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  Filefront Weekly Network Update 03 (week 47, 2010) - Files - FileFront News
  Posted by: Danny on 11-23-2010 @ 19:17
This News Item has been viewed 21,729 times

Welcome to all for the third version of the Filefront Network Update - Files Section . This replaces the old unpopular insider and now comes as two parts which aren't as long as the former insider. Hopefully this will look better than the previous version!. The Files part of the Weekly update includes the latest Files that has been posted on the Network Sites over the past week as well as some of the latest files from the Filefront Main Site, although in this case there is news from the past two weeks. There have been a few modifications, mini-mods, skins as well as a lot of maps covering a few of the sites.

This week however there were five new large modifications including a big Mod for Battlefield 2, 2 big mods for Dawn of War, as well as an old republic based mod for Star Wars Empire at War and more. There have been a fair few map files from all of the networkas usual, and much more all of which can be found below!

Just like the former Insider we would still like your suggestions Remember; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Insider, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the Network Update then simply drop me an email at Danny[at]alienworlds[dot]net (please put "Network Update" as the subject though smile ). If you like the Network Update please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, support or even death threats stick out tongue (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further).

Modifications | Mini-Mods | Maps | Skins / Models | Demos | Patches | Trailers


Battlefield 2: Dogs of War
After a long wait, and an even longer time making this mod, I am happy to say that V1.0 is finally released! So, what can you expect to find in this mod? New sounds and effects! Nearly all sounds and effects have been edited. The gameplay has been drastically modded as well (more on that later).
Also, not just are the existing sounds/effects edited, I've created new ones, and spliced those into the game (like, pistol bullet impact effects, and snow materials). Many other special material settings and sound template edits have also been made. The HUD has also been edited a bit to minimalize it some.

I've included the maps, Aberdeen, Battleaxe, Bizerte, City Park, Invasion of the Coral Sea, Iwo Jima, Kasserine Pass, Operation fox, Snowy Park, Telemark, Sunset in Tunisia, Supercharge, Tunisia, Urban Decay, and Urban Jungle. You can always add more yourself if you want more....

Download: Dogs of War
More Battlefield 2: FileFront's Battlefield 2 Files

Dawn of War: Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising - Reincarnate - Version 3.0.0

Version 3.0.0 out now!!! Get it here: http://www.filefront.com/17506269/DO...nate 3.0.0.rar This version includes the CTerminator.SGA file which was missing, refer to the install instructions on where to put it. Basically your archives folder. Installation is the same as before, you can either delete the old mod files, or just replace them, either choice should work. Don't worry about the size of the file, there are lots of game changes Feedback is welcomed, This isn't the finale version, but it will give players a good idea of what the mod is about . ENJOY![/B]

I am a one man team at the moment, and not the greatest modder in the world, as I am still learning. I'm also currently at Uni studying Computer Games Design so that will add to my skills, as a result don't expect any miracles from me or for this mod to be completed any time soon, as I have limited time I can work on the mod. But on the plus side I have a bottomless pit of ideas in my head and great motivation so that will help. Anyone reading this and wanting to be part of the mod then please give me a bell Hope people find this interesting and i will post updates soon as can. Thanks for reading.

Download: Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising - Reincarnate - Version 3.0.0
More Dawn of War: FileFront's Dawn of War Files

Dawn of War: Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising - Wrath of the Blood Ravens Less enemies version. (2.5 )
This mod is a different version of the Wrath of the Blood Ravens mod. It has roughly 33% of the enemies the normal mod has in campaign, making this mod easier to play on older computers.

-Drastically reduced enemy squad sizes for Ork, Eldar and Tyranid races.

Download: Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising - Wrath of the Blood Ravens Less enemies version. (2.5 )
More Dawn of War: FileFront's Dawn of War Files

Empire at War: Old Republic at War, the space tales
"At last, the full space version. All new gameplay, classes and weapons. All bugs were filtered out and this version comes with even better graphics."

This is the phrase with which I opened my moddb download description. I have for you an Old republic mod, set in the time of Darth Revan, the Starforge and the Sith Empire. I've been working hard for the last six monthes to create this, a total redo of the previous version, and a total break-down of FoC. Read the total description please, for full details of what this mod will do, and how it'll destroy your idea of that you knew something about Forces of Corruption.

(just to inform you, NO the mandalorians are not *yet* complete, I've had tonnes of comments of people who didn't read the description and asked why the game goes crazy when they play as the mando's)

Btw if you want to follow my mod, here is a link: http://www.moddb.com/mods/old-republic-at-war

Download: Old Republic at War, the space tales
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Update
Another one of those mods where the author ends up doing a good portion of my review for me ;_; Incoming override mod. Adds a new sounds to characters, as well as new sound effects for weapons, alarms, ambiance, etc. Adds 2 optional variant skins for Luke's lightsaber, both being lesser represented versions of the Return of the Jedi hilt (I don't like the one that everyone keeps trying to remake. stick out tongue) Changes Luke's outfit, so that he now has an all black/dark grey collar around his neck, rather than that ridiculous red-striped one.

The basic imperial now has a dark grey uniform rather than the bright bluish one that simply doesn't fit Imperial Protocol. adds multiple new/replacement lightsaber sounds. What you get depends on what .pk3 you use. adds new music for various levels, taking away the constantly recycled feel left by reused music sets. adds new lightsaber blades, though this was simply because I felt it was necessary. They're not crucial to the "feel" of this mod, and you don't have to use them if you have a preferred saber mod.

Interestingly enough, a lot of the changes were very pro. The music choices were actually very well selected, and didn't make me want to vomit at the thought of listening to them, which is freaky, considering it was still John Williams's stuff, and I hate listening to that. Most of the sounds were pretty good, though some were kinda weird. What on earth did you do on tiepass5.wav? Sounds all choppy and stitched together. The graphical updates I didn't really put too much emphasis. The imperial officer just looked like a reduxed commander to me, and the Skywalker collar ....well I never paid any attention to it, so I barely noticed the difference.

Download: Jedi Outcast Update
More Jedi Knight II: FileFront's Jedi Knight II Files

Bridge Commander: With Your Life
Here is another mission. This time your leading your fleet to protect a newly captured cardassian base. Warning though your fleet has some damaged ships from the battle to capture it and the base it self is damaged. The enemy will do what it can to elimate you and the base if need be. You must hold the base till reinforcements arrive

Download: With Your Life
More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

Dawn of War: Soulstorm: CornCobMan's Elite Training mod
his is version 2 of my Elite Training Mod which adds Eldar and Orks to the races that have been changed. I had an idea one day for a mod involving units transforming into more powerful units. I tried to make it happen one day but hit a snag and gave up. Then I had another idea and this is the result. This changes the Space Marines, Eldar, Orks and Chaos in the following ways:

Space Marines: Most combat squads are 1 unit per squad. This means Scouts, Space Marines, Assault Marines, Terminators and Assault Terminators

Space Marines, Assault Marines, Terminators, Assault Terminators and Predators have been removed from the build menus. Scouts are classed into two types: Ranged training path and Melee training path. Ranged Scouts become Space Marines when you click the Space Marine training button, they can then become Terminators when you click on the Terminator training button.

Melee Scouts become Assault Marines when you click the Assault Marine training button, they can then become Assault Terminators when you click on the Assault Terminator training button. You can get maximum of 2 Terminators and Assault Terminators Grey Knights are available as normal but are 1 unit per squad for consistency and you can get 2. Rhinos become Predators when you click on the Predator upgrade button.

Download: CornCobMan's Elite Training mod
More Dawn of War: Soulstorm: FileFront's Dawn of War: Soulstorm Files

Doom III: Do2oM Mod
My own Doom 3 gameplay-change mod. This mod brings you back to Doom II. There are classic Doom II gameplay. All weapons, items etc working as in Doom II. It's alpha version and have some defects. P.S. If you want to use it for your mod or map, please type in your map's (mod's) readme text file - Thanks to ThE FoREVERror for Do2oM (Doom II Gameplay Mod) and send e-mail message to me ()

Download: Do2oM Mod
More Doom III: FileFront's Doom III Files

Jedi Knight III: JA reskin pack
I like seeing people improve. I mean, I like cake, insanity and the violent evisceration of people using Galen Marek skins, but I also like seeing people getting better at, for instance, skinning. Jedi_hm2 is back, bringing us black and gray recolours of various models. They're definitely better than his previous reskins though, and I think I like some of these. So, what have we?

Grey Bespin Cop
Me, I'm not a fan of the bespin cop - not the old one, and not the new one. Something about knowing a guy who used a reskin of the Bespin cop with a flower on its back and a Knight Rider taunt traumatized me forever.
This skin is, in effect, the Bespin cop colored grey. While it works, and it doesn't look all that awkward, I think it looks a little dull personally. That's just me though.

Black Human Merc
Here's one with potential: a human merc, recolored to be black. I have to say, I rather like the human merc myself, but this reskin doesn't do it too much credit in my eyes. While it's a valid attempt, I personally think the black is a tad overdone here - in short, I think this skin is too black. I know there'll be those who will disagree with me on that though, so other than that, it's a sound skin stick out tongue

Download: JA reskin pack
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Knights of the Old Republic II: Remove Restriction to Force Armors by armors
This mods purpose is well illustrated by its title: allow you to use force powers with heavy and medium armors. Even though it has already been done, they did not use the same method. Plus this time, I used the TSL Patcher to allow anyone to use this in conjunction with great force power mods that are out there.


MrPhil aka Phildevil
Download: Remove Restriction to Force Armors by armors
More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

Knights of the Old Republic II: Soundtrack Replacement Mod for K2
This mod will replace most of KOTOR2 soundtrack with new atmospheric and enticing tracks to enhance your gaming experience. Most area and combat tracks are replaced, about 90% of them. Enjoy the new music! More details in Readme.
Download: Soundtrack Replacement Mod for K2
More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Additional Weapons
This mod adds 3 new weapons to RtCW (single player) : MP44, PPSh and Carabin. These weapons will appear in the original game (the screenshots let you see the changes in the level "sfm"). This second version of the mod is improved with much better weapon models and icons.

Download: Additional Weapons
More Return to Castle Wolfenstein: FileFront's Return to Castle Wolfenstein Files

Star Trek: Legacy: STL: New Generation 3.1 (Beta)
Petescan brings along another patch for is New Generation mod, that features improvements to the TOS and TMP Photon torpedo ODFs, as well as a few other fixes. Download if you use the new generation mod. This is a small patch that will make TOS -- TMP Protons more canon. This will also fix the icon mix up with Miranda and Miranda refit. This also includes my previous patch.

Summary -ENT era phasers are redder like in the Show (This is already included in patch a) TOS-TMP Protons are not HUGE anymore Miranda icon and Miranda refit icon fixed

Download: STL: New Generation 3.1 (Beta)
More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Stalker: Stalker Dialog Helper
This is a cool program that helps with the translation of dialog in the game. See the authors description below for all the technical explanations.

Program will manually or automatically translate dialog text contained in the Stalker game mods dialog xml files. I have successfully translated some of the mods so I could play them. Note that I have not played all the mods available so there might be some xml malformed statements, or some other xml elements that contain text that I do not know about. Users will have to give me feedback on any missing features. Program is not perfect but it will surely be helpful. After installation and executing the program for the first time please go through the Menu and check out available features and make sure you read the Notes under Help.

All my programs can be used for all three Stalker games. I am working on a clone of this program for the script files.

Download: Stalker Dialog Helper
More Stalker: FileFront's Stalker Files

S K I N S / M O D E L S

Armada 2: Prometheus class
This folder contains my version of the Prometheus class. I have added some details in my textures, as it was hard to make out where the torpedolaunchers were placed. In her normal mode, the ship has 4 tt, all in the gamma section. In assault mode, the alpha unit activates 2 forward tubes, the same as on the beta unit. All 3 sections in assault mode have now 8 tubes.

KNOWN ISSUE - There could be a problem when using the separation weapon. The game might crash. I hope somebody can find what is wrong. The fusion weapon works fine. Make a backup of your existing files, just to be on the safe side! Important Note: You need to install the Star Trek Armada II Patch Project 1.2.5 first, otherwise the special weapons won't work. The Fleet Ops Patch Project 1.2.X patch is required for MVAM support.

Download: Prometheus class
More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Bridge Commander: Adder class
The U.S.S. Adder NX-240198 was the prototype vessel for Starfleet's Adder-class starships. It was Starfleet's first true warship and had limited provision for families or diplomatic missions, 1 science labs, small holopads, or any of the other comforts of home. It was a heavily armored vessel that was created as a first strike vehicle for use in war, and incorporated the latest in Starfleet weaponry and defensive technology.
As befitted its role, the U.S.S. Adder was considerably bigger than most Federation warship. It had a normal operational crew, but could accommodate up to 1000 in emergencies. Work on the Adder project began in 2375 after Starfleet was alerted to the threat of a Borg invasion. The ship was developed by Starfleet's Advanced Starship Design Bureau (ASDB) at the Antares Fleet Yards and at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars.
It was still in the design stages when the Borg arrived in 2377. Even though the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D defeated the Borg, Starfleet was sufficiently concerned about the danger of a second invasion attempt to continue work on the project.

Download: Adder class
More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

Bridge Commander: Ghemor-subtype Galor-class
What began as a project to re-do the hardpoint and a visual change for the Galor has been scaled back dramatically due to the disaster of the original release. This is what became of those efforts. I've actually been holding it back, thinking it was just too slight to warrant release.

This is a minor visual modification to the 9of9 Galor. Since that ship already uses the one warp-engine and two impulse-engine design I wanted to do in it's hardpoint, all this mod does is make it a tad more obvious. An experimental hardpoint is present, but will not overwrite the existing one. Enjoy!

Download: Ghemor-subtype Galor-class
More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

Bridge Commander: TMP Klingon Bridge
Klingon Ktinga-D7 battlecruiser IKC Amar bridge as seen at the start of ST:TMP. Take the captain-s chair and prepare to face Vger! Another dark bridge (but it was in the movie too) and took a few small liberties with canon, but what the hell...

Download: TMP Klingon Bridge
More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

Call of Duty 2: 11th CzechoSlovakian Battalion
I have made this because I'm thankful to my friend MCh2207Cz.If it wasn't for him,my Yugoslav Wars mod(Civil War In Yugoslavia) would be just another skin pack with translated to Croatian game.

Download: 11th CzechoSlovakian Battalion
More Call of Duty 2: FileFront's Call of Duty 2 Files

Empire at War: Admiralty Destroyer
This is an upgrade/refit of the original Admiralty. The mass driver cannon have been consolidated and moved to the center bow hardpoint, and the former mass drivers are now "Ion" torpedo launchers. They work like Ion shots from Defenders or Y-wings. Just a new twist on an old favorite(?). The Mass driver's firing cone has also been shrunk to be more like the Vengeance frigate, so the ship must actually be facing what it's shooting. I didn't include but one screenshot, as the physical look has not changed. Hope you all enjoy it!

The Admiralty Class Destroyer is based heavily in the successful Victory Cruiser design, taking many styling and function cues to heart. Though outwardly similar, the similarities end there. The Admiralty (originally called "Victory Super Cruiser" during the design and testing stages) is larger than its sister, at over 1400 meters stem to stern. It is also much faster than any Rendili ship in the past with cruising speeds exceeding most corvettes at full, and full speeds exceeding even some fighter models. This makes it an excellent choice for chasing down rogue factions looking to make a getaway. The hyperdrive system has also been extensively upgraded and is the fastest available anywhere, at any price. To compensate for lighter hull plating--which is what allows the Admiralty to be so fast--heavier shield generators have been added, as well as guidance jamming systems for incoming warheads.

Download: Admiralty Destroyer
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Half-Life: HL2-ish Zombie for Half-Life
This is the Half-Life 2 Zombie model now available for Half-Life 1.
WON & Steam compatible.

Copy the *.mdl files to your 'Valve/models/' folder.

Download: HL2-ish Zombie for Half-Life
More Half-Life: FileFront's Half-Life Files

Doom III: Do2oM Mod
My own Doom 3 gameplay-change mod. This mod brings you back to Doom II. There are classic Doom II gameplay. All weapons, items etc working as in Doom II. It's alpha version and have some defects. P.S. If you want to use it for your mod or map, please type in your map's (mod's) readme text file - Thanks to ThE FoREVERror for Do2oM (Doom II Gameplay Mod) and send e-mail message to me ()

Download: Do2oM Mod
More Doom III: FileFront's Doom III Files

Jedi Knight III: Nelaru
Turquoise Dragon, a gent I've seen lurking the comments and polls alike, has apparently stepped out of obscurity once more to release some more publications unto us. There's a whole slew of changes in TQ's readme, so I'm not going to bother explaining much. There's also a story in there explaining the background on this particular character, so uh...don't piss away bandwidth without at least knowing what you're in for? XD

I guess there's not a lot I can comment on, as this was pretty much original creation, so the author knew exactly what he needed., for the most part. Maybe some sounds woulda been nice, at least. I hate generic female voice. Seriously, they had to pick the most obnoxious actors to do that @_@........hate.

Download: Nelaru
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Jedi Knight III: Wolfenstein 3D Skin Pack
As a male who enjoys legacy video games, I regret to inform the general community that I have yet to expose myself to Wolfenstein 3D, though I have enjoyed the fruits of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, so I can at least take solace knowing my hands aren't completely dry of the series.

This particular pack bears five reskins of either the imperial or Galak, in homage to the Wolfenstein 3D characters that feature in the game. The imperial reskins? Well, given the nazi/imperial resemblance, it's hard to do any wrong there, but I gotta say I don't see much resemblance between this skin and DoomGuy Blazkovics. I know, Galak was a decent choice to go with, but honestly, I'm starting to think that prisoner mighta been a better choice. Dunno, just idle ponderings.

Anywho, on the plus side, we got bots and NPCs to play with, so if y'wanna generate some Wolf3D nostalgia, 'tis there for ya. Doot.

Download: Wolfenstein 3D Skin Pack
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Knights of the Old Republic II: TSL_Double_Saber_replacement_hilts
These are new double saber hilt models that were supposed to be in my "Heroes of The Old Republic" Saber Mod v1.1, but I hadn't made them before I released that, so I am releasing them seperately and in HotORv1.2.

Download: TSL_Double_Saber_replacement_hilts
More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: RTCW : Tides of war (XBOX version) skins for PC (1.0)
Return to Catle Wolfenstein : Tides of war (XBOX version) skins for PC. Axis and Allied multiplayer XBOX skins for PC. New heads and uniform. All completely like the XBOX one. Great quality. Enjoy.

Download: RTCW : Tides of war (XBOX version) skins for PC (1.0)
More Return to Castle Wolfenstein: FileFront's Return to Castle Wolfenstein Files

Silent Hunter 4: Captain's Desk Photos 37
This is a set of 163 color art pictures (some slight nudity) by artist Enoch Bolles. These are images to replace the sailor photo on the desk in the office.

Download: Captain's Desk Photos 37
More Silent Hunter 4: FileFront's Silent Hunter 4 Files

Star Trek: Legacy: Rudianos's First Federation Fesarius Class
The Fesarius Class is a bizarre looking ship, though remarkably accurate to the version we've all seen in the TV series. Its great to have the ship in-game, since it is cannon. However in-game the ship doesnt look overly accurate. You will see that it glows allot, and that luminance makes the ship stick out and look amateurish. Other porting issues include the camera, since it pretty much has the ship filling the entire screen. In addition the ship explodes into a Borg cube, so the chunks need an important revision.

On the other hand though, its a great ship to have, and its accurate size and weapons make it a joy to play with. The custom weapons while with room for improvement, are very nice to use. The ship in all is well ported and Rudianos looks like he'll be a provider of many great mods to come. Be sure to have a look for this fascinating ship.

Download: Rudianos's First Federation Fesarius Class
More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Star Trek: Legacy: Suliban Cell Ship
Rudianos brings us his first attempt at the Suliban Cell Ship, it is nice to see this implemented into the game, as it is featured quite a lot within the ENT universe. First impressions of this ship once installed aren't great if you dont read the description or readme. You are surrounded by out of scale space dust. Rudianos recommends you disable the spacedust, which is fine if you know how to do it,

Once you have however the cell ship is very quick, but be sure to go out in numbers if you want to attack anything bigger than yourself, or you will wishing you had stayed cloaked. Shields and weapons are what you would expect from the cell ship, insufficient when you're on your own, but could do some damage when in numbers. Textures, as you can tell by the screenshots provided, are less than illuminating, and as such need a little work. However it is a good start and we look forward to seeing an updated version soon

Download: Suliban Cell Ship
More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Star Trek: Legacy: Venture Class - Mesh
Zube has decided to release the project files for his Venture Class for you to port into the game yourself, or improve. There are a couple of variants included in the pack, so you can pick and choose which one to use.

The pack doesnt include textures, so you may have to acquire them from the 0.8 release. There are many porting tutorials at hand on the site for you to learn the process. Although, before porting these ships, you should be aware, there's no guarantee of a release since Zube demands that he needs permission beforehand.

If you feel like porting this for personal use, have a stab. It'll be good porting practice, with much done for you, though the model, textures and hardpoints need allot of tweaking, so its a big job.

Download: Venture Class - Mesh
More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files


Battlefield 2: Supercharge
Based on the BF1942/FH map of the same name. Go fight in a sandstorm, drive a tank, fly a heli, or run around on the ground and try not to get killed, I don't care.

Download: Supercharge
More Battlefield 2: FileFront's Battlefield 2 Files

Counter-Strike Source: aim_head2kcss
This is a medium sized aim map. The weapons which are included are: ak/m4/awp. Supports up to 32 players.

Download: aim_head2kcss
More Counter-Strike Source: FileFront's Counter-Strike Source Files

Company of Heroes: Little Town
About the file
"Little Town" is in fact a very little town. Featuring a river and flat surrounding land with a fair share of buildings, this map appears like a fictional Dutch village.

Staff Impression
While it shows this map is a beginner's map, I have nothing negative to tell about it. That being out of the way, while the same gras texture all over the map makes it appear a little bland it is not striking as much as on several other maps, which may be "faulted" by avoiding a couple of beginner mistakes.
Something a bit unusual for maps in general is the border of trees surrounding all of it, giving the map some kind of a "play-table" feeling. Feeling is kind of important on the map though, as the place displayed "feels right". The curved roads, the 3 bridges connecting the town/village to the other side of the river, they appear natural enough to give this some sort of realism, at least if you use your imagination a little. Thanks to the amount of buildings and structures, infantery battle is recommended but not required, as there's plenty of room for tanks as well.

Download: Little Town
More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

Company of Heroes: Mappacks SGA
About the file
Originally released in 2008, Rico provides us with new versions of his maps Beach & Bridge, The Garden Of Eden and Fighting Arena. The maps are built for 8 players and have been converted to SGA format.

Staff Impression
The originals of these maps, while leaving a bit to be desired, left a very good impression among the site staff back then. Rico has taken all comments on those files into consideration and provides excellent upgrades to each of them, almost deserving to be called version 2 rather than 1.2. Both graphically and gameplay wise they will provide you with a decent share of fun and will now work with the latest game versions too. Especially the ressource upgrades guarantee a more balanced gameplay for your multiplayer sessions.

Download: Mappacks SGA
More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

Company of Heroes: Railway Stand Off
About the file
Railway Stand Off is a map designed for 3vs3 combat. As the title suggests it essentially turns around 2 railway lines in the map center, surrounded by the player bases.

Staff Impression
I don't know how else to say it, this map feels like someone took elements from world builder and threw them together randomly, this being the result. You have the gras-based surrounding, 2 looped railway tracks in a desert environment, and random farm/structure placement. Like many of these maps, it scores at the gameplay though. What appears random on first sight proves to be a great aid in gameplay fun, smartly placed ressource points and open area for both tank and infantery battles delivering pretty much everything you need for a great MP session. For future releases I would hope for a bit more balance in texture placement, this is by no means a bad attempt though. smile

Download: Railway Stand Off
More Company of Heroes: FileFront's Company of Heroes Files

Dawn of War Dark Crusade: Razorback Mountain
Hey! Another map I made called Razorback Mountains, this time, it has dramatic views, swamps, beaches, forests, and Necrons! I even put a little easter egg in there.

Download: Razorback Mountain
More Dawn of War Dark Crusade: FileFront's Dawn of War Dark Crusade Files

Doom III: In Da Cemetery 2
Second cemetery map. More tombs, more crypts and more buildings. And you must be more careful about fall into more tombs.

Download: In Da Cemetery 2
More Doom III: FileFront's Doom III Files

Doom III: ReMap Stage
Ever wanted to give DoomGuy a workout minus saving everything you hold dear? Give this map a try and try not to die.

Download: ReMap Stage
More Doom III: FileFront's Doom III Files

Jedi Knight II: Steamboat Willie
What's the best thing to do when you've got a headache creeping up on you? Exactly, review a bright ass black and white map to make it worse big grin!!

In a rare occurrence as far as I'm concerned, Tresquall has attempted to recreate a scene from an ancient Disney cartoon. The first, in fact, to feature synced sound. Steamboat Willie, it was known as, and now we get to partake in the fun ourselves. Basically, we have the steamboat along with a rotating black and white map. The humongous contrast between the two colors is exasperating for the eyes. Maybe see if you can at least lessen the effect on the white? I mean, even the cartoons didn't feature BLINDING white like this. Random side note: Why the red stripes on the life preserver? Seems outta theme with the rest of the map.

Now, bugs. We got quite a couple technical problems here that need be addressed. First and foremost, your wood texture doesn't seem to be registering with the map.(Says you ain't got a lightmap stage, if that's any help.) The end result isn't abhorrent, but it does afflict your dock and trim on the ship. The next thing? Probably wanna solidify some curving bounds if y'can. I was able to inadvertently swim to the edge of the map and view the ugly graytile outside of the curvature.

Download: Steamboat Willie
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Jedi Knight II: SK Tournament
Here we have the second map from Stormcrow, created for his clan, The Shadow Knights. Unlike the more widely usable theme of his last map, which was based off of the 'Lockdown' map from Republic Commando, this map is definitely more clan themed, having SK banners hanging in various places (the way the banners wave as if in a breeze is a nice touch). Despite that though this is still a good map for any clan/guild to use for its training potential, especially as far as jump training and duelling is concerned.

The sinking pillars are excellent for jump training, since the threat of an unpleasant death in that lave pit is excellent motivation to not to miss! And there is no time to catch your breath when you do land, because as soon as you do the pillar starts sinking into the lava! One thing I should point out here though is that the pillars take ages to come back up. Personally I think they should be a bit quicker to reappear, as this would make them more useful to use during duels, but that’s just my opinion.

Download: SK Tournament
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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: The Pirate's artwork collection
This package contains 3 prefabs :
- shack (railways, freight cars, existing control tower)
- t3-91 (locomotive)
- dada (room based on Harry Potter)

and the source code of 2 released maps :
- [url"=http://returntocastlewolfenstein.filefront.com/file/Start;20094"]Start[/url]
- Wolfenstein 3D

Prefabs are given with their respective readme files and compiled data for preview. All these are licenced under GNU GPL and were designed by Kim "The Pirate" Christensen.

Download: The Pirate's artwork collection
More Return to Castle Wolfenstein: FileFront's Return to Castle Wolfenstein Files

Soldier of Fortune 2: RCF_V18
A small map with definitly too much of interactive stuff, i created it at least two year ago and only for some friends.(lan only) This map is full of bugs, sorry (if you want the .map you can ask me) PS : This map is close from a map called "Fragger Apartments".

Download: RCF_V18
More Soldier of Fortune 2: FileFront's Soldier of Fortune 2 Files

Team Fortress 2: Trade Secretmanor (Beta 2)
A small map with definitly too much of interactive stuff, i created it at least two year ago and only for some friends.(lan only) This map is full of bugs, sorry (if you want the .map you can ask me) PS : This map is close from a map called "Fragger Apartments".

Download: Trade Secretmanor (Beta 2)
More Team Fortress 2: FileFront's Team Fortress 2 Files


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People still mod Half Life 1? o_o

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Loads of people do.

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