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  FileFront Network Insider #163 - Network News
  Posted by: Danny on 09-27-2010 @ 05:26
This News Item has been viewed 88,138 times
Welcome to all, for the 163rd version of the Filefront Network Insider, there have been a lot of new files this week for more of the network sites including the usual maps, a few modifications, lots of maps and of course lots of news from the Network Sites as well as from Gaming Today. The news from Gaming today includes more news about new games, trailers, a competition for a Wii Sport Game Accessory Pack as well as a competition for Railworks where you can win some DLC.. (as below) and more which can be found Here

So as normal for the Network Insider we have listed all the major gaming happenings, the biggest modifications and files within the last week for you below. Remember; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Insider, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the insider then simply drop us an E-Mail at The Insider, or email it to me at Danny[at]filefront[dot]com (please put "Insider" as the subject though smile ).

If you like the Network insider please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further)

Railworks - Route Building Competition

Although not on filefront, I'd thought that I would share this compeition for those of you that may play the game or even have an interest in that area. The competition is basically where you create a short route using only the default items in the Game Railworks (to make it more fairer for everyone). While this is the second competition that these folks are doing for railworks I feel that it is a good idea to promote more of the freeware side of the game (seeing as there is a lot of payware content). The Competition officially starts on the 1st of october and you will have a month to create a route of a fairly small size, it can be based in any area, country or era (although that may be more difficult with most of the default items being either from the UK, Germany or the US!)

There is still five days until the start of the competition if anyone is interested

Hello to you all

It is nearly time again for all route builders, both experienced and aspiring, to get themselves ready for the second great UKTS Route building Challenge. Challenge No 1 inspired the creation of a magnificent selection of routes, all built within a week, with several of them receiving upgrades after the Challenge to become firm favourites.

Challenge No 2 has a different format and we hope that this will encourage more members to take part, especially less experienced route builders as there will be many knowlegable Challengers and Observers available to help out with any problems.

Source - UKTrainsim.com - Introduction, Rules, Forum, Questions

Win a Wii Sport Game Accessory Pack on Filefront

It’s another giveaway for our wonderful readers here at FileFront.com. (you have until Wednesday 29th September)

This week, in partnership with Thrustmaster, we’re going to go right back to our Wii-owning readers, and offer up the Wii Sport Game Accessory Pack pictured above. It doesn’t come with any controllers, but it lets you transform your controller into the sports implement of your choice, and is perfect for games like Wii Sports, Tiger Woods, and other sports titles. It’s even MotionPlus compatible!

Here’s what’s included:

* The universal grip, featuring multiple extensions for the Wii Remote Controller
* 1 “jet ski”-style silicone skin for the Wii Remote Controller and 1 skin for the Nunchuk
* 1 sword extension
* 1 tennis racket extension
* 1 golf club extension
* 1 ping pong bat extension

All you have to do to win this pack is follow these simple instructions.

1. Follow FileFront on Twitter
2. Once you’ve done that, tweet this message: “Just signed up to win a Wii Sports Pack from @filefront and Thrustmaster! You can too: http://brk.to/jv0 #giveaways #gaming #free”

That’s it! We’ll notify the winner next Wednesday via a Direct Message. Until then, good luck!

Gaming News
| Modifications | Mini-Mods | Maps | Skins / Models | Demos | Patches | Trailers


Filefront Gaming Today News: 10 Games To Play When You’re Alone, Sad and Drunk

When I lived in Los Angeles, I was depressed a lot because all the people I knew there hated me, and all the folks who didn’t hate me were 2,000 miles away. (Maybe I should be less of a douche, huh?) On top of that, I lived in the smallest room anybody on this side of the Pacific Ocean has ever referred to as a living space.

So I drank a lot. I stumbled upon a Ralphs that had had some really awful fruity vodka on sale for $5 a bottle, and I bought a ton of that s**t, and when I ran out of that, I’d buy grain alcohol from the 7/11. And, naturally, I’d mix my drinking with gaming, and that made my life feel a bit less depressing.

This list contains some of the current-generation games I enjoyed playing the most while I was drunk and suicidal in my tiny room. Each game has a place on this list for a different reason, and I hope that this will come in handy when you find yourself going alcoholic on your own ass (that’s what drinking alone is) because you’re down in the dumps.

1 - Lost: Via Domus
2 - Blitz: The League I/II
3 - Jurassic: The Hunted
4 - Grand Theft Auto IV
5 - Portal
6 - Don’t S*** Your Pants
7 - Prototype
8 - Darkest of Days
9 - Uncharted/Uncharted 2
10 - LittleBigPlanet

Read: 10 Games To Play When You’re Alone, Sad and Drunk
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Filefront Gaming Today News: AMD and iBUYPOWER Team Up on Limited Edition Gaming System

iBUYPOWER, a custom computer builder specializing in gaming desktops and laptops, announced earlier this week that it has teamed up with CPU maker AMD to offer a custom designed NZXT Lexa desktop case featuring exclusive Dragon artwork. The AMD Dragon, which graces the sides of the mid-tower case has a nice visual style meant to show off the hardware and make the system look as interesting on the outside as the games it’s running on the inside.

iBUYPOWER offers the limited edition Dragon as an option on its custom AMD desktops. Systems built inside the NZXT custom case configured around the six-core Phenom II processor and can be upgraded to include liquid cooling options to keep the system running fast. Configurations start at a base of $439 at the entry-level with price and features growing from there.

Read: AMD and iBUYPOWER Team Up on Limited Edition Gaming System
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Arcania: Gothic 4 PC Demo Now Available

If you’re a fan of the Gothic series, we’ve got some good news for you. The new playable demo for Arcania: Gothic 4 is out, and we’ve got it for you.

This is the first game in the series not developed by Pirahna Bites, instead, Spellbound has the wheel. They’re sending you back to the Southern Islands where war has broken out, and even tying you in with a beautiful, mysterious woman.

If you want to try your hand at the Gothic 4 demo, you can get it right here, from our fast, free servers.

Read: Arcania: Gothic 4 PC Demo Now Available
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Christoper Lloyd Returns as Doc Brown in TellTale’s Back to the Future

The most recent thing I’ve seen Christopher Lloyd in is a TV movie called Meteor, in which he played a scientist who discovers a giant meteor is going to hit the Earth before he gets in a car wreck and dies as he tries to warn everybody. He was in this three-hour flick for all of ten minutes. I was very upset about that, but Stacey Keach’s homey small-town sheriff managed to sorta make up for Lloyd’s absence from the rest of the movie.

TellTale Games, however, is making sure they use this crazy white-haired man well for once, because they’ve brought him in to voice the character everyone in the world knows him for, that being Doc Brown. TellTale is putting together an episodic Back to the Future game, and they have the real Doc Brown in it. This means this game went from “something you should pay attention to” to” something you’re counting down the days for.” This is truly great news, and the TellTale blog tried to pump us up by saying, ” It’s truly uncanny to hear Doc Brown come to life again and I can’t wait for you guys to hear the finished product!”

Read: Christoper Lloyd Returns as Doc Brown in TellTale’s Back to the Future
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Civilization V Review

So I’m seriously considering pummeling into submission this city-state that neighbors my empire. Yes, technically, we’re allies. But we’re only allies because that city-state wanted me to give the cement shoe treatment to another neighboring city-state, which I’m now occupying. And really, who’s dumb enough to be best friends with their hitman? And isn’t the goal of Civilization V to conquer the world?

No, seriously. I’m asking you. Isn’t that the goal? I’ve never played this series before – I usually play console games. I didn’t even try the playable demo. Blasphemy, I know. And as a total newb, I was surprised to get the impression that I was doing it wrong, after both Ramses II and Alexander the Great take sarcastic jabs at my “I drink your city-state” tactics during diplomatic meetings. These two guys think I have the tyrannical disposition.

Full Review Here - Download the Demo

Read: Civilization V Review
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Darksiders Finally Brings Armageddon to the PC

Darksiders, the freshman release from Vigil Games is finally seeing the light of day on the PC. Almost a year after its console release, the tale of War – apocalyptic horseman and the battle between heaven and hell that prematurely ended the world is now available in all it’s glory for PC gamers.

Darksiders is a fun action title but it’s hard to discuss without noting the Zelda-like gameplay. Players take the role of War, as in the Horseman of the Apocalypse, who is fooled by evil into initiating the end times. The war between the two celestial realms leaves hell in control of Earth and War is punished for his transgressions. The game involves unravelling the dark plot that led to War’s censure and eventual redemption. Of course the story doesn’t quite wrap up here, so a sequel is planned with a 2012 release.

Read: Darksiders Finally Brings Armageddon to the PC
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Beta on PS3

Dead Space fans may be getting a nice surprise in their mail this weekend. EA has begun sending invitations out for gamers to participate int he PS3 multiplayer tests fo its upcoming survival horror sequel.

The email from Scott Probst, Dead Space 2′s Multiplayer Producers says:

"Dear Dead Space 2 Fan,

My name is Scott Probst, and I am the Multiplayer Producer on Dead Space 2. Thank you for being such a dedicated fan! We thought you would appreciate a unique opportunity to help us test the all new multiplayer experience in Dead Space 2. We have just launched a small beta which will help us polish the game, and we have selected you to help us achieve that goal! We are still several months away from the game’s release, and there is still plenty of work to be done prior to shipping the game. With gamers like you – who know what Dead Space is about – we’re hoping to gather feedback and ensure that we’re giving the Dead Space Community a phenomenal multiplayer experience come January 25th!"

Read: Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Beta on PS3
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Filefront Gaming Today News: EA Licenses Unity Engine for 3-6 Years

The Unity Engine is best known for its browser- and phone-based games (and for being at the center of Google’s gaming push), but perhaps it’s really hitting the big time now, as EA has signed a deal that will allow all its developers to make use of the engine for the next several years. The Engine has come a long way since its beginnings in 2007, and it now works with pretty much every platform imaginable, most notably the PS3 and Xbox 360, and Unity’s current demo reel shows what appears to be AAA-quality capabilities, and that’s a fact Unity CEO David Helgason pointed out in the announcement: “Unity’s ability to straddle from the highest-end productions to the littlest development teams is something we’re immensely proud of.”

EA VP Richard Hilleman said this, as well: “We have spent a lot of years looking at development assets of all kinds. Unity represents one of the deepest commitments we have ever made.” That sounds like EA is going to try to milk this deal for all it’s worth, and it makes one wonder what this means, if anything, for EA’s use of the Unreal Engine. I won’t pretend to know the upper limits of Unity’s capabilities, but if it indeed is ready for use on “the highest-end productions,” then you’d think they’d want to use Unity for everything while they have this unlimited license.

Read: EA Licenses Unity Engine for 3-6 Years
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Halo: Reach Multiplayer Tips

Here’s the bad news: the Halo franchise had about a billion people stomping around in multiplayer long before the release of Halo: Reach. Those people are better at it than you. Sorry.

Here’s the good news: Reach takes a lot of the conceptions of the previous Halo games and tosses them out. That means you have a chance to beat all those 12-year-olds who don’t have jobs and spend their afternoons in sniper practice. Because just like you, they have to learn all the new aspects of Reach multiplayer.

We’ve been kicking around on the battlefields of Reach’s multiplayer, and there are certain things you should keep in mind. I’m not talking about the basic tips any player will tell you – things like learn all the maps in Forge mode before you play, always control the “power” weapons such as rockets and sniper rifles by knowing where they spawn, even if you suck with them, or crouch to increase your firing accuracy. That information has been standard since Halo: Combat Evolved. It goes without saying that you should also spend some time learning all the game types so you know what the objectives are, so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Read: Halo: Reach Multiplayer Tips
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Large Numbers and Halo: Reach (Example: 5,901 years)

Considering Halo: Reach is a console-exclusive title that made a bazillion dollars on the first day, it’s to be expected that it would result in some large numbers of things being thrown around by Bungie and co. Here are some facts for you:

* On Tuesday, 09/14/2010 at approximately 1:30 pm PST, just a few hours after launch, Halo: Reach’s online unique user count had already completely eclipsed Halo 3’s total tally for the entirety of the week (09/13 through 09/20).
* To account for the same number of online players found in Halo: Reach during that same window (just six days), we had to run the numbers for Halo 3 going all the way back to 8/6/2010, encompassing a full 45 days of Halo 3 play!
* Ultimately, Halo: Reach’s online population for the first week dwarfed Halo 3’s by comparison, snagging four times the number of total unique users and decimating Halo 3’s all time high of concurrent users by more than 65%.

Read: Large Numbers and Halo: Reach (Example: 5,901 years)
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Filefront Gaming Today News: LittleBigPlanet 2 Delayed Into 2011

That noise you just heard? That was what it sounds like when Christmas hopes are dashed around the world.

Media Molecule has confirmed on their website that its highly anticipated sequel won’t hit stores until January 2011.

In their statement, Media Molecule sys,

We know this will come as disappointing news for all you LittleBigPlanet fans, and believe us, we are disappointed too. We are a tight-knit team and we take enormous pride in our work, so to raise the bar we’ve set with the original LittleBigPlanet, a game that has been so embraced by all, we’ve agreed to allow ourselves a bit more time to deliver the experience that our great fans and community deserve. We are truly sorry, but hope you understand that we have to build the best possible game, as it is the foundation of our community.

While this is disappointing news for LBP fans, there is one silver lining. At the end of their announcement of the delay, Media Molecule adds one little tidbit that makes things a little better, saying,

Read: LittleBigPlanet 2 Delayed Into 2011
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Filefront Gaming Today News: MadCatz Reponds to Sony PS3 Update Problems

Last week’s PlayStation 3 Firmware update had an impact on a limited number of peripherals that made them stop working. Sony of course issued a statement that it did not support unlicensed or pirate hardware. Well, apparently there were reports that some MadCatz PS3 add ons were also effected. Today, MadCatz issued a formal response and approach to the situation:

Over the last 24 hours, various media outlets have reported on issues gamers are experiencing after downloading and installing the new ‘3.50’ Firmware for their PlayStation 3 video game systems.

Mad Catz would like to take this opportunity to put gamers’ minds at ease. With the exception of a small quantity of controllers sold before 2008, we believe that all Mad Catz products will continue to function as they did prior to the 3.50 Firmware update including high profile products such as our range of Street Fighter IV™ FightSticks and Wireless FightPads; our range of controllers and accessories for Call of Duty®; our Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 Wireless FlightStick; our wired and wireless control pads; and our range of Rock Band™ accessories.

Read: MadCatz Reponds to Sony PS3 Update Problems
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Filefront Gaming Today News: New NFS: Hot Pursuit Trailer Glorifies Running From the Cops

So there’s this Porsche that’s driving way too fast, and then a cop tries to chase him, and then the cop crashes awesomely, and then like a Porsche cop car starts chasing, and then there’s a road block, and then both fly past in slow motion but they’re really going way fast, and, and, and, and, uh, yeah.

Sorry about that; I just love things that move very quickly, and there is quite a bit of things moving quickly in this new Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit trailer. And it isn’t just quick cuts of fast-moving things like the last Hot Pursuit trailer; nope, this time we have one long sequence.


Read: New NFS: Hot Pursuit Trailer Glorifies Running From the Cops
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Ninja Theory Tried to Shop an Enslaved Movie

So some folks at Ninja Theory thought it would be a good idea to make a movie based on the game and render it in the Unreal Engine 3. All right. I suppose that makes sense.

What makes less sense is that Ninja Theory tried to pitch the idea to Hollywood studios. Here are some quotes from Ninja Theory’s Tameem Antoniades (speaking to Destructoid):

We were serious about it. We went to all the big studios in Hollywood and pitched the idea.

Then, the fact that you say you can do this for cheap has no interest to studios whatsoever, because they don’t want to do it for cheap. They want Pixar and the other higher end [studios] to do it for 100 million dollars or 60 million dollars.

Read: Ninja Theory Tried to Shop an Enslaved Movie
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Red Dead Redemption: Liars and Cheats DLC Review

It’s difficult to resist the temptation to jump back into Red Dead Redemption. Every time I’m flipping through my game collection, I find myself drawn back to the world of John Marston.

Rockstar isn’t helping me avoid it, as they’ve recently released another DLC package. This one’s called Liars and Cheats. Is it worth you picking up?

Like the Legends and Killers pack before it, Liars and Cheats consists solely of multiplayer additions, so if you’re not into playing with other people, you probably won’t get much out this DLC.

The biggest (and coolest) addition in Liars and Cheats is the new Stronghold Mode. It’s basically Attack & Defend in the Old West, and it is a blast to play. Up to 16 players can join (2 teams of eight), divided evenly into two teams. Attackers receive a shared pool of lives. To win, they must capture all of the control points before time expires or they run out of lives.

Read: Red Dead Redemption: Liars and Cheats DLC Review
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Sign Up For Xbox Live Update Preview, get Early Access to ESPN

A couple years ago, Microsoft ran a preview program for the New Xbox Experience, and they did another preview last year before launching their big Twitter, Facebook and Last.fm update. And that worked out well enough for them that they’re doing another update preview, this time for this fall’s big update. The big update this year brings ESPN3, the Zune Music service, Netflix search, a new Dashboard and a few other assorted, less-exciting updates. A few notes about the preview from Major Nelson:

* We’re looking for multiple thousands of participants, so your chances of making it in are good.
* This is not for Kinect. You will not be receiving a Kinect sensor if you are chosen to participate.
* This opportunity is open to all Xbox LIVE Members in regions where Xbox LIVE is available.
* To avoid any problems, read the survey carefully and double check all the information your provide.
* While both Xbox LIVE Gold and Silver members can sign up, Priority will be given to Gold members in the selection process.

Read: Sign Up For Xbox Live Update Preview, get Early Access to ESPN
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Starcraft II 1.1.0 Patch is Hot and Ready

Gotta love patches, because they almost always make great things slightly greater, and it looks like that’ll also be the case with Starcraft II 1.1.0. Take a look at what this update includes:

* The Standard (US) and Standard for Lefties (US) hotkey configurations are now available in all regions.
* A new game clock has been added. Players can now instantly see how long they’ve been in their current mission or match. This feature can be turned on or off in the Gameplay Options menu.
* A new Quick Save option is now available for the single-player campaign. Players can now quickly save their mission progress by pressing Ctrl + Q.
* A new System Panel has been added. Players can now view their local time and FPS while in game by mousing over the Menu (F10) button in the upper-left hand corner of the game screen. Laptop users can also view Wi-Fi signal strength and battery levels.

Read: Starcraft II 1.1.0 Patch is Hot and Ready
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Filefront Gaming Today News: SteelSeries Announces Shift Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries is known for it’s Zboard gamer keyboards featuring replaceable custom key layouts. Well, the next generation of the Zboard was announce today with the Shift Gamer Keyboard.

The Shift also supports replaceable keysets but adds some nice features aimed to capture the gamer market. Included in the new unit are USB 2.0 ports, audio connections, an optimized keypress “heatmap” tweaked for best response to keys gamers traditionally favor and a selection of macro and media keys.

Read: SteelSeries Announces Shift Gaming Keyboard
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Filefront Gaming Today News: This Week’s LikeTotallyAwesome Is All About The Halo and a Black Ops Jeep (VIDEO)

Ever felt the urge to murder someone in real life? If so, this list I just made is for you, crazy person. But, no, really, people having the desire to kill someone in real life but not having the balls to do it is the reason violent video games are so popular. We just love murdering digital folks so we don’t have to kill actual folks.

Welp, this week’s LTA combines digital murder with real murder, by having hostman Toby get shot repeatedly by a digital Spartan from Halo: Reach. Tight.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Just watch it.

Read: This Week’s LikeTotallyAwesome Is All About The Halo and a Black Ops Jeep (VIDEO)
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Battlefield 2: Vice Admin Position is Available
Hello, as you've no doubt seen, I am looking for qualified members to take on the role of staff here at BF2Files.com. Currently, I am looking for a Vice Manager. This role includes the following responsibilities:

-News & File Posting.
-Poll Manager.
-PoTD Manager.
-Comment Moderator
-File of the Week & Featured Files.
-Overall Responsibility of the site when the site manager isn't available.

For those of you who are interested, please fill out the form below and send it to me in an email.

~Computernerd (BF2Files Site Manager)

Read: Vice Admin Position is Available
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Battlefield 2: Battlefield: Vietnam MP Gameplay
I know a lot of you, including myself, have been waiting for some decent footage of the upcoming expansion for Bad Company 2. Well, now we've got it: Gametrailers has released a video of the MP gameplay, so please take a minute or two and see if Bad Company 2: Vietnam is up to your expectations:

Read: Battlefield: Vietnam MP Gameplay
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Battlefield 2: FrostBite by SweForce^
FrostBite contains video from Battlefield2 mixed with audio from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games. It's is well edited and quite enjoyable. But why are you taking my word for it. Check out part 1 below!

Well here it is finally after days of work and months trying to gather enough people to be able to make it. But! That's a thing of the past now big grin let us present you FrostBite the Follow up to Routine Job. And as always criticism and comments are very much welcome but be sure it's constructive criticism not random complaints.

Plot: Follow the shoes of Corporal Dunn And Sergeant Foley. In their attempt to rescue a fellow soldier who has been captured by Russian forces. Will they be there in time or is it already to late? Will they prevail? Will I't just be a simple support mission? Or turn into a bloody massacre? Follow these two men to find out. They will take you into blood pumping nonstop action with only one rule KILL or be killed there will only be one outcome in the end. Well what are you waiting for soldier get into the action now!!

Read: FrostBite by SweForce^
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Battlefield 2: So how about modtools?
I have to say this is one of the most interesting of news pieces that I've posted to this site. DICE programmer, MikaelKalms, gives some detail on the process of modding and mapmaking for Bad Company 2, as well as the final word on the release of mod tools for Bad Company 2 for the PC. Enjoy:

Zh1nt0 and you folks have asked about it, so here's a piece on the modtools situation for BC2 PC.

Frostbite 1.5 consists of these components:

* The game runtime, * The editor runtime, * The content processing runtime (aka "the pipeline"), * and some plugins for Maya

The game runtime is distributed outside of EA, but the editor + pipeline + Maya plugins are not.

Read: So how about modtools?
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Bridge Commander: Sovereign001 HD Planet Textures
This is a small project that Sovereign001 has been working on. It has been noticed that people are taking pictures of their ships and in the background a nice planet. The thing is, we don't realize how ugly those planets are, compared to 2010 graphics.

The ships are great, the star fields are great, the action is great but the planets lack reality. Sovereign001's Project is going to change that, he has already done quite a few planets, however you should understand that the size of textures are dramatically bigger than the previous ones. Instead of 256x256 or 512x512, these are 4096x2048 big which are 32 times bigger. The size is important if you wanna have a clear, crispy texture of a planet, without any fuzziness.

Read: Sovereign001 HD Planet Textures
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Doom III: News Update
Having worked out many of our performance issues, compression issues, and code based problems of the past, these last 2 months have brought many of the loose ends together. Saves are fully working, our first hub is all linked together, and persistent data has been implemented between levels of a hub. It has been exciting times indeed!

We formed a small testing team and began testing this summer. We've ironed out a lot of map bugs, still more to go. As always, new level shots can be found in our random screenshots thread here: http://www.hexenmod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=6

As we're wrapping up and polishing our first release we will be looking to communicate with news sites and hosting mirrors so we can have an efficient, widespread, well planned release. Still no dates yet, but perhaps for next months news update we'll be in a better position to make such a statement. The time is drawing near.....
Read: News Update
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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Nehrim Review at Moddb
The absolutely massive Oblivion mod 'Nehrim' has been reviewed over at http://www.moddb.com

Get the review at: http://www.moddb.com/mods/nehrim-at-fates-edge/reviews/nehrim-at-fates-edge


(Thanks to Ed for letting us know)
Read: Nehrim Review at Moddb
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Jedi Knight III: Denariax Retires from JKFiles
Well its that time again unfortunately, time to say goodbye to one of our staffers.

Unfortunately Denariax has decided to retire from the JKFiles staff, so on behalf of the staff here I would like to thank him for all the reviews he has done and the time and effort he has put into working here at JKFiles. I hope you guys will join with me in thanking him for his service and wishing him well for the future!

As is customary, as a retirement gift you get one each of my famous Mars and Moon cookies! Don’t eat them all at once! wink

Read: Denariax Retires from JKFiles
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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Unexpected Downtime
Hey all,

Sorry there has been a streak of silence. I had trouble getting access to our file submitting interface for some time and was finally able to but there were some errors getting files uploaded. I was able to upload some but not others - was really odd. Everything is now resolved and should be back in working order. I'll be trying to update the site with additional news and such as I can but I'm fairly busy with work, family, etc. Keep submitting and know I'm hear looking at it and will approve it. Thanks for your continued support of Wolf!

- KoRn
Read: Unexpected Downtime
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Stalker: Tourists are loving The Zone
Yellow Geiger counter in hand, the guide announces that radiation levels are 35 times higher than normal. Welcome to Chernobyl, the site in 1986 of the worst nuclear disaster in history and now an attraction visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Nearly 25 years after a reactor at the Soviet-era plant exploded, the irradiated zone around Chernobyl is attracting curious visitors from around the world, from nuclear specialists to ordinary tourists, willing to pay 160 dollars (122 euros) a day to visit the zone. Described by US magazine Forbes as among the "world's unique places to visit," Chernobyl last year hosted about 7,500 visitors, according to official figures.

Read the rest of the article here.

Read: Tourists are loving The Zone
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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory: Wolf emblem on tv show 'Psych'
Did anyone watch the season ending episode of Psych this week?

Did you notice when everyone was in the little cabin in the woods and the one male spy 'Strabinsky' has some super computers set up and im pretty sure one of them had the Wolfenstein emblem as a screen saver? you could only see it for a few seconds. did anyone else see this?

Read: Wolf emblem on tv show 'Psych'
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Fallout 3: The Institute - a fully voiced quest mod

  • Over 300 lines of fully voiced, lip synced dialogue.
  • A cover-up to be unraveled through exploration, investigation and interrogation.
  • Many ways to meet your objectives and multiple endings.
  • Conflicting choices to be made and an experience that is unique to your character's stats, skills, style and choices.
  • Custom perks, characters, cells, weapons, armor, clothing, items, clutter, and of course: dialogue.

How to start the quest
The story begins with the discovery of a dead body, dressed in an unusual radiation suit, just outside the Chryslus Building. The information you find on the corpse will lead you to one of The Institute's remote clinics (or IRCs) where you'll uncover a layered conspiracy and be faced with the decision of what to do about it.

More about the IRC mod
I've been working on The Institute for more than a year and am proud to finally be sharing it with the public. It may not be perfect - in fact, I'm already working on some fixes for the next release, but they are all minor and purely cosmetic. Depending on how well the mod is received, an expansion may be in the works as well - I've already talked to the actors involved and they're all on board. There seems to be a shortage of quality quest mods out there (especially properly voiced ones) so I hope this will stand out as an exception.

Download: The Institute - a fully voiced quest mod
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Half Life 2: Supercars II (Beta 11)
This is a retro remake of the original Supercars II game from 1991 for HL2. It is a racing game where the cars are fitted with front and rear-firing rocket launchers. The player must do well in races to earn points and cash - for repairs, rockets and also upgrades for the car including ram-bars, engine, brake and armour. It is work in progress.

The 11th Beta release (19th September 2010) has the usual set of minor tweaks, but with an improved help system, better AI drivers, handy new reset feature if you get stuck during a race and support for up to 3 players! To install simply extract supercars_11.rar to your SourceMods folder, restart Steam and run from your Steam Games Library. Requires HL2 Deathmatch to be installed. If you have an older version installed, simply close Steam, delete the Supercars folder and install as normal.

Download: Supercars II (Beta 11)
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Stalker: J.J's Mod Repack by LiquidBronze
This is a huge mod compilation including many different mods.

*AMK 1.4 with AMK-EN 2.0, *AMK Weather by NightVz 0.99, *Stalker Re-Animation Project 1.2a, *Stalker Weapons Retex (0.9), *AMK 1.4 faction change b2, *AMK 1.4 addon clear sky dynamic music,*gnomuss scopes v2, *nature grass mod v1.0 more brown-yellow version, **Authenticity Sound Pack- Russian language spoken-author unknown, **Ambient/Weapon sounds- AMK and Darius 6, **Clear Sky Trader model- converted by Hayk, **New random NPC textures and head models-authors unknown, **Clear Sky Lost Suits- xRatx, *Panoramic Mod 2.0+r2 fix for AMK (for WS)- Argus/KTO, **News TV - OcramX, **Photorealistic Zone- Argus, **Photorealistic Zone creatures-Argus, **Less Generic Stalkers, Rookies & Bandits-jrmy, **Russian Stop signs-martdms, **Blood of the Monolith reskin by- Steph, **Loading screens v2.0- piterq, ***All shotgun types now go in primary slot (1), except the TOZ-34, ***MP5 now goes in primary slot (1), ***Minimal HUD: no mini-map/status, no weapon indicator, only health/armor bar, ***Removed a number of music/sounds considered non-atmospheric, ***Mutant health individually adjusted

And more!!! This is just part 1 of the mod. Grab Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4!!!!

Download: J.J's Mod Repack by LiquidBronze
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Stalker: MEGA WEAPONS MOD beta
Here's a mod where all the weapons are super powerful and it is a lot of fun and... okay, I can't do this. I want to say something nice about this mod, but it's just all the stock weapons with increased damage and ammo, and it crashes a lot. A lot. The author didn't submit any pictures, and part of me wanted to just use pictures of desktops for the screenshots, because that's what you'll be seeing a lot here. The mod has nothing new visually anyway, all the units, weapons, and effects look exactly the same.

I know. I know. The author said to play it online because it "doesn't support AI" or some such nonsense. I checked online, and I couldn't find any servers that said they were hosting the mod. It must just be my luck. I'll reiterate here what I say every time I see a mod submitted for this old game with poor MP mod support - don't make a mod for MP-only! Most of the time it's just an excuse for not getting the AI bots to do what you want, although in this case it's an issue of crashes because of number of units. Just FYI, if you get too many human players, it will also crash. The AI don't do something special to make it crash.

Download: MEGA WEAPONS MOD beta
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Armada 2: fixed cloud texture
This is just a little modification of the clouds, which were included in the last version of the armada 2 upgrade project and i think are equal to the midnight universe mod. Keep in mind that you need these mods to get this on working. The clouds of these mods looks much better than the stock ones. But the problem: no attention was paid to the seams of the clouds for the stock planets. This mod will fix it.

Download: fixed cloud texture
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Battle for Middle Earth 2: BodiesStayModII 1.06 Compatibility
No real change except now you can play with BFME II fully updated to patch 1.06 =)
Enjoy! if you don't have it in patch 1.06 here is the link YOU MUST HAVE THIS PATCH or the mod wont work

The Bodies Stay Mod is back, this time its updated for BFME2 v1.06 so those of you that are playing on the latest patch can now play this mod! It's just as good as ever with great realism where the bodies stay (hence the name of the mod). It's a great mod that gets my and probably everyones seal of approval, great work mendel7 and keep it up!

Download: BodiesStayModII 1.06 Compatibility
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Battle for Middle Earth 2: LordZed Mod (
Lord Zed is a knight that can transform to an elf, wizard, eagle, troll, gold hero, mounted hero, ship, can summon guards and much more... Has the ability to give you victory in battle in just one click! All classes have own powers, he is really rooooocking!!! Don't let the pictures trick you, try all the sets and all the powers! LordZed is buildable in all Factions!

Here we have another instalment of the LordZed Mod, featuring Lord Zed! He's an all out hero that can kill absolutely everything, his powers are limitless and it is incredibly fun to play! If you're looking for a bit of fun, download this mod, but remember you won't be able to play online with this unless somebody else is playing online with it too, so if you want to play against your friend with this mod, tell them to download it and you can play with or against each other.

Download: LordZed Mod (
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Call of Duty 2: bot4 ammo mod (1.0)
Here is an edited ammo mod for cod2 1.0. I wanted to make the game a bit more intense , but most ammo mods were too extreme. I created this edited weapons mod with a standard editor. All weapons have reduced recoil too.

Download: bot4 ammo mod (1.0)
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Grand Theft Auto Vice City: New Vice City 2007 (A New Feature Mod)
Here is a modification that will add several new items to Vice City, including a New Bus Station, close and open doors by using space bar or right click, the haitians are now in starfish island so that they will have more action and there are no bridge blockades. This modification also makes all of the missions available from the start and you can buy everything from the start. Also included is a new mansion on Starfish Island where there are weapons, bots and 2 top swats that can be bought for $10,000 as body guards.

In addition to the above features there are a lot more including the ability to call taxies, as well as the use of a mobile phone / cell phone additonal help or want a pizza!. The bus part of the route has been extended in that you will now be able to catch a bus between 3 bus stations in the game. There are a lot of features that this mod will give you in Vice City but I won't list them all, as they are all mentioned in the readme below and in the file.

Download: New Vice City 2007 (A New Feature Mod)
More Grand Theft Auto Vice City: FileFront's Grand Theft Auto Vice City Files

Jedi Knight III: Gray, Glass & Transparent Console Backgrounds
WOOT, more console skins, and these ones are quite useful, methinks. Basically, the whole point of the mod pack is to make the console less of an annoying black block that takes up near-half of your screen and make black text that people inevitably use less difficult to read. However, you get to choose just how to resolve that issue.

Honestly, the screenshots will say more in less time than I can, so take a gander and see if this would serve your interests. Thought this'd go without saying, but since Cael's a dork, I'll mention it: Just put one in, folks. Definitely something that shoulda been out sooner, but it's here now, so DIG IN AND BASK IN ITS GLORY!

Download: Gray, Glass & Transparent Console Backgrounds
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Jedi Knight III: JAX
Alright first off, here's what we were supposed to get:

New UI (It looks worse than it will be) and I've also fixed the RGB cores and trails. Also, I redid the white saber with black core so its trail's starts out black and fades white and then fades out.

and here's what we got:

Also, I redid the white saber with black core so its trail's starts out black and fades white and then fades out

So basically, we only got one third of the package, which is a real buzzkill, and the new white saber still has that stiff cornered look to the swing effects, so basically, unless you want a new white saber, nothing to see here.

Download: JAX
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Knights of the Old Republic II: Nar Shaddaa Hidden Complex Mod: Improved!
This is FrantFire's Hidden Complex Mod, only it now uses TSLPatcher, and the Odd Datapad (key) now spawns properly.
Because of the TSLPatcher, there are now no compatibility issues! (that I can find)
Download: Nar Shaddaa Hidden Complex Mod: Improved!
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Knights of the Old Republic II: Workbench Crystal Attunement
This mod allows you to upgrade the personal crystal independently of Kreia. That way you can do that even after Kreia becomes unavailable.

The idea behind this mod is that if this crystal you get on Dantooine is so unusually responsive, specifically to you, why do you need someone else to keep it attuned? As I see it, the reason is Kreia's being the manipulator and control freak that she is. Most likely she wanted to seem even more indispensable to the Exile. Each time he runs to her with the crystal, it's a subtle reminder that he gains power, but through her.

However, what if our Exile was perceptive enough to pick up on the procedure himself...? Therefore, with this mod, you can attune the crystal at a workbench, without Kreia's help. However, you must have enough Wisdom (16 or more). That stands for the Exile having sufficient understanding of the Force and of his own connection to the crystal.

Download: Workbench Crystal Attunement
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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: silEnT mod (0.1.4)
Mod based on etpub 0.9.1. Support for lua 5.1

Change log: Version 0.1.4

* Scoreboard fixes, * sv_cvar and sv_cvarempty commands, * Fixed the reward printing bug on map starts, * Fixed limbomenu bug

Version 0.1.3

* Scoreboard worked, * New awards, * Configurable option to pickup extra ammo with dropped weapons, * Tripmines need to be armed, * No Tripmines for coverts from this version on, * Different tripmines beam colours for each team, * Fixed tripmines ammo defect

Download: silEnT mod (0.1.4)
More Return to Castle Wolfenstein: FileFront's Return to Castle Wolfenstein Files

X3 Terran Conflict: X3TC Naval Shuffle 1.2.2
This is alpha 1.2.2 of the Naval Shuffle mod for X3 Terran Conflict. For more information please visit the Naval Shuffle thread at the Egosoft forums through this link. The Naval Shuffle, like just about every other mod released for this game that wasn't a quick custom-ship job, is an attempt to assess a number of issues that, while overlooked or viewed by the developers in a different light, prove problematic or eroding to players and derive and execute solutions to these issues to make X3 Terran Conflict a more enjoyable title.

Of course, given that everybody has their own opinions on what ails the game, a more apt-but-still-pretentiously-ambiguous description is "The Naval Shuffle addresses issues I think deride from the game, and if you disagree, tough luck".

More specifically, the Naval Shuffle, as its name implies, is a shake-up of current conventions employed by many-to-all of the ships available in Terran Conflict. While not nessecarily earth-shaking (ba-dum-pish) changes that rewrite the roles and capabilities of every vessel and item in TC, it is fairly extensive in its reach and effect.

Download: X3TC Naval Shuffle 1.2.2
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Battlefield 2: Helmand (1.0)
"American forces have detected a small base located at the entrance to Helmand Province. They have been tasked with the destruction of the local MEC forces and to stop the construction of a mansion that would undoubtedly be used by a warlord for the MEC forces. The USMC troops can either enter by foot via the small outpost, or be parachuted into combat."

it's mainly for online gameplay, but you should be able to load the map up in singleplayer mode.. but the bots might just wonder about aimlessly or not move at all. US forces can either spawn on foot where they will find 1 tank, 1 apc, 2 humvees and 1 attack heli. Alternatively, they can parahute into combat over one of two CP's. Mec also have 1 tank, 1 apc, 2 heavy jeeps and 1 attack heli.

Download: Helmand (1.0)
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Battle for Middle Earth 2: Zalumans Evil Fortress (2.0)
Zalumans Evil Fortress in the remote Ice wastelands of doom. It is said that the evil warlock Zaluman, claimed the ice wastelands of doom and build his mighty fortress there ages ago...rumour is he is still alive and searching for the "One Ring"...

DarkIncLegion is back again with the second version of his Zulumans Evil Fortress map, its just as epic as before with some bug fixes with some other changes including more farms for the AI and also the main fix is that the AI won't get stuck at the big gate.

Download: Zalumans Evil Fortress (2.0)
More Battle for Middle Earth 2: FileFront's Battle for Middle Earth 2 Files

Company of Heroes: Farmland Warzne (4)

About the File
Expect some good ol'-fashioned beat-down violence here, folks. Attrition warfare is the order of the day, and you're going to get it by the plateful. This map emphasizes hard-hitting, fast-moving forces, with little room for error, lest you be bogged down and have to duke it out, mano-a-mano.

Staff Impressions
Copious violence aside, this map isn't badly done. The textures are applied nicely, and, even though it's just the same texture everywhere, there's enough variation in the form of craters and roads and whatnot that it doesn't look like it repeats. The orchard could use a little more work, but maybe that's just me.

Download: Farmland Warzne (4)
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Company of Heroes: Takin' the top

About the File
This is a 2v2 map set on a mountain, with some forests on its slopes and a river at its base. It features a heavy use of chokepoints, with lots of bridges and forest roads to stop enemy advances. As a result, tanks will become almost useless, as they will be bottled up at these crucial locations.

Staff Impressions
Not bad, for a first time. The object placement and premise are both good, and the ferocious defensive warfare this map promises should be great fun. Expect heavy casualties on both sides, but especially for the side that deploys tanks in any significant number. The only problem with this map is the repetitive texturing job. It would look a lot more like a mountain if the textures around the slopes were varied a little. Perhaps some stone cliffs or something, to add that "mountainous" feel?

Download: Takin' the top
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Dawn of War: Twin Peaks
okay this map is for Warhammer DOW 2 chaos Rising. So we have map your both on the other side, but you have a massive peak in front of you, you can only go two ways but which will you pick? Perhaps both! Anyways this map have enough resource to keep your army well supplied and upgraded as well to fend off your foe. the detail for the map is above average, the cover for you units is also about average. My suggestion is keep working on your skills and you'll make a good map!

Download: Twin Peaks
More Dawn of War: FileFront's Dawn of War Files

Empire at War: Arsania Invasion
Want a quick battle? This is your map. It's small, directed and has easy access to everything. There's a lake in the middle that takes up a large chunk of the map. Other than that, some turbo laser turrets and can be easily neutralized by destroying the energy generator that is positioned well away from the map. There is no need to worry yourself over finding and securing resources because each team gets two large mineral facilities safe deep within their base. So go for it and make quick work the enemy.

This is an urban warfare map based loosely on Arcadia City From Halo Wars. The Empire Starts On The Left Side Of The City and The Rebels Start On the Right. Each Team Gets 2 Civilian Houses And You Can Use Them For Anything You Need. There Is A Park In The Middle Of The City That Has A Reinforcement Point in It.

HINTS: The Rebels Tend To Capture The Park and Use It To Launch Large Artillery Waves.
The Rebels Also Send In Civilians To Attack Your Base First
The Empire Doesn't Do Anything Like That.

Download: Arsania Invasion
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Empire at War: (Bly) Raxus Prime
If you've seen or heard of Raxus Prime before, it was probably from "The Force Unleashed". However this is a space map of the trashed area above the planet. There is a large neutral station (made up of smaller stations pieced together) that isn't controllable and doesn't attack. There are chunks of systems effecting debris scattered all around that make for some fancy maneuvering to keep the upper hand. The asteroid mines are strategically placed giving nobody an upper hand. A good skirmish map but could work very well in galactic conquest.

Download: (Bly) Raxus Prime
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Jedi Knight III: Ancient Egyptian Catacombs
Alright, TK-962's made his first map! Excitement, JOY, AND ...? Well, any veteran mappers/players out here will probably be like "OH GOD, FIRST MAP *LEAVE* But honestly, with a few touch ups here and there, this could turn out very nicely. The basic theme here is that you're in an egyptian underground complex, with many tight corridors and a balanced weapons placement schemata. It's very well made for a classic Q3-Style guns-only FFA. Now, let's see what exactly needs to be tweaked here.

1.) Atmosphere: Lighting is definitely going to improve this map ten-fold, because as it stands, it's just too bright to be a catacombs. Catacombs are usually dark, and lighting is very sparse, but you can still add enough light to make it navigable without spoiling the mood. Definitely get to experimenting with lighting as soon as you get your hands on a good tutorial, and don't be afraid to try adding in some music to suit the mood.

2.) Technical Tweaks: Alright, so I can see as a mapper you're off to a good start. You've shown proficiency in making standard brushes, ramps, curves, and had adequate practice using textures and even some map objects. Now you gotta do some tweaks. I noticed one particular corridor had two mismatching walls, which seemed a little off, and the random "Yavin" room was VERY awkward. One of the textures for your wall awasn't included(It's JK2 texture,) and resulted in a missing texture error, and your grass(?) texture was tiled as opposed to stretched out over the area, which made it look quite weird. Actually, the whole Yavin room seemed rather out of place in conjunction with the rest of the architecture, so maybe next version might be wise to change that until you have a better mastery of nature design.

Download: Ancient Egyptian Catacombs
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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Hell_Mappack Remake
This is a remake of Ron and Mike's first work, Hell_Mappack. Many new features have been added compared to the original mappack. The guys at the Splash Damage Forums have been a great help. I hope you enjoy this mappack!

Download: Hell_Mappack Remake
More Return to Castle Wolfenstein: FileFront's Return to Castle Wolfenstein Files

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: The Fortress 2
This episode pack is a version improved of my second work called The Fortress 2(Beta).
* Changes on this version *

1 - All levels were optimizeds with textures/common/areaportal and Hint brushes, 2 - Added more effects on explosions (Cannons and vehicles), 3 - Added camera interruption on level 2 (all cutscene), 4 - Solved the minor bugs that are on version Beta, 5 - Removed some models and textures for optimization, 6 - Added new models for explosions effects, 7 - Solved problems with terrain on level 3 with option "video vertex(low)", 8 - Some changes were made on gameplay, 9 - Added new sounds for weapons (MG42, MP40 and Dynamite)

Note: To play with original weapons's sounds, delete the file sp_new_sound_weapons.pk3.

Download: The Fortress 2
More Return to Castle Wolfenstein: FileFront's Return to Castle Wolfenstein Files

Stalker: Salucemi: Battleground
This map, by Kill_Joy8, is a first map. It's fairly middle-of-the-road as far as first maps go - definitely some issues, but not a poor start. It's supposed to be set on Saleucami, one of several planets featured for about three seconds in Episode III that have since gotten lots of attention. It's like a grimy Felucia, basically (although they share equal weight in the "movie-significance club").

This map takes a decent stab at the setting, although it has been done before with more proficiency. What gets me most here is the fact that the map is so very clearly the default munged map, while at the same time being relatively well-decorated. The periphery of the map is completely unchanged from the stock munged map, the sky is the same, and the command posts are in the same starting four locations. The map would be a lot better if this weren't a constant reminder of that default starting point!

Download: Salucemi: Battleground
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Team Fortress 2: CP Kakariko (Alpha 3)
You will only receive a team point for capping both dark and light world villages. Beetle is working on fixing that so you get a team point every time you win a round whether it be light or dark. And yet again, give AgeNt_ a round of applause for contributing his plant and tree models within the map – both light and dark world versions.

Download: CP Kakariko (Alpha 3)
More Team Fortress 2: FileFront's Team Fortress 2 Files

Unreal Tournament 2004: DM-INV-AlienLockdown
My first Inv map, and my first map using movers. This map has quite a big safe room and sniper spot. Plz comment.

Download: DM-INV-AlienLockdown
More Unreal Tournament 2004: FileFront's Unreal Tournament 2004 Files

S K I N S / M O D E L S

Armada 2: First Contact style Aegian
Hot on the heels of his last release, we have a new ship from Starfox. This is the Aegian in First Contact style, and it looks great. Like his last few models this is also incorporating 5 LOD's, saving a huge amount of resources on your graphics card and letting you have a far greater number of high detail ships onscreen than would otherwise be possible.

Download: First Contact style Aegian
More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Armada 2: Post Nemesis Ambassador Class
This is a mod using P81's USS Excalabur as its base and drawing insperation from Wicked Zombie's USS Vanquisher. She is setup for a post Dominion War fleet.

Download: Post Nemesis Ambassador Class
More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Armada 2: Saber replacement
This is one of the best Saber model out there for gaming. A real high end piece of hardware. The mesh is by Queball and is the best I know of. Despite its size (5700+polies) the 5 Levels Of Detail for both mesh and textures should keep her running smooth on all but the oldest PCs.

Download: Saber replacement
More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Call of Duty 2: White_Russian's Golden Colt .45 (1.0)
This is a gold recolour of the default skin for the Colt .45, including recoloured normal and specular maps.

This is a nice gold skin for the Colt but they are still improvements that can be made in my honest opinion. The texture is a little rough on the head of the gun and it just needs a bit more smoothing over while trying to keep the overall shape of the Colt, if that's done it will be a great skin.

Download: White_Russian's Golden Colt .45 (1.0)
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Call of Duty 4: Chrome MP5
This skin replaces the default black h&k mp5 with a shiny silver/chrome version. Parts of the weapon have been left black for a nice contrast. Version 1.1 also fixes a texture bug at the firemode switch and adds another chrome plate above the barrel.

One of CoDFiles favourite skins return to the frame with a new version! There is a slight contrast change to the gun with some parts being left black but this new version mostly fixes a texture bug mentioned above, so if you're in love with this skin like we are at CoDFiles, you can now get it without the bug!

Download: Chrome MP5
More Call of Duty 4: FileFront's Call of Duty 4 Files

Call of Duty 4: Urban Warfare Desert Eagle
The new addition of the Urban Warfare series, a black/tan-based Desert Eagle, based on the Splinter Cell: Conviction's FIVESEVEN. Recently back at making some skins, I decided to continue a project I was making since a while but left in the dust. This Desert Eagle is aiming for alternative to reality, even though it doesn't look like it. I insipred in the Splinter Cell: Conviction's FIVESEVEN with the tan colour.

This is a fantastic deagle skin by noyus, the colours and the whole lighting effect really brings out the shape of the gun quite nicely, it makes it look menacing and exactly how a deagle should look if you're going for that realistic touch, which noyus has pulled off so well here.

Download: Urban Warfare Desert Eagle
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Empire at War: Defender Corvette
Here it is, you know you want it. This is a model of the Defender Light Corvette, The Defender Corvette is a small corvette for th Republic in the Old Republic Era. The model comes complete with code and icon. Some additional coding is required to get it ingame

Download: Defender Corvette
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Empire at War: Uber Lancet (1.0)
The Uber Lancet. A new Imperial weapon, and successor of the normal TIE Lancet. Even though slow, it just makes the rebels run. Changes: 40 DPS instead of 20, More Health - Larger, and other changes I forgot about.

Download: Uber Lancet (1.0)
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Excavator
Here is an Excavator for GTA San Andreas, this will replace any vehicle of your choice within GTA San Andreas, this Excavator has been very well made, has some very detailed textures and does look very good in the game itself. Although the actual digger parts of the Excavator don't work themselves but it is possible to scoop cars with the front in theory at least and it does come with a custom handling and can be fun to drive as well.

Video from the Author

Download: Excavator
More Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: FileFront's Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Files

Jedi Knight III: Galen Merek Clone
I never liked the idea of TFU, much less TFU 2...mucher less the fact that they copped out of killing a character and then just use the clone plot device to bring him back. Just plain cheap, n' it practically nullifies the past story(not that I approved of it, I'm just sayin don't throw away what y'got.)

...but that don't stop another person from liking it, or even making a skin for it. So, whaddoo we got? JADEN MALE RESKIN FOR 10 POINTS! Yes, quite a popular model to reskin when Starkiller is the main goal. This skin is very light colored: Lotta white, lotta bright silver, and for some reason, there's two ragged loin flaps around his pelvis. What's that about, I wonder? Can't even keep up a good outfit, this one.

Quality wise, this thing can't be beat. Accuracy? Dunno. Face definitely doesn't look anything like 'im, I'll give ya that much, but at least you have the basic features right, so you won't worry while you're playing him. So, guess there's not much else I can say. This is just another jump-the-gun project, since TFU II isn't even out yet. Not a bad piece of work, though, so definitely could tide one over.

Download: Galen Merek Clone
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Jedi Knight III: Galactic Alliance Jedi Armor
So the idea of an armored jedi skin is nothing new, but mando-inspired armor? That's gotta be a first.

The skinning here is well done, considering the armor was added to a model that wasn't originally meant to have any. Shaders are present, so expect some nice, shiny armor. There are also a handful of heads. They each feature some sort of battle scar. Unfortunately, they also feature visible texture seams where the chin meets the neck, since the chins all have facial hair while the neck doesn't. The result is unpleasant, but hard to notice without looking closely.

On the plus side, there is SP support, allowing you to customize the color of the armor. Though, I must confess, I was disappointed when I found that this skin doesn't take advantage of the char_color_* commands. That would have been a cherry on top, for sure. As with most mods, screenshots will say about 200 times as much as my words are capable of. That said, see the screenshots. In all, a nice little skin (pack). Worth the download? Sure.

Download: Galactic Alliance Jedi Armor
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Jedi Knight III: Ganseki Marek /S_A_HK reskin
And I thought we were done with Starkiller for now but no ;_; tormented we reviewers must remain reviewing all the Starkiller skins that come.

So this one actually was a reskin of the Starkiller model by HellKobra. Because the author was so gracious to tell us exactly what he did, I'm going to go ahead and quote his readme so you know what you're in for:

- Chair color chaned to black with hoar, - Improved Armor Teksture, - Bandadges , more COOL than standard grey bandadges, - hands , little improvement of fingers, - Red Light on arm Total reskinned to HD, - Eyes reskinned to blue and more natural, - skin on arms . now its hairy and with bloody wounds, - fular. more natural improvement, - icons ingame (icon_default/red//blue) changed do PNG without background, On icons you can see, logo of my jk3 clan/order Jedi Wanderers, i left it on purpose., - ADDED NPC SUPPORT (npc spawn secret_apprentice_HK)

The result actually is very pleasing to the eye, I must confess. He has a very reflective and even an older look to him. The flanks of his hair look to have been grayed slightly, not sure if that was original or not, but the whole look makes him seem older, and more respectable. Other than that, I find myself having very little to say on this skin. It's not a bad little skin. Worth a look, at least.

Download: Ganseki Marek /S_A_HK reskin
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Knights of the Old Republic: Bastila Got Back
The modder known as VPcombat here and more commonly perhaps to you as VarsityPuppet has produced for us a modification which I'm sure will prove popular with many of you. Essentially what this modification does is improve Bastilas "assets" - so for those who thought that Bastila was not well enough endowed I am sure that this modification is for you. Included are the files for both Knights of the Old Republic games, so you can enjoy Bastilas back in both games. There is a fair level of technical expertise as well as patience required to make a modification such as this; this is also the modders first attempt at such a tweak. Be sure to check out the screenshots to see if this modification is for you, as with all aesthetic mods a review of the screenshots to ascertain if this modification is for you!

Download: Bastila Got Back
More Knights of the Old Republic: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic Files

Knights of the Old Republic: Kaoru's Fenris Armor
ChAiNz.2da returns!!! Which I'm sure will make many of you excited, although unfortunately ChAiNz.2da has not returned to modding, but has decided to release to the public for the first time a previously unreleased Knights of the Old Republic game. Essentially this contains Jedi Armour which allows Force Power use, which I'm sure will prove popular with many of you. The mod, is as you would expect excellent and upto ChAiNz usual exceptional standards.

The mod does however come with several slight inconveniences firstly the mod was made pre-TSL patcher days and edits baseitems.2da this means that to make the mod compatible with other mods which use this file combing the two files manually is required. Furthermore the item is not placed in game which means using cheats is required to wear the armour. Despite the above issues this is a great mod, by one of the communities finest and ChAiNz has produced a very good looking set of armour, be sure to check out the screenshots to see what the modder has made.

Download: Kaoru's Fenris Armor
More Knights of the Old Republic: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic Files

Knights of the Old Republic II: M16's
So what this does is put my models of the M16A1, M16A2, M4 Carbine, and M16A2 M203 into both KOTOR's for our pleasure, so like always, go enjoy yourselves. And if you can give any advise of how to make them better, just tell me, im open for anything.

Download: M16's
More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

Medal of Honor: Shotgun_of_two_cannons

If you already have installed a previous version it is very important that you erase the archives .pk3 that correspond to each game.


/EA GAMES/MOHAA/main/zz_Shotgun_of_two_cannons_MOHAA.pk3
/EA GAMES/MOHAA/mainta/zz_Shotgun_of_two_cannons_spearhead.pk3
/EA GAMES/MOHAA/maintt/zz_Shotgun_of_two_cannons_breakthrough.pk3

The previous version had a very important failure, The previous version did not cause any damage when you struck with secondary attack.

Download: Shotgun_of_two_cannons
More Medal of Honor: FileFront's Medal of Honor Files

Operation Flashpoint: cjFulcottv1RSbeta
Remiting the correct Beta file this time its a aircruiser-starship style set of addons. I'm classifying them as Aircraft and Air Cruisers because they bear the US Army logo on the side, not the UFP type.

The feature craft for only west and resistence sides, a dynamic effct bridge on all designs, weapon types that do attack people but due to reduced damage per shot allows a longer fight and less to no flip over oppurtunity. They also have no velocity limitations allowing them to fly at default game speeds.

They are the Fulcott class (the little one with a TOS style sec hull seen in STXI), and Vesper varients, as well as two revised designs also featuring the US style logos.

Download: cjFulcottv1RSbeta
More Operation Flashpoint: FileFront's Operation Flashpoint Files

Operation Flashpoint: cjFulcottv1RSbeta
cjHelicanonV1 (Final) - UH-60, Mi-17 and CH-47D armed varients Included are four craft 2 west side, 1 east and 1 resistence ufp default designed helicopters, now armed with a realistic for their size weaponry the manchine gun from the A10. Built with the thought of an air cruiser or Avatar style aerial combat in mind. They require only ofp v1.20 (maybe prior to any who have it).

Download: cjFulcottv1RSbeta
More Operation Flashpoint: FileFront's Operation Flashpoint Files

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 #1 - 09-27-2010 at 09:10
Joined: October 27th, 2009
Posts: 1536
Shame about Little Big Planet, but meh, I only ever play it at a friend's house as I don't have a PS3, but it's fun all the same stick out tongue

Oh, and that x6 core AMD processor is a rip off.

 #2 - 09-28-2010 at 02:04
From: (Leiden)
Joined: December 4th, 2002
Posts: 647
The new Need for Speed Hot Pursuit trailer looks cool. I might have to check out the demo Pimp!

 #3 - 10-03-2010 at 08:08
From: (Victoria)
Joined: February 5th, 2007
Posts: 680
I was under the impression crouching in halo does NOT improve accuracy?

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