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  FileFront Network Insider #154 - Network News
  Posted by: Danny on 07-19-2010 @ 18:40
This News Item has been viewed 41,053 times
Welcome to all, for the 154th version of the Filefront Network Insider. There are a couple of bits of news this week with the redesign of the main filefront site which has been revealed (the first news item of the gaming news), as well as a small competition to win Beta Keys for the new Company of Heros Online game which can be found below and of course a completely free game (Fifa Online beta) that can be played completely online. Aside from these three bits of news it has been another busy week in the terms of gaming news and files with lots of new files coming in over the past week.

So as normal for the Network Insider we have listed all the major gaming happenings, the biggest modifications and files within the last week for you below. Remember; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Insider, or you have any suggestiona that you think may improve the insider then simply drop us an E-Mail at The Insider, or email it to me at Danny[at]filefront[dot]com (please put "Insider" as the subject though smile

Company of Heros Online - Beta Key Giveaway

Hello everybody! After one week of teasing waiting time the news is now revealed. We from the FileFront Network Team will be giving away free keys for Company Of Heroes - Online! Company Of Heroes - Online is the latest installment of the Company Of Heroes series by Relic. Unlike previous versions it will work similar to comonly known MMORPG games, offering a free basic client with purchaseable content. The game is currently approaching beta phase, further information can be found at the official website.

For More please have a look at This Page for more information.

Fifa Online - Beta - Completely Free

Its always great news where there is a free game online, this time its Fifa Football / Soccer Online which is for the most part based upon the PC Version of Fifa 10, for a free game graphically one of the better games avaliable for free. Although it does have a fair few features that are also from the Fifa 10 game including the leagues, management and team purchasing (where you can buy equipment for the team).

However the game itself is fair good in that you have the choice of using the Mouse, Keyboard or a controller to control the action, however it does have its bad sides you will have to download almost a full GB to play the game and the mouse controls will take some getting used to but other than that the key point is that it is completely free for the moment and there will be more features in the future for the game.

This can be found here - FIFA Online Beta

Although not to be confused with the Current other Fifa Online Game - Fifa Online 2 which is actually older and based on Fifa 2007

Gaming News
| Modifications | Mini-Mods | Maps | Skins / Models | Demos | Patches | Trailers


Filefront: A sneak peek at the new FileFront!
It's been in the works almost as long as Break Media has owned us and we're finally able to show you what we've been working on.

Since Break has gained FileFront as part of their family, they have worked with the FileFront crew at making a new design that adds far more editorial content (news, how-to guides, reviews, previews, etc..) then we've ever done before and had it all centralized in one location, instead of spread across different domains.

Now, we're able to give you a sneak peek screenshot preview as to what the new FileFront.com will look like.

However, Mark Burnham does a much better job explaining the new site so I'm just going to link you to his news article he released explaining it all along with the image. Click here and take a look.

Read: A sneak peek at the new FileFront!
More Filefront News: FileFront's Gaming Today

Battlefield 1942: Bad Company 2 vs Battlefield 2142
In a recent tweet from Battlefield Community Manager: zh1nt0, a link was posted for a rather interesting comparison between Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 2142. According to the chart (seen below), it would seem that Battlefield 2142 far outweighs Bad Company 2 in terms of features. The most important question is, do you agree or disagree? Be sure to check the chart and feel free to leave your opinion(s) in the comment section smile

One of the biggest gripes seasoned Battlefield players have with Dice's Bad Company 2 is its alarming lack of what have become pretty standard features for the Battlefield series of games. Here's a very short rundown of some of the key features between Bad Company 2 and its last BF predecessor, Battlefield 2142:

As you can see, with the exception of Destruction 2.0, on paper Battlefield 2142 is a superior game to Bad Company 2. In fact many players would argue that in reality BF 2142 is a much better game. So what's Dice playing at? Why would they remove features from a game franchise rather than adding to them?

Read: Bad Company 2 vs Battlefield 2142
More Battlefield 1942 News: FileFront's Battlefield 1942 Files

Battlefield 1942: Battlefield 1918 Forgotten Honor Public Event!
Dear visitor.

After the successful Battlefield 1918 Forgotten Honor Tournament "Hell in the Trenches", it's time for a new edition! The Forgotten Honor will soon activate the registration for the BF1918 campaign "Price of a Mile". The battles of the new campaign will take place in the Middle East, a battle between the British and Ottoman forces. For this campaign, some new maps are designed and a few old maps were changed, so that the maps can be played by 64 players each map!In total there are 11 maps in the Tournament!

We already give you a little taste on Saturday, July 17, 2010 from 21 hours (German times) where you can add on the server. But of course you need the campaign! Via the link "Click here to Download this File" you can download the necessary installation. Make sure you install the mod good!

Read: Battlefield 1918 Forgotten Honor Public Event!
More Battlefield 1942 News: FileFront's Battlefield 1942 Files

Battlefield 2: Forgotten Hope 2: Ramelle-Neuville
Forgotten Hope 2 has released a new map entitled: Ramelle-Neuville, which I'm sure a lot of you are already familiar with. If you recall from the movie Saving Private Ryan, Ramelle was the name of the town where Private Ryan was found. Honestly, I felt the map to be a very good representation of the actual town, so as always: good job to the map-makers of Forgotten Hope 2, you all have a lot of talent, so keep up the good work smile

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. Today we are proud to announce the first map for the 2.3 patch and show of some in-game screenshots of the Wasp Mk IIC featured in last week's update.

First up; the Wasp. This modified Universal Carrier can be found supporting Canadian troops on the battlefield by projecting flames many meters ahead. However, this tiny little armored vehicle will produce a large boom should it come under fire. [url="http://forgottenhope.warumdarum.de/main.php?mod=&flash=no〈=english&module=" ]Read the Full Story Here[/url]

Read: Forgotten Hope 2: Ramelle-Neuville
More Battlefield 2 News: FileFront's Battlefield 2 Files

Diablo 3: Answers to Common Community Questions About Real ID
Greetings fellow citizens and madmen!

As some of you might know, REAL ID is to be a part of all future Blizzard games. And we (the community) have many questions about how REAL ID will affect us. Blizzard have finally put up a FAQ!
Thus I will provide this quote.

Blizzard Quote:
Since the launch of the Real ID™ system in World of Warcraft®, we've received a number of questions from the community about our plans for the service, features like StarCraft® II's Facebook® integration, and how we see Real ID evolving in the future. We've been keeping tabs on the conversations on our forums, social media sites, and fansites, and have compiled some of the most common questions to answer for you here. We hope you find this information helpful, and we look forward to hearing your feedback and continuing the conversation in the thread below.

Q: Do you have any plans to allow players to not show their real name to friends of friends while using the Real ID system?

A: As with any new feature we add to our games, we've been evaluating how Real ID has been used since its release to identify new functionality that would help improve our players' experience. The in-game Real ID "friends of friends" list is designed to give players a convenient way to populate their Real ID friends list with other players they know and trust in real life, allowing them to quickly and easily send Real ID friend requests to these people without having to enter their Battle.net® account names. However, we recognize that some players would prefer not to be displayed on friends lists in this fashion, so we plan to include an option that will allow players to opt out of appearing on their Real ID friends' "friends of friends" lists. We're anticipating this feature to be available for StarCraft II shortly after release of the game, and World of Warcraft at around the same time -- we'll have more information for you in the coming weeks.

Read: Answers to Common Community Questions About Real ID
More Diablo 3 News: FileFront's Diablo 3 Files

Elite Force: Fragfest week Invitation
I'm sure we all know, EF multiplayer is dying. We need players.

So I, Daedalus (Guitarman in EF1) am inviting anyone who wishes to join come and play this week on the united [Sniper] / All Weapons gladiator server whenever they can.

Keep EF alive! See you during the week!
Read: Fragfest week Invitation
More Elite Force News: FileFront's Elite Force Files

Empire at War: FOC Enhancements: July Status - The Mod is Dying

This is the july status update for the mod. I'm sorry to say not much progress has been made. I have released a small patch which should be up by the time this news reaches you. This is a plea for help. We don't need a modeller urgently anymore, as I have sufficient resources acquired, but 1 - 2 coders are needed. Not much experience is needed, and only small pieces of work.. just fixing errors and parsing XML, and a bit of LUA. But Ican't make progress without you, and the mod will die without you. Please apply at the website, or at my email address at silverjoe@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you for your support.
Read: FOC Enhancements: July Status - The Mod is Dying
More Empire at War News: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Empire at War: Summer Update Series #2: Krayt Empire Modern Naval Forces
Hello everyone, welcome to the second not-so-weekly update of the summer.

This is only part two in a series of summer updates. Please remember the schedule is as follows:

*Week 1- Galactic Alliance Modern Naval Forces
*Week 2- Krayt Empire Modern Naval Forces
*Week 3- Galactic Alliance Outdated Naval Forces
*Week 4- Krayt Empire Outdated Naval Forces
*Week 5-Revealing of the Zann Consortium Revamp

and whatever else there is after that (order/material may be subject to change).

Read: Summer Update Series #2: Krayt Empire Modern Naval Forces
More Empire at War News: FileFront's Empire at War Files

F.E.A.R.: FileFront at E3 F.3.A.R. Demo

What sort of a family has a dead brother and a mother that's pregnant by her own son? Yours does, when you're playing F.E.A.R. 3.

You're back in the role of Point Man, the still unnamed soldier who's been in the franchise since its inception. If you haven't played F.E.A.R. 2 yet, you should know that Alma raped Beckett (the main character of F.E.A.R. 2) at the end of that game. Now Alma's pregnant, and what she gives birth to could destroy the world. Point Man's brother, Paxton Fettel, has returned from the dead, and he's refusing to leave Point Man's side. He's even asked for help to get back to Alma, although his motive is unclear.

As we started the demo, we were told that cooperative play was the focus of the development team in F.E.A.R. 3, and that's evident in the gameplay we saw today. In the coop, one player played as Point Man, and the other as Fettel. While anyone who's played the previous games in the series is familiar with Point Man (who retains his bullet time mechanic), Fettel is a whole new animal.

Read: FileFront at E3 F.3.A.R. Demo
More F.E.A.R. News: FileFront's F.E.A.R. Files

Jedi Knight 3: A new Halo Mod is stepping up to the plate
In Jedi Academy, The idea of a halo mod has been kicked around. But this is the real deal. Jedi Academy Halo 3 is a total conversion that will allow you to step in the shoes of and Odst, Master Chief or Covenant.


We have some preliminary pictures up and some beta versions of maps but we need your help. We need modelers, riggers, mappers, skinners and coders. Any way you can help will be appreciated.

Gear up..... The Chiefs coming...And thats an order!

Read: A new Halo Mod is stepping up to the plate
More Jedi Knight 3 News: FileFront's Jedi Knight 3 Files

Medal of Honor: MoH:AA Sound Enhancement (6.0)
Hello everyone! This is a short preview of my latest sound enhancement for Allied Assault and Spearhead. Most of these sounds have been featured in the Selected Few mod by Armdude. Release date will be some time between now and the 1st of August.

You Tube Link

Read: MoH:AA Sound Enhancement (6.0)
More Medal of Honor News: FileFront's Medal of Honor Files

World of Warcraft 3: Cataclysm Environment Preview: Twilight Highlands
Blizzard have just released a preview of the Twilight Highlands, you can read a bit of their preview and also what they have to say about the general area:
The highlands have undergone constant upheaval throughout their history, with races and factions thriving, collapsing, and changing seemingly without pause. The fortress-city of Grim Batol has played host to no fewer than three potent factions: the Wildhammer dwarves, who abandoned their home after a Dark Iron curse left it uninhabitable; the red dragonflight, which was forced to fight for the Horde in the captivity of the Dragonmaw orcs during the Second War; and, of course, the Dragonmaw themselves, who were driven from Grim Batol when the red dragonflight was finally freed from their grasp.

To read the full preview click here.

Read: Cataclysm Environment Preview: Twilight Highlands
More World of Warcraft 3 News: FileFront's World of Warcraft 3 Files


Aliens vs Predator 2: AvP2 - 2010 Modification
Why, hello there!
K, FBV-86 here, and this is probably my only one release for the year 2010, you'll find more information about it on the readmefile, there is no point into posting the same "description stuff" here...

If you want to see the preview video of this mod, go here....

Download: AvP2 - 2010 Modification
More Aliens vs Predator 2: FileFront's Aliens vs Predator 2 Files

Call of Duty 2: 1936 Single Player (Second Part) - English (2.0)
This is the .exe version of it instead of the rar file that many of you reported as broken.

This is the second part of the mod 1936-1939 Spanish Civil War.
In this version the texts are translated into English.
This version contains new maps, weapons, skins, an animation of the step, new loading screens, a new armoured vehicle, among other things.

Download: 1936 Single Player (Second Part) - English (2.0)
More Call of Duty 2: FileFront's Call of Duty 2 Files

Company of Heroes: KMOD 1.35- Ultimate Balance mod

About the File
An updated version of KMOD, this time even further testing has been done to ensure a more balanced mod experience within the game. This update focuses on making the Allied Airborne and Axis Terror doctrines more balanced with subtle tweaks to both the Allies and Axis factions, see the changelog in the readme for further details.

Staff Impression
The updated mod sounds quiet good, finally a bit of balance between these two doctrines. Airborne can now withstand more punishment, living up to their earned reputation of best of the best. While the Axis tanks are well and truly the superior war machine with increased armour accuracy. Overall a great update to this classic mod.

Download: KMOD 1.35- Ultimate Balance mod
More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

Do you have any idea what an obscene number of files the queue Q currently contains?

In any case...how many of us like steampunk? I originally got into it playing Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura (awesome game)...but I digress. For those who have no idea what I'm babbling about, here's what Wikipedia says:
The term denotes works set in an era or world where steam power is still widely used (...) but with prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy

This teaser pack contains a steampunkified weapon and a steampunkified skin.

As you can see on screenshot #1, a very spiffy looking, slightly rusty, steampunkified snowtrooper. It's a separate skin, so it doesn't overwrite anything. Not to mention it has team support. My only possible gripe is the lack of stormtrooper sounds. Nice job though wink

More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Operation Flashpoint: Resistance: Jurassic Park Mode
MOD, which deals with Jurrasic Park, has finally released a beta to the public.

The current pack comes with a few dinosaurs on each side, a island, and various objects. It's quite amazing what can be done with the OFP engine.

Download: Jurassic Park Mode
More Operation Flashpoint: Resistance: FileFront's Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Files


Bridge Commander: Movie Stars Pack
This is a background mod for Star Trek Bridge Commander. The pack includes 12 unique star patterns from:

The Motion Picture, The Wrath of Kahn, The Search for Spock, The Voyager Home, The Final Frontier, The Undiscovered Country, Generations, First Contact, Insurrection, Nemesis, Star Trek (2009) and Galaxy Quest

I hope you enjoy the mod smile

Download: Movie Stars Pack
More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

Empire at War: Foc Enhancements PATCH (0.4.2)
I was able to play a skirmish much longer this time. However my game still crashed when I brought in the MC90. Oh well, I still like this mod and will wait patiently for another patch/release.
Hi, sorry for the lack of updates. i have been rather busy, this is a small patch that fixes several crashes and makes a few tweakes. it will have to do until August till i finish coding the pirate faction and making the new maps.

Download: Foc Enhancements PATCH (0.4.2)
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Empire at War: Malachor V for GC (1.0))
Act now and we'll throw in Malachor V as a planet in galactic conquest, a space map, and a land map. Not just for any campaign, but for all of the vanilla ones. Coding sold separately, bugs inlcuded.

This mini-mod adds Malachor V from Kotor II to the following campaigns:
Equal Footing, Origin of Corruption, Gateways, Rim Worlds, Origin Of Corruption

With each campaign, a different faction will control Malachor. New maps are also included for both land and space. There are numerous bugs, such as the space map being the land map's preview. These may be fixed at a later date.

Download: Malachor V for GC (1.0)
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Jedi Knight III: God (He hates groveling) (Godly)
I appear to have stumbled into something awesome. No, not the killer rabbit or a coconut. Picture, if you will:
This is God from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail." I put him in the korriban skybox to amuse my clanmates, as our server uses Taspir

Seriously, HOW AWESOME is that? Now you can play on Taspir and have god staring down at you from his window in the sky at the same time.

Quite honestly, there's not much else I can say about this; the screenshot pretty much sums it up. It does just what it says on the tin, so you know you want to get it. wink

Download: God (He hates groveling) (Godly)
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Jedi Knight III: The Mert Karamolo Skinpack
So, basically, this is a HUGE skinpack revolving around one Mert Karamolo, apparently some sort of Jedi(what a shocker, eh?) with a scar around his right eye. The menu alone has about 36 functional skins(there are others that seem to crash the game, but Japlusers will notice that they're enshrouded by the "?"; basers will not see them period,) and to top it all off, this thing was only the "standard edition," since Mert told us there's a limited edition with even more content. o_O; ...Anyway, also included within are:

...and custom sounds and team skins to boot. High maintenance much, Mert? XD Naw, but seriously, this pack is massive, and I don't know WHY he decided not to make more screenshots for us,(I made a couple for him just to help him out) as the quality is...well, it's decent. I say decent simply because a lot of this was mostly compilation from Spanki's packs, but there's a lot of his own work thrown in here as well, so there is plenty artistic panache thrown in here.

Download: The Mert Karamolo Skinpack
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Jedi Knight III: Ultimate JKA Server Restarter (Linux)
Here we have a new version of Cthulhu99's Ultimate JKA Server Restarter. Rather than re-review this file, and its Windows sister, I will paste in Averus' original review, since that covers the main purpose of these scripts, and then an overview of the changes for this latest version!

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. "Do we REALLY need an application that just restarts a server?" Yes, actually, for this beast is not all as it seems.

Before I begin, let me preface by stating that this review will be applied both to the Linux and Windows versions, but due to our team not particularly being fluent in Linux, it will covers the Windows version only. Linux server users are encouraged to give feedback in the comments.

Download: Ultimate JKA Server Restarter (Linux)
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Knights of the Old Republic II: Visas Style for Females
Nightqueen returns to us here at KotOR Files with another modification for the second Knights of the Old Republic game. This enables the female PC to wear Visas robes, so if you have ever thought Visas robes look really cool this could well be the modification for you. This is a version 2 of this modification, however I have been enable to find a version 1 on KotOR Files so I'm unsure as to what impovements there are from the original version. There is not much more that can be said other than a review of the screenshots may help you decide if this is a look you would want for your female player charachter.

Mod Rating: Basic
Download: Visas Style for Females
More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

Medal of Honor: Real T34
A rework of the Soviet T34 which brings it into "One Step Closer to realism". If you may notice some words in the readme are spelled wrong because I don't look at the keyboard while I am typing. Enjoy realism!!!

Download: Real T34
More Medal of Honor: FileFront's Medal of Honor Files

Simple little mod that tweaks shotguns to make them more useful as a weapon rather than gun shaped paperweights. This is NOT a realism mod nor does it make the shotty a god weapon, it is for fun and shotty fans.
I felt the shotguns did not perform well. My goal was to make them hit harder and to fix the range and capability of the weapon, but not turn them into god weapons. I did not mess with the deflection aspects. I felt it was needed to keep that aspect intact and give some variance to bullet flight, they are shotguns after all. This is NOT a realisim mod, it is for fun and shotty fans. Next I cleaned up the messy code layout that occurs from unpacking, which leads to some dirty code issues. I spent many hours testing and trying to make sure that there were no issues, but I can't assure that every machine will be flawless. All tests were done under maximum game settings.

More Stalker: FileFront's Stalker Files

Stalker: S.M.R.T.E.R weapon description entry fix
This is an edited version of the st_items_weapons.xml file that comes with the S.M.R.T.E.R. v0.41 Mod. All this one does is fix the missing entries for a few weapons and fix the various information and gramatical errors that were included in the original.

Download: S.M.R.T.E.R weapon description entry fix
More Stalker: FileFront's Stalker Files

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Droid skins (1.0)
This is another skinpack by SAMofBIA, although this time it is an archive of retextures for the much-neglected CIS side.

The skins themselves aren't great, but they're not bad, and I do applaud the effort made to do something that's not the clones. A couple points, though. First - the textures don't have their alpha texture added back in, and so this'll make them look too "shiny" in-game. Secondly, it looks like a regular paintbrush tool was used to draw on these, and that never looks as good as one might like. It looks much better if specific sections (with much more delineation on the edges) are selected and recolored.

In any case, if you are looking for some basic battledroid skins and these strike your fancy, give them a try.

Download: Droid skins (1.0)
More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Republice side by Der_Bob
The file's title, in this case, tells the story. This is a REP side mod by Der_Bob.

It makes some basic visual changes to the Republic side. There's a different texture for each unit, and most of them have some different weapon models as well. There's a different pistol animation too. Because all the changes are visual, the mod is online-compatible, but it's recommended that you back up your original REP.lvl before using this anyway.

The only real errors there were could be seen in the HUD icons for the new weapon models; pretty much all of them weren't fixed (they were all "floating" icons). Give it a try if the screenshots (when the screenshots server comes back up) seem appealing to you.

Download: Republice side by Der_Bob
More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files


Aliens vs Predator 2: AvP2 Custom mappack 2010
The Maps are:

AVP2_ISHIMURA -map based on dead space (NEW BUILD FROM SCRATCH)
HL2_prison -map based on halflife 2 (OLDER BUILD is FIXED UP)
HL2_showerblock-map based on halflife 2 (OLDER BUILD is FIXED UP)
HL2_overwatch -map based on halflife 2 (NEW BUILD FROM SCRATCH)
AVp2_Lila_panic -map based on halflife 2 (NEW BASIC BUILD FROM SCRATCH)

Download: AvP2 Custom mappack 2010
More Aliens vs Predator 2: FileFront's Aliens vs Predator 2 Files

Battlefield 1942: DGS Omaha beach (v1.0)
This Is a map for Battlefield 1942, The map is based on dog green sector on omaha,
The map has three ships one being an aircraft carrier, Axis have many gun emplacements for defence

Download: DGS Omaha beach (v1.0)
More Battlefield 1942: FileFront's Battlefield 1942 Files

Battle for Middle Earth 2: Minas Tirith 7 Rings Fight
This file is a modification of Freedy. He made the map and i modified it.(Thanks to freedy) This map has been modded in many ways than freedy's map. Mods are-

8 Nazguls and The witch King on their fell beast attack Minas tirith. Your units are less in number Just Like The Movie 200,000 orcs attack just like the movie(not all together because the game will crash) they will come in wave's The Guards of the white tree are included. they will be at the 7th ring guarding the white tree. fortress is in the seventh level. Each level entry is protected by a gate. You can go inside the throne room and stand beyond the whit tree. To go to the throne room, click your character and right click the throne room (note: Faramir and Pippin will already be in the throne room.) No Boromir cause in the movie hes is actually already dead.
Gandalf is at level 10 at the starting of the game itself. Resources at the starting of the game itself will be like 400000.

Download: Minas Tirith 7 Rings Fight
More Battle for Middle Earth 2: FileFront's Battle for Middle Earth 2 Files

Call of Duty 4: The Hague (Pre Release)
This map is a conversion from my CoD2 map mp_thahague with some small changes made. The map have been converted to use and work with the models and textures from Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare

Download: The Hague (Pre Release)
More Call of Duty 4: FileFront's Call of Duty 4 Files

Company of Heroes: Achelous River V 2

About the File
This is a 4v4 map set next to a river, as well as on a set of islands in it. Many of the bridges start off destroyed, offering some time to build up before engaging the enemy. The bridges also make excellent chokepoints for defensive players, who can be expected to do well here. Infantry may have an advantage in thick fighting on the islands, as tanks can get bogged down in maneuvering. Players should always be wary of being flanked, as not all of the bridges start off destroyed and can be traversed early in a sneak attack.

Staff Impressions
This is a well-done map, with an excellent means of preventing or at least stalling rushes (which is, if you ask me, rather an unfair tactic - personal opinion only, of course) until both players have had a chance to build up. That said, players should still watch themselves, as some of the bridges remain intact and can be crossed right at the beginning.

Graphically, this map is very well-done, with marvelously varied textures and very good object placement, which makes it both fun to play and nice to look at (although doing this during a game is likely to get you killed - some advice).

Download: Achelous River V 2
More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

Company of Heroes: Last Encounter

About the File
This last update to the map Final Encounter improves the graphics, as well as rearranging the gameplay area considerably. Tank battles can be expected in the open fields, whereas infantry will be more useful in the trenches. Which strategy will you choose?

Staff Impressions
This map is interesting, as it allows infantry players (typically under-represented due to the weakness of infantry) the chance to shine. The trenches are a killing zone for tanks, which cannot maneuver in them. As a result, fierce infantry and defensive warfare is to be expected there. In the north, among the fields, tanks will be more useful, as they will be capable of maneuvering better.

Graphically, this map is very well done, with varied textures and very good object placement. These really help to bring out the atmosphere of the place, and make gameplay that much more enjoyable.

Download: Last Encounter
More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

Company of Heroes: Tali-Ihantala 1944

About the File
This is a four player map inspired by the battle of Tali-Ihantala. The map is almost completey covered in forests with small scattered villages along the centre of the map. Moving armour through the trees wont be easy and having infantry out in the open is a sluaghter waiting to happen, let your opponent control this map and your going to need some serious help pushing them back. Flanking and rush tactics will surely come in handy here.

Staff Impression
This map certainly is large, i think the best defence here would be a good offence. with such a large area to defend your forces will be streched to their limits. The idea for the map is certainly solid, a mix of open and tight enviroments makes fighting varied, although more detail could be paid into the overall look of the map the gameplay may well make up for it. Some extra screenshots may also come in handy for a next version maybe.

Download: Tali-Ihantala 1944
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Counter Strike Source: Apartment Raid
When i first started out i was figure this would be simple, quick and easy.
well days turned into months then months turned into pixel then i got lost.
long story short i spent over 100 hours on this! in the mean time of developing it.
I moved and got a new job. so i hope you enjoy my hard work!

This map has 7 custom models and 4 custom textures i made. I wish i had more time
to make more textures and what not but... i ran past my dead line! (i made one to see if i could do it)

Download: Apartment Raid
More Counter Strike Source: FileFront's Counter Strike Source Files

Empire at War: Alderaan
If you don't know bly, you should check out some of his maps, skins and other contributions.

As for this map, there are no heavy vehicle factories. Which works out very well for the terrain and setting. Each team gets some easy money, and has a one way route to action. The rebels best advantage is to build speeders quickly and assault the imperial base. The imperials need to build anti-air turrets before the rebels are allowed to do this. After that it all boils down to troop and resource management. To the victor the spoils!

Download: Alderaan
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Empire at War: Arctic Chaos Map (1.0)
It can get chaotic. And that's a compliment . This is only for EAW, so dust off those discs and check it out.

Between the wampas and the rancors, it keeps each team in check for the start and continues to keep your troops on their toes throughout the skirmish. As a bonus, each team gets some human dwellings for a never ending supply of fodder for exploration and bait.

The only thing I noticed is that as far as balancing is concerned, the rebels don't get a research facility. Which is crippling at the end when the imperials are sending in bombers and using orbital bombardments. Other than that, great map.

Download: Arctic Chaos Map (1.0)
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Empire at War: Onderon Space
It's a trap! And by trap I'm talking about the asteroid mines throughout the map (except one). They're all owned by pirate faction and can't be captured by any teams.

Additionally, it's a 3 team map, but only allows two players. It's not a bad map, just needs some more fine tuning.

a very simple space skirmish map set over Onderon and its moon Dxun. There is a pirate space station and a trade outpost to build ships. There are also quite a lot of mines and construction pads

Download: Onderon Space
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Empire at War: Second battle for the Starforge
I finally got it to work. I've had problems with the previous two releases, but now I see what everyone is talking about. The addition of the leviathan and sith fighters is a good choice. The map is a little disorienting at first, but you get used to it pretty quick. I like the "real space" feeling.
This is the second battle of the Starforge. I tried to make some sort of feeling that you're in space (duhhhh) and mess a little with angles and hightes.
A real warning: some people might start to feel sick or have a headache becouse there is no real "gound level", we are in space after all.

I also made the lightning a little different so now it's a little more like in a normal map. Again the ships you see are from my mod and are not included.
included non the less are the sith figher and leviathan interdictor, so it'll be more than "just" the Starforge now.

Download: Second battle for the Starforge
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Farcry 2: Chantier (Final)
This map has the modes of game, deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture of diamonds, in this derniere version was added the echaffaudages which missed has the premiere version, ideal for the snipers but egalement for fights them in rifles of assault, I espere that it will please you.

Good game.

Download: Second battle for the Starforge
More Farcry 2: FileFront's Farcry 2 Files

Jedi Knight III: Jedi Council GCX - 2010
Right, so what's new?! Quite a bit, really. We have a huge textural overhaul. A prime example I noticed is that the training room is now darker and has a HORDE of training damage. The carpet overhauls look pretty nice as well.

Now, some additional changes: The hangar has now been completely overhauled, with the starfighters completely removed and in their place, stacks of boxes and a better floor. The bar has gotten an aesthetic overhaul, as did the detention center. Much better security, I'd say.

In the medical bay...well remember when I asked if he could make the bacta tanks usable? Turns out, he made new ones and they're quite awesome =_= and they are fully interactive.

Download: Jedi Council GCX - 2010
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Beach Attack
Here's another map, this time made just by Mike. It didn't take long to make, and I know that it's short. I will make up for it's shortness by making a sequel to this map: Xlab Attack! Don't expect Xlab Attack to be out for quite a while.
Keep in mind that this map is only a beta. Any errors or bugs will most likely be fixed in the final version.

Download: Beach Attack
More Return to Castle Wolfenstein: FileFront's Return to Castle Wolfenstein Files

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Bespin: Cloud City
We seem to be getting a spate of re-conversions of Battlefront 1 maps lately. Nothing wrong with this, of course (although I'd rather see something new), but it does strike me with a bit of a feeling of redundancy.

This particular version is (not surprisingly) identical in all regards to the single-map conversion of the same map done by AQT just a bit ago:
Bespin: Cloud City

There are no glaring issues here nor are there any standout good things - it's pretty cut-and-dry. If for whatever reason you don't already have a copy of this map in some form, here's another chance.

Download: Bespin: Cloud City
More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Dune Sea: Sunset
This is (basically) another conversion of a SWBF1 map, fitting right in with the recent theme. It is a little different in that it has a different skydome and lighting, and it has some turrets placed around the map.

Once again, there is very little to review here as not much is the work of the author, per se. This is a nice map, but I do miss the flyers that are available there in the Conversion Pack.

The author did a nice job of making sure the sounds were all working. It looks like there were a couple hiccoughs otherwise, though. It looks like an extra blank line was added (or simply not removed) from the localization of the local name "Tusken" - you can see this every time you kill a Tusken Raider. It also looks like the tur.lvl was unnecessarily included with this map - turrets could simply have been loaded from the stock turret side .lvl, since there were no visible differences between these turrets and the stock turrets.

Download: Dune Sea: Sunset
More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Space Yavin
"Space Yavin," by... spaceyavin, is another iteration of his earlier space maps of the same name, although the name appears to be really the only similarity.

The space maps themselves are basically the same, they look pretty similar to the default space maps (although maybe this one had the capital ships moved closer together?). There were some strange decisions made for this one, including a bright teal super battledroid for the Rebels in lieu of a marine and a snowspeeder instead of a Y-Wing.

The snowspeeder is a strange choice indeed, because it's basically useless in a space map. I'm not sure how much the speeder was changed from its original .odf, but it probably doesn't have enough health or enough speed to really work here - it also has a completely useless (for space) harpoon cable. The Y-Wing is sorely missed, since there's no heavy bomber for the Rebels, which makes space assault a little more of a grind.

There also could be some AI pathing - both inside the ships as well as flyer splines outside. There's a lot of running into walls or objects on the part of the AI, both in and out of vehicles.

Download: Space Yavin
More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

Team Fortress 2: Achievement Conflict
This is my first (started) map, It's a medium sized achievement map, with a variation of tools to help you get achievements and to have fun with your friends. There are numerous of control points, pain plates, sentry rooms, elevators, water pool, dispensers, intelligence, team rooms and even more easter eggs and short cuts for you to find out. This is one of my first maps, and the pictures might not give a good first impression but its a fun map to play in with enough to do and explore.

Download: Achievement Conflict
More Team Fortress: FileFront's Team Fortress 2 Files

Team Fortress 2: CTF Crossport (Beta 2)
The map differs from the existing screens, forgot to get some new ones There are two trains both running on random intervals between 60 seconds. There is also a setup time as the map is quite small. Protective glass has also been added to the scaffolding above the intel room.

Download: CTF Crossport (Beta 2)
More Team Fortress: FileFront's Team Fortress 2 Files

Team Fortress 2: CTF Decker (RC1)
Some of you might remember this map from a while back when it was in beta. If not here's a little description with some screen shots. This is the authors take on 2Fort.

The Blue Team suspects that the Red team has been poaching Blue Tuna in Blue Waters. The Red Team claims it's fishing Red Snapper in Red Waters. As a result the Blue team has docked its aircraft carrier at the Red Teams cannary to "investigate".

Download: CTF Decker (RC1)
More Team Fortress: FileFront's Team Fortress 2 Files

Team Fortress 2: DM Chaos (Beta v1.0)
Took the author a lot of time to figure out. This map is hardcore Cqc deathmatch map, in other words; CHAOS!!!! Just a basic map, that was made for 2 games. (Half-Life 2 DeathMatch and Team Fortress 2)

Download: DM Chaos (Beta v1.0))
More Team Fortress: FileFront's Team Fortress 2 Files

Warcraft III: Defend Your Castle
s a Strategic game created using WTFT World Editor and was made by J.G.G.D

1. What should I do to finish the game?
Just destroy the gate, Kill the 2 units Their(Heroes King & Queen).

2. What about the enemy?
Protect the gate and the towers and also the King & Queen. You can destroy their producer the (Big Bird Standing, The Big Bone, The Circle Like Building, The House with chimney(2))

3. Where are my Friends?
They are near you just beside your producer!

4. Why they are not producing unit?
Maybe their are unused slots(The one that is Closed or Open in the main menu)

5. How to make my units strong?
Just upgradeResearch(It is seen in your producer the one in the upper)

6. I am nearly Dead
Produce many as you can then counter it destroy their gate then kill their king & queen(Just run out the towers!!)

Download: Defend Your Castle
More Warcraft III: FileFront's Warcraft III Files

S K I N S / M O D E L S

Arma 2: Cluster Bomb pack (RC1)
First off
This is a port and also a non-port of cluster bomb's in general. There''s been some nifty scripts out there simulating Cluster Bombs, but I personally just didn't think they fit for the effects. I've seen A-10's drop these and various other aircraft in Kosovo and the Serbian wars and they are quite a sight of devastation.
I still have some tweaks I'd like to do but I finally had to let go, lol.

Second part
The ported part is an improvement on the AT Rockeye release from back in ArmA 1. I got full permission from the guys at Arma Tactics before hand back in ArmA 1 and refreshed those rights when ArmA 2 came out. Thanks once again for letting me play around with them. I was further inspired to make my own model, but utilize the improved script and configs. I also wanted to make them as accurate as possible to the real thing yet also balance the bombs for gameplay. So I started modeling the SUU-64/65 carriers for the CBU-87/97 etc. So label it a port or not, semantics, really as these are to have fun with regardless.

Download: Arma 2Cluster Bomb pack (RC1)
More Arma 2: FileFront's Arma 2 Files

Bridge Commander: DXorac Light Cruiser (1.0)
a hardpointed version of the DXorac model found in the no hardpoints section. the ship skin has been cleaned up and slightly altered (see readme), but the model has not been repaired or manipulated in any way. please do not ask me about or complain to me about the model (just the textures).

Download: DXorac Light Cruiser (1.0)
More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

Bridge Commander: Laurlin Station
Federation Civilian Mining Station

During the late 2200's and early 2300's Starfleet had a number of ageing star-bases, these star-bases were, for the most part decommissioned with some components being salvaged others being discarded.
A few star-bases were taken over by civilian authorities and reconfigured for different uses ranging from ship and crew layovers to commercial ventures.

This particular star-base was in use up until 2333 as a subspace relay station, during its decommissioning it was was stripped of most of its high yield ventral phasers internal mechanisms but rather than being fully dismantled it was handed over to a civilian asteroid mining firm, the last Starfleet officer in command at this station before being re-designated 'Laurlin Station' was Lt Jean-Luc Picard, he was given command during its decommissioning prior to his assignment on the USS Stargazer.

Download: Laurlin Station
More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

Bridge Commander: TOS War Destroyer
There are three ships in this pack:

U.S.S. Merlin NCC-1790, U.S.S. Sorceror NCC-1791, U.S.S. Warlock NCC-1792

In the mid 23rd century Starfleet began commissioning an advanced technology gun destroyer; larger and more powerful than traditional destroyers capable of independent operation with the intention of conducting wartime strikes operations against enemy combatant vessels, supply convoys and stations.

Offensive capabilities were improved by the addition of new Pulse Phaser Cannons and automated Photon Torpedo launch systems and are the most powerful and heavily armed destroyers ever built by the Federation. However, it is important to remember that the mission of these warships is significantly different than the traditional destroyer mission of escorting larger vessels in a fleet, convoy or battle group and defend them against smaller, short-range but powerful attackers."

This ship is balanced for the TOS Era

Download: TOS War Destroyer
More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

Call of Duty 2: COD2 MP Reichskriegsflagge
The skin - Reichskriegsflagge - I have taken the German multiplayer flag and changed it to the Reichskriegsflagge 1938-1945 (National War Flag) because it was censored. So for you people out there who like uncensored stuff here you go.


Download: COD2 MP Reichskriegsflagge
More Call of Duty 2: FileFront's Call of Duty 2 Files

Call of Duty 4: Coloured statue
This is a skin I already made a time ago but I never submitted here. There will come a lot more skins that I never submitted. This is my coloured Statue I hope you like it.

Greetz Koene007

Download: Coloured statue
More Call of Duty 4: FileFront's Call of Duty 4 Files

Counter Strike CZ: CounterStrike CZ EasyInstall WeaponSkinPack from Wessel (1.0)
With this install its verry easy 2 change your weapon skins in Counter-Strike CZ
This are not my skins! I just made a install so al weapons that are used have a better look. i dont have copyrichts. So every 1 is free 2 edit, costemize, change, & send this easyinstall. Have fun playing with your new skins.

Download: Apartment Raid
More Counter Strike CZ: FileFront's Counter Strike CZ Files

Empire at War: Ministry Shuttle
There you have it. A sweet shuttle from a sweet era.
This is a model of the Ministry Shuttle as seen it the KotOR game and comics

The Ministry Shuttle is a Old Republic landing craft
The model comes complete with landing animation, code and icon.
Some additional coding is required to get it ingame

Download: Ministry Shuttle
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Audi S5
Here is the Audi S5, a highly detailed and very well made car that will replace the Sunrise or any other car of your choice within GTA San Andreas. This car includes a very highly detailed interior with fully 3D seating, gearsticks and well everything even the smallest of details such as the volume and the buttons on the radio are included. The car itself also includes a fully 3D engine and two models that can be found in game, one with a roof and one with out,

The car also includes a custom handling, several different colours to choose from (which can be bought, spawned or found in the game) and is completely moddable in any transfender store within the game. You can tell that a lot of hard work went into this model when even the minor detail has been included (radio buttons, air conditioning blowers, etc), definately a recommended car!

Download: Audi R8 Custom
More Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: FileFront's Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Files

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Audi R8 Custom
Here is the Audi R8 Custom, a highly detailed and very well made mid engined sports car that will replace the Bullet or any other car of your choice within GTA San Andreas. This car includes a very highly detailed interior with fully 3D seating, gearsticks and well everything even the smallest of details such as the volume and the buttons on the radio are included. The car itself also includes a fully 3D engine and two models that can be found in game, one with a roof and one with out,

The car also includes a custom handling, several different colours to choose from (which can be bought, spawned or found in the game) and is completely moddable in any transfender store within the game. You can tell that a lot of hard work went into this model when even the minor detail has been included (radio buttons, air conditioning blowers, etc), definately a recommended car!

Download: Audi S5
More Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: FileFront's Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Files

Jedi Knight III: Baseball Bat
Here in England (I don't say Britain, because the Welsh, Scottish and Irish are all rubbish at this sport) we have a touch of class when it comes to dealing with burglars, and prefer to beat them with Cricket Bats. Of course, if you live in America, you are more likely to keep a Baseball Bat by the side of your bed instead.

If you ever find you have burglars in your server, trying to steal your maps, then fear not, for JamyzGenius has provided you with a weapon with which to chase them off! The bat comes with three different coloured bands, red, black and blue and also some really cool, and hilarious new sounds!

Download: Baseball Bat
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Jedi Knight III: Clone Wars Lightsaber Blades with Pointed Tips (5.0)
...Anyway. A second version of The Clone Wars Lightsabers is here.

:Version 5: This is for those of you who saw the pointed lightsabers in season 2 and wanted them.
There you have it; pointed tips. Honestly, I'll agree with Averus' humble onion and say this mod is not bad at all. The mass of screenshots should be enough to see if you like it, though.
To quote Averus...
Quote:I hereby command all masses within the sound of my text to acquire this piece of media. NOW =_=

Download: Clone Wars Lightsaber Blades with Pointed Tips (5.0)
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Jedi Knight III: Lightsaber in-game customizer
Right, so right off the bat, I reckon this mod will appeal more to base users than it would JAplus users, as the function is something that most japlus users have seen before.

Essentially, Zlyden here took some code from the Open Jedi Project and added the ability to use RGB sabers for base JA. I cannot guarantee any mod compatibility, but you're certainly welcome to try at your own expense. Anyway, there are instructions included to help you adjust your blade type, so I suggest taking a peek in there when you have the time.

All in all, a nice and somewhat practical mod. Worth a look, methinks.

Download: Lightsaber in-game customizer
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Knights of the Old Republic II: M-98 Widow Replacement
Inyri brings us the TSL version of her model based on the Mass Effect 2 M-98 Widow for KotOR I, which was uploaded earlier this week. Since the mod is chiefly the same as the KotOR I version (except for KotOR II, obviously wink ), here is the review of the K1 version:

Inyri's run of Mass Effect 2 weapon replicas for the KotOR games continues with a duplicate of the M-98 Widow weapon. The model replaces that of the "Sith Snipe Rifle" in the game, which can be bought from Kebla Yurt, in the Upper City, on Taris. The mod is a straightforward model replacement, and as such should be compatible with most mods, with the exception of those that affect the "Sith sniper rifle" weapon model.

Mod Rating: Basic
Download: M-98 Widow Replacement
More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

Knights of the Old Republic II: Telos Green Reskin Fix
DarthSaber15 returns with an update for his Telos Green Reskin modification for the second Knights of the Old Republic game, as this is very similar to a prior version I shall quote the original review...

"This is a simple reskin modification which changes the yellow/orange panelling on Telos green around the station, the modder has also changed the load screens, B4-D4 and the on planet Czerka base all to match the modders vision. All in all this a solid, if unspectacular first time modification, so if you have ever wanted a "green" Telos, this could well be the mod for you! As with all aesthetic modifications a review of the screenshots would be best to see if this mod fits your tastes!"

Mod Rating: Basic
Download: Telos Green Reskin Fix
More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

Stalker: MUTATED Skinpack
MUTATED skinpack is a reworked texture set for:

-Burer, -Cat, -Controller, -Blind dogs, -Pseudodog & Psydog, -Chimera, -Snork, -Bloodsucker, -Fleshes, -Poltergeist, -Tushkano, -Pseudogiant

The main objective is give a vivid appaerance to these creatures, rather than seeing them as horror decoration.

Also, MUTATED comes with some new UI icons, including cut mutants and other texures as bonus (see readme for more details)

Download: MUTATED Skinpack
More Stalker: FileFront's Stalker Files

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Dirty Trooper Skins
This set of reskins for (what else?) Republic troopers is comprised of the basic trooper units with dirt overlays.

It's not extra-ordinary; the retextures are fine but don't particularly stand out. They look about like what the author was going for, although his brush choice wasn't the best - you can see pretty clearly that an unnatural-looking lattice-type brush was used (dirt should not be patterned-on). In the future I would suggest using a softer brush or using a blend tool of some kind on your dirt layer.

If you're looking for retextures of the basic REP troopers and you like what you see in the pictures below, give this a try.

Download: Dirty Trooper Skins
More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

D E M O S / P A T C H E S / T R A I L E R S

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I forgot to mention that the "World Cup" mode in the fifa online does come with everyones favourite musical instrument, lol - The vuvuzelas !

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