig, Dire Noise, Cruel Noise.
Other Spells: Transfiguration.

MYSTICISM - These give you the ability to teleport about Cyrodiil and to better manage your magic.

Mark Spells: Etherial Link, Mark, True Mark, Master's Mark.
Mind Tap Spells: Forget-me-not, Remember, Mind Tap, Enchant Item.
Teleportation Spells: Apparate, Chaotic Intervention, Almsivi Intervention, Divine Intervention, True Recall, Recall, Master's Recall.

RESTORATION - These spells counter the effects poison and cursing spells; allow you to channel your magical ability in to other magic schools; or bless yourself through magical prayer:

Blessing: Azura's Blessing, Divine Virtue.
Cure Telvanni Posion: Balyna's Antidote, Panacea, Sotha's Grace, Sotha's Protection.
Focus: Focus Illusion, Focus Mysticism, Focus Conjuration, Focus Alchemy, Focus Willpower.
Resist Telvanni Posion: Poisonguard, Redmountaincoat, Strong Resist Poison, Greater Resist Poison.

The Lost Telvanni Codex (1.51) - File Download Options  

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The Lost Telvanni Codex (1.51) - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. The Elder Scrolls Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 19 | Last comment: 08-13-2010 at 04:55

 #1 - little mistake - 07-11-2006 at 07:46
Joined: January 8th, 2006
Posts: 28
you named this file the lost telvanni condex, it's supposed to be CODEX stick out tongue

 #2 - 07-11-2006 at 08:58
From: (Bradford)
Joined: June 30th, 2006
Posts: 4
so whats different from version 1.4?

 #3 - where's the other guy - 07-11-2006 at 20:59
Joined: July 11th, 2006
Posts: 9
so I must ask where is the guy that you find the dairy of? So far i like it though it is a bit of a pain that you randomly learn the spells.

 #4 - ahhh - 07-12-2006 at 00:03
Joined: July 11th, 2006
Posts: 9

 #5 - Author's Notes - 07-21-2006 at 11:30
Joined: July 21st, 2006
Posts: 8
The 1.54 version is out and is found on my primary DL site at ESS:


This fixes all of issues reported todate, including the permanent flight, etc. It also has full comments on the changes from 1.4 and patch fixes.

I do not maintain this site but I will push the 1.6 version when it is released in a few weeks.

 #6 - 10-24-2006 at 07:31
From: (Oberhausen)
Joined: October 3rd, 2006
Posts: 78
a question here i found that book in the septim hotel and now what??? i dont get it what to do next
pls help..

 #7 - 10-29-2006 at 13:43
From: (Paide)
Joined: October 8th, 2006
Posts: 12
weelll nicebig grin love it...
But now if u can make a mod to brign back the Spears and crossbows and other kewl weapons from morrowind to oblivion.. please!

 #8 - WOW! - 05-16-2007 at 03:35
Joined: April 15th, 2007
Posts: 27
Hey Guidobot! , awesome MOD! i was wondering if you could message me with some tips on how to create a summon spell where i summon multiple creatures/NPC's

thanks, Luis

 #9 - LTC NEWS + Summon Spells - 05-21-2007 at 20:14
Joined: July 21st, 2006
Posts: 8
Well it may still be some time before I get to upgrade the 1.54 version of LTC.

But the good news is I've released two of quest items from 2.0:
Varrigfa's Charms

@LuisJaime: There are 3 ways to do (multiple) summons:
i) Just use PlaceAtMe. You can Kill them when their time is due and let the body get cleared up (if left behind for 3 days).
ii) If you want to clean up after yourself then use a fixed number of (persistant) critters that you MoveTo/Ressurect as needed.
iii) Use CreateFullActorCopy/DeleteFullActorCopy. (Requires a persistant copy somewhere, which is nice for customization.) This is almost tailor made for summons since the critter takes a few seconds to fade in and you can even rename them each time.

Problem w/ all of these is that the critter will just attack the nearest target, etc. Here you have to employ tokens and/or use packages to make it do what you want.

 #10 - Thanks! - 05-22-2007 at 22:02
Joined: April 15th, 2007
Posts: 27
thanks GuidoBot, also, your Throwing Stars Mod ROCKS!, here in singapore, my friends and I are killing WoW by getting the players to switch over to oblivion. and your mods make things hella easier

go guidobot!

 #11 - 05-29-2007 at 12:51
Joined: May 24th, 2007
Posts: 8
how do you start the quest? is there a book you must find or what, i cant get the quest to start?confused it sounds cool Rock

 #12 - 07-14-2007 at 20:48
Joined: July 14th, 2007
Posts: 1

rock:But cannot find room confused any one help me slpoil it for me would sombodyBeer! Beer!

 #13 - Good but... - 11-24-2007 at 05:56
Joined: November 23rd, 2007
Posts: 21
when u find the book in the room what do u do after that it says it needs some sort of lock spell but my ones don't work

 #14 - Good but... - 11-24-2007 at 05:58
Joined: November 23rd, 2007
Posts: 21
when u find the book in the room what do u do after that it says it needs some sort of lock spell but my ones don't work

 #15 - 11-24-2007 at 06:01
Joined: November 23rd, 2007
Posts: 21
Hmmm Donut! Does the spell u need have something to do with the paintings caus there really wierd... they've kinda half dissapeared eek!

 #16 - 01-13-2008 at 01:09
Joined: January 13th, 2008
Posts: 1
where is that code i cant find it

 #17 - 03-29-2008 at 20:30
From: (PA)
Joined: March 16th, 2008
Posts: 4
umm how do you start the quest? im confusedconfusedconfusedeek!

 #18 - 07-02-2009 at 13:32
Joined: July 1st, 2007
Posts: 35
start the quest by renting a room in the tiber septim and reading the book u find. actually read it, dont just open it. theres no actual quest. its an investigation.Beer! Beer!

 #19 - How To Begin - 08-13-2010 at 04:55
Joined: August 13th, 2010
Posts: 1
Ok i rented a room.
I read the book.
I found the small handle in the library.

I can't find the picture,
there are two picture frames in the bedroom halfway into the wall no image.
and a more pictures in the bedroom at the other end of the passage, one halfway into the wall..
the others are of tree.

I'm useing version 1.51
I have removed and re installed it

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