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  FileFront's Weekly Network News Update - Issue 167 - FileFront News
  Posted by: Danny on 10-24-2010 @ 16:36
This News Item has been viewed 39,181 times
Welcome to all, for the 167th version of the Filefront Network Insider, there have been a lot of new files this week for more of the network sites including the usual maps, a few modifications, lots of maps and of course lots of news from the Network Sites as well as from Gaming Today. This week there has been a fair few files added to the network sites, including a lots of maps, mini mods and more. The news from Gaming today includes more news about new games, trailers, reviews, lots of news from BlizzCon: 2010, a Sam 3 editor beta as well as more which can be found Here

We also have another competition for filefront, although you will only have until the end of Tuesday 2nd November(PST) to have a go. So as normal for the Network Insider we have listed all the major gaming happenings, the biggest modifications and files within the last week for you below. Remember; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Insider, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the insider then simply drop us an E-Mail at The Insider, or email it to me at Danny[at]filefront[dot]com (please put "Insider" as the subject though smile ).

If you like the Network insider please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, support or even death threats stick out tongue (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further). That is of course if anyone actually reads this!

Filefront Competition - Enslaved Super Pack Giveaway

Ends 11:59 PM PST on Tuesday, November 2nd, so get busy posting!

Another Wednesday, and we’ve got another awesome giveaway for you. This week, it’s some awesome Enslaved gift packs provided by our good friends at Namco.

We loved Enslaved here at FileFront. We loved it so much, we’re giving away several packs that contain all of this:

* Enslaved T-Shirt (Large only)
* Enslaved mini comic
* Enslaved Official soundtrack
* Enslaved Notebook
* A copy of the game
* Codes for the Enslaved DLC Costumes

Want to get your hands on some of that awesome? Here’s what you need to do:

Tell us (in the comments below) your perfect plot for Enslaved 2. Be descriptive. The most creative, most unique ideas will be the winners.

A couple of important points:

* You MUST use a valid email address when you comment.
* You MUST specify which console you’d like the game on if you win (PS3 or XBox 360)
* You MUST be in the US or Canada.

You’ve got a little time to be creative, as this contest doesn’t end until 11:59 PM PST on November 2. Get cracking!

If you somehow haven’t paid attention to Enslaved (like if you were in a cave somewhere), you should really check out our review.

Please note to enter you must go via this filefront page (not this insider page)

Gaming News
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Filefront Gaming Today News: 10 Games In Which Everyone Should Have Died At the End

Not many game end with main characters/player characters dying at the end. And, sometimes, when it does happen, everybody gets all pissed off about it (like Fallout 3). But some games would be massively improved if the protagonist(s)/everyone just ended up dead once all is said and done. And here are a few of them.

10: Left 4 Dead
09: Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2009
08: Driver: San Francisco
07: Halo 3
06: Lost: Via Domus
05: Tie Fighter
04: Fallout 3
03: Super Mario Land
02: Every Metal Gear Solid Game
01: Final Fantasy XIII

Read: 10 Games In Which Everyone Should Have Died At the End
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Filefront Gaming Today News: 3D Mark 11 Trailers Shows Off The Future of Graphics

Futuremark’s Benchmarking tool 3D Mark 11 is looking pretty awesome. The tool tests visual capabilities for modern 3D video cards through a series of rendering and video tests. Well the latest “Demo” has just been announced. The “High Temple” demo is now on display. The program uses this scene to push DirectX 11 testing on enabled hardware.

Watch the video below to see just how far video graphics can go, especially when there is no gameplay or player choice to worry about.

Read: 3D Mark 11 Trailers Shows Off The Future of Graphics
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Arcania: Gothic 4 Review

So Fallout: New Vegas came out this week, and on the same day, Spellbound released Arcania, the fourth game in the Gothic series. This invites an unfortunate comparison.

Positioning two action-RPGs directly beside each other is a great idea if the two games can actually compete, but while Fallout and Arcania are fundamentally different, their similarities do a lot to highlight Arcania’s shortcomings. And the more time one spends playing Arcania, the more those shortcomings stack up.

That’s not to say that this fantasy world action-RPG isn’t decent, because it is — but next to a game with full-blown characters and story such as that brought to mind by the word “Fallout,” Arcania falters. These are areas in which it just can’t compete.

(For Full Review please see below link!)

Read: Arcania: Gothic 4 Review
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Expansion is $15, Has New Trailer

We got a first look at the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam expansion a few weeks back, and now EA’s got even more info for us.

It looks like you’re going to need to shell out $15 to get the expansion, which will include four multiplayer maps, 15 weapons, 10 Achievements/Trophies, and what EA calls, “All-new voiceovers for both American and Vietnamese forces, based on authentic communication from the Vietnam war for maximum immersion.”

You can get a great look at the upcoming expansion in this brand new gameplay trailer. Enjoy the embed below, or download it from our fast, free servers.


Read: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Expansion is $15, Has New Trailer

Filefront Gaming Today News: BlizzCon: 2010 Dancing Man Breaks Leg During Competition

The first casualty of Blizzcon occurred Friday night as a dance-off competitor named Daniel, rocked out a little too hard and ended up breaking his leg. Daniel had been doing his best Undead male impersonation when he went down hard. He got back up and tried to continue but fell a second time and could not stand. Host Jay Mohr called for help and the injured man was carried offstage. “You can’t kill him, he’s already dead!’ quipped Jay Mohr as Daniel was taken offstage.

Read: BlizzCon: 2010 Dancing Man Breaks Leg During Competition
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Filefront Gaming Today News: BlizzCon 2010: Cataclysm Features Revamped Classic Dungeons

Between the Cataclysm expansion on Dec. 7 and Blizzard’s next big content patch for World of Warcraft, patch 4.1, there are going to be a lot of improvements to several classic dungeon layouts to make them less rigorous and tiresome.

Blizzard’s Lead Content Designer Cory Stockton and Lead Encounter Designer Scott Mercer used a panel at BlizzCon 2010 Friday to talk about the time they’ve spent revisiting old dungeons in the game, identifying problems, and working to create a better experience — mostly by doing what Mercer described as “Cutting out The Suck.”

The changes generally boil down to cutting dungeons up into “wings,” or thematically similar smaller dungeons rather than one big, irritating dungeon. They’ve also gone back and hacked out pieces of long and confusing dungeons where not a lot is happening, both to limit the time it takes to explore them, and to make the experience more even.

Read: BlizzCon 2010: Cataclysm Features Revamped Classic Dungeons
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Filefront Gaming Today News: BlizzCon 2010: Diablo III “Demon Hunter” Class Hands-On Preview

When Blizzard officially unveiled the Diablo III Demon Hunter class earlier this morning (along with PvP zones), I sent my not-at-BlizzCon colleague Phil Owen a rather colorful, excited text message about it. Go give it a looksee. It’s pretty accurate, if a bit boyish.

Now that I’ve spent a couple of hands-on hours with the Demon Hunter, attended a developer panel about it (recap post coming later), and had some time to reflect and cool down, let me try describing Diablo III’s 5th and final class:

The Demon Hunter specializes in ranged attacks, but she’s extremely fast on her feet. She dual-wields crossbows (hell yeah), which have a quick rate of fire and can chop down foes in a few hits from a very safe distance. When surrounded, she can use an ability called “Vault,” which is an acrobatic, shadowy somersault-looking dodge, which covers a
pretty insane amount of ground, putting her well out of the fray.

Read: BlizzCon 2010: Diablo III “Demon Hunter” Class Hands-On Preview
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Blizzcon 2010: Diablo 3 B-Roll Gameplay Trailer

Straight from Blizzcon, here’s an awesome video showing off in-game footage of the just-announced Demon hunter class. Seriously, you owe it to yourself to check this one out.

We’re having a few issues with streaming video at the moment (they should be resolved soon), but you still download your very own high-res copy right here.

Read: Blizzcon 2010: Diablo 3 B-Roll Gameplay Trailer
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Filefront Gaming Today News: BlizzCon 2010: Hot Ghost Cosplay

This is probably about as close to actually stepping into the role of a StarCraft ghost anyone will ever be.

Plus side: it’s sexier than the digital StarCraft: Ghost screens on GameCube.

Read: BlizzCon 2010: Hot Ghost Cosplay
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Filefront Gaming Today News: BlizzCon 2010: Metzen says WoW movie going forward

The story for the World of Warcraft movie adaptation is “bitchin’.”

So said Blizzard Vice President of Creative Development Chris Metzen Friday at a BlizzCon 2010 panel on WoW Quests and Lore. He said the company has been having meetings with director Sam Raimi about the possibilities of the project.

Apparently the job now is to figure out where the WoW movie falls on Raimi’s list of projects and priorities, and, of course, get the official okay to make a movie out of the game. Although with 12 million subscribers worldwide, it seems kind of ludicrous to believe the film could be stalled by any concerns.
Read: BlizzCon 2010: Metzen says WoW movie going forward
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Blizzcon 2010: New Leagues for Starcraft 2 Multiplayer

So you’ve finally climbed all the way into the diamond league. You’re at the top of the heap. No one can call you a noob now, right? Well Blizzard has a surprise for you, in the form of two new leagues ABOVE diamond. That’s right, get ready to feel inferior all over again as you try futilely to claw your way into the “Master” or “Grandmaster” league.

I asked Starcraft 2’s lead artist Allen Dilling why the Starcraft folks want so badly to crush our self-esteem. He explained to me that it was less about crushing self-esteem and more about creating some really epic matches. Allen pointed out that there is a “big difference” between a high level diamond and a low level diamond. This is a point I tend to agree with him on, especially while getting owned by people with APM that is twenty or thirty times my own. So the idea here is to pit the really good players against other really good players, seems fair enough.

Read: Blizzcon 2010: New Leagues for Starcraft 2 Multiplayer
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Filefront Gaming Today News: BlizzCon 2010: New WoW Cinematic for The Worgen

A new WoW cinematic was unveiled at BlizzCon on Saturday. The scene was the opening for the Worgen, who are going to be the new additions to the Alliance in Cataclysm. The Worgen are a werewolf species with the ability to transform into humans.

In the cinematic a mysterious stranger addresses a captured Worgen in a cage. The stranger implies that the Worgen had done some horrible things and deserved to be imprisoned. Shots of the Worgen running through the woods and being generally creepy help to emphasize this point.

Apparently, the humans who captured the Worgen believe it can be redeemed, the stranger on the other hand, isn’t so sure. This leaves us with one of two possibilities when you take control of the Worgen: Either you break out of the cage and go on a brutal killing spree (fingers crossed), or the humans let you out of the cage in some misguided attempt at rehabilitating you. I suppose a third possibility would be that you simply stay inside your cell and complete a lot of cage-based quests, like reflecting on your life and doing prison work outs.

Read: BlizzCon 2010: New WoW Cinematic for The Worgen
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Filefront Gaming Today News: BlizzCon 2010: Starcraft 2 Finals Recap

Starcraft fans at Blizzcon got a special treat on Saturday night as the final two contestants battled for a $25,000 prize in the BlizzCon Starcraft 2 invitational. Loner, the Terran player, had already defeated NexGenius in a best of three series. But the tournament was double elimination, which meant that Loner would have to beat the Protoss, NexGenius in another best of three in order to take home the prize money.

And so the stage was set, if Loner won this best of three it was all over. But if NexGenius could win the series he would force one last best of three (as Loner hadn’t yet been defeated) to determine a winner.

With the tournament on the line, Day 9 (of the famous Day 9 Daily) was on hand to commentate. As the game began, Day 9 told the audience that he was rooting for NexGenius, in the hope that he would get to commentate on a second series. The chosen map was Scrap Station, which meant the opposing bases were a short flight or a long walk away from each other.

Read: BlizzCon 2010: Starcraft 2 Finals Recap
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Blizzcon 2010: Upcoming Starcraft 2 Mods

While there was no word on the upcoming Starcraft 2 expansion at the Blizzcon opening ceremony, there was some exciting news for Starcraft 2 fans. Blizzard has been hard at work on four new mods, which will be released one at a time before the “Heart of the Swarm” expansion comes out.

Aiur Chef (a parody of Iron Chef) is a mod that will have players taking control of a spatula wielding zealot with a pot on his head. Your mission is to hunt down different ingredients and cook up more point scoring dishes than your opponents. These games are eight way free-for-alls that will have you scouring a map fraught with peril just to bring home the bacon… er… Ultralisk. The catch is that the other “chefs” may just decide to chop you up instead of their entree.

(see link below for more...)

Read: Blizzcon 2010: Upcoming Starcraft 2 Mods
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Blizzcon 2010: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm B-Roll Gameplay Trailer

We’ve got boots on the ground at Blizzcon, and they sent us this awesome footage from the upcoming World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion. It really doesn’t need much explanation, so you can just watch it and decide for yourself.

Download the Trailer - HERE

Read: Blizzcon 2010: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm B-Roll Gameplay Trailer
More Filefront Gamingtoday News: Filefront's Gaming Today

Filefront Gaming Today News: Diablo III Gets a PVP Zone

In other exciting Diablo III news, we just learned that the game will have player vs. player arena battles. And they will support 3-on-3 team battles. And you can try it out right now at BlizzCon. Speaking of which, we’re at BlizzCon, and we’re going to try it, and we’ll tell you how it is, children. We’ll also be trying out the Demon Hunter as well, of course. Stand by!

Read: Diablo III Gets a PVP Zone
More Filefront Gamingtoday News: Filefront's Gaming Today

Filefront Gaming Today News: Download WoW: Cataclysm Ahead of Launch

Opening ceremonies at BlizzCon 2010 just wrapped up with a couple of cool announcements. The less dazzling one still should give World of Warcraft players some relief: you can preorder and download the next expansion pack, Cataclysm, ahead of its Dec. 7 launch.

Blizzard did the same thing with StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and it was pretty helpful for those of us who wanted to be ready to go fill zerglings with rifle bullets right at midnight of launch day.

Read: Download WoW: Cataclysm Ahead of Launch
More Filefront Gamingtoday News: Filefront's Gaming Today

Filefront Gaming Today News: Fable 3 Walkthrough

Peter Molyneux’s vaulting ambition knows no bounds. The British game designer is poised to outdo himself once again with Fable III, the latest entry in his series of epic, thought-provoking RPGs.

One emphasis this time around is dynamism, which has been fleshed out from the original game. Players’ appearance will change based on their good or evil actions, and the aspect of their weapons will changed based on how they are used and whom they are employed to kill. The emotions menu, a core element of Fable II’s gameplay, will now dynamically react to particular situations that arise between the player character and various NPC’s.

Read: Fable 3 Walkthrough
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Fallout Online to Launch in 2012

Fallout Online has been under the radar for a while, except for that whole court case with Bethesda.

Interplay has been sending out some strange updates that appear to be from NPC’s in the game, and now they’ve confirmed to Edge Magazine that the game will release in late 2012.

While they aren’t releasing very much from the game, which Interplay president Eric Caen says is due to the aforementioned court case, he did say this:

I can’t say too much. What I can say is that everyone who is registered is getting a newsletter every five or six weeks. The content is not a typical newsletter with a lot of technical information; it’s letters from NPCs about what they’re experiencing.

Read: Fallout Online to Launch in 2012
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Filefront Gaming Today News: God of War Collection Heading to PSN

God of War: Ghost of Sparta is heading to the PSP on November 2. Today we learned that more God of War goodies are also coming that day; November 2 is also the day that the God of War Collection will make its way onto the Playstation Network. No pricing info for the US yet, but this is good news probably for folks who haven’t picked this up on Blu-ray in the year it’s been out, because if Sony is on top of their game this will be cheaper than the physical copy.

Of course, NCAA Football 10 for the PSP is still $39.99 from the PS store, so maybe it won’t be cheaper. Sony’s announced European price for it — 17.99 euro for each game and 29.99 euro for the combined pack — doesn’t really inspire confidence that the digital copy will come in under the $29.99 price tag for the Blu-ray copy of the game. But I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

Read: God of War Collection Heading to PSN
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Huge Payday For Team Fortress 2 Community Contributors

In a press release sent out today, Valve stunned the internet gaming community with news that Team Fortress 2′s participation in Peer to peer Marketplace was a smashing success. Community members Rob Laro, Shawn Spetch, Steven Skidmore, Spencer Kern, and Shaylyn Hamm received HUGE royalties to the tune of $39,000 to $47,000 per person, for the original content they contributed during the initial round of content creation. Yeah, that’s a whole lot of scrilla.

PtoP Marketplace is a new set of tools and services community members can license for free from Steamworks. Team Fortress 2 was the first to make use of it, and unless $40,000 in royalties doesn’t sound like a lot of money, we all have to admit it was a good idea. From the release:

” Five Steam community members [who] participated in the initial round of content creation… received checks for the first two weeks of sales, with royalties ranging from $39,000 to $47,000 per person.

Read: Huge Payday For Team Fortress 2 Community Contributors
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Lord of the Rings Online’s Producer Talks Future Update Changes

Lord of the Rings Online players wondering how things would change for them after the free-to-play relaunch can rest a little easier now. In her monthly producer’s note, Turbine’s Kate Paiz outlined some of the good news about the state of the game and outlined a bit regarding how the company will be adjusting its approach to further content expansion.

Turbine is moving away from the Book/Chapter updates which dominated the game since launch, often including huge storyline advancement along with game tweaks. Instead, the company will adopt smaller, non-story tied updates to allow more frequent content flow.

On the topic of updates, I wanted to let you know that we have shifted the way we think about our releases. In the past our updates depended on new Books being added to the Epic story. Going forward, updates will not always feature a new installment in the epic story line. By decoupling the Books from Updates we’ll have the flexibility to offer different types of new content and new features in each release.

Read: Lord of the Rings Online’s Producer Talks Future Update Changes
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Microsoft VP Bashes 3D

Sony is all about the 3D. Microsoft is not. Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer says why that is, per CNN.

As an entertainment company, we’re trying to do things that millions of people can go enjoy today. And for better or for worse, people just don’t really have TVs in their house right now that are going to do 3-D in a way that’s going to work.

As a corporate mandate, I don’t need to sell you a new TV. That’s not part of my business model. Other companies maybe have that part of their business model. I don’t.

Read: Microsoft VP Bashes 3D
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Filefront Gaming Today News: NBA Jam Will Be out on PS3 and 360 In November

It looks like I wasn’t being liberal in my interpretation of Peter Moore’s use of the word “ship” in relation to NBA Jam on the Xbox 360 and PS3, because the game is getting a full retail release on those consoles on November 16. Yes, I said November 16, otherwise known as two weeks and four days from right now. And it’s going to cost $49.99 for a game that is only half-functional at launch.

EA basically admits in their press release that the game won’t be finished in time to hit that date. In their own words…

At launch, gamers will be able to take on all rivals playing Classic 2-on-2 online for the first time ever, measuring their success on Friends and Global Leaderboards. In December 2010, the online features for NBA JAM will expand significantly with several major online features being delivered through a free title update for connected gamers. In December, connected fans will be able to team-up locally and online to compete in Remix Games, including classic arcade hoop games like Backboard Smash, Domination Free-for-All, Elimination, and 21.

Read: NBA Jam Will Be out on PS3 and 360 In November
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Serious Editor 3 Beta Is Available

It’s Press Release day on FileFront, and this time it’s Serious Sam fans and modders who need to take note: You’ve just been handed a chance to take an active role in the development of Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter. In a release put out earlier today, Croteam has announced that Serious Editor 3 Beta will be available for FREE via an update on Steam. Participants will be able to make their own single player, co-op or multiplayer maps, fill them with custom objects and buildings, and distribute them worldwide. Which is just wonderful.

We’re not the first to point this out, but we don’t care because it’s hilarious. Croteam giveth the trash talk:

“Both Serious Sam fans and those nasty forum trolls always tell us that anyone could make a better campaign level or multiplayer map than us,” said an anonymous level designer at Croteam. “Well prove it, ladies. Knock yourselves out.”

Read: Serious Editor 3 Beta Is Available
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Filefront Gaming Today News: The Witcher 2 May or May Not See a Console Release

Without question, The Witcher was one of my favorite games of 2007. This should have been blatantly obvious to anyone who read by giddy E3 preview of the upcoming sequel, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

When we saw The Witcher 2, we were also told that the game would be releasing on PC, and maybe PS3 and XBox 360. Those console versions, much like CDProjekt’s previous console announcement Rise of the White Wolf, may now never see the light of day.

In a statement to Eurogamer, senior producer Tomasz Gop described the Witcher 2 on console as “potential,” and that it would not be likely that it would release alongside the PC version even it was was decided to make it. This is bad news for console gamers, but at least “potential” still holds out some hope.

Read: The Witcher 2 May or May Not See a Console Release
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Battlefield 1942: Bad Company 2: Vietnam Trailer and Price
Dice has posted a trailer showcasing one of the maps to be included, as well as the price of the expansion pack: 1200 Microsoft Points.

Read: Bad Company 2: Vietnam Trailer and Price
More Battlefield 1942 News: FileFront's Battlefield 1942 Files

Call of Duty: Message to all File Submitters - Credit your Peers!
To all members of the community, especially those that submit files to this site, either regularly or on an ad-hoc basis.

Over the last week I have received numerous emails about not just one mod, which was the 'New Weapons Mod' but another mod too.

I have answered all emails I have received on those mods, and those emails were about mods containing features of other mods that were not given correct credit, but simply put in the mod and made to be their own. I would first of all like to say that for those of the mods that I have recently deleted and developers I have contacted (you know who you are), you may have not done this intentionally but it is common practice in the modding community to credit others where you have used other peoples work.

The 'New Weapons Mod' has been deleted and some other mods too, which I do not want to mention but I do it during my 'mod stealing scouting runs' on the site. When I do those I email the authors first to make sure that they know what they have done and most do apologise and ask me to put the credits in, however those that don't get their files removed immediately.

I would also like to note that most of the developers that I find run into these crediting errors are new file submitters, this is why I take a lenient stance at first and try to explain to them how this modding community (and I'm sure all modding communities) work.
Read: Message to all File Submitters - Credit your Peers!
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Diablo 3: 1000 Diablo 3 Beta Keys @ Blizzcon 2010

"I am happy to announce that a thousand of you will be randomly selected for free beta keys for Diablo 3."
-Paul Sams, Blizzcon 2010

We can only cross our fingers that those that watched blizzcon live at blizzcon.rayv.com will be among those selected for free beta keys. smile

Read: 1000 Diablo 3 Beta Keys @ Blizzcon 2010
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Empire at War: Ultimate Empire at War: A Short October Update
Greetings fans,
The release date previously posted is incorrect, release will be when we are finished, however should be soon. Chris is being declared inactive now, due to an inability to communicate with his team. He is welcome to come back when he has the time. Myself and Solar will carry on this mod to completion as much as possible, and to demonstrate that we have uploaded a video here.

Until next time
Read: Ultimate Empire at War: A Short October Update
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Flight Simulator X: What have we been up to this week?
This week i have been flying a Learjet 45 around the islands of Hawaii. It's been a welcome change from flying to large international airports in a Boeing 747-400, nice scenery shorter flights and more hands on flying.

I had a look online to see what aircraft are used to fly around these islands in real life. I came across an article on Wikipedia about Honolulu Intl Airport (ICAO: PHNL) that mentioned the use of Boeing 717's which I had never heard of, it appears this is because the Boeing 717 was marketed by McDonnel Douglas as the MD95...

After searching the net, I found one for fsx and i will be uploading it after this post..
Read: What have we been up to this week?
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Jedi Knight III: Site and Contest Updates!
Hey all, just a quick site update here. First off is a bit of a change to the File of the Week/Featured Files slots. As you will probably have noticed, sometimes we don’t get many files in a week and thus the FOTW and featured slots have the same files for two weeks. Rather than do this I think it is best in this situation to instead put up older files that may have been forgotten or are deserving of some attention. Various other sites do this, but JKFiles usually has enough new files per week so that we didn’t need to.

For those times that we don’t though, I will be putting some older files in those slots so we can still showcase excellent modding work that has been done in the past as well. Worry not if you are aiming for the File of the Week or Featured Slots with your mod, as new mods will still receive priority! For now I am going to put up a few files which should have been in those slots a month or two ago, but I wasn’t able to put up there because of the problems we were having with the site back end.

Read: Site and Contest Updates!
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Left 4 Dead 2: Lone Gunman
So this weeks mutation on L4D 2 is Lone Gunman. Basically it is 1 player with a magnum against deadly hordes, boomers and the occasional tank. The hordes are deadly as well, 1 hit can take 30 of your life on normal so be careful not to get hit.

Now a new mutation doesn't normally get that much attention here except to report it but this new one has really caught my eye. This makes single player truly single player. No bots to help you and when you go down its back to the last safe room for you. This mutation shows a new side to L4D that I have always thought could have worked out well. You get a real sense of isolation and knowing that at any moment a horde could end you adds a nice edge to it.

Films like the Omega man and I am Legend pushed this sense of being alone inside a apocalypse and while L4D is only a game it still kind of picks up on that sense. You do have to turn around when you hear a noise, no more depending on the bots to take care of the odd stray zombie. I like this mutation but I also think that with some tweaks Valve could make a brilliant gametype out of this and make it a permanent. What do you think ? Is the SP element of this mutation worth working on ? Is it more creepy without the bots ?

Read: Lone Gunman
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Half-Life 2: 1187
Almost a decade after the black mesa incident which opened up the portal storms you find yourself trying to cope with its aftermath, creatures appeared which came out of what seemed to be thin air. They cam without warning and swept the world, it is during this time that you find yourself your apartment. Alone. For no apparent reason you've been approached as in a dream by a man in a suit. Having no idea of what's going on all you can do is try to stay alive.

Full version of 1187 - Episode One. .EXE Installer, Make sure you read the install README within the installation.

Be sure to check that the folder path is correct. Some people might have steam installed differently, but it should be just fine. And yes you do have to have Half-Life - Episode 2 installed.

Download: 1187
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Half-Life 2: Zombie Panic: Source Barricade or Die (v1)
This is my first zps map i hope you enjoy i tried uploading this to fpsbanana but its shit because you must enter a shit load of stuff I'm hoping the proper grammar rule isn't really serious. Enjoy my map there will be more from me soon.

Download: Zombie Panic: Source Barricade or Die (v1)
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Jedi Knight III: Katanamaru Backhand Styles
What are YOU looking at? Backhand sabers appear to be all the rage these days. Unlike most, however, this one ups the ante a bit with actual animations meant just for backhanded sabers. To start off, I'd like to point out something that wasn't made entirely clear in the readme: This mod is meant for Single-Player

Now, the actual animations aren't that bad, but there's clear and definite room for improvement. To start, I found the slashes to be veeery slow compared to their normal counterparts. Not only that, but attempting to use any of the single-saber stances result in not being able to move at all. Also, the block/deflect animations still act as if you were wielding normal sabers.

On the plus side, what the author did to the left/right lean animations was pretty clever. But then there's the cinematics. Well, to put it simply: Just skip them. Why? Because Jaden Galen simply stands there, no animation at all. Probably has something to do with how the backhand stance is achieved. But aside from that, this stance pretty much works. Only a hand-full of problems to deal with. You'll know if you want if, you backhanded addicts. stick out tongue ...Why are you still reading this? Seriously, you're creeping me out... -.o

Download: Katanamaru Backhand Styles
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Armada 2: Modified Federation Phasers(FO)
Recently, there have been a few comments on the PotD's about Fleetops having phasers which were too thick. I decided to meet that demand. Thus, I have created this mod, which will make the standard federation phasers in Fleet Operations roughly 40% thinner, and hopefully satisfy the artistic needs of all us picky modders.

Download: Modified Federation Phasers(FO)
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Call of Duty 4: Toasty's Rebalancing Mod
This is a rebalancing mod, intended to make some of the weapons more effective against others. It features changes to recoil, ammo, firing rate, power, and a number of other things, with the intent of making some of the weapons more useful, especially the shotguns.

It does this rather well, increasing the range of the shotguns, making some weapons semi-auto, adjusting some rates of fire, and adding a number of other tweaks as well. If you think the game is unbalanced, this is certainly a nice place to start.

Download: Toasty's Rebalancing Mod
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Call of Duty: United Offensive: smoke_grenade.pk3
Now you can use smoke grenades in Call of Duty+United Offensive Single Player!!! Smoke grenades can be used in Call of Duty Single Player as well as in additional maps. There is incompatibility with mod Beyond the Call of Duty: United We Stand (v1.0, 1.1, 1.2). but remove the RGD-33russianhe from user_BtCoD-UwS.pk3/weapons/sp the game will function without problems.

Download: smoke_grenade.pk3
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Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2: Across Map Throwing Knife
This is a video of a player accidentally killing someone else with a throwing knife from across the map.

What's impressive is that the knife was just randomly thrown at the enemy spawn point, and just happened to hit someone. But you be the judges of that.

Download: Across Map Throwing Knife
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Doom III: OldSchool_GamePlay
This mod makes all the monsters, weapons and pickups act like they did in DooM and DooMII. Wich means, some monsters are stronger, others are weaker, Some weapons are more powerfull, others are less powerfull. Some pickups give you more, some less than in DooM3
Download: OldSchool_GamePlay
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Halo BHR Crazy (0.4)
What we have for you today is basically a "god mod". This is the sort of mod where weapons are given a good kick in the rear, resulting in a very un-even multiplayer experience. Gone are the days when people would kill team-mates just because they were not quick enough to get the tank when spawning. Now, you just pick up a frag grenade, and hurl it at the unfortunate individual who decided that he doesn't really need a full health bar anymore, lol. big grin

Using this does give the fun of multiplayer a little boost, but if you are one of those people who prefers tactics rather than modding, then give this a go and see if it changes you from "Mr McBland" to "Sir Pwnage". As always, temporary link to evade those server glitches. Those glicthes are as annoying as the Elites on Cairo Station, in Halo 2, on Legendary difficulty.

Download: BHR Crazy (0.4)
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Jedi Knight III: Jedi Outcast Sounds & stuff
Since this is basically a half-hearted attempt, I'll just let this part speak for itself:

This is a mod that brings the old sounds from JK2 back in Jedi Academy.

It doesn't replace anything, but if you want them to replace the JA sounds, well then comment or e-mail me or something, and I'll make them replace the JA sounds. This also brings back the Galak_Mech model, and the ol' Minemonster model from JK2. It's a bummer that you can't play either one of them in MP, but I guess you can still have fun in SP! This is a mod for the sounds from Jedi Outcast, + the Galak_mech and Mine monster models.

However, the Galak Mech will more than likely be missing his antenna and force field, since Jedi_HM2 did not include the materials for them. Everything else is pretty much just a full out swipe from the assets pk3s. You'll know if you want it.

Download: Jedi Outcast Sounds & stuff
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Medal of Honor: Z-Shotgun
Z-Thompson Converts your Thompson Sub-Machine Gun into the Thompson Automatic Shotgun. While I have changed the skin slightly, the credit for this weapon still belongs to EA Games. This weapon fires at a rate of 700rpm and never needs to be reloaded. The recoil has been removed and a zoom or (scope) has been added for sniping. The range and damage has been increased to levels that make it awesome. It will take out trucks and the half track, so you won't need to worry about the bazooka anymore, unless your taking out a tank. I used the Thompson this time because the sound file works in every map and it seems to get along well with others. I don't want anything for the hours I've spend making this mod and ask only that you enjoy it and have fun with it. This is the newest updated version of this weapon. Changes were larger barrel on shotgun, no ammo bar, improved lettering on the model.

Download: Z-Shotgun
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Soldier of Fortune 2: CGSmod
Here's an overview over the main client features and their usage:

Menu Options :

Sophisticated Menu Options, yet user friendly, have been added and changed.
The main changes are:
-"Skull" movie added to the "About" menu background.
-"Help" menu added to the options
-Set / change your crosshair functions, such as the colours, growth, etc.
-Network Settings added/changed: Rate, Snaps, smooth Clients, Antilag, Max Packets, Packetdup
-Demo Menu added: Start/Stop Demo buttons, Demo list

Adjustable HUD : Fully adjustable HUD. There are in total 3 different HUDs to choose from. The HUD can be color adjusted.

Knife Climb : Players can throw knifes at walls or any other solid objects to jump on them. Crouch jump works best. Knifes last for 8 seconds in their position.

Team Heal : Players can heal nearby teammates by pressing and holding use key (default ENTER).

Third Person : Players can bind a key to toggle between first person, third person without laser dot & third person with laser dot.

The position and appearance of personal spec list has been improved.

...and much more!

Download: CGSmod
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Stalker: Jamm's Weapon Sound Pack
A sound pack updating most of the weapon fire and reload sounds found in the STALKER: SoC game. The aim of this particular pack is to provide more realistic (and higher quality) weapon sounds while still being consistent within the rest of the game's ambiance.
Download: Jamm's Weapon Sound Pack
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Star Wars Battlefront 2: Delta Squad Menu Screen
JGPDOGLOVER is back with another one of his launcher screens. This one features the Delta commandos from Star Wars: Republic Commando. As launcher programs go, it's not too bad. Everything is legible for the most part, it works, and it is a bit of a change of pace from the standard menu screen. If you find yourself looking at the launcher screen a lot and thinking "Man, this really needs a bit of changing up," then this is the file for you.

Download: Delta Squad Menu Screen
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Battle for Middle Earth 2: ROTWK: Emyn Malta
This is my first map so don't judge it to hard. During the first and second age, the Dwarves, Elves and men created this master strategic layout by combining their skills. The name is Elvish for "golden hills", referring to the excellent gold mining in the mountains.

Download: Emyn Malta
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Call of Duty: DOB_Arnhem (v1)
This map was originally done by Talon and I decided to make it better by adding windows in some buildings which had none and adding several buildings to shoot from..I also added trees and tanks to hide behind and shoot from and I fixed some major problems with falling under the map in some places.This map is great for any type of game play.

Download: DOB_Arnhem (v1)
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Call of Duty 2: SP Radio Base v2.1-fix
This is an SP custom map created by modder named estonian/ also known as 3st0nian. This version is a slight update to version 2.0 of his map. It addresses the main text error that was found in version 2.0, i.e. - Menu text appearing out of order, in that sort of fashion. There are two files in here, ONLY in install one of them towards you main folder, read the readme in the file to learn more details about that. I was also given permission to fix and upload the file as well, thank you for that 3st0nian. All work and credit goes towards 3st0nian. Overall i found this to be a fun SP map created by 3st0nian, I hope you guys enjoy it to as well.

Download: SP Radio Base v2.1-fix
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Call of Duty: United Offensive: PuebloCanyon_UO
THE [40] just finished a brand new updated mod, and we challenged our Mega-Talented Map Creator to give us some new battle action. The result? His Fourth in a Series of Six entitled 'Pueblo Canyon'! With Record Setting Sniper Shots of 250+ meters, this monster map could quickly become a favourite on your COD/CODUO game server. It's the PERFECT DM & CTF map!

Download it, Feel the Magic, & Bring the Pain!!!

Download: PuebloCanyon_UO
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Call of Duty: United Offensive: Sub-Service WW2 for UO
THE [40] just finished a brand new updated mod, and we challenged our Mega-Talented Map Creator to give us some new battle action. The result? His Third in a Series of Six entitled Sub-Service WWII! Based off the Pub-D map 'UBoot', this multi-level, multi-game map will quickly become a favourite on your COD/CODUO game server. It's the PERFECT TDM & BEL map!

Download it, Feel the Magic, & Bring the Pain!!!

Download: Sub-Service WW2 for UO
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Company of Heroes: The Pass

About the file
Hawkeye is back with an update to his first map; "The Pass". Version 1.1 adds some additional passes on each end of the centre ridge, four new buildinds thrown into the mix for some stratagy, objects moved and added and finally some texture changes. As with the first version the map still contains the main road running through the centre as well as hills and trees used to add some variety.

Staff impression
Deffinatly an improvment over the first version with added textures and objects. Some buildings have been added to provide some cover for the footsloggers (that is until they get demolished stick out tongue) as well as a couple more passes in the ridgeline to entertain those of us who prefer a sneaky flank opposed to a more frontal assult. An expert or hard AI will keep things on the edge and a struggle the whole way, whatever your stratagy this map has it covered.

Download: The Pass
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Dawn of War: Dark Crusade: Eternal Frostbite
Valhallan Ice Warriors would be right at home in this map. Right down to the reivew! this is 1VS1 map the map is mostly bumpy, it is maneuverable for your troop and artillery. It is bland but then again it is a snow map, some decal through in here would have been nice.

Download: Eternal Frostbite
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Dawn of War: Dark Crusade: Into The Breach Jungle Version 2v3
So this remake of the Breach Map in DC. However with a 3rd race to fight against so it's better make sure your defenses are good! Anyways this map feels more alive, more realistic and what not. Sadly he wasn't able to place the gap in the middle of the map, don't worry it won't ruin gameplay. Now the gap is mad to slow down or stop large vehicles, however a Land speeder should be able to make threw with no issues!

Download: Into The Breach Jungle Version 2v3
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Doom III: Coeptis
A Doom 3 map, single player. Various areas and battles. fun and challenging, seems to play differently each time through. Enjoy.

Download: Coeptis
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Halo Unlimited Ammo Map Pack
Hi Everyone!! This is a map pack for halo whith unlimited ammo! There are 7 maps inside (4 are bloodgulch varients).

The maps are: sidewinder, beavercreek (Battle Creek), bloodgulch, bloodgulch with homing rockets, bloodgulch with homing rockes and teleports, and bloodgulch with teleports

These maps can be used in any way as you like just remember to credit me. You can still join normal games with the modded maps still there. Though it is recommended to to swap the maps with homing rockets with one without unlimited rockets. If you don't, the rockets will look like they're homing, but they're not.

The zany realm of unbalanced multiplayer continues with this unlimited ammo pack. Obviously, having unlimited ammo in Halo is not as easy as typing in a cheat code, which is where this mod comes in. Aside from teleports, there isn't really a whole lot of difference in these maps from their default counterparts. That, and the fact that they have unlimited ammo weapons, lol. Traditional multiplayer fans will not like this. But if you are bored with multiplayer, and if you can find a server that hosts these versions of the maps, join it, and just have a good time.

Download: Unlimited Ammo Map Pack
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Jedi Knight III: Bramble Gambol 2
I haven't seen much of his work, but when I saw the name "HiddenSpy" I was like "Oop, I know what this means." A little ways back, there was a map known as Brambol Gambol supplied to our site. It was basically the inside of a hollow thorn bush, with ten jumping-based challenges with varying difficulty. I decided to check out the older version before trying the new one. Suffice to say, these courses are HARD. Like, intensely hard. I've played old video games easier than these. Is this a bad thing? Hell no, it ain't. Why?

- All courses were tested thoroughly and proven possible over and over again. No course is luck, or randomly timed based. All can be done 100% of the time if your skill is up to the challenge.

Hiddenspy was prepared for skeptics, it seems. I can understand. This second version contains some whole new courses and a couple "reimagined classics," that translated from the first map. Each of them is pretty potent and very challenging. Basically, be prepared to die A LOT. Much like Authuran, I was able to completely like, one or two courses, and the rest I just epicfailed on.

Download: Bramble Gambol 2
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Jedi Knight III: SJC Coruscant Adventures Pack (Night and Day)

Many moons ago, the thunderous echoes of previews of Sith-J-Cull's future maps made themselves known to us. There were many, there were cries of joy and bedazzlement...at least once a year, SJC has valiantly produced at least one map each year, each one's impact being the equivilant of getting a shotgun blast of awesome straight to your face, leaving a crater of glory in the aftermath.

Now normally Nozyspy handles SJC's maps, but...Caelum and I wish to punish him for his sloth and impertinence >:B so we are going to double-team this map in our own collective fashion, and the Hive will celebrate as our efforts result in the explosive joy of everyone's celebratory dances and offering tribute to this map.

Right, so, when it comes to the outside, this thing is big and pretty, in short.
First of all, I should probobably note that the outside feels a bit like a maze, especially at first. This isn't at all bad though, considering coruscant is supposed to be a confusing, massive, global city.
There were some very minor lightning problems here and there, but both the day and the night version had an awesome atmosphere to it. Tons of fancy details help with that - advertisement banners (screenshot #4), an awesome skybox, appropriate music and more.

Download: SJC Coruscant Adventures Pack (Night and Day)
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Star Wars Battlefront 2: Rhen Var: Colony
Jerbot77 today makes his SWBFFiles debut with the map Rhen Var: Colony. It can be best described as a cross between Rhen Var: Harbor and Bespin: Cloud City.

Being that this is a first map, one can expect some flaws in the design. This map's design is well executed, but it is not a very good design for gameplay. One faction starts out with two command posts way away from the city, and must cross a completely open field to get into the city. The other faction has a whole lot of command posts and has a much better defensive position to hold off the invaders. The city is very large, too, and somewhat confusing to navigate. There are lots of circular routes and places that don't really seem to go anywhere, and it's not immediately clear how to get from one command post to another. The field, on the other hand, is very straightforward and clear- it's possible to get around the main fighting and slip into the city, but it's hard to do so due to the lack of cover. There are a huge amount of units on the field at once and there are a lot of reinforcements to burn through, so the largeness of the map is not really that much of an issue.

The map is constructed fairly well, however- objects are placed well and I didn't notice very many floating ones. There were some terrain cutting issues, though they were only in specific areas and not really in a main gameplay area. Although you may not think that a Bespin/Rhen Var cross would go over very well, it actually is a pretty decent matchup. The white and gray color schemes of both planets sort of mesh well, as compared to a Geonosis/Hoth crossover. There are also a lot of vehicles around the map- mainly flyers, but there are some tanks as well. The ceiling is set pretty high, so you have a lot of room to zip over the buildings and kill people from above.

Download: Rhen Var: Colony
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Team Fortress 2: Trade MANCONOMY
|V.4.5| No more lag if you are outside! No more lag if you are inside! Optimization is the highest point of this version big grin. Raisde minigolf barriers, put minigolf sign, fixed crashes with blu team ( now tells you to switch to red to being trading) rearranged a couple of things here and there. added some areaportals some hints. MORE clipping to those animating cyclers to avoid getting stuck.

Fps: on v 3 i was getting 80 fps from the pool looking down the halls, with v4.5 i get 250 fps! outside and inside is stale and doesnt lag Player discoveries: If you get noclip you can build teleporters outside of the map, for some reason cordon pretty much boxed the map in to prevent leaks. NOTICE: CUSTOM TEXTURES ARE PAKRATTED INTO THE MAP! Have fun, PLEASE do host this map if you can!

Download: Trade MANCONOMY
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TrackMania Nations: EVACUATiON
Hello everyone,

Im proud to present you my newest FullSpeed track "EVACUATiON". Its quite easy track with a lot of smooth jumps and action. There is cool speed whole of the track and nice scenery. Now some info.

Mod: Day
Style: FS
Coppers used: over 5000cc
Difficulty: quite easy (blue)
Building time: about 20 hours

Download: EVACUATiON
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Warcraft III: Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Strom RPG
Play as more up to point heroes from shippuden Naruto anime take roll and destroy your opponents.Not Finished also I need someone who can create nice spells and that'd make the map more or less complete! That's all and have fun!

Download: Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Strom RPG
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S K I N S / M O D E L S

Armada 2: KA Imperial Hawk BB
The Romulan Imperial Hawk Battleship was one of the most powerful warship in the Alpha quadrant ever and is also one of the least well known. To date Starfleet has never officially encountered one much less brought one to battle. Most data comes from Klingon sources and would generally be considered suspect except that each of the few accounts bears a remarkable similarity especially when one considers the Klingon penchant for embellishing stories of battle. Each one speaks of a truly massive and fearsome warship able to cloak and armed with Disruptors and 2 kinds of plasma torpedoes; 2 pair of R torps and 2 pair of G torps.

These accounts also confirm the presence and use of a Cohesive Fused Deuterium Irradiation Cannon (CFDID). Weapons like the CFDIC were known to Starfleet as they had seen similar weapons during the Earth Romulan War. Based on known Klingon sensor data the Imperial Hawk is 763m long and estimated to mass 5.5 million tons. Crew compliment is believed to be 680 men. Klingon encounters with the Imperial Hawk began in 2289 and ceased after 2324. The exact number built and the fate of these ships remains a mystery too this day.

Download: KA Imperial Hawk BB
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Armada 2: KA Sword of Kahless BB
The Sword of Kahless is by far one of the largest Klingon warships ever built. Called the B11 by the Federation the replaced the B10 Bloodstalker Class battleships in the late 2280s. 686M long and massing more then 7.6 million tons he is a monster that was not surpassed in Klingon naval architecture till the Negh'var came into use. Disruptors and heavy photon torpedoes make up the ships main battery. This is supplemented by an assault phaser cannon and powerful shields. 770 Klingon warriors stand ready at all times to battle the greatest foes of the Empire but the SOK can support a full armor brigade of ground troops when needed but these are not permanently stationed on board.

Despite his mass he is much more maneuverable than either of his Federation contemporaries. Only the lack of a cloaking device mares the vessels specifications as the main reactor can't power the other systems and cloak a ship of this size using the available Klingon equipment. Expensive to build comparatively few ships of this class were constructed. The Empire however has goten a good return on their investment as members of this class survive and have continued to battle the enemies of the Empire through the dawn of the 25th century.

Download: KA Sword of Kahless BB
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Armada 2: KA Yamato Class BB
Ah, the old fan favorite from Klingon Academy. I'm sure everybody that played KA remembers this ship none to fondly from unwittingly charging in for an honourable head to head challange in the finest traditions of the Empire... and soon afterwards desperately trying to run away while cloaked for some badly needed repairs after the Yamato blew through your shields like holograms and left your Dreadnought (Dread-being-in-front-of-the-Yamato more accurately, perhaps?) a crippled wreck. I once described this ship to a friend as a StarBase on thrusters, which I think was a reasonably accurate description. One of these ships is certainly capable of trashing a squadron of heavy cruisers.

In her era. (ie, TMP) However, if you are deploying her in the TNG era then after a hundred years of weapons development she is no longer the rampaging monster that she once was. Armed with her original weapons, she'll still easily see off Destroyers in some numbers. She might survive against a couple of cruisers simply by blowing one apart with assault phasers and then pounding it out with the second, but that's about it. She certainly doesn't want to be taking on a 24th century battleship. While she might manage to use her assault phasers to even things out enough to pound things out the odds of her winning aren't something most people would give you odds on, and if she did survive it then she's likely to need rather more than cosmetic attention by a shipyard afterwards.

Download: KA Yamato Class BB
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Armada 2: New Federation starbase and repair ship
This folder contains my version of the federation starbase and repairship. The station now looks like a mixture of the stock base and the starbase, that was shown in some episodes of "Startrek DS 9".
The repairship, I thought, needed a replacement.

Important Note: Make a backup of your existing files, because most files in this folder will overwrite the stock files!

Download: New Federation starbase and repair ship
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Flight Simulator X: Boeing 717-200
Here is the Boeing 717-200 that was mention in our recent news article...It was also marketed as the MD95

We Challenge you to fly this plane around the islands of Hawaii try PHNL to PHTO...

It flys well similar to other Boeing's but it is significantly smaller and you will notice that it catches the wind a little more, we really enjoyed flying this aircraft and found it quite challenge.


We would love to hear your feedback and see some of your screenies!
Download: Boeing 717-200
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Bridge Commander: Upgraded Torpedo Akira
Originally an Akira class vessel simply upgraded by its Chief Engineering officer to a Massive Extent to Increase overall performance by 25% now these Changes have been Standardized into a new class; the Torpedo Akira, in response to the Cardassian war.

Weapons: 8 Modified Phaser Arrays, 6 Photon/Quantum/Phased Torpedo bays with boosted capacity and reload time - Hull:10

Tactics: Utilize the various torpedo loads and faster reloading times to blast your opponent to bits after you use the upgraded phasers to lower shields.

Download: Upgraded Torpedo Akira
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Empire at War: Cutlass-9 Fighter
It's been nearly a month since we've gottten anything from Warb_Null. I was a bit worried there, but as always, his stuff is worth the wait. This is a model of the Cutlass-9 Patrol Fighter The Cutlass is a small fighter used by Jedi Master Saesee Tiin during the Clone Wars. It can be seen in the game Jedi Starfighter.

The model comes complete with code and icon. Some additional coding is required to get it ingame

Download: Cutlass-9 Fighter
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Jedi Knight III: Jaskur, the biggest party saber
One of the annoying things about being a reviewer is the fact that you have to actually review stuff. Though sounding easy, this can actually be extremely difficult. For example - what do you say about a file, when you can sum it up with a mere three-or-so words, like, say, "Long saber, lol"?
Meet Jaskur, made by Jasku - a very long arbiter (saber single_1) hilt, that doesn't replace any other saber.
Whilst neither the longest one I've seen, nor something new, the sheer fact that it isn't Galen Marek or a Reborn makes me happy.
So, how long is this thing? Well, it spans right over the pit in FFA1 (Vjun), and then some. Before you think of using it to cheat though, remember the person owning the server you're playing on will need to put it on his server first for it to work wink

So, a long saber. Surely a must-have for anyone looking to compensate for something, no? wink

Download: Jaskur, the biggest party saber
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Star Trek: Legacy: Olympic Class
wagaugusto with the help of Muldrf Returns with an updated Olympic class, this time featuring updated textures, an improved mesh. and now included Breaknodes, ship lights and the ship icon. A definate download!

After days of good learning (thanks to friend Muldrf) was added several updates to the Olympic class ship. We modified the mesh of the nacelles and some details; Updade textures; And added lights, ship icon and Breaknodes;

Download: Olympic Class
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Star Trek: Legacy: Travis Class
Ahhh! that scary disc shaped phenomena from TOS has returned.... Oh wait, no it hasn't, its a new concept design from Zube1337. This is Zubes second modelling and modding attempt from the ground up and its fair to say its an improvement, this vessel, knowns as the travis class, is a slightly odd design of federation ship, but none the less, unique. The mesh is a cleaner attempt than zubes venture class, and while the textures are created in a sort of cartoon style, they still seem incomplete. so expect an updated version to come along soon.

Weapons wise, the vessel seems balanced for its size, but dont be expecting to take on the entire alpha quadrant with it. An improved attempt from zube.

It is just a floating saucer! No! If you viewed it from the top, it looks like just a saucer, however, when you look it to the sides and bottom, there's the nacelles and the boxy looking secondary hull. This is a second model built by me, and with illumination and no missing faces. I'd taken extra measures so that there would be no mistakes or missing a few parts. The ship is also a concept design, like the Venture class, however, with a slight difference though. For weapons, most has a full coverage arc, for phaser, not the torpedo launchers.

Download: Travis Class
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Star Trek: Legacy: Venture Class
Zube returns briskly with his 1.1 Venture class, now with added illumination and general retextures. Good Modelling skills only come with practice, and its fair to say zube is certainly practicing his. This latest version comes with a modified mesh. Attempting to fix errors in the previous mod. So constructive criticism to help him along here would be appreciated.

The first version lacks of lumination and there was a problem with the warp pylons. But now, this version has lumination, new design pylon(intent to be like Galaxy-class). Retexture the nacelles and the saucer section, because lack of the future Starfleet's insignia and logo for the Prototype variant. However, I am still trying to figure out putting the logos on the production variant, it seems tedious.

Download: Venture Class
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Stalker: Camo_Ninja's 2 Tone Abakan Pack
This mod reskins the Abakan weapons in the game. Enjoy the latest from Camo_Ninja

Download: Camo_Ninja's 2 Tone Abakan Pack
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Star Wars Battlefront: Diet Dr. Pepper Republic
keenmike is here today with a fairly inventive mod for the original Star Wars Battlefront. This is essentially a graphical mod encompassing the Republic side, with a whole bunch of new unit and weapon models to play around with.

The mod features a lot of new models from the community, and a bunch of new weapon models are featured. Most of the weapon effects and animations are swapped around and edited, bringing in a very different visual experience. This mod's changes are all non-altering of the gameplay, which means that you can use it online with no worries about cross-compatibility. It really makes the game feel very different, and the new units, weapons, and animation swaps make it a whole new experience.

Download: Diet Dr. Pepper Republic
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 #1 - 10-24-2010 at 17:48
Joined: October 27th, 2009
Posts: 1536
Death threats, Danny? I'll protect you - if you pay me, that is stick out tongue

So much stuff about the BlizzCon! And the guy that broke hi sleg - that's so unfortunate. Must have been really embarassing Q_Q

 #2 - 10-25-2010 at 02:40
Danny (Staff)
From: (Canterbury, Kent)
Joined: July 11th, 2002
Posts: 993
That part was only a joke big grin, since not many people even read this anymore frown and apparently in the current poll that I'm doing for BCFiles and GTA Files most of them think that the insider is "crap" Cry

 #3 - 10-26-2010 at 09:17
Joined: October 27th, 2009
Posts: 1536
Read my comment in the GTA Files poll smile

 #4 - 11-03-2010 at 17:49
From: (Dawnbreaker forums, GTK, GSA, JKB, moddb, ect. Just about everywhere...)
Joined: July 23rd, 2010
Posts: 885
If it helps any, I like the insiders! I read all of themstick out tongue

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