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  FileFront Network Insider #124 [With New Content] - Network News
  Posted by: Hfx-Rebel on 11-22-2008 @ 08:19
This News Item has been viewed 299,040 times
Welcome one and all to the 124th FileFront Weekly Insider!

It's that time of the week again, Therefore we have listed all the major gaming happenings for you below, and remember, if you see something that you would like to be added to the Insider, or have a suggestion, simply drop us an E-Mail at The Insider! This week, we have a new addition to the Insider, before we list the highlights, we will spotlight some of your staff. For this edition, we will start off with some of the Administration:

Dominic "Phenix" Black
    I started all the way back in 2002 as a simple file reviewer on BCFiles.com. Well to be precise I started on 24/03/2002, at least that is when I first posted a file. I moved up to becoming the site administrator when Unbreakable joined the army, eventually becoming Pro-Filer's right hand man on the coding front of the network. However since starting university I had to drop almost all my work and now I really just sit around answering the support emails and very occasionally answering / helping with code problems, like once every year and a half!

    My fave part of the job was coming up with new ideas to put in the code and implementing them, which lead the development of the mainly features you all now take for granted, the most used one being the Picture of the day system, which I think has been untouched (code wise) for around 4 years now.

    Least fave part of the job was always having to ban people from our network for abusing the commenting system. We always try to give people chances, but when they blow them that leaves us nothing else but to ban them. At one point way back in 2003 this lead me to banning every AOL user for a day, but that's another story!

Paul "Mr.Funsocks"
    I am a Network Administrator at FileFront. It may seem glorious, but I click my mouse one click at a time like everyone else - unless your a dual clicker or have an old serial mouse... Anyway, I started at CnC-Files as a News Poster in December 2004. That's right, a simple News Poster - it is really the story from rags to riches. I was off and on the network until November 2006 when I started becoming full time with the job.

    The highlights of my job is being able to sit on a comfortable throne, while being fed grapes, and give a thumbs up or thumbs down to whatever I see. It's really quite fun; the FileFront Girls are just a bonus. My favorite part of being a Network Admin is being able to be a part of such a great community! (Cheesy answer) Ok, actually, I don't think I'm supposed to tell you guys, but I enjoy walking in on the FileFront Basement where all the superiors are... I hear screaming sometimes and go down the dark, dingy hallway to get a peek, but every time I try to look, n0e catches me and yells, "Get back to your post!" I wonder what they are doing down there...

Danny "Danny -AKA atomic_danny"
    Well at the moment, i'm a Network Admin and have been for the past two years. I am also the site admin of the GTA Files and the Stargate Worlds Files sites and a file poster on the bridge commander site. I first started helping filefront at least four years ago as a file poster on the bridge commander files site (which I still am a part of). I guess the good part about being part of the filefront network is the amount of files that are avaliable to chose from and, as well as those that are added to the sites all of the time which some of them i test myself.

    Although I think i'm probably not as well known as the other Network Admins, mainly because I'm not as active on the more popular gaming sites such as Half Life and Jedi Knight (I've even added files to the former), I guess the only thing that i'm not keen on is that there is never enough time to do that much on many sites.

Duane "Hfx-Rebel"
    What to say...

    I first found my way to RTCWFiles in late 2003, early 2004, when I longed for new maps and mods to play, soon afterwards, I became a file poster under the then Site Admin JJDawg. After being hooked to the Network, I found my way to the 'Gaming Forums' which has since became known as the FileFront Forums. I had become staff at another Network Site (FarCryFiles) and became the Moderator for it's Forums. Early in 2006, Jamie resigned as a Network Admin to move onto other projects...and, wanting to do more, I off-handedly mentioned to Pro-Filer that if he needed help until he found a replacement, I'd be happy to jump in. The next thing I knew, I turned out to be Jamie's replacement! ...Since then, I have held the Site Admin position on several sites, and up to six at the same time, in addition to my Network responsibilities. Sometime around June of 2006, before the final retirement of the Former Admin at FileFront Forums, AzH promoted me to the position of Super Moderator.

    The first Insider that I was responsible for was #53 (oh so long ago) and sometime after that, I took over it on a weekly basis. I have seen a lot of changes in staff both here and on the FileFront Forums, from the leaving of Network Admins like Jamie, FileTrekker / Deathbyteacup, Melissa (Inyri), and head honchos like Jos (Pro-Filer) and Alan (AzH) and a bunch of others, including the members...of all that hold positions here, the members here are the best and we could not operate without you!

    I guess thats it for this week, as this section progresses, I will spotlight Site Staff along with some members of the various communities, some you may know, some you will hear about for the first time. I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse at the Network's who's-who, and until next week, happy Gaming!!

Another project that is being tested is an editorial on one game or huge mod/map. This can be submitted by any person, staff or otherwise, and should be written in the First-Person and sent to The Insider. This week we will be hearing from our own Network Admin Mr.Funsocks as he talks about Red Alert 3!
    Red Alert 3: Is it worth it?

    From this humble reporter, I say yes. Many could go on and tell you how evil EA is and how they destroyed, ate, and spit-out Westwood Studios, the makers of the old Command and Conquer games, but I won't do that to you. The facts are what matter here; not the fan boys. Red Alert 3 forces the player to go ground, navel, and air. Although this may sound like a bad thing, it makes the diversity very large and the number of strategies able to be used astonishing. Buildings can be placed on water, some infantry can swim, and some vehicles can cross water; it is a very diverse game.

    Another thing that really stands about about Ra3 is that every single unit has a secondary ability, giving those who micromanage a serious advantage over someone who does not -- "strategy" is finally being rewarded in the strategies genre. Directional armor also returns. The number of different strategies make Red Alert 3 something to behold. Sure, it may have some balance issues and it may have EA's DRM, but trying to play through the campaigns and defeat your friends online using countless strategies is a load of fun.

    Paul | Mr.Funsocks
    FileFront Network Admin

Awesome! Now, onto the gaming happenings from around the Network!

Gaming News | Modifications | Mini-Mods | Maps | Skins / Models | Demos | Patches | Trailers


Star Trek: Legacy: NG Total Conversion Development News
Today we are proud to post some progress on our TC development statuses. Yes, the plural form. As many of you know we are developing a total conversion called Resistance, but we decided to start again with the development of Trek Battles 3.
Read: NG Total Conversion Development News
More Star Trek: Legacy News: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Battlefield 2: Experience World War 2
eXperience World War 2 has give us some new updates and screenshots. So please read on for further info!
Read: Experience World War 2
More Battlefield 2 News: FileFront's Battlefield 2 Files

Dawn of War: New DoW II Campaign Info: STRATAGEMS
Here is a new update on the DoW II single player campaign. There will be unique rally points on the map to capture, and they simple give bonuses that carry over to the next missions...
Read: New DoW II Campaign Info: STRATAGEMS
More Dawn of War News: FileFront's Dawn of War Files

Team Fortress 2: Rumour - Valve Hinting at 10th Team Fortress 2 Class in L4D?
An interesting easter egg has been found within Valves recent Left for Dead hinting at a possible 10th class...Chek it out!
Read: Rumour - Valve Hinting at 10th Team Fortress 2 Class in L4D?
More Team Fortress 2 News: FileFront's Team Fortress 2 Files

Dawn of War: Initial Dawn of War II Multiplayer Info!
Relic have been keeping their multiplayer set up for Dawn of War II carefully under wraps - until now...want to know more?
Read: Initial Dawn of War II Multiplayer Info!
More Dawn of War News: FileFront's Dawn of War Files

Bridge Commander: Star Trek XI Sneak Pictorial Update ** WARNING: SPOILERS **
I ran across this spoiler from the Empire Blog a few days ago, before the second trailer for Star trek: XI was released on the official site. But I do like to check out any source just to make sure it's not bogus...
Read: Star Trek XI Sneak Pictorial Update ** WARNING: SPOILERS **
More Bridge Commander News: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

Star Trek: Legacy: Aftermath News: Change of Pace and a New Team Member
A new month and a progress report on what is going on with Aftermath. This news post will take a different direction to all the previous ones as this one there will be some bad news but there is good news too. It not all doom and gloom.
Read: Aftermath News: Change of Pace and a New Team Member
More Star Trek: Legacy News: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Battlefield 2: Large Newspost from the XWW2 mod
XWW2 has posted some info about an update of theirs, so feel free to read!
Read: Large Newspost from the XWW2 mod
More Battlefield 2 News: FileFront's Battlefield 2 Files

Half-Life 2: Black Mesa source - A celebration of the last decade!
The black mesa source just posted some news and media for the first time in nearly a year (about time)...Check it out!
Read: Black Mesa source - A celebration of the last decade!
More Half-Life 2 News: FileFront's Half-Life 2 Files

CnC 3: Red Sundays is Back!
It's time to show your mettle against the top C&C RA3 players in the universe. Well, not really, it won't be that hard. They're going to gather together as a large family and play some enjoyable game of Red Alert 3...
Read: Star Trek XI - Trailer!
More Star Trek: Legacy News: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Dawn of War: Soulstorm: Visions Of Chaos Lord Of Change Preview and Updates
HorusHertic here on the hunt once again to bring the worshipers of chaos a might gift of sights that shall please the dark gods themselves! Read more!
Read: Visions Of Chaos Lord Of Change Preview and Updates
More Dawn of War: Soulstorm News: FileFront's Dawn of War: Soulstorm Files


Company of Heroes: Ace40k's Sound Mod
Once again we welcome back Ace40k to the stage so that he can deliver to you, the Company of Heroes gamer the next version of his extremely popular sound modification! If you enjoyed his previous release...or, if you missed out on it, and you are of the mind that the weapon sounds that you hear while playing Company of Heroes lack that certain something, then count yourself lucky, as you are about to download a mod that will improve what you hear!
Download: Ace40k's Sound Mod
More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

Battlefield 2: Stargate: La Relève
Stargate : La Releve ("The Relief" in English) is a French mod developed on the Battlefield 2 engine. The ambiance of the TV show is reincarnated in video game form to give you a new battlefield experience.
Download: Stargate: La Relève
More Battlefield 2: FileFront's Battlefield 2 Files

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul (v1.32f)
dev_akm is now carrying over devolpment after Oscuro's retirement; Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul aims to make Oblivion a much more interesting, challenging, realistic and dangerous place, and also offers great rewards for the daring adventurer regardless of your level.
Download: Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul (v1.32f)
More Oblivion: FileFront's The Elder Scrolls Files

Supreme Commander: Commanders Revenges Extreme Edition
This is the newest v ersion of the "Commanders Revenges" modification that has been uploaded by this developer, however, this one comes with a few notible changes...
Download: Commanders Revenges Extreme Edition
More Supreme Commander: FileFront's Supreme Commander Files

CnC 3: Fast Fun and Crazy : Lite (v0.230)
Fast Fun and Crazy : Lite is a modification that edits a lot of the different units and structures in the game. This modification tries to make the gameplay faster while trying not to go out of control or unbalanced.
Download: Fast Fun and Crazy : Lite (v0.230)
More Command and Conquer: FileFront's CnC 3 Files

Call of Duty 4: Silenced M21
A modified M21 that is silenced, has better accuracy, more ammo, less sway, and increased zoom for the scope. Enjoy!
Download: Silenced M21
More CoD 4: FileFront's Call of Duty Files

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Otherworld Episode 1 Beta (v2)
Adds a questline and large land based off of Celtic mythology lore and my own lore. This large land includes new creatures, new loot, new quests, and new ruins.
Download: Otherworld Episode 1 Beta (v2)
More Oblivion: FileFront's The Elder Scrolls Files

Star Wars Battlefront: =AaTc= Jet Mod
This Modification Edits The Jet Trooper And Makes It Really Unbalanced,But Fun!First It Makes The Jet Trooper Red And It Also Changes The Weapon Setup.
Download: =AaTc= Jet Mod
More Star Wars Battlefront: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront Files

Supreme Commander: Experimentals Wars
This modification will contain one experimental spaceships by tech for each race and some others units
Download: Experimentals Wars
More Supreme Commander: FileFront's Supreme Commander Files


Company of Heroes: NHCmod | OF
Making a return engagement, ab2531 has submitted his updated version to his super-popular mod! NHCmod is what you want to download if you're looking for a more juiced-up Company of Heroes!
Download: NHCmod | OF
More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

Stalker: Random Mod
This mods main purpose is to add a little variety to the gameplay of Clear Sky. Check out the feature list!
Download: Aliens vs. Predator 2 Master Server Patch
More Aliens vs Predator 2: FileFront's Aliens vs Predator 2 Files

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory: Voice Chat Icons
This mini-mod adds Fire Team Chat-Commands in normal Voice Chat and many Commands now appear with an Icon.
Download: Voice Chat Icons
More Return to castle Wolfenstein: FileFront's Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Files

Jedi Knight III: Throwable Stuff
This is a nice surprise...a very useful mod by our buddy, Jose: Throwable objects! First order of business....the PK3 is named "throwable_sfutt.pk3" Sfutt? Made me laugh.....sfutt. XD Sorry, just had to point that out.
Download: Throwable Stuff
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Company of Heroes: Dartborne Mod
Open up your bandwidth and submit! Submit, I tell ya! MUHAHAHAHAHA!! ...errm *cough* yeah. Dartborne is here with what would appear to be the largest of the mods that are at your disposal...this bad boy weighs is at a whopping 430+ megs! And it is worth every kilobyte!
Download: Dartborne Mod
More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

Call of Duty 2: Big German Grenade (1.0)
Ever felt like your German potato masher just wasn't enough? Well this is definitely your fix, how about not two potato mashers, but six of them! These grenades actually existed during World War Two under the name Geballte Ladung. Probably something pretty hard to scream as you are running away from it in battle.
Download: Big German Grenade (1.0)
More CoD 2: FileFront's Call of Duty Files

Stalker: Faction Commander
Faction commander is a powerful mod that allows you to dictate orders that your faction follows. The command system of this mod is composed of six types of commands and three classes of action codes.
Download: Faction Commander
More Stalker: FileFront's Stalker Files

Knights of the Old Republic II: Restored Doors/Rooms
It wasn’t long ago when GobDemoMaster gave us a mod where we could open doors that were locked in the game Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Now he has come through with yet another version!
Download: Restored Doors/Rooms
More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

Jedi Knight III: SM Cool saber effects
This is a simple tweak to saber colors and trails. By simple, I mean that a person who knows what they're doing can probably replicate these effects in 10 minutes or less. I don't think this 10 minutes was wasted, though.
Download: SM Cool saber effects
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory: AOE Sound Pack
This Fun sound pack includes all of the taunts from the Age of Empires I game. It was created to add some extra AOE fun atmosphere in the game.
Download: AOE Sound Pack
More Return to castle Wolfenstein: FileFront's Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Files

Call of Duty: United Offensive: Revolt 4x UO (Final)
Finally, what many Revolt fans have been waiting for, Revolt 4x -- a version of Revolt you can play without crashing your entire game! smile This version features a number of key bug fixes that contributed to the instability of previous versions of the oldest CoD total conversion!
Download: Revolt 4x UO (Final)
More CoD: United Offensive: FileFront's Call of Duty Files


Far Cry: rll_Lucifer Island
After a bit of an absence, we are lucky to have Robin back with us to once again 'wow' you with some fantastic Far Cry adventure! This time your gaming experience will get a little spooky, with a bit of a dark ambiance...so if you're scared of things that go bump in the night, then you shouldn't leave furniture in the hallway...and you shouldn't visit the far away island Lucifer Island!
Download: rll_Lucifer Island
More Far Cry: FileFront's Far Cry Files

Company of Heroes: A Peaceful Moment
A Peaceful Moment is a screen shot captured by the author depicting a German officer overlooking a river beside a bridge. It actually is a quite peaceful screen shot, it's a nice change of pace from all the action packed screen shots that are regularly viewed. This picture can also be used as a wallpaper if it fits your fancy.
Download: A Peaceful Moment
More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

Doom III: Kings Cemetery
From the maker of the popular mappack: Insomnia, this developer has decided to create, and release, another map in the 'Hell' style. WarlorD69 has stated that he made this map with the intentions of it being both beautiful and terrible...a tough combination to pull off, if you ask me! however, I think that he has done a fine job of it!
Download: Kings Cemetery
More Doom III: FileFront's Doom III Files

Far Cry 2: Crater Lake (v2)
For those of you that enjoyed the original release (and those of you that may have missed it) bigdane is back to tantilize you with his newest version! All of you sniper-lovers, don't fret, there are still plenty of places to pick from...Essentially, Crater Lake (v2) is more or less, a total remake of the original Crater Lake, which will provide you with even more Far Cry 2 goodness and some serious Assault action!
Download: Crater Lake (v2)
More Far Cry 2: FileFront's Far Cry 2 Files

Dawn of War Dark Crusade: The Last Palace
The Last Palace is a 4 player map based on a war torn city in which 2 players start at a ruined Imperial Palace. This map is greatly detailed with craters, bombed out buildings, building rubble, and etc are littered throughout the map to give that warn torn city look; and coupled with custom decals, it just adds more to the experience.
Download: The Last Palace
More Dawn of War Dark Crusade: FileFront's Dawn of War Dark Crusade Files

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Game_Jedi's Map Pack
In Game_Jedi's Map Pack, he gives us four maps for our perusal: Dantooine: Destroyed Enclave, King of the Hill, Mini Fort Warz, and Valley of the Dark Lords.
Download: Game_Jedi's Map Pack
More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

Elite Force: rpg_dy100a
This is Gigon's update of his DY-100 Class RPG Map. Compared to the previous version we have on the site this is such a massive improvement its almost a different ship
Download: rpg_dy100a
More Elite Force: FileFront's Elite Force Files

Company of Heroes: Lafayette
Lafayette is a very small map that is built for 4 players mainly designed for instant action as the game starts due to how the points are laid out. Teams start at forested regions of the map which are located at opposing sides of the map and a road way is located in the middle.
Download: Lafayette
More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

Dawn of War: Tropic Thunder
Nope, this isn't based on the firm, but rather a map from D2tm called Tropic Thunder big grin Here we have a eight player map that is based on the topical landscape which isn't done that bad; added in are few foliage, trees, canopy and the like to make the map more detailed.
Download: Tropic Thunder
More Dawn of War: FileFront's Dawn of War Files

hr width="75%" size="1" align="center" noshade>
Far Cry 2: Canyon
Hot on the heels of the release that was just mirrored, DobiKuba has gone about sending in another rather large map to rouse the old killer instinct in you and to show off his mapping skills!
Download: Canyon
More Far Cry 2: FileFront's Far Cry 2 Files

S K I N S / M O D E L S

Jedi Knight III: Final Fantasy VII Compilation
Before we begin I will hold up my hands and admit I'm a Final Fantasy fan, I attend regular mettings to kick the habbit so wish me luck there. Anyhow, FF VII being my favourite of the series I just had to grab this file and set traps around it to keep those other reviewers off. Now onto the review.....
Download: Final Fantasy VII Compilation
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Stalker: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-F.I.L.E.S.-Computer Screen
Compatible with all patches and all mods, this
Download: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-F.I.L.E.S.-Computer Screen
More Stalker: FileFront's Stalker Files

Star Trek: Legacy: Federation Guardian Class
This is the Guardian Class, Oberth refit. Many of you should recognize this baby as it has popped up in a few news posts recently. Well its been a good wait for this to be finally done and dusted and props to Phoenix for getting her finished! Phoenix has also uploaded this as an entry to the ever growing list of entrie to the Starship Contests.
Download: Federation Guardian Class
More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Jedi Knight III: SM Steel Lasersword
This is a random lightsaber-sword-thingy that this developer made with photoshop and 3DS Max.
Download: SM Steel Lasersword
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Stalker: Colt-1911- Texture -
This mods reskins the Colt 1911 in the game. It is a great quality reskin, just check out the screenshot below.
Download: Colt-1911- Texture -
More Stalker: FileFront's Stalker Files

Star Trek: Legacy: Ambassador Class
This is the Ambassador class and "Late Refit" originally released for BC by LC/Legacy and ported to Legacy by yopyop. This is a really high quality model which showcases yopyop's impressive reworking of LC's impressive model from BC.
Download: Ambassador Class
More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Again, we regret that we cannot provide you with this weeks Demos, Patches and trailer. We apologize for the inconvenience! For now, here are the links to redirect you.


Click here for the recent DEMOS


Click here for the recent PATCHES


Click here for the recent TRAILERS

We hope that you have once again enjoyed the Insider, stay tuned for the latest files/news next week; We would also like to take this opportunity to say 'thank you' to all those that have sent in content! if you see something that you would like to be added to the Insider, or have a suggestion, simply E-Mail us at The Insider! And don't forget to tune in next week when we spotlight a couple more people, and bring you another game review / editorial. Until next week, Happy Gaming!

- The FileFront Network Staff

          Next News Post 11-25-2008 @ 07:47 - Weekly Poll Results - Which of these major changes would you like to see most?
          Previous News Post 11-15-2008 @ 05:21 - FileFront Network Insider #123

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User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. The Elder Scrolls Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 9 | Last comment: 11-28-2008 at 03:43

 #1 - 11-22-2008 at 11:26
Mr.Funsocks (Staff)
From: (Network Management)
Joined: August 20th, 2004
Posts: 1004
Sweet! I like the new content!

What's up with the demos, patches, and trailers sections?

 #2 - 11-22-2008 at 11:33
Hfx-Rebel (Staff)
From: (Nova Scotia)
Joined: April 19th, 2003
Posts: 765
Ronnie's slack stick out tongue in fixing it

 #3 - 11-22-2008 at 11:55
Mr.Funsocks (Staff)
From: (Network Management)
Joined: August 20th, 2004
Posts: 1004
Haha, figures stick out tongue

 #4 - 11-23-2008 at 12:04
From: (Montreal, QC)
Joined: June 7th, 2006
Posts: 475
Yep, the new content is great!

Good job as always Rebel smile

 #5 - 11-23-2008 at 19:30
From: (Leeds)
Joined: August 24th, 2005
Posts: 960
That's the Ronnie we all know and love! stick out tongue

 #6 - 11-23-2008 at 19:31
From: (Hell, Underworld)
Joined: September 7th, 2008
Posts: 307
Seesm like an interesting phenomenon. I shall check in at a later location and date to see the next article.

 #7 - hehe - 11-25-2008 at 15:59
From: (Tucson, Arizona)
Joined: March 7th, 2005
Posts: 47
While I like the new updates, don't be fooled by Mr. Funsocks, he's either being paid or Just doesn't have a swell taste in games because Red Alert 3 is still an abysmal game.

Stick with something like Supreme Commander or something else.. you know.. that doesn't have SECUROM eating your computer.

 #8 - 11-27-2008 at 20:43
Mr.Funsocks (Staff)
From: (Network Management)
Joined: August 20th, 2004
Posts: 1004
Oh yes, EA is coming to me in droves to make people buy Red Alert 3...

By the way, I'm sure you haven't seen my article where I bash Red Alert 3. cool


It has a gameplay issue in my opinion, but that doesn't mean it's a bad game...

 #9 - 11-28-2008 at 03:43
From: (Tucson, Arizona)
Joined: March 7th, 2005
Posts: 47
Eh.. I still think it's a bad game. Really not worth the money.

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 » Command & Conquer
 » Company of Heroes
 » Crysis
 » Counter-Strike: Source
 » Dawn of War Series
 » Day of Defeat: Source
 » Diablo 3
 » Doom 3
 » Elite Force
 » Enemy Territory
 » Fallout 3
 » Far Cry 2
 » F.E.A.R.
 » Flight Simulator X
 » GTA San Andreas
 » Half-Life 2
 » Halo
 » Jedi Knight 3
 » Knights of the Old Republic
 » Left 4 Dead 2
 » LOTR: Battle 4 Middle Earth
 » Medal of Honor
 » Operation Flashpoint
 » Quake 4
 » Red Faction: Guerrilla
 » rFactor
 » Silent Hunter 4
 » Sins of a Solar Empire
 » Soldier of Fortune 2
 » S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
 » Star Trek: Legacy
 » Star Wars Battlefront 2
 » Star Wars Empire at War
 » StarCraft II
 » Starfleet Command III
 » Supreme Commander
 » Team Fortress 2
 » The Elder Scrolls IV
 » The Sims 2
 » TrackMania United
 » Unreal Tournament 3
 » Warcraft III
 » World of Warcraft
 » X3: Terran Conflict

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