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  Filefront Weekly Network Update 01 (week 45, 2010) - Files - Network News
  Posted by: Danny on 11-08-2010 @ 18:17
This News Item has been viewed 55,384 times

Welcome to all for the second part of the Filefront Network Update 01 - Files . This replaces the old unpopular insider and now comes as two parts which aren't as long as the former insider. Hopefully this will look better, and unfortunately half of the poll results have mentioned that the Insider wasn't very good or wasn't being read. The Files part of the Weekly update includes the latest Files that has been posted on the Network Sites over the past week as well as some of the latest files from the Filefront Main Site, although in this case there is news from the past two weeks. There have been a few modifications, mini-mods, skins as well as a lot of maps covering a few of the sites. From next week I will include new Demos that have been released as well as some of the bigger modifications that haven't been included on the network sites. (If you see any and want to suggest them please feel free smile ).

Just like the former Insider we would still like your suggestions Remember; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Insider, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the Network Update then simply drop me an email at Danny[at]alienworlds[dot]net (please put "Network Update" as the subject though smile ). If you like the Network Update please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, support or even death threats stick out tongue (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further).


Call of Duty World at War: MasterJames' SP Elite Mod
This adds character models, skins, weapon tweaks and other things.
I've spent the last month working on it.
I don't think I'll ever be done with it, I still have more ideas.

Download: MasterJames' SP Elite Mod
More Call of Duty World at War: FileFront's Call of Duty World at War Files

Empire at War: KotOR Mod
Evil33 brings us a well compiled Knights of the Old Republic era mod aptly named KotOR Mod. It draws from a variety of free-release sources to bring us a nicely blended mod. It currently replaces the three standard Forces of Corruption factions with the Old Republic, the Sith Empire and the Mandalorian clans. For all of the mod players out there seeking to appease their love of the Old Republic era, be sure to give this mod a download.

When Revan arrived at the Starforge, Canderous disappeared. Carth followed Revan to rescue Bastila. They fought their way to the command center of the station where they found her. After that Revan headed to Malak's room and while they were duelling a third fleet dropped out of the hyperspace. Canderous had, behind Revan's back, reformed the Mandalorian Clans and lead them into the battle of the Starforge. In this moment Revan opened his mind to the dark side to fear all his enemies out there in space. Bastila and Carth felt the quake in the force and decided to flee form the station as long as they were able to. they reached the Republic forces and together with Admiral Dodonna and Master Vandar they decided that their fleet can't fight against two enemies at the same time. So they jumped with the rest of the Republic fleet to hyperspace.

Download: KotOR Mod
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Half Life 2: EP1: The Sprucecape Map Pack
The Sprucecape Map Pack is a drama/thriller based single-player map pack for Half-Life 2 Episode 1. You take the role of John, who is about to have the most challenging and fearsome journey of his life, trough the rough Point Spruce, Alaska

Life has not treated John Sprucecape well. That's why he hasn't treated his family well either. In the Sprucecape Map Pack, you take the role of John Sprucecape. Once a succeeded professor of philosophy, but now a violent unemployed middle-aged man with an alcohol addiction. John's wife fears for their child asnd herself, but is too frightened to leave John, fearing the reaction of her failed-in-life husband. Until one day, John's wife has collected enough courage and decides to flee from Point Spruce with the son, Eddie.

Download: EP1: The Sprucecape Map Pack
More Half Life 2: FileFront's Half Life 2 Files

Medal of Honor: Underworld Cubus Castle
I had thought about this mod awhile back and I have no experience in mapping so I thought Cubus Castle would be perfect! Thanks to Cubus for letting me mod his map. I orginally thought it would be cool with just swords and crossbows. But due to my lack of animation skills, scripting and time..Im releasing it before Halloween. I can add more in ver 2.

Special thanks to:
Herr Kruger for all his help with scripting, mapping and the use of his awesome maps as well.
Bdodger for his pumkin model and other ideas.
Storm for his modeling help and inspiration and shared models.
Gold for his scripting help and file sharing.
Herr Klugscheisser for his scriping advise as always!
Lamron scripting for the crossbow, although I havent finished it yet.
JvMap for his advise on animation and help also.
Armdude for his help and medeviel ideas
Elgan for his offered help with animations, scripting
And the whole TMT community, its an awesome place!! Hope I didnt forget to mention anyone.
Oh yeah, the Underworld movies kick ass!!..lol

Download: Underworld Cubus Castle
More Medal of Honor: FileFront's Medal of Honor Files

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Humans Versus Bots!
"Humans Versus Bots!" is a small addon mod that pits the single player (or players, if you're online) against a separate team comprised entirely of bots. It's basically conquest, with only one side you can choose.

I like the concept more, I think, than I like the actual mod itself. "One against many" can be a fun way to play, a lot of the time. I don't think this is exactly the idea here (since it seems to have been designed for a couple of people to play online with each other), but in looking at it as a mod hosted here, it is always something to consider, since the majority of people will probably play it single-player.

That's sort've where the idea falls apart, because playing conquest 1 versus 32 - even if the "32" are all-AI - is still a daunting task. You'll never be able to win in a conquest victory without spending most of the map holed up at one CP, slowly whittling down the opponents' reinforcements (by which point it will be just as easy to simply win by eliminating the rest, rather than capturing the remaining CPs). Just standing around and waiting for AI to reach you isn't a whole lot of fun, in my opinion.

That isn't to take away, of course, from whatever the author may have originally used it for; I'm sure it's more fun to play online with a group of people (although most things usually are). Online or offline, though, there are still the sides-related issues, explained below.

Download: Humans Versus Bots!
More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files


Armada 2: Mini canon
This mod makes all Federation Photon torpedos fire in salvos of 2 or 4 (depends on the ship). This means federation ships have excellent burst damage, the down side is that they now require 2 or 4 times more time to reload. This when combined with same hit to miss ratio makes missed shots much more penalizing (as your ship needs to wait 2 or 4 times more for another go). Also Type 3 torpedos on Galaxy now have artillery range and fire at one target. Federation pulse phaser platforms, outpost, defiant and venture now fire pulse phaser in salvos of 6, but have 6 times longer reload time. I have decided that Phalanx will use its pulse phasers as torpedoes and will fire them on volleys of 4 instead of 6 (he has 4x longer reload time, 0.20 second delay between shots). Defiant is now a bit stronger because it gets a phaser when it achieve any rank (1st gray rank - you get a phaser).

To do (if I don't get tired of editing):
- Make adaptor more useful
- Edit defiants new phaser location (possibly)
- Repair any bugs
- Possibly make Federations fully upgraded outpost change into spacedock (just a model change).

Download: Mini canon
More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Jedi Knight III: Jaden Sounds & NPC
That's it? Nothing else? Maaajor let down, even though one can't blame Ravensoft for that oversight. So, Jedi_HM2 has made something that surprisingly -- at least to my knowledge -- no one else has done. Jaden now has a full set of taunts, gloats, flourishes, combat sounds, the whole ensemble that a Jaden NPC would need. It was so refreshing to hear Jaden say something else for once..and the scary part is, the taunts were actually pretty good choices, for pretty much every set of sounds called. However, there's two caveats here:

1.) Only supports English Jaden Male: A'right, I understand you probably weren't thinking about international support, but I'm sure you could have at least reciprocated the same choices for Jaden female, right? Definitely consider at least doing that, so all the lady/digital tranny players can enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Download: Jaden Sounds & NPC
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Jedi Knight III: Royal Guard Pack
Ever fancied pitting your wits against some Royal guard bots, maybe even spawning an army of them to fight? Well now is your chance! What this mod here does is take Eric Landreneau's classic JK2 Royal Guard/Carnor Jax/Kir Kanos skins and breathes new life into them by not only making them available for JKA but also adding bot support to them as well! If you want to use these skins in singleplayer there are console commands included in the readme that you can use to change your playermodel in SP.

Not only that but dog95 has also added HOUOU's Katana Pack for that extra dose of realism! Even though this is mostly only a compilation pack, it is nice to see these classic skins in JKA and enhanced with bot support! Be sure to give this pack a download if you like the look of it! wink

Download: Royal Guard Pack
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Stalker: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Loading Screens
Final version of the mod. Improved graphics - the effect of dirt etc. This mod changes loading screens in game for all locations: Cordon, Garbage, Agroprom, Dark Valley, Bar, Rostok, Military, Yantar, Red Forest, Pripyat, Chernobyl NPP,Chernobyl NPP 2 ,X16, X18, X19, Agroprom Underground, Control Monolith and Sarcophagus. Contain 331 screens. Enjoy S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s!!!

Download: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Loading Screens
More Stalker: FileFront's Stalker Files

Stalker: S.C.O.P.: Realistic Update
This update contains new realistic high resolution grass and tree textures for S.C.O.P.: Realistic mod.

Download: S.C.O.P.: Realistic Update
More Stalker: FileFront's Stalker Files

Star Trek: Legacy: CJG Star Trek XI Addon Patch For UU2.0
This is the XI Pack Patch 1 for the Ultimate Universe 2.0 Compatible release. This patch corrects some issues with the XI Miranda. It fixes the Warp Drive as well as it corrects some texture mistakes I made during porting of the ship. The ship will look measurably more detailed now.

Download: CJG Star Trek XI Addon Patch For UU2.0
More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Star Wars Battlefront 2: First Skins: Basic 501st Legion
Here's a set of retextures by modmaster13. They are - drumroll, please - retextures for clone skins! The clone template is an easy one to start with, so I can't criticize too heavily for the choice (although the advisability of releasing the very first retextures you try is another matter entirely). They're pretty much exactly the same as any number of 501st legion retextures; these are somewhat more saturated than normal.

You can see a couple examples in the pictures below. To the author, I would recommend both getting a little more practice before releasing assets/mods and also make sure that your contributions are something new being added to the pool. There is certainly no dearth of clone trooper skins on this site, and that's something you (and anyone) should consider.

Download: First Skins: Basic 501st Legion
More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Sky's Huge Model Pack
This here file is, as you might guess from its name, a large archive of models for SWBF1/2. Skyhammer's compiled a number of unused or unreleased models of his and packed them together - some of these will have been seen before in mod maps, but most are new.

It's always nice to see new models, provided people use them, since they help keep the game fresh. If you're looking for some SWBF2-stylistically-consistent models, go ahead and give this pack a download. There are a number of helpful natural props that could fit onto any map as well as a number of themed objects. Please keep in mind that you should only download these if you are familiar with making maps, etc.

Download: Sky's Huge Model Pack
More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files

S K I N S / M O D E L S

Armada 2: SFB style Kzinti BB
The Patriarch Class battleship was the most powerful warship of the Kzinti Hegemony from the mid 2280s through the 1st decade of the of the 23rd century. At a time when large missiles are not common weapons on a starship the Patriarch's main battery is centered around 10 launchers. Kzinti drones however are not your everyday garden variety missile. Complex sensor masking systems make it almost impossible for the weapons to be targeted by the targets weapons. As if that wasn't enough these drones punch straight through shields making life very hard on smaller ships. A mix of phasers and disruptors back up the drones.

Unlike the Klingons and Romulans the Kzinti are one of the Races that chose not to design a second generation battleship. Like all of the first generation BBs Patriarch is basically an massive overgrown dreadnought. 682m long with 1310 crewmen; he is a formidable opponent in any battle. Patriarch's only real flaw is not one of equipment. Kzinti have a physiological need for fresh raw meat and to hunt and kill it themselves. Patriarch lacks the space to carry large numbers of live prey animals limiting his strategic range when out of supply.

Download: SFB style Kzinti BB
More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Armada 2: Starfox's Battleship Retextures
This is a fairly modest alternate set of textures for Starfox's wonderful battleships he released recently. The files included in this pack are replacements for the Yamato and Sword of Kahless Class. For the Yamato, the registry has been cleaned up and the glows have been improved. There is also a bonus blank texure set without registries for those picky modders who would like a production version. =p The Sword of Kahless has been given a green hull tint and revised glows. Making the design match the TNG era aesthetic.

Download: Starfox's Battleship Retextures
More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Bridge Commander: CyAn1d3s Arsenal Class
The Arsenal Class is Starfleets example of strength, armed with the most advanced weaponry, systems, and armour Starfleet has to offer.

this is how the Arsenal is TRULY intended to look, i have taken countless hours to get the textures right and make her look as i really wanted.... and i am EXTREMELY proud of how it turned out. not that the other version was bad, it was just not %100 what i wanted. now it is..... and a bag of cookies however there issue, the MVAM sequence is off…. Waaaay off.. this has ne bearing on gmeplay whatsoever, but it just looks goofey to me. I don’t have the time these days to look into it to attempt to fix this, nor could anyone else fix the issue

Download: CyAn1d3s Arsenal Class
More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

Bridge Commander: CyAn1d3s MKII Galaxy
The Mark II Galaxy Class is an overall refit of the aging galaxy class, capable of everything the older class can do, from exploration and diplomatic missions to combat operations. this is not 100% finished. there was some tweaking that needed to be done to the MVAM sequence, but was never done.

Download: CyAn1d3s MKII Galaxy
More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

Call of Duty W4r: Synthetic MPi.44
For the 20th anniversary of the German Democratic Republic, the government issued this old classic in limited numbers with a newly designed silver plating and rubber/synthetic materials for the grip and the stock. Being the first more modern assault rifle of its era, the MPi.44, as the new gun is called, shall portray the contemporary superiority of the socialist state over other fascist and western capitalist countries. Nevertheless, the weapon itself wasn't tweaked in its functionality in any way leaving old problems such as the high recoil untouched and thus preserving its gritty feeling just like from the old days of world war II. Some months later, a reissue (1.1) was released exclusively for the top brass of the National People’s Army.

Download: Synthetic MPi.44
More Call of Duty 4: FileFront's Call of Duty 4 Files

Empire at War: Porax-38 Starfighter Model Pack
This model pack contains my rendition of the Rogue Class Porax-38 Starfighter with nine different textures; the most notable of which being Cad Bane's personal P-38, the Xanadu Blood. My model is based off of its appearance in Star Wars The Clone Wars Television Series.

Model Pack Contains:
Cad Bane's personal Rogue Class P-38 Starfighter, the Xanadu Blood
Utapauan Skyforce P-38 Starfighter
Standard P-38 Starfighter created for commercial usage
Magnagauard P-38 Starfighter with six different textures to choose from

The reason for six different variations of the Magnaguard Starfighter is because I found six different forms. I didn't know which one was the correct one. So, since the P-38 is my favorite fighter, I saw no trouble in making all of the textures and letting you decide which ones to use. Enjoy!

Download: Porax-38 Starfighter Model Pack
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Grand Theft Auto Vice City: '86 Chevy Caprice Estate
Here is a 1986 Chevrolet Caprice Estate Wagon 307 - V8, an very well made American estate car. This car is will replace either the Regina or any other similar car of your choice within GTA Vice City. This car also includes a detailed interior as well as several colours to choose from and a custom handling. The Chevrolet Caprice does look very accurate when compare to the real life version and does look good in the game, although not for those that want a fast car though!

installing files are made for that which is the most recommended way. Anyway, you can change the name of the files, so you can install it in the place of any other car.

Download: '86 Chevy Caprice Estate
More Grand Theft Auto Vice City: FileFront's Grand Theft Auto Vice City Files

Halo: Halo 1 Assault Rifle Remodel
Now, I know what you are going to say. "OMG dis has been dun a bazillion tiems b4" (I pray to the lemming god that no-one actually types like that, lol). And you would be right. It has been done before. The good thing about this version is, while installing it, it teaches a little about how HMT v3.5 works if you do not already know.

Perfect for those wannabe modders out there who want to put different vehicles in maps. Anyway, there were only a few minor cosmetic differences between the Halo 1 assault rifle (MA5B ICWS Assault Rifle) and the version that was included within Halo 3 (MA5C ICWS Assault Rifle). Aside from those differences, and the size of the rounds magazines they took, they are virtually the same.

Download: Halo 1 Assault Rifle Remodel
More Halo: FileFront's Halo Files

Jedi Knight III: Half-Life Trooper
To tell the truth I know practically nothing about the Half-Life series other than that it is wildly popular. Its just not a game that has ever interested me, and I have to say I don’t usually go and buy a game just because its popular (Minecraft excluded, ehehehe...) since I have pretty specific tastes in games. But there we go, l I missed out on the Tomb Raider series for years until I bought one of the games and realised it was actually brilliant, so I’m crazy like that.

Here we have a Bio Trooper from the games, though I wasn’t able to find any reference images on the net to compare this skin to so I will just have to judge it on its own merits rather than its accuracy. The skin itself is a pretty good reskin of the Bespin Cop skin, though I do think the clothing needs some more texture; wrinkles, creases etc. since it looks quite flat (at least the arms and legs anyway). I also think the team skins could do with a little more definiton of their team colours. Though I like how the belt is recoloured subtly, it is perhaps a bit too subtle and it is quite difficult to tell the team skins apart. I think making the colour a little brighter or perhaps adding the team colours to other parts of the skin (just as subtly of course) would help here, but thats just my opinion. Lastly I think some custom sounds would be nice, perhaps some sound bites from the game or something similar.

Download: Half-Life Trooper
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Jedi Knight III: VLL Kyle
This is rather interesting. Evidently, we're given a blast from the past, as a gentleman named LLadic has revealed an updated classic that an oldschooler named Vandori has left on our page. Alternate Dark Kyle is reborn again.

So, the main thing that's been updated about this skin is that team skins have been added. Very tasteful ones, at that, and the quality makes you think Vandori himself did it. Very nicely done. This skin doesn't replace Kyle like the JK2 version did, though a copy of the PK3 that replaces the default Kyle woulda been nice. Just a thought.

Other than that, a strategically excellent revival of a classic. Nice work, chief, y'did good by us.

Download: VLL Kyle
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Medal of Honor: Colt45_Auto.zip
Colt45Auto.pl3 converts your colt 45 to a full automatic. Fires machine gun ammo at a very high RPM. Lots of smoke and flash so it's not a very good sniper weapon. It has no recoil and it's 100% accurate. It will pull your FPS down unless you use short bursts. Never needs reloading. Almost as good as a minigun. This weapon will be under 4 with the normal MG's. I have taken the ammo bar away and in the process it also removes the ammo bar from the Browning Automatic Rifle, but I think it's a fair trade off. After a level this weapon shows up as the BAR in the mission summary. Credit belongs to EA Games and their designers. Have fun with this one, and watch your fingers!!!

Download: Colt45_Auto.zip
More Medal of Honor: FileFront's Medal of Honor Files

Medal of Honor: SG2.Zip
Scatter_gun.pk3 changes your Colt 45 to a Colt 45 Scatter-Gun (shotgun) it holds 5 shells and fires as fast as you can click your mouse button. It kicks like a mule and true to it's name it scatters shot everywhere! The zoom level is slight as this weapon is meant to be used at very close range. The weapon skin has been altered slightly as with my other mods. Credit for this weapon still belongs to EA Games and their designers. Use it and have fun with it.

Download: SG2.Zip
More Medal of Honor: FileFront's Medal of Honor Files

Medal of Honor: SP2_Upgrade
P-ZIP Changes the Hi Standard Silenced Pistol to a high performance semi-auto Sniper Pistol. Firing a 30-06 Springfield bullet at 100% accuracy. You can place all 8 shots in the same bullet hole! One shot, one kill, no doubt! The rate of fire has been increased to allow this pistol to fire as fast as you can click your mouse button. I have removed the melee attack from the right mouse button, but, it also removes the melee attack from all the other pistols as well. This had to be done to allow the zoom for the 10X scope. Once again I've only made slight changes to the skin, just enough to know that you've got something different so, all the credit for this weapon belongs to EA Games and their designers. As for me, I don't want anything from this except your enjoyment. Have fun and happy hunting!

Download: SP2_Upgrade
More Medal of Honor: FileFront's Medal of Honor Files

Operation Flashpoint: BattleshipsBetacj
BattleshipsBETAcj - Some 1900's Battleships, and Ghost ships

Included are an east and resistence 1890-1918 era Battleships (Dreadnought design style cruisers), they are beta's and I will finish the others that I'm converting and hoping to finish them by December 2010, if not then by January 2011. Also included are two Ghost Cruisers of that era. (East side for Civilians are afraid of ghosts, usually) They require only the addon and nothing else. Accurate scale and weaponry, All require only ofp v1.20 to work.

Download: BattleshipsBetacj
More Operation Flashpoint: FileFront's Operation Flashpoint Files

Operation Flashpoint: VesperBetacj
Included are several craft featuring mainly Vesper Class design style cruisers, they are beta's basically until I have time to finish some textures on them (propably march 2011, maybe sooner). All of these craft feature higher speed, better armored secitons, armored fuel with extremely large capacity, now having less crashes at high speed due to improvement on config for they're manueverability and steer ahead plan.

The Earth style ships are based on Prime reality on West side, XI reality on Resistence side, and Terran Empire on Resistence and East sides. The Klingon D-7's are on the East side as well. Along with Vesper Classes are some connie tos heros. with some improved designs and details using a smaller addon as a weapons file. The Klingon pack has rougher looking textures to reseamble battle scars, and there is now a Klingon Warbird from the XI era. Also included is a few XI ships I did.

New weapon style with an improved spread on certain weapons. All require only ofp v1.20 (maybe prior to any who have it), and the Vespers and Klingons require texture file cj_ftex (included) only.

Download: VesperBetacj
More Operation Flashpoint: FileFront's Operation Flashpoint Files

Star Trek: Legacy: Ferengi Marauder - D'Kora Class
Rudianos brings the Ferengi D'Kora class, seen in various episodes of trek, most notably in the TNG episode "Peak Performance". This mod is a welcome addition to legacy. Featuring sprites for the disruptor canons the D'Kora certainly does look the part in battle. Which brings me neatly to its battle capabilities. Given its size it does well against larger vessels, including the Federation Galaxy class, one on one expect to inflict considerable damage against destroyers and escort vessels alike. It is a well balanced mod, but take backup if you want to try your luck if you want to go up against something bigger.

The mesh is solid with nice diffuse textures. however the bump and specular maps could do with some improvements. However it is nice to see it here. Upon installation on a clean version of legacy I found the D'kora class in the Klingon fleet selection. So look there first if you cant initially find it.

Download: Ferengi Marauder - D'Kora Class
More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Star Trek: Legacy: Stargate - Ancient Warship
Ghughs back once again, and this time he brings his Stargate - Ancient Warship. Upon seeing this colossal ship, I was impressed. The model is intricately detailed down to every turret. The textures, which contain glows, specs and bumps, also help achieve a mysterious look by not containing any noticeable characteristics. In-game it certainly looks ancient.

Gameplay wise, the ship felt perfect. The ships own physics mean that rather than moving around a ridiculous speeds with Nova-style turning circles, this ship, being so big slugs around slowly. This is the kind of ship you'd get in battle fighting broadside with another juggernaut. In Legacy, however, that feature can be a little frustrating. The ship seems to have allot of blind spots where you'd have to maneuver to get the enemy ship into your firing arc. When you are able to fire, however, its a stunning feat. The weapons are slow traveling pulses that do considerable damage to opponents. The sound Trek Battles has for the weapon, and the size and speed of the weapon itself really offers a powerful feeling about them. These weapons on a smaller ship would make light work of it. However, the photons for me were invisible, and when traveling forward, helm reported that the aft torpedo's were ready to fire.

Download: Stargate - Ancient Warship
More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Helkaan's 1st texture pack
This is something we don't see very often - a texture pack. This one is submitted by Helkaan (as may be inferred from the filename). It has about 30 textures. Aside from one or two textures, most of these textures seem like they're pretty much - if not the same - made using the same techniques. One or two are fairly passable (the rock texture at least looks different), but none of them are incredibly good or, more importantly, any better than the choices that will already be available in the modtools.

Another point to note is that they're sized oddly - at 400*400, they're too small to effectively stretch to 512*512, and so to use them in pretty much anything you'll need to compress them to 256*256, which means that the extra size is unnecessary. Since they're digitally created textures anyway, it would have been a lot better to simply choose a more workable size when making them.

To the author(s), I would suggest experimenting a little more with the tools you have available to you. Read up on some in-depth tutorial for whatever image editing application you're using (GIMP in this case) and learn to make a variety of textures. Right now the "jagged-brush-scribble-then-blur" technique is producing some textures that don't have a lot of differentiation for you. Work with a specific goal in mind rather than (and this is only a guess) making something and then deciding what it looks like after the fact.

Download: Helkaan's 1st texture pack
More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files


ArmA 2: Ruins (SP)

Short description.

This is an unfinished version of a new SP Mission made for the Invasion 1944 Mod for ArmA 2.
You play as a british squad whos job it is secure an important town near the river Rhine before the enemy's armored units move in.
There are still a few minor issues that shall be fixed in the next version.

Developer description.

The Germans are controlling an important town near Rhine.
British squad has mission to secure it before the enemy armor moves to the area.
This mission is not large as many other missions.
Make sure that your computer can run your ArmA 2 well, because otherwise the mission can lag. (I will try to fix that in the 1.0!)

Download: Ruins (SP)
More ArmA 2: FileFront's ArmA 2 Files

Company of Heroes: 6P_Gazala (beta 1.41)

About the file
Here's something we dont see everyday, a six player map based on a historic battle at Ain El Gazala, Near Tobruck in Libya between the African Corps and the Allies. The developer Playmobill has seriously sat down and spent quiet a while working on this, the map itself is mostly desert with a couple of small factories along the right coastline with each team starting in diagonal corners from eachother. The left hand flank of the map is mostly desolate with some trenches for defence while the right hand side is split into two different factories with the coastline on the furthermost right flank. Historicly the allies where eventually beaten by the African Corps under Rommels command due to lack of armour support, do you think you could change that outcome? This map can be played in both annihilation or capture the flag modes making sure there is always many different ways to win a match. Note that this map is still in beta stages so any comments at all will be valued, things that you think could be done better or changed slightly, anything you think could add to the map will be appreciated.

Staff impression
This map looks great. You can tell by the screenshots some time has been spent making sure even the small details like 24 hour lighting have been taken care of, even with the repetative textures of the sand covering half the map Playmobill has managed to make it look great. The gameplay can accomidate many different play styles ranging from rush tactics to heavily defendable locations such as the left and right flanks. Overall it looks like a great map, even though its still in beta testing. Some advice i could offer could be to vary the cliffside somewhat, put a couple different ones it to make it look a bit more mixed, some more craters may also add to the overall effect, Other than those it looks and plays great.

Download: 6P_Gazala (beta 1.41)
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Company of Heroes: Alsace Moselle (4)
About the file
Here's a map thats been eight months in the making, Alsace Moselle, created by WhiteFlashReborn. Its a 4 player map based on the map from the popular Eastern Front mod. The map comes with all you would expect, open fields, clumps of trees, small villages and plenty of room for players to take advantage of. Teams start on opposing edges of the map allowing for ample room in the centre for defences or blockades, the open spaces on the left flank are ideal for tank commanders willing to make flanking moves to harass the enemy. This map can be played in both annihilation or capture the flag modes ensuring there is no end to varying gameplay.

Staff impression
If you have played this map on the EF mod then your going to know how hard it can be, holding the left flank can be tough when you have an enemy flanking party striking into your side but you just have to keep holding on for those precious rescources. The gameplay of this map is deffinatly enjoyable, plenty of tactics for players to use to their advantage, whether it be defencive or offencive this map has your style. Graphicly the map is well done too, plenty of texture variation, multiple splines and splats to keep things looking good, coupled with good object placement this map has it all. Only thing I reckon could be improved upon would be some more screenshots for people to see but im sure if they download it they will see it all in game stick out tongue.

Download: Alsace Moselle (4)
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Company of Heroes: For Friends
About the file
After the unfortunately slightly bugged previous release (removed from site on his request) Sam Los has put a fair amount of effort and time into the creation of his first complete release, "For Friends". The map also known as "Desert Ambush" is, as the title indicates, located in a desert environment and was built with a main focus on fun gameplay.

Staff Impression
I'll get the negative side out of the way first, if you're a fan of graphically stunning maps this one isn't for you. The map displays a desert combat as plain as these usually are. Leaving the graphical aspect aside though, the map scores where it really matters, in the gameplay. There is open range for lots of fun tank battles, enough cover for your infantery, and it is perfectly balanced for your multiplayer/LAN experience.

Download: For Friends
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Empire at War: (ZM) Imperial Stronghold V2 (2.0)
My only real criticism when I first reviewed this map was a lack of texturing and terrain. Zander11893 has heard our please and done some reworking on this to make it near a piece of art. When I first loaded it up I couldn't help but notice the little things that really go a long way in making this great. It's always good when a mapper comes back with a v2 because you often times end up with something like this.

Sorry it took so long. I've been distracted lately and wasn't feeling too compelled to finish it. I tried to implement as many of the suggestions as possible. Not entirely happy with it, but I'm done with this map. I'll only release a new edition if there are a lot of complaints. Have fun! Oh and yes the read me is fairly "long", stop complaining.

Download: (ZM) Imperial Stronghold V2 (2.0)
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Empire at War: Anaxi Range 1.0
A bit more rural than the Anaxes Petroglyph gave us. However I like to see different areas of the same planet. It really helps to add depth to the universe. For example, Tatooine is so hot that the only habitable region is a small area in the northern hemisphere. That one was for free.

This is Jerbot77's Anaxi Range map, it is a 2 team skirmish map for FOC and takes place on the planet Anaxes, there are mountains and lots of trees/lakes, with small parts of cities on the map. This is 100% my work.

Download: Anaxi Range 1.0
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Empire at War: Kamino to Mygeeto (1.0)
And now for something completely different:

Maybe not completely, but different enough to make you say "huh"? It is interesting how easily Kamino becomes Mygeeto by changing a few props and changing the water into clouds. Other than that it's my standard comments for a good map. Well placed bases, mineral processors, props, etc. I'd comment on the map itself and texturing, but that was done by Petroglyph. At least you know what you're getting before you download it. Even though it does convert well into a skirmish map.

Download: Kamino to Mygeeto (1.0)
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Empire at War: Mygeeto Galactic Conquest map
I wish there would have been an xml file with this that already had Mygeeto added. The readme isn't very good, and people new to modding might not get it. Now that I've gotten that out of the way... Oh sweet, a Battlefront II map for galactic conquest. Maybe a whole set of BFII maps on a GC map is what we need. That would be great. This is quite true to the original (from what I remember). Although it's difficult to recreate BF in an RTS setting, the map is still nostalgic.

Download: Mygeeto Galactic Conquest map
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Far Cry: mp_aircraft_carrier

Short description.
This is the final version of a multiplayer map based on the famous singleplayer mission that takes place on an old aircraft carrier. It is basically the same, except that it was adapted for multiplayer and features everything a good MP Map needs.

Staff description.

Everyone who played FarCry know the old aircraft carrier you have to get into to find out what happened to Val. You were able to explore the interior as well as the flight deck of that old ship while killing mercenaries in the process. With holes, rust and a whole part of the flight deck gone, it really feels like wandering on an ancient Akagi-Class carrier. I always liked that singleplayer part that featured shooting bad guys on an old, japanese aircraft carrier. Now that it's also available for the multiplayer part I like it even more. Brilliant leveldesign à la Crytek makes this a must-have for everyone who likes FarCry!

Download: mp_aircraft_carrier
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Short description.

This is a singleplayer mission for FarCry by rll. It's settled on an astroid near Luna that was being prepared for possible colonization if Earth would happen to be unhabitable some day. The head of this project, Joe Decker, has gone rogue and is now planning to construct a super satelite out of it. Worse, he is also constructing a four kiloton retro rocket and is bringing the astroid into an unstable orbit. Your mission is to enter the astroid through a portal and stop Joe Decker.

Staff description.

This is another superb mission by rll. The great amounts of work and detail put into it speaks for itself. You will really feel like wandering through an converted astroid while fighting off soldiers and mutants. There is a lot to see on this map, and a look around is worth it. It is obvious that the developer has put a lot of effort into this map, and it has not gone to waste. Just like all the other maps made by this developer, it has an astonishing quality and is really fun to play.

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Halo: Sidewinder Modded Map
A single map here for you today. Well, I say map. It's really more of a version of Sidewinder with a few weapon and vehicle "tweeks". First off, if you like frag grenades, click to another file now. big grin Only in this map, you will find that frags are now sniper pellts. Basically, throw a frag and it fires a sniper round. Absolute terror for people who spam grenades.

Lets see. What else do we ave? Ever wanted to transform into a Warthog or Ghost (sort of)? Yep. That's in here. Well, when you get into a Warthog, the player model vanishes, but at the same time, you now have independent control over the driving and shooting aspects of it, with a couple of fire trails thrown in for looking cool (Back To The Future FTW). With the Ghost, the player just turns invisible. But the Ghost ammo is now able to lift other vehicles, provided that you are firing at the right angle.

Download: Sidewinder Modded Map
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Jedi Knight II: Sol Clan map
This map has a centralized hub with a large SOL standard positioned in the midst of it. From here, we can reach several locales: A throne hall, a council room, two arenas, a bar, and a jail block. Speaking of Jail block, I want to comment on how strange this particular block was laid out, and how it contrasted with the quality of the rest of the map. WHile the majority of the map had a nice crisp clean feeling with many ornate pillars supporting it, the hallways leading around the secondary arena and the jailblock had some unsourced lighting and looked generally a bit more plain than the rest of the map. I could appreciate the "older" feel of this part, but the unsourced lighting? Nuh uh ._.

The rest of the map was pretty well done, for the most part. I was surprised to see that there was only one custom texture. The areas were dominated by a large count of pillars in most every room. The bar room was extremely well done, considering the lack of custom materials used. The council room was also nicely conceived, though I was rather derked about the squat chairs and the fact you can literally leap out of the circular skylight in the center of the room and into non-mappery. I'd say the worst thing that plagues this map is a peculiar sound issue. A couple doorways, and even the catawlk in the annex have some zones where you sound as if you're walking through water, which I'm not sure what the cause of that is. However, nothing that would impede normal day to day gameplay.

Download: Sol Clan map
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Jedi Knight III: Temple of Everlasting Night
So, this here is made by a little feller named Ravz, a newly published mapper, and his first submission is definitely something I hope I can use more often. The Temple of Everlasting Night is a concept pretty much spun purely from imagination, using the Korriban texture set to predominantly set the stage: A small stone compound that houses three tombs of some form of force monastic, as there a small lecturn housing 3 lightsaber hilts. There's an interesting little arena on the other end of this room, with a two way barrier you can raise: You can't see spectators, but they can see you. Good for concentration, I reckon.

This map is quite clean and well-built for a first publication. It's nice and dimly lit, relying mostly on torchlight for your ambient lighting. The fire does hurt, by the way, so don't touch it...or do, I don't care. The architecture here is definitely a step or two up from most first maps, so its safe to say this gent had some practice with his radiant skills. Paid off too, I reckon, as it shows he can definitely apply his artistic skills well. I'd say the only atmospheric defects this map even has is a hiccup or two in unsourced lighting, and they can easily be overlooked, and not even worth adjusting. This map is already a solid enough product that its good for release. Ya did good, Ravz, ya did good.

Download: Temple of Everlasting Night
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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Return to Castelvecchio
This is a digital version of a famous monument in my city: Castelvecchio in Verona (Italy). This work isn't a map in wich the player has to kill other people, but it's a journey inside the building when a voice teachs the user about the history of the museum. This work was made to show that a videogame could be used to teach something.

Download: Return to Castelvecchio
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Star Wars Battlefront 2: Nal Hutta: Slums
EraofDesann is one of the most respected SWBF mappers currently active. While his projects are generally fairly few and far between in terms of releases, his maps never fail to exhibit several things that make up for this - a high degree of polish, originality, as immersive as you can get in Battlefront, and adherence to the general SWBF design aesthetic. This map, Nal Hutta: Slum, is certainly no exception to any of these.

As the title implies, this map takes place on Nal Hutta. It is based on The Old Republic's interpretation and visioning of the planet. Because it is on Nal Hutta, which is the Hutt homeworld, one can expect the design to be very dreary and have lots of earthen, swampy colors. Your expectations are not misplaced, as the map is indeed very earthy, contains lots of garbage, and feels like a swamp. There are eight command points, four for each side. The map is not technically symmetrical, but a lot of the same basic structures and layouts are on each side of the map. It is very easy to get lost and have to take a quick glance at the minimap to figure out exactly where you are.

The construction of this map is quite good- there are a lot of crates, foliage, debris, and general detritus around the map, giving it the appearance of a very backwater and junky planet. This is in keeping with the planet and is a good thing. Objects are well placed, I didn't see any collision issues, and everything maintains the same basic color scheme and design.

Download: Nal Hutta: Slums
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Star Wars Battlefront 2: War of Bases
"War of Bases," version three-point-five, by either linksith or 1_DARK_SITH (stop changing the names, people, it just makes it harder!) - one of the two - is an update on previous versions of the map. I don't recall having played the earlier versions, but taking a look at the screenshots, this looks pretty similar to those earlier versions. I'm not sure what specifically was updated, and for the most part, things mentioned in the earlier review hold true here.

The map itself isn't terribly exciting; it's a pretty regular forest map with Yavin, Kashyyyk, and Kamino(?) props scattered throughout it, making for a pretty inconsistent setting. It has a lot of CPs and a lot of moving around. I did notice that vehicles are missing sound and that vehicles will fall through the Kamino platforms, on the bugs front. Other than that, it seems to be fairly bug-free. One thing I did want to mention is how obnoxious the installer for this is. Having a full-blown executable installer for a simple mod map is a bit of overkill, and this particular installer doesn't let you set your install path.

Download: War of Bases
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Team Fortress 2: PL Canyon
PL Canyon is a large four-point payload map, of course, set in a large winding canyon, where Blu is invading and plotting to destroy a major Red base. The objective is for the Blue Team to deliver the Payload from the newly constructed Blue base to the center of the enemy Red Base, in order to disable the Red Team's large Multi-stage Rocket.

The payload starts at Blue Base, which sits at the very edge of the Canyon on a clifftop. The payload works its way downhill and winds through Red and Blue owned buildings to the first Point A, "The Payload Suppository." It then winds up into a small tunnel, which has many crossing paths above and in the tunnel. The tunnel then opens up onto a large L-Shaped bridge and Point B, "The Loading Dock," all above a very large pit. Afterwards, the payload makes its way down and off the bridge and through Red's large base to Point C,

Download: PL Canyon
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Team Fortress 2: RTE Reach the end
Get to the end of the map before the other team. You start in a closed room. After 10 seconds the door for the room opens and you can get out. The goal of the game: get to the room at the end of the map. If one of your team mates does so the other team will die. Sounds easy, but its not. There are traps that will slow you down.

Download: RTE Reach the end
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Unreal Tournament 2004: KF-Mahloeeh-OldeTunnel-Prefinal
A custom Killing Floor 2.50-2.52 map that I made based on the KF map, KF-OldeTower. It has the passageways and rooms with switches and objectives to help player go through the map. One trader. Several respawnable ammos and guns. Map is very similar to the KF-OldeTower. P.S. Please read this important message - http://dottie33.freewebpages.org/webpub30/1234567.htm.

Download: KF-Mahloeeh-OldeTunnel-Prefinal
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Unreal Tournament 3: VCTF-IcyCanyon
A symmetrical arena in a deep, icy canyon with two bases directly opposing each other. Contains cover for people that don't like using vehicles.

Changes since last version:

* Added a Raptor, * Added a Sniper Room, * Made it less flat

Download: VCTF-IcyCanyon
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I feel glad to be a Star Wars fan when I read through this and realize more than half of the mods are of Star Wars games XD Good job Danny ^^

 #2 - 11-16-2010 at 23:56
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Awsome how my mod made the list

 #3 - 11-16-2010 at 23:57
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Gratz Fasty!

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