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  Filefront Weekly Network Update 01 (week 45, 2010) - News - Network News
  Posted by: Danny on 11-08-2010 @ 11:12
This News Item has been viewed 43,866 times

Welcome to all for the new Filefront Network Update - News. This replaces the old unpopular insider and now comes as two parts which aren't as long as the former insider. Hopefully this will look better, and unfortunately half of the poll results have mentioned that the Insider wasn't very good or wasn't being read. The news part of the Weekly update includes the latest news that has been posted on the Network Sites over the past week as well as some of the latest news from the Filefront Main Site, although in this case there is news from the past two weeks. There has been a fair bit of news from both the network sites and the main filefront site and I have listed several of these below.

Lots more news can be found from Filefront News - Here

Just like the former Insider we would still like your suggestions Remember; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Insider, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the Network Update then simply drop me an email at Danny[at]alienworlds[dot]net (please put "Network Update" as the subject though smile ). If you like the Network Update please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, support or even death threats stick out tongue (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further).


Filefront Gaming Today News: 9 Reasons Kinect Is From the Future

Last year, I showed a non-gamer friend some Project Natal to see what he thought about this weird new thing. Well, he thought it was weird. But he also had one very interesting piece of insight. He said said it looked like Microsoft had cobbled together some sort of crazy future technology that, judging by the dumb “slap the red balls” game, they had no idea what to do with. That they don’t know what to do with it isn’t the important part, though; what is important is that it’s a bunch of future tech slapped into a plastic case that’s selling for $150. How do we know it’s from the future? Here’s nine reasons why:

1: You will eventually be able to use it to prevent murder.
2: You can talk to it.
3: It can see in 3D through some method no one understands.
4: It’s virtual reality.
5: Milo
6: It’s built for a era in history in which everyone has enormous living spaces.
7: It replaces your pets.
8: It uses magic.
9: It’s made so even morons can use it.

Read: 9 Reasons Kinect Is From the Future
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Bungie Removes Halo: Reach Rank Cap

Back in October, Bungie said that they would be lifting the rank level cap once Halo: Reach played completed 117 million Daily and Weekly Challenges.

Well, the Reach players made that goal right on schedule, so Bungie is rewarding the community. Says Bungie in on its website,

Forty-nine days and more than a few million Challenges later, you’ve totally decapitated the Rank cap in Halo: Reach. That means there are now more kick ass Rank and Armor options available in the Armory than ever before. To help get you suited up into some hot new gear, we’re introducing huge Credit Jackpots for players who routinely finish their games. Because we love you and we want you to have nice things.

Read: Bungie Removes Halo: Reach Rank Cap
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Filefront Gaming Today News: BigPoint CEO Doubts SW: The Old Republic “will be profitable. Ever.”

During the London Games Conference keynote as reported by industry news site GamesIndustry.biz, Heiko Hubertz, CEO of casual game maker BigPoint offered his opinions on why the traditional MMO subscription model–and particularly EA/Bioware’s anticipated Star Wars: The Old Republic–aren’t going to be profitable.

Hubertz core argument is that games with large development budgets, like the assumed $100 million plus EA has spent on Star Wars: The Old Republic, can’t make a profit using the traditional MMO subscription model.

“If you look at a game like Star Wars from EA and BioWare, they estimated a development budget of more than $100 million. This is an online game for many million of subscribers, so a big publisher does not understand that a subscription model is not the future.

“With micro-transactions and longer lifetime maybe I see a chance for this game but I don’t think that EA or BioWare will be profitable with this game. Ever.”

Read: BigPoint CEO Doubts SW: The Old Republic “will be profitable. Ever.”
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Cliffy B Says Heavy Rain Should Have Been Marketed To Ladies

Funny story: Heavy Rain was kind of a really terrible game, but it started with a good and novel idea, and so people still talk about it. And in Ken Levine’s interview podcast, he said maybe Heavy Rain should have been marketed to the ladies. Unfortunately, he kinda frames his point douchily (yes, I just created a word). Here is the full quote.

I hate to sound misogynistic, but for me it feels like such a great game for a girl who wouldn’t normally play games, because women love true crime. I don’t know what it is, and I’ve said this on my Twitter before; they love two things in life: queso dip and true crime. It’s like, just give me the Lifetime show Snapped and some queso dip, and she’s good, man. And you market that to that audience — you say Heavy Rain advertised in like Playstation magazines and things like that, and, dude, why isn’t this in Entertainment Weekly … and why aren’t you marketing this to the right crowd? There are scenes where I was literally almost dropping the controller because it was paced so well. The first scene — Madison in her apartment, and the guys were all chasing after her — that was just brilliant. If you just just ship that, and had that disc shipped with all these women’s magazines, you would maybe sell twice as much.

Read: Cliffy B Says Heavy Rain Should Have Been Marketed To Ladies
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Dead Space 2 Lullaby Trailer Will Haunt Your Dreams

Dead Space was a spooky game, and its sequel is shaping up to be exactly the same. In the latest trailer, we’re treated to an ethereal voice singing a slightly reworked version of “Ring Around the Rosy.”

Oh, and it’s accompanied by some nice new gameplay footage from Dead Space 2. It even shows me exactly what I’ve always thoughts subways really should look like.

Head on ever and check this one out, or download it from our fast, free servers.


Read: Dead Space 2 Lullaby Trailer Will Haunt Your Dreams
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Filefront Gaming Today News: EA Financials Say FIFA is Still King

What’s the top-selling game of the year so far? Red Dead Redemption? Halo: Reach? Starcraft II? To be honest, we don’t know, because we don’t have exact to-date sales figures for any of those games. But I would guess that odds are good that FIFA 11 is, so far, the biggest game of the year, because EA says in their Q2 2011 financial report that the game has sold 8 million copies. As of when I don’t know, because EA does not say, but since the report also mentions Medal of Honor sales, and that game came out after the quarter ended, it probably includes October sales for FIFA as well. They also say that FIFA was the top game, period, in Europe for the quarter, which is pretty cool.

What does this mean? It means that sports are cool, nerds. Get used to it.

Read: EA Financials Say FIFA is Still King
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Genesis A.D Free-to-Play Open Beta Client

Genesis A.D is an epic, free-to-play sci-fi FPS that puts players in the role of elite super-soldiers as they do battle in the ultimate virtual world in preparation for the most important mission in the history of mankind. Featuring intense, twitch-action gameplay, Genesis A.D allows players to wield unique and dynamic abilities that push player versus player combat into overdrive and boost gameplay far beyond today’s modern combat shooters.

You can download the client from FileFront’s Free and Fast Servers

Need an account? Sign up here.

In the year 2231, an alien world has been found to replenish Earth’s dwindling supply of resources.

The only problem is that that planet is also teeming with alien life, ready to savagely attack any outsiders. While the EEPO prepare to take what they need despite the cost of alien life, a group of resistance from within takes hold, appalled that this primitive world won’t have a change to evolve into an advanced civilization, and fight to sabotage their mission. As the fate of an overpopulated Earth looms in the balance, every capable fighter must choose their side.

Read: Genesis A.D Free-to-Play Open Beta Client
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Gran Turismo 5 to Launch on November 30?

It seems like only yesterday that we were telling you that Gran Turismo 5 had actually gone gold. (Oh wait, it was only yesterday!) Now, it looks like you could get your grubby little paws on Polyphony Digital’s long-awaited racing title this month.

Sony Style, the official store of Sony’s many products, is listing GT5 as being available for pre-order, and that the game will be available “on or about 11/30/2010.” This is the only indication we’ve got of when the game might be released, but even this isn’t official yet.

We’ve contacted Sony for further comment, and we’ll let you know what we find out. Until then, cross your fingers.

Read: Gran Turismo 5 to Launch on November 30?
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Here Are your Kinect Reviews — Kevin Butler Might Have Been Right

Microsoft has been pushing Kinect as the future of gaming by saying it makes you the controller. So the question is this: is using Kinect better than using a controller? I’d tell you, but we didn’t get a Kinect sensor pre-launch, so even though I have used Kinect before, I won’t presume to render my impressions of those experiences as a final verdict. Instead, I’m going to pull some quotes that directly address that question from reviews posted by reputable sources. Oh, and before we do that, I’m going to post this old Kevin Butler Playstation Move ad which jokes that the Movie is better than Kinect because it has buttons.

On to the reviews:


Some Kinect games feel like they’d be better with a controller. Others, like Dance Central, wouldn’t be as fun. A comparison to a controller is apt, though, because gesturing to control a game feels as relatively convoluted and slightly slow as using a control stick. Kinect voice control, on the other hand, feels like it can be as precise as pressing a button. Buttons and control sticks together are a great combo; voice and gesture feel like just as terrific a pairing.

For More Click the Link Below!

Read: Here Are your Kinect Reviews — Kevin Butler Might Have Been Right
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Microsoft Explains Why They Moved Indie Games in New Dashboard Update

It’s a busy few weeks for Fallout fans: Barely 24 hours after New Vegas was released, extensive modding tools were released for it, and there’s already some truly epic New Vegas Mods – But let’s give New Vegas some time to breathe; why not spend some time with an old friend, and play some Fallout 3 mods instead. We thought you’d like that, which is why today, we’re going to show you how to install Fallout 3 mods, and then which ones you need to grab for yourself.

Pip Boy Activated? Great! Let’s get started.

Read: How To Install Fallout 3 Mods
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Medal of Honor Clean Sweep and Hot Zone DLC Now Available (TRAILER)

Medal of Honor‘s biggest direct competitor this season is Call of Duty: Black Ops, which hits shelves on Tuesday. EA’s attempt to fight off the inevitable onslaught begins today with the release of two DLC packs: Clean Sweep, which is free, and Hot Zone, which is $10/800 MS points. Hot Zone is a new King of the Hill mode, and Clean Sweep is Elimination. Each of the packs comes with two new maps. Aaaaaaaaaaaand here’s a trailer for Hot Zone. There is no trailer for Clean Sweep because they don’t need to encourage you to get the free one.


Read: Medal of Honor Clean Sweep and Hot Zone DLC Now Available (TRAILER)
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Microsoft Explains Why They Moved Indie Games in New Dashboard Update

With the new Dashboard update, the Xbox Live Indie Games section was moved from the Games section of the marketplace to Specialty Shops alongside the Avatar Marketplace. Some of the Indie Games developers weren’t so pumped about this, saying the move pushes these games “further into obscurity.”

But Microsoft says it ain’t like that a’ tall*. They say this will help the Indie Games, or at least they hope it will. You would think, at least, that Microsoft isn’t trying to, like, bury a potential stream of revenue. Here’s the explanation from Microsoft, speaking to Eurogamer:

The intent of the Specialty Shops section was to provide access to marketplaces that focus on a specific type of content, with unique ways of sorting through that content. We wanted to give Xbox Live Indie Games that full marketplace experience and felt this was the best place to do it, alongside other popular channels like the Avatar Marketplace.

Read: Microsoft Explains Why They Moved Indie Games in New Dashboard Update
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Microsoft’s Kinect Review

Microsoft really, really likes to introduce new technology. The former Project Natal is finally here and with the arrival of motion-based control and the voice activated navigation features Xbox 360 owners everywhere will be asking the big question… Is this a big deal? Is Kinect really from the future? or just a clone of Nintendo’s successful casual-friendly Wii?

First off, the Kinect is not Microsoft’s answer to the wiggle and waggle Wii controllers. The new functions of the camera make you the controller, just as the marketing materials claim. Players manipulate the Xbox 360′s new Kinect Hub by waving hands, moving and speaking clearly to the unit and in many ways that is pretty cool.

The technology has great potential to change the way people use their Xbox 360. It also opens up some gameplay types that were previously unavailable to traditional controllers. The Kinect knows how to track the human body. It senses your joint movement and recognizes the hands and hips very well. Shades of Minority Report’s futuristic swipe interface are present in the way the peripheral reads and interacts with the player but the technology for now, at least, feels a bit less futuristic and more “beta testing”.

Read: Microsoft’s Kinect Review
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Microsoft Testing Episodic Poker Game for XBox Live

There’s been a lot of questions about what Microsoft would come up with to replace 1 vs. 100. MS has been really quiet about it, but now Kotaku may have some insight into the situation.

According to an email a reader forwarded to Kotaku, Microsoft Game Studios is beta testing Full House Poker, which will bring live poker to XBox Live. Regularly scheduled poker game shows (featuring a new game called “Texas Heat”) will pit thousands of players against each other as they try to reach the top table. They’ll also earn experience and chips for their bankroll as prizes.

You’ll also be playing as your XBox Live avatar, and you’ll be able to acquire unique accessories and tells.

Read: Microsoft Testing Episodic Poker Game for XBox Live
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Filefront Gaming Today News: NBA Elite 11 Officially Canceled

Everyone was a bit surprised when EA delayed NBA Elite 11 just a week before it would have launched in late September. At the time, EA said the delay was necessary to allow them to address concerns raised in play testing, and to generally “polish” the gameplay. Well, it looks like they polished it away to nothing, as NBA Elite 11 has now been officially canceled.

On EA’s investor call yesterday, John Schappert announced the cancellation, and added that the franchise would return next year. Instead of EA Canada (the studio where EA laid off 100 ‘redundant’ employees in October), the development for next year’s iteration will be handled by EA Tiburon, the developer behind the Madden and Tiger Woods series.

Read: EA Financials Say FIFA is Still King
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Filefront Gaming Today News: PIXELthon Retro Games Marathon to Benefit Child’s Play Happening Now

So some children at my alma mater*, the University of Alabama, have a gaming group called ABXY (yeah, I know), and they do like 37 niche gaming events every week and blah blah blah, and right now they’re doing a retro games marathon live on ustream, and they call it PIXELthon. They’ve got two teams — Team Mario and Team Sonic, of course — playing games side-by-side, and they’re competing to see, well, which team the viewers like more.

The marathon is a charity event, and it benefits the Birmingham Children’s Hospital iteration of Child’s Play. When you donate, you can request they play a new game or vote for one team or the other or or against one team or the other or, really, whatever kinky thing you want to request. The marathon just started within the last hour, and they’re going for 49 hours straight, from 6pm CT today to 6pm CT on Sunday. Anyway, check it out and donate some money. The stream is here, and the donation page is here.

Read: PIXELthon Retro Games Marathon to Benefit Child’s Play Happening Now
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Shogun 2: Total War Story Trailer

Shogun: Total War was one of those games that, I’m ashamed to say, I forgot about. I played it, loved it and put it in the vault, and then I got buried under a bunch of other, far inferior games, even though the game launched the Total War franchise. Personally, though, I was never as interested in the other Total War games as I was in Shogun, because I was already familiar with the other game topics. Far East history, on the other hand, is not taught in schools in Alabama, and so Shogun was intriguing to me in a way that a game about Napoleon never could be.

Anyway, Shogun 2 picks up in 16th century Japan, and the player takes on the role of clan leader Daimyo as he attempts to unite all of Japan under his banner. Also, we got a really close look at it at PAX and it’s really great. Here’s the cool story trailer.


Read: Shogun 2: Total War Story Trailer
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Filefront Gaming Today News: Stutter Remover For Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas is fairly excellent, but like Fallout 3 (and, frankly, most Bethesda titles) before it, there’s a notorious framerate stutter that has been the bane of many a gamer’s existence. If you’re playing a top of the line machine, or willing to get a new graphics card, it’s not a problem but if you’re not made of money yet still want to enjoy one of 2010′s best games, you’re stuck. You’ll be forced to endure annoying stops and starts andtartsstoand starts and stopsand. Well, you get the idea.

Fortunately, you’re in luck. A mod based on the stutter remover for Fallout 3 and Oblivion has been released for New Vegas. Currently it’ll only work with versions and If you have version, you’ll need to upgrade or downgrade to one of the supported versions. Full instructions are found at the above link, and you can get your copy of the Stutter Remover here.

Read: Stutter Remover For Fallout: New Vegas
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Battlefield 1942: Battlefield 1943 & Battlefield 3 on PC!
I must say, when I saw this, it was a bit of a shock. It seems both BF 3 & 1943 will be shipping to the PC world in, what Patrick Soderlund stated as, the 'not too distant future.' All I can say is: Awesome cool

Eurogamer: The PC version of Battlefield 1943 didn't happen. What's happening there?

Patrick Soderlund: We are obviously working on the PC platform and we'll be ready to talk about that shortly. You should see information around the PC platform in the not too distant future.

Eurogamer: So the message is the game is not dead?

Patrick Soderlund: We'll comment on it when we have information.

Eurogamer: How's development on Battlefield 3 going?

Patrick Soderlund: It's going well. I'm very happy with what we have and I'm really excited about showing it to the world because we have something that is going to be very, very cool.

Eurogamer: When will you show it?

Patrick Soderlund: You'll see. You'll know probably sooner than I will. You are going to be able to see it in the not too distant future. The marketing guys would kill me if I told you when.

Read: Battlefield 1943 & Battlefield 3 on PC!
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Battlefield 1942: New Battlefield Title?
In a few tweets from the head of Easy Studios, Ben Cousins, it is suggested that there will be another new upcoming Battlefield game. The name of the game (big grin) is supposed to be announced this Friday, I have no idea what it will be, but I'm sure it'll be awesome cool

pyttt: @benjamincousins BF1943 - PC?
@pyttt - nope, it's a completely new title. #Battlefield

Just to confirm - I am NOT going to London to announce any game called 'Battlefield Assault'. That is just a URL EA picked up.

Flying to London later today to show a new, unannounced #Battlefield game to the press. News goes public on Friday. (NOT #BF3)

Read: New Battlefield Title?
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Doom III: Hexen Mod Release Date Announced!
Here, Here! That time is near! We have been crunching away every day and it's all wrapping up. At this time, we would like to announce our planned release of the first playable version of our game Hexen: Edge of Chaos for November 2010.

It will contain the clerics first hub which consists of 3 full maps and some 1.5 to 2 hours of gameplay. You will fight monsters, solve puzzles, fail puzzles, use weapons, utilize artifacts, break lots of stuff, and curse our names to Chaos when you most likely die a few times along the way. Surely you all expect some degree of obscurity that comes with puzzles for this game.........and the price for failure is steep........

We know, we know! We've read comments from followers "Don't tease us!" and "Oh you silly people... causing a frenzy with your single image release! We need MEAT!". Well then we say how about something more! For you today in our state of excitement, we have a Hexen: Edge of chaos wallpaper in various formats....even for your iphone! All made from our specially talented artist Slash. Also for you today is a very special clip. If you've read our history journals then you are aware of what happened to the past heroes, and also know that strange things are brewing. Well........YOU have been summoned! Evil things are happening indeed in this world.......will you answer the dear Astronomer's call????

Read: Hexen Mod Release Date Announced!
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Elite Force: Covenant at War: Apex Studios Update 25/10/2010
Bring out the big guns
Continuing our resources trade with Halo: Sins of the Prophets (http://www.moddb.com/mods/halo-sins-of-the-prophets) we have finally implemented a ship some of you have been asking for for some time, the UNSC Phoenix Refit.

Class: Refit Colony Ship/Carrier
Length: 2,500 metres
Armaments: 10 Point-defense cannons, 38 Archer missile pods, 1 Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (MAC)
Squadrons: 3 E/A Shortsword Squadrons, 10 C709 Longsword Interceptors
Cost: 4500cR


The Phoenix Refit is one of the largest ships in the UNSC fleet, at 2,500 metres it is almost a full kilometre longer than the Covenant CCS-Class Battlecruiser. At first glance this ship may seem on the same level as the Marathon Cruiser, but appearances can be deceiving, the Phoenix may match the Marathon's arsenal but these ships have a long history, and as a result of their age their hulls are significantly weaker.

Some eye candy for you:


Read: Covenant at War: Apex Studios Update 25/10/2010
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Elite Force: The Last Outpost's Hosts Community-wide Event
The Last Outpost (last-outpost.net) is hosting a unique new community event that is being offered to the entire RPG-X community. Safe Harbor Station and rpgxEF Day is a new type of event designed to teach people to install and use the all-new rpgxEF client with an exciting roleplay set on a Federation starbase located in alien territory. From The Last Outpist's website:

Learn to use the new rpgxEF platform, then take it for a spin with a unique and exciting new roleplay. Safe Harbor Station is a new concept in episodic events, an interchangeable and continuous roleplay that can run whenever there's time and people willing. Set on a starbase located in neutral territory, it follows an intrepid Federation crew running a mostly alien station. The mysteries found in these uncharted sectors, their alien inhabits, and in the station itself are not for the faint of heart - but for those who will take the risk, the rewards are just as great. A tour of duty on Safe Habor changes you, but if you can make it through, you'll learn things about the galaxy - and about yourself - you'd never before imagined.

This event will feature a unique Safe Harbor Station roleplay that will take place on the rpgxEF server. Before the roleplay, TLO staff will lead an interactive class through MSN and screen-sharing that will help teach players to set up and use rpgxEF, and switch between it and regular (vanilla) RPG-X. Once everyone's got their game running, we'll head over to TLO's own rpgxEF server for an exciting new roleplay.

It promises to be an exciting event, and is open to the whole community! Visit last-outpost.net to learn more, or contact Veritas by e-mail at veritas@last-outpost.net.

Hope to see you there!
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Empire at War: Stargate - Pegasus Chronicles: October News
A little late, but...

McKay: „John, wait a moment! Can you spare me just a minute?“
Sheppard: „OK, but only a minute?
McKay: „Um well, I´ve been working the database trying to decrypt the Ancients old logs.“
Sheppard: „And what did you figure out about the latest logs? Will we be able to set eyes on this ominous ship finally?“
McKay: „No, this entry is well protected. Not even my granny could penetrate these codes.“
Sheppard: „Um, the minute is over. See ya, Rodney.“
McKay: „Hey, hey, wait a moment. There is still more to come, John.“
Sheppard: „What is it else, Rodney?“
McKay: „There are some Wraith ships we didnt knew about. However this has a little "side effect".“
Sheppard: „Oh, how interesting. And what could this be?“
McKay: „Unfortunately my latest attempt on the encryption seemed to be a bit too "aggressive". I was able to restore 2 of the 3 unit logs preserved, however the rest stored inside is beyond recall.“
Sheppard: „Great, simly great Rodney. At best you leave the database and stick to your other tasks.“
McKay: „All right, as if I didn't have enough to do.“
Sheppard: „As this is clarified, hand me the 2 logs. I'll have a look on the 3rd one later.“

Atlantis data base; File 10-0810 B:

Wraith Artillery Ship
(Credits: Model: Wolf V.2 Texture: MerlinGalgotta)

This ship is equipped with specialised Artillery weaponry to attack hostile vessels even from a great distance. Its shape is similar to a Devilfish. The organic hull isn't very durable, but able to regenerate any damage very quick. Also the Artillery ship is capable of dispatching a Scout squad to gain recon on a designated area in order to better track hostile targets from the distance.

Also we have a nice new video for you:

See you next month!
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Empire at War: Scourge of the Outer Rim Project Launch
Star Wars: Empire at War -- Scource of the Outer Rim

The Empire sprawls about the Core Worlds, ready to stretch out and conquer. The Rebellion holds steadfast to Rim Worlds, preparing to gain allies in the mid rim in order to take Coruscant. The Zann Consortium spreads its corruption and swells with credits, steadily buying its way towards ultimate power.

But a new faction lies in wait… The Galactic Protectorate. Founded to wipe out crime and corruption, they find themselves caught between a Galactic Civil War – but they will not be easy prey. They are a force to be reckoned with.

Four people call to you.

The Emperor offers to make you a Grand Admiral.
Rahm Kota and Mon Motha offer to make you a Grand General.
Tyber Zann offers to make you his Warlord.
Admiral Absolute Bloodreaver offers to make you Supreme Commander.

The fate of the galaxy is in your hands… what path will YOU take?

Scourge of the Outer Rim (Mod) V.1 --- A Work in Progress

Note from the creator,

The first version will be very basic. Units will be added and some mechanics changed, but the map will stay the same for Version 1. If this gets as far as Version 2, then we’ll go farther. For now, this is the Introduction.

I have planned out this mod, but I have no idea how to actually make a mod. I will post this to the community website in the hopes that someone likes this idea in makes it. In the meantime, however, I will be trying to learn how to make a mod. If no one makes this, I will eventually do it, but it could be years.

Read: Scourge of the Outer Rim Project Launch
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Fear 3: F.3.A.R. spooky halloween trailer
Enjoy this spooky trailer. Probably best watched from behing the sofa

Read: F.3.A.R. spooky halloween trailer
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Half-Life 2: RnL October 15th RTTF
As you are probably all aware, it has been a while since the last patch and even longer since the last Road to the Future post. We decided to create this RTTF not only to give you all an update on our progress, but to release a new map. On top of that, we have some new developers to introduce. Lastly, there will be no Q and A section as we want to focus on showing some media.

Lately, we have been looking for an advanced C++ programmer who is willing to put forth a long term commitment to the RnL Dev team. I say this because some of our previous programmers have dropped shortly after their Rite of Passage assignments and we are looking for some really dedicated people. It is also a big plus if you are familiar with programming in the source engine. Also, as always we are looking for anyone skilled in one of the following categories: game artist(modeler, texturer), 2D artist, animator, and level designer. For more information and to apply go here(RnLJobPage).

There are two new developers that I would like to introduce:

James "Volcol" Chilton - Modeler / Game Artist

James has been with us for a while, but with the lack of updates we haven't had a chance to introduce him. He has modeled, UV'ed, and textured the much anticipated FG42. Here is a render of his FG42 after the modeling stage.

User Posted Image User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted Image
User Posted Image User Posted Image

Read: RnL October 15th RTTF
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Half-Life 2: Terminator Multiplayer Mod Recruiting
Resistance, a Half-Life 2 co-op survival mod is currently in development. The mod is heavily based off Terminator: Salvation and will place the characters in free environment with multiple objectives while fighting off waves of Skynet enemies. The mod will have players to rely on each other for ammo, heath, strategic attacks, communication and sticking together. All Skynet enemies will have advanced AI which will vary per model.

Currently Recruiting:

* Mappers
* Skinners
* Coders

Please fill out a contact form at:

- Quigon007 Mod Leader
Read: Terminator Multiplayer Mod Recruiting
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Lord of the Rings Online: Lord of the Rings Online EU is now Free to Play!
That's right everyone the EU now has Free to Play! Make sure that you join [EN]Evernight if you wish to participate in the LotRFiles Clan, which will be set up before December as that should allow me to carry on levelling up and allow you to explore the game a little. I will post more details about the clan soon but just go on and start playing but make sure you join [EN]Evernight!

The much anticipated The Lord of the Rings Online Free to Play Store and latest content, Book 2; Ride of the Grey Company will launch across Europe on Tuesday 2nd November 2010. You will be able to download the game and play for free as well as purchase expansions, quest packs, items, and account services à la carte from the new LOTRO Store opening on Tuesday 2nd November 2010. This major new content update (Book 2; Ride of the Grey Company) will also serve to extend the game’s epic story and expand the world of Middle-earth with the new region of Enedwaith.

Highlights of the latest update to LOTRO will include:

* Volume III, Book 2: The Ride of the Grey Company -- Having sworn to protect the heirs of Isildur, the Dúnedain responded with all haste to the urgent message from Elrond. Players will join the newly-formed Grey Company in Rivendell as they depart on their journey far from the relative safety of that hidden valley into the new region of Enedwaith. Book 2 consists of fifteen solo-able chapters full of exploration, exciting combat and a healthy dose of mystery. Go to the main page here to start your free to play adventure!

Read: Lord of the Rings Online EU is now Free to Play!
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Team Fortress 2: Halloween Special Update
For the second time Valve releases an update around Halloween, this year with four new achievements, new items and a whole new level!

The Halloween special runs from October 27th thru November 8th. I have played the map a few dozen times, and I can say, it is worth your time.

Special items with this update can only be bought during the event, but can be worn all year. The new map "Mann Manor" includes a boss, a gigantic monster with a sword that takes more than thousand Natasha rounds to take out!
Read: Halloween Special Update
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Total comments: 6 | Last comment: 11-11-2010 at 09:26

 #1 - 11-08-2010 at 14:29
Joined: June 13th, 2009
Posts: 199
Umm... I didn't read through all of it, just the top couple of paragraphs, and this sure doesn't look shorter to me... but that could be my memory failing ("wow, a 15 yer-old's memory failing. that's scary." I know, it's scary, get used to it stick out tongue)

 #2 - 11-08-2010 at 15:11
Danny (Staff)
From: (Canterbury, Kent)
Joined: July 11th, 2002
Posts: 993
its shorter because the files are now separate wink (that is when I've finished doing it - it takes a while to do Cry )

 #3 - 11-10-2010 at 19:20
Joined: October 27th, 2009
Posts: 1536
Trust me, it is a lot shorter XD Anyway, good stuff. The guy that said SW: TOR won't be profitable is a nutjob. How is the most advanced MMO, set in the Star Wars galaxy, created by BioWare, NOT going to be profitable? Bah D_D"

That Genesis A.D. looks good too big grin I'll try it out and see what it's like embarrasment And that stutter remover is just what I needed too... For some reason I stutter on my PC, which can play Crysis on ultra with mods without issues Q_Q

 #4 - 11-11-2010 at 03:41
Joined: July 22nd, 2002
Posts: 1836
Something is throwing this article quite out of proportion...

 #5 - 11-11-2010 at 09:19
Danny (Staff)
From: (Canterbury, Kent)
Joined: July 11th, 2002
Posts: 993
I think I've fixed it?

 #6 - 11-11-2010 at 09:26
Joined: July 22nd, 2002
Posts: 1836
Yep, all good smile

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