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  Gamefront: Weekly Network Update 09 (week 53, 2010/11) - News - FileFront News
  Posted by: Danny on 01-03-2011 @ 05:30
This News Item has been viewed 96,714 times

Welcome to all for the ninth version of the Gamefront Network Update - News Section the first part of the weekly news post. firstly I'd like to say Happy New Year to everyone that reads this and I hope you had a great Christmas smile. The news part of this update includes the news that has been posted on the Network Site over the past week as well as some of the latest news from the Gamefront Main Site. There has been a fair bit of news from both the network sites and the main Gamefront site including new games, interesting stories, Free DLC and a lot of trailers this week!, and a couple of bits from Moddb as well.

Lots more news can be found from Gamefront News - Here

We would love to hear any suggestions that you have; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Weekly Network Update, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the Network Update then simply drop me an email at Danny[at]filefront[dot]com (please put "Network Update" as the subject though smile ). If you like the Network Update please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, or support (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further).


Gamefront News: IndieDb’s Players’ Choice Indie Of The Year Announced

Similar to its sister competition, ModDb’s Mod of The Year, IndieDb’s Indie of The Year is the largest celebration of hobbyist, amateur and pro indie game makers on the planet. Prior to 2010, Indies were awarded their due in the same contest as mods, but 2010 was a massive year for new Indies, which is why (as we reported back in November), the decision was made to grant Indie Developers a separate contest. As with ModDb’s MOTY, the Indie of The Year contest came with some changes from previous years: The separation of Mods and Indies into two contests; and the brand new Press Panel alongside Player’s Choice, and the replacement of the Editor’s Choice panel with ‘Panel’s Choice.

Voting ended on December 14, and since then the results have been pored over with a fine toothed cob, and other mixed metaphors. On Christmas eve, ModDb and IndieDb gave the world an early Christmas Present with the announcement of the Player’s Choice Mod of the Year, and Indie of the Year.

IOTY Players Choice - Indie of the Year video - Indie DB

For those of you who can’t watch video at the moment, they are:

10) Zombie Driver.
9) Gang Garrison.
8) Limbo. (Our review.)
7) The Ball.
5) Dwarf Fortress.
4) Mount And Blade: Warband.
3) Super Meat Boy. (Some of our coverage.)
2) Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
1) (No surprise here), Minecraft. (Some of our coverage).

Read: IndieDb’s Players’ Choice Indie Of The Year Announced

Gamefront News: Mod Db’s Editors’ Choice Best Single Player Mod 2010 Announced

ModDb’s Mod of The Year contest is the largest celebration of hobbyist, amateur and pro modders on the planet. Fittingly, every year has outpaced the previous in terms of development, and 2010 might have seen the largest crop of mods on record. That makes for choosing the best of the best an increasingly big task. That’s why (as we reported back in November), this year’s MOTY contest came with some changes: The brand new Press Panel and most importantly, the separation of Indies and Mods into separate voting cohorts.

Voting ended on December 14, and since then the results have been pored over with a fine toothed cob, and other mixed metaphors. On December 21, ModDb gave the world an early Christmas Present with the announcement of the Editors’ Choice Single Player Mod of the Year. Without further ado, here’s a run-down of the winners:

MOTY Editors Choice - Best Singleplayer video - 2010 Mod of the Year Awards - Mod DB

The runners up are:

* Human Error.

* C&C 3: The Forgotten. (Our original post on this amazing game.)

* Nightmare House 2.

* Fairy Tale. (Check out our prior coverage. Spoiler: We love it.)

and the Winner -

Nehrim Releasetrailer 2010 video - Nehrim: At Fate's Edge Mod for Oblivion - Mod DB

Read: Mod Db’s Editors’ Choice Best Single Player Mod 2010 Announced

Gamefront News: ModDb Player’s Choice Mod of The Year Announced

ModDb’s Mod of The Year contest is the largest celebration of hobbyist, amateur and pro modders on the planet. Fittingly, every year has outpaced the previous in terms of development, and 2010 might have seen the largest crop of mods on record. That makes for choosing the best of the best an increasingly big task. That’s why (as we reported back in November), this year’s MOTY contest came with some changes: The brand new Press Panel and most importantly, the separation of Indies and Mods into separate voting cohorts.

Voting ended on December 14, and since then the results have been pored over with a fine toothed cob, and other mixed metaphors. On Christmas eve, ModDb and IndieDb gave the world an early Christmas Present with the announcement of the Player’s Choice Mod of the Year, and Indie of the Year (which we’ll cover separately).

Without further ado, here’s a run-down of the winners:

MOTY Players Choice - Mod of the Year video - Mod DB

And for those of you who can’t watch, they are:

10) Eleven Eight Seven. (We covered it here.)
9) Half Life 2 Wars.
8) Blitzkrieg.
7) C&C: SHockwave.
6) Nehrim: At fate’s Edge
5) Company of Heroes: Eastern Front. (we covered it here, and here.)
4) Multi Theft Auto.
3) Third Age – Total War.
2) Nightmare House 2.
1) Forgotten Hope 2.

Read: ModDb Player’s Choice Mod of The Year Announced

Gamefront News: Back to the Future: Episode 1 Review

Reading up on Telltale’s continuation of the Back to the Future story a few months ago, I was (I think reasonably) a little worried. The franchise is still one of my favorites and was a formative part of my childhood, and frankly I was worried we were going to end up with some kind of Star Wars prequel garbage.

The game carries a somewhat cartoonish art style and was slated to be released in several episodes, and after reading the possible scenarios that fans were voting on over at Telltale’s website, things seemed like they could go either way.

Thankfully for all us BttF fans, Telltale went the right way — it developed a great addition to the franchise, handling the license with all the reverence and attention to detail necessary to make a truly responsible game based on an amazing series of movies.

Telltale has created a point-and-click style game here, and while it was a bit of a surprise at the outset as you take control of Marty McFly, following instructions from Doc in the parking lot of the Hill Valley Mall and preparing to send Einstein the dog back in time, it really does seem to be the best method of conveying the Back to the Future feel in a game.

Read: Back to the Future: Episode 1 Review

Gamefront News: Buy a Windows Phone 7, Get an Xbox 360 Game

Thinking about getting a Windows Phone 7? No? No idea what a Windows Phone 7 even is? Guess what — you’re the target market for Microsoft’s new phone promotion.

In the battle for smartphone operating system supremacy, Google and Apple might be duking it out, but Microsoft is totally in the picture, too. But in the background, off to the side, and much smaller. But in order to at least try to tap into its Xbox 360 customer base, the new promo will hand out Xbox 360 games along with the purchase of a new Windows Phone 7 smartphone.

The deal is only valid through AT&T and T-Mobile, and you can check it out here. Four games are available to snag along with your phone: Kinectimals, Kinect Joy Ride, Halo: Reach and Fable III. Both Reach and Fable are both available for $39.99 on Amazon.com, with the two Kinect titles parked at around $45 — which kind of torpedoes the whole “$60 value” bit of the promo, but hey, free is free.

Read: Buy a Windows Phone 7, Get an Xbox 360 Game

Gamefront News: C&C: The Forgotten Updated

It’s no secret that we here at GameFront LOVE C&C: The Forgotten. We praised it to the stars when it emerged earlier this year, and liked it so much we named it our number one for 2010′s best mods. It also placed 3rd in Mod Db’s single player Mod Of The Year category, which only goes to show that they’re doing something right.

This is all prologue to the news that C&C Labs has begifted us with patch 1.1, an update that improves balance, fixes some glitches, and overall makes The Forgotten more immersive and fun. If you’ve been playing it, or if you’re looking for something to ring in 2011 in style, then get it now. You can download it here.

Read: C&C: The Forgotten Updated

Gamefront News: Dead Rising 2: Case West Review

Before the release of Dead Rising 2, Capcom let out Case Zero, a download-only prequel that was kind of an amped-up demo to give players a bit of a taste of the changes to the Dead Rising franchise for the sequel. Case Zero was a massive success and a great, if short, little DR 2 offering at about $5.

Dead Rising 2: Case West works off the same idea, but it’s more of an epilogue or extension to the main game. It takes place pretty much right after the events of Dead Rising 2, although exactly how the story matches up (at least with the “best” ending to that game) isn’t 100 percent clear

Read: Dead Rising 2: Case West Review

Gamefront News: GameFront 2010: Most Anticipated Games of 2011

There’s nothing better than playing an awesome game, but there is one pleasure that sometimes seem to approximate it. Whether it’s the relentless game industry hype machine, or the tantalizing subterfuge of screenshots and trailers, sometimes the anticipation can be almost as good as the payoff. Now that a new year is beginning, we have 365 days worth of delicious-looking new releases to look forward to. These are the games the GameFront staff is most excited about.

* L.A. Noire
* Dead Space 2
* F.3.A.R., Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Little Big Planet 2
* Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, Mass Effect 3, Max Payne 3
* The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Read: GameFront 2010: Most Anticipated Games of 2011

Gamefront News: GameFront 2010: Most Underhyped Games of the Year

There was a lot of noise in video games this year in terms of big releases: we got a new Splinter Cell, a new Halo, a new Call of Duty, a new Dead Rising, a new Force Unleashed, and plenty of more big-name titles like Red Dead Redemption that have dominated the discussion.

But all that yammering about monster sequels that have adjusted minor gameplay elements also routinely covers up smaller, more innovative releases — and a lot of them slip under the radar. Luckily, the GameFront staff got together to do a little recon and find some the titles that we loved, but didn’t receive a lot of attention.

* Metro 2033
* Vanquish
* Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
* Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game
* Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy

Read: GameFront 2010: Most Underhyped Games of the Year

Gamefront News: GameFront 2010: The Year’s Most Shocking Gaming News

Hey, you know that Duke Nukem game that’s been stillborn since, like, forever? Well, supposedly it’s being made by Valve. Oh, and Activision and Infinity Ward have been having a slap fight for most of the year over what alleged slave drivers those Activision guys are. It certainly wasn’t a slow year for game news, and a few stories had our eyes shooting out of our heads like Roger Rabbit. Okay, that’s probably an overstatement, but you could certainly have caught us looking like our little cat friend here.

We got together and looked back at the stories from 2010 that most took us by surprise. Spoiler alert: Duke Nukem Forever is on here. Sorry if that diminishes your shock.

* Duke Nukem Forever lives!
* Project Natal becomes Kinect
* The Matthew Crippen Case is abruptly dismissed
* Infinity Ward v. Activision
* Microsoft lets hackers run wild with Kinect

Read: GameFront 2010: The Year’s Most Shocking Gaming News

Gamefront News: iRequiem Review

Things start out pretty slow with iRequiem, and at first the iPhone game seems like it might not be very fun. A side-scroller set on a stationary background, you’re basically just hacking away at several different kinds of enemies. But as iRequiem goes on, the enemies become more varied and difficult and you can gather more weapons and abilities, taking what could have been a pretty boring title and making it a strategic and addictive hack-and-slash experience.

You’re battling your way through hell in order to reclaim your soul, but “through” isn’t really the word for it. There are 50 levels in the campaign mode, spread across five locations, but they’re all actually the same place with a slightly different look. Each level contains a church and a shop: the former is a place where you can activate special magic spells, the latter is your safe zone in between levels. Both are always in the same places, and you can move back and forth on the stage.

Each level’s goal is survival. You’ll hack through something like 23 total different kinds of enemies, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and combat patterns. A timer runs down during each level, and when it depletes completely, you get to head back to the shop to purchase new weapons and abilities. The money to pay for said items is procured from gold drops and treasure chests that show up as you do your killing.

Read: iRequiem Review

Gamefront News: Nintendo: 3DS Might Negatively Impact Kids’ Eye Growth

Video games might not rot your brain, but experts are a little worried 3D could rot your eyes. Okay, rot’s a strong word, and it’s not your actual eyes so much as your brain again.

But that’s why Nintendo is getting ahead of any rotten eye or brain lawsuits now — the company just released a warning on its website ahead of the handheld’s Japanese release in February, according to the Wall Street Journal.

WSJ has pinged the translation of the warning as such:

“For children under the age of six, looking at 3D images for a long time could possibly have a negative impact on the growth of their eyes.”

That might not necessarily be the case — there hasn’t really been any research on the subject of what stereoscopic images like the ones the 3DS and other 3D technologies can actually do to your eyes. But they do have the tendency to make some people feel a little woozy or cause headaches (kind of like first-person viewpoint games and movies), and nobody wants to take any chances.

Read: Nintendo: 3DS Might Negatively Impact Kids’ Eye Growth

Gamefront News: N.O.V.A. 2 Review

It’s tough to do first-person shooters on Apple’s iOS devices, mostly on account of the fact that a phone is not a controller. Most entries use some combination of virtual joysticks and swiping at the screen, which, along with being totally, is really not very intuitive. It’s hard to match the fast-twitch experience of a console or PC shooter on a phone, and while there are some games in the iTunes App Store that are fun, they usually fall a little short of being amazing.

Gameloft’s N.O.V.A. 2 does iPhone FPS about as well as it can be done, and while it’s not of the quality of full-size games on bigger platforms, it comes pretty close. It utilizes the a combination of swiping and gyroscope controls to create a more intuitive targeting experience, but necessities like really sticky auto-aim make N.O.V.A. 2 a little too easy.

The N.O.V.A. series is compared pretty routinely to Bungie’s Halo games (Gameloft tends to take winning console concepts and turn them into iPhone vehicles), and that’s a fairly accurate description of what’s going on here. Set six years after the first N.O.V.A. installment, the game picks up with former Near Orbital Vanguard Alliance operative Kal working running missions to stop an alliance of humans and aliens from eventually enslaving humanity — or something.

Read: N.O.V.A. 2 Review

Gamefront News: Rock Band 3 Gets Johnny Cash

Sorry, I couldn’t come up with a decent Johnny Cash pun for the headline. Plus side is, we get to start 2011 playing along to the Man in Black’s songs in Rock Band 3.

Harmonix is tossing us eight songs in its first Johnny Cash track pack for Rock Band, hot on the heels of another big set of downloads that just dropped on December 28. That one had six tracks in total, with four of them from Paul McCartney. This new pack will also include some free tracks that have already been released, smashed together into a nine-song free track pack to celebrate the ball dropping in Times Square.

Read: Rock Band 3 Gets Johnny Cash

Gamefront News: Size Matters: On Game Length, Price and Value

Back when we were putting together our staff picks for the year’s most ludicrously short games, there was a prevailing sentiment among the GameFront writers that length of game does not equate to value. That’s an interesting, if intellectual, view of the argument. Game length does matter, at least to me, but there’s no easy way of formulating just how it matters, or how much. Trends in the game industry have been going both ways lately.

On the one hand, it seems a lot of games — those in the action and first-person shooter departments, chiefly — are getting shorter. Sub-10-hour campaigns are quickly becoming the norm, and while multiplayer modes are making their way into just about every title hitting shelves nowadays, they’re also becoming a go-to excuse to cut down single-player content. We saw at least a few triple-A titles get dropped this year with what felt like shockingly small amounts of content. We’ve all heard about Kane & Lynch 2, a game a pair of competent players could best in about three or four hours. And there was Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, which wasn’t quite as short as Kane & Lynch 2, but it was pretty close — and it managed to recycle the first half of the game to reuse as the second half.

Those are just two examples, but even just those two games point to a scary trend of developers thinking it’s okay to whip up games that are this tiny, then charge all us players full price.

Read: Size Matters: On Game Length, Price and Value

Gamefront News: The games of 2011 that you may not play (but should keep on your radar)

Last week, I attempted to shed a little light on some of 2010′s lesser known games that deserve a bit of year-end attention. This week, I’ve amassed a collection of upcoming games that you won’t find on many “most anticipated” lists, in an effort to keep some of them on your radar. We all know to keep an eye on Dead Space 2 and Uncharted 3, but there are plenty of games coming in 2011 that you might not readily recall. With that in mind, please take a peek at this list and try to spare a thought for the games that won’t be guaranteed their 90+ Metacritic averages.

* The Fancy Pants Adventures - PSN/XBLA - Spring 2011
* Hunted: The Demon’s Forge - Xbox 360/PS3/PC - May 10, 2011
* The Last Story - Wii - TBA
* Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - Xbox 360/PS3/PC - Q3 2011
* Dynasty Warriors 7 - Xbox 360/PS3 - March 22, 2011
* Retro City Rampage - XBLA/WiiWare - Fall 2011
* El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron - Xbox 360/PS3 - Q2 2011
* Earth Seeker - Wii - TBA

Read: The games of 2011 that you may not play (but should keep on your radar)

Gamefront News: Video Gaming Kills Korean Student, Article Doesn’t Say

The Korea Times is reporting today that a college student identified only as “Moon” died after having spent more than 12 hours at a local PC Bang. It seems he mysteriously fainted, and later died after being rushed to a hospital (warning: Bad translation):

On Monday afternoon in a PC bang in the southeastern city of Ulsan, the collegian, only identified as Moon, suddenly fell to the ground and was rushed to a hospital but he was declared dead upon arrival, police said.

The 19-year-old collegian went to the PC bang at around 2 a.m., stopped by his home briefly at 10:30 a.m., to eat, and returned to the PC bang.

His families and friends told the police that he habitually played the online shooting game.

The article doesn’t actually say which online shooting game it is, but if his college experience was anything like mine, I’m betting it was Perfect Dark. Kidding, kidding. But seriously, if it is, actually, a shooter and not Prius, then my money is on either Call of Duty, or something like Battle Territory. We’ll be keeping our eyes out for more word on what, precisely, is going to be blamed for killing this poor kid.

Read: Video Gaming Kills Korean Student, Article Doesn’t Say

Gamefront News: Watch The Gameplay Trailer For Uncharted: Drake’s Deception. All 3 of them.

If you’ve watched the first Uncharted: Drake’s Deception trailer, then you’ve probably been feeming like a crack fiend. So far, Naughty Dog have delivered two instant classic in a row, and based on the first trailer, at least tonally it looks like we can expect number 3 in 2001. Even so, it would be nice to know what the actual game is like. Fortunately, Naughty Dog is back with an end-of-the-year gift in the form of the first 3 – !!!! – trailers featuring actual gameplay footage.

The first video has Nate and Sully trying to escape from a burning, collapsing building while, for some reason, they’re being shot at by mooks who aren’t themselves trying to escape. It looks great and Nolan North really delivers on the WHAT THE HELL panic.




Read: Watch The Gameplay Trailer For Uncharted: Drake’s Deception. All 3 of them.

Gamefront News: You Can Play The Little Big Planet 2 Demo Right Now!

Tired of waiting until January 18th for LBP2? Good news everyone! The demo is available on PSN. It’s a paltry 2 MB (which ought to take you all of 5 seconds to download), and there’s 3 full levels of fun to tide you over while you wait for the official release.

There’s also 3 trailers that explain the game’s features but let’s be honest – you really just want to play, right? Either way, login to PSN immediately and enjoy. Now if you’ll excuse us…

Read: You Can Play The Little Big Planet 2 Demo Right Now!


Armada 2: A brief reminder
Please note, when releasing your mods, make absolutely sure to follow these steps to avoid problems:

Did you make ALL of it? Then write up a detailed readme and release it as soon as you can! We need as many new mods as we can get! Also be sure to include information regarding permission to use and modify your work in others' mods, even if it's just to acknowledge free usage.

Did you make SOME of it? Then find the parts you didn't make yourself and identify them, along with ALL OF THEIR AUTHORS FROM THE BEGINNING.

This is very, very important. You HAVE to include reference to ALL mod material authors and associated credits right back to the beginning. This means you have to be sure you've checked and credited all these fine people:

- the original designer of the mod, even if they aren't a part of the A2 community
- the modeller who made the mesh
- the author of the .SOD conversion of that model for A2
- whoever changed the model, whether to poly reduce or otherwise modify it
- if the model itself is a kitbash, the origin of ALL components
- the maker of the original textures
- reference to ALL modifications to that texture which the mod includes
- any additional information which must be included at the request of any of the above
- the author of the tooltips, .ODF contents and any weapon coding or sprites you use
- the maker of the build button, wireframe and admirals' log pic

This doesn't happen often but it happens often enough to make this reminder necessary. But you absolutely must include reference to as many of the above as possible in order to get your work released. If we get any complaints --even one-- from someone who should have been credited, WE TAKE YOUR MOD DOWN AND NOBODY DOWNLOADS IT. We realize we're asking you for a lot in making sure you've checked all this. But this community expects a lot from each new mod, and no modder or member of this community wants to see new mod releases getting taken down because these things weren't checked in advance.

Read: A brief reminder
More Armada 2 News: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Battle for Middle Earth: Happy New Year from LotRFiles
I'd just like to wish all players of BFME, LotrO and Conquest and of course every single gamer a very happy new year, I wish you success, happiness and prosperity in the year to come.

I also remember not putting out a Christmas message this year so I wish you had a merry Christmas and got everything you wanted, if you didn't then you have to be better this year, or just save up a little extra...

Just a quick note, it's 12:28 UK time and the BFME servers are still up, I've had a quick game and I think it may be my last or hopefully this was all just a joke or EA have possibly forgotten, if they have then they'll be reading this thinking "Oh yeah dude, we forgot to shut down the server!"

Read: Happy New Year from LotRFiles
More Battle for Middle Earth News: FileFront's Battle for Middle Earth Files

Battlefield 1942: Battlefield 1918 V3.1 news update: Feldguns, maps and special stuff.
Hi and welcome back for a new update news for the upcomming version 3.1 for Battlefield 1918. But first we wish you blessed holidays! Merry Christmass and over a few days, a Happy 2011! We promise that 2011 will be an even better year for all Battlefield 1918 players! But now, we will present you two new artillery guns, three maps and some special stuff.

We start with the added increase in the artillery arsenal for the last version of the Nations. This time it is "small" caliber which is classified in the genus of the field guns. These can (such as the German Feldkanone 96 n.A, the French Canon de 75 modèle 1897 and the British 18 Pounder) are completely moved by the player. The models were created by regulator - the textures are from click. For the Russian soldiers we bring them the Putilov 76.2mm m/02. Although there at the outbreak of the First World War was already outdated, the gun was in this war used as a standard weapon of the small-caliber artillery, and even long-term use, after Russia was officially eliminated from the war. For the Italians, we got the 75 mm Cannone 75/27 mod.06. It thus forms the counterpart in the mod to the already presented K.u.k fieldgun, the Gebirgskanone M.14. Both guns will replace the French fieldgun on all Italian and Russian maps, like the Gebirgskanone M.14, Škoda 15 cm schwere Feldhaubitze M 14 and the 9cm Minenwerfer M.14 will do on the K.u.k. maps with the German artillery.

Another novelty is the body armour, which will be available for different nations. Such equipment was out of both the soldier out of necessity made improvised at the front, produced and in the defense industry itself.

Continuing with the presentation of three new maps. Battle of Halen or the Battle of the Silver Helmets is a map based on the true battle at Halen in 1914, during the German invasion of Belgium. Here, the Germans will attack along two rivers againts the Belgian troops, try to capture the sector with armored cars. In this map will also the Belgians have the new Minerva Armored Car. Like you can see on the last screenshot.

Read: Battlefield 1918 V3.1 news update: Feldguns, maps and special stuff.
More Battlefield 1942 News: FileFront's Battlefield 1942 Files

Call of Duty: Happy New Year from CoDFiles
It's been an exciting few years for the Call of Duty Franchise but 2010 has seen some massive events like the walkout at IW and all the legal battles between them and Activision and not to mention Black Ops being released.

I'd just like to wish all players of the Call of Duty series and of course every single gamer a very happy new year, I wish you success, happiness and prosperity in the year to come.

I also remember not putting out a Christmas message this year so I wish you had a merry Christmas and got everything you wanted, if you didn't then you have to be better this year, or just save up a little extra...

Read: Happy New Year from CoDFiles
More Call of Duty News: FileFront's Call of Duty Files

Dawn of War: Soulstorm: Dawn of Steel - Steel Legion Mod SS v1.0

Dawn of Steel - Steel Legion Mod SS v1.0

This is to acknowledge that we take no personal responsibility for any hardware damage or data corruption brought forth by the use or installation of this DoW modification. As used, this modification works "as is" and has been thoroughly tested and should not cause any major problems. In the event, however, that something serious does occur, it is up to the user(s) of their computer(s) to make appropriate backups before any attempt is made to install the following DoW modification. Use at your own risk.

Release notes:
This is the release version of the mod featuring the Imperial Guard regiment of Armageddon called 'The Steel Legion'.

Playing the game - Once Installed, run using the shortcut from your STARTProgramsTHQ.

You will also notice a DEV MODE shortcut: this can be used if you have any DoW1 hack scripts when running the mod (such scripts are NOT included so we don't official support them. Its up to you to learn how to use them).

NOTE: PLEASE MAKE SURE TO UNINSTALL ANY OLD VERSION of Steel Legions if installed under Soulstorm!

Notable Features:
- Diverse new race including over 30 units and 9 buildings.
- All units are army paintable.
- Many upgrades for units.
- Most units have a random displayed look.
- New scale for tank units, to be more equal to tabletop.
- Extended AI that let's you play against steel legion.

New Features specific to SS:
- New upgrades (ie. Salamander can transport Commanders and be seen actually riding in the vehicle).
- New FX, tons of code fixes, additional Speech/Sounds, etc.
- Turbo-charged Skirmish AI = prepare to massively DIE!!
- New campaign "The Battle for Rokclaw Mountains" playable in the Skirmish map list.

- Original Dawn of War : Soulstorm game made by IronLore and distributed by Relic/THQ.
- Soulstorm Patch 1.2.

Intelligence Report

[B][U]Live Feed[/U][/B]

Read: Dawn of Steel - Steel Legion Mod SS v1.0
More Dawn of War: Soulstorm News: FileFront's Dawn of War: Soulstorm Files

Empire at War: Covenant at War: Apex Studios Holiday Update
/start file/
It's Christmas time again! And that means it's time for our annual Christmas update, sit back, relax and enjoy the all the shiny new things we have to display today...

A closer look at...

Length: 478 metres
Armaments: 4 Point-Defense Turrets, 4 Archer Missile Pods, 1 MAC Cannon
Squadrons: N/A
Cost: 750cR
This small ship is an essential part of any UNSC fleet, although it may lack firepower and armour it makes up for these disadvantages with speed being extremely cheap to manufacture. Effective use of the UNSC Frigate's MAC cannon and some clever maneuvers are essential if you intend to keep this ship in one piece for very long.

On with the show
That's it from me this week, but Anh's up next, he's got some pretty cool stuff to show you, keep reading for assured awesomeness and I'll see you on January 1st.
/end file/

United Nations Space Command PR-TRANSMISSION 44877X-98
Encryption Code: Orange
Public Key: file /bravo-four-nine-six/
Subject: SITREP
Classification: Restricted

/start file/
Hey guys, today I'm delivering something. Something so awesome that even Santa can't deliver it. And that's this update. But to answer your question(s): No, I was NOT missing over the last few updates, and I have nothing but text and pictures and even more text. No demo, no beta. Awesomeness needs its sacrifice.

New pics!
Yup, new pics. Look over to the website (halocaw.net), I'd uploaded some new pics, and more will come over the next few weeks. Additionally I have added some kind of nooby fullscreen-feature. It's just a link to the image itself, but it does its job. Will improve it when I have the time, promised.

Old things new again
This will help you rather alot when bringing pain to the Covenant, so take good care of it. Not that it's easy to take down, but it's like irreplaceable. These things cost money, you know, and you don't have much of it.

UNSC Vulture II
Model: AC-230
Alternative names: Vulture
Armaments: 2 50mm auto-cannons, 2 anti-air missile launchers, 1 100mm petard mortar
Abilities: 50mm barrage, mortar mode (disables all other weapons)
Cost: TBC

The AC-220 proved itself to be extremely efficient at disposing of the enemy, but it lacked the ablility to reload its vertical missile launchers, the UNSC ordered an improved variant of the Vulture. The result was the AC-230, featuring a 100mm Petard Mortar and even thicker armour thanks to the removal of the vertical missile launcher. The AC-230 will be your first choice if it comes to bigger battles, especially if you're in need of some close-air support.

I was really shocked when I noticed how much I have changed my habits of modeling over the past year. Sometimes I have to laugh when I realise how bad I was when I started at Apex Studios. If you don't believe me, go back hundreds of pages in the image gallery on ModDB, and view it in full-size (right click -> view image or so). You are allowed to scream out loud! Or was it laugh? Anyways, it's Christmas, so I shouldn't bother you too much with text! I'm afraid that I didn't had any time preparing any cool images for you as I was busy with re-doing the Vulture over the past week. Lil' Laptop is too cool for modeling, so I have to do it on my PC, but my family always bunker themselves at the PC.

So, see ya next time, guys!
Anh Nhan

/end file/
Read: Covenant at War: Apex Studios Holiday Update
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Empire at War: EAWFiles Universe at War Giveaway Winners
The winners for the contest have been chosen. The winners were selected by EAWFiles staff based on the realism, the uniqueness and creativity of the ideas presented. The winners are:

  • magma_e
  • FEARsome_oddslayer_4667
  • The_Farseer
  • thorhammerman
  • ArceusMK3

Congratulations and I hope that you enjoy your new games. Also thank-you to Petroglyph for providing the prizes for this contest.

On behalf of the staff here at EAWFiles I sincerely hope your holiday season was enjoyable that this New Year will bring the continued development of mods for this wonderful game and will foster the evolving mod diversity within this community.

Contest winners; your prizes were emailed to you based on the emails your accounts are registered to. If you did not receive an email from me either email me (click my username on any of my posts) or post below a better way of contacting you.
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Empire at War: Stargate - Pegasus Chronicles: Christmas Special
Beloved community, welcome to our Christmas News on the outrunning year of 2010. This December was just an awesome month for us!

Unfortunately repeatedly we were NOT able to score at the MOTY award for the best upcoming mod but however we've achieved a honorable mention by the MODDB team, therefore we want to thank them from the bottom of our heart.

Needless to say we want also thank YOU for supporting us. This news is dedicated to YOU :-) So here we got six very special xmas boxes, only for you. So without ceremony: Let the unwrapping begin!

In package #1 we got...

Two render images of our new Wraith Hive.

In order to emphasize the Wraith's character as a main faction we decided to give a remake to their most (in)famous vessel.

Well done, this was package #1, so straight forward to box #2. This package contains...
Ingame Screenshots of the new Hive ingame.

The scaling wasn't that perfect during taking the screens, so we ask you to kindly excuse the obvious crudities. However, it's looking great anyway or is there someone out thinking differently?^^

So you are curious about box #3?
So check out the most awesome brand new BC-304 model renders.

High Poly

Low Poly

Also the best known ship from the Stargate Universe deserved a new model in our mod. ;-)

Next box. Will it contain some hardly unexpected BC-304 ingame screens?

No! It's a very special render, which may look familiar to some of you. http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=304hive1o5ss.jpg

We hope our little handing out of presents pleased you! Yours SGMG wishes Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Read: Stargate - Pegasus Chronicles: Christmas Special
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Star Trek: Legacy: December 2010 News and Happy New Year!
Mod of the Year Award 2010

Goes to Kophjaeger for his fantastic Vesta Class, head on over to the download page if you dont already have it! Here!

Kophjaeger's Vesta Class

Congratulations also go to AcidFluxxBass, Noci3, STLegacy, NewGen, Wagaugusto and Chris Jones Gaming, for having successful mods

PoTD league winner December 2010

Congratulations go to Ashrak007 for winning the December picture of the Day League. You are now on the bullet point of fame smile and we hope to see more people there as the competition progresses.

What do you think?

Now that the Picture of the Day League is into its 3rd Month (Yes its been that long), We would like your feedback on it. What you think of it, would you do anything differently? Do you want it to continue?

There is also a poll going up regarding this, so don't forget to vote.

This also serves as a reminder to you all big grin we have a Picture of the Day League table, it is where your submitted potd's get a score given to them based on your rating. So if you have had a potd lately. Go on over and check it out. You're most likely on there somewhere! wink

PoTD League Awesomness

Happy New Year to you all!

Amagosa, Yopyop and AcidFluxxBass
Read: December 2010 News and Happy New Year!
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Team Fortress 2: Additional time has been awarded

How I do love the holiday season. A time of year that makes the sweet things in life seem so much the sweeter. A time when ignoring the mournful cries of a litter of famished puppies provides the deep satisfaction of labored accomplishment. A time when delivering a sharp kick to the exposed shin of a desperate beggar takes on a certain character of charity. A time when sending one's witless minions repeatedly to their deaths at the hands of their equally witless enemies provides an unrivaled and noble joy.

So it is that in a fit of holiday induced discomposure I requested that Mr. Hale increase his shipments of weapons and equipment for exactly one week. Do not, my dear reader, interpret this as a sign of approval. Do not mistake me for thinking you worthy of this gift. I am merely attempting to ensure that you are properly equipped for the duties that you are required to fulfill as detailed in the contract that each of you signed. There are control points that need capturing, intelligence that needs recovering, and hats to be secured.

For those of you with more beard on your necks than sense in your heads -- those of you who feel compelled to analyze my every word with the exacting scrutiny of the socially disenfranchised -- I will provide the tedious technical details. From December 23rd to December 30th, a period of exactly one week, the rate at which items drop will be doubled. You might call this a "Double Drop Rate Week," but I call it an act of mercy. After all, we can't very well send you charging into battle without a proper gun now can we?

- The Administrator

P.S.: Miss Pauling has stated her desire to gift each of you with a "stocking stuffer." I have decided to allow her this unbecoming demonstration of affection. Perhaps when she is exposed to the full force of your indifference Miss Pauling's misplaced sense of devotion will wither and die much like my interest in continuing this correspondence.
Read: Additional time has been awarded
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Team Fortress 2: Need a Sentry Here!
A few months ago we got a chance to visit Weta Workshop and were blown away by all the amazing things that they had made. Remembering how lonely our new offices were and how we've been meaning to spruce them up, we asked them if they could make something for us. They agreed, large sums of cash and top secret blue prints of a sentry gun were exchanged, and they got to work. Throughout the entire process, Weta Workshop teased us with gorgeous high resolution pictures and videos of their progress.

Finally, last week we took delivery of the full-scale level 1 sentry gun, complete with a motion sensor and audio. It's an incredible piece of craftsmanship that we just had to share with the TF2 community and any visitors brave enough to enter our lobby.

Read: Need a Sentry Here!
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 #1 - 01-03-2011 at 13:40
Joined: October 27th, 2009
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I'm glad that indie game list turned out as it did. Been playing Minecraft for a while now, and I bought Amnesia off Steam today, reviews say it's really good and it looks like they're right. Would've bought Super Meat Boy but I don't feel much interest for that sort of game...

 #2 - 01-05-2011 at 13:52
computernerd (Staff)
Joined: August 24th, 2007
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That sentry is pretty freaking cool.

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