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  Gamefront: Weekly Network Update 12 (week 03, 2011) - Files - FileFront News
  Posted by: Danny on 01-25-2011 @ 17:27
This News Item has been viewed 29,340 times

Welcome to all for the twelfth version of the Gamefront Network Update - Files Section the second part of the weekly news post. The Files part of the Weekly update includes the latest Files that has been posted on the Network Sites over the past week including many different Modifications, Maps, re-skins, as well as anything from Starships to Aston Martins to weapons. This weeks big mods are two fairly big modifications for Jedi Knight 3, as well as a mini halo based game, and a campain mode for Empire at War as well as a big texture pack for stalker and much more!

As always we would like to here from you smile if you see something that you would like to be added to the to this update, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the Network Update then simply drop me an email at Danny[at]filefront[dot]com (please put "Network Update" as the subject though smile ). If you like the Network Update please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, support or otherwise(constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further).

Modifications | Mini-Mods | Maps | Skins / Models | Demos | Patches | Trailers

Empire at War: New Galaxy Mod
If you've enjoyed the previous releases of this, then here's a nice new version that makes a few big changes including bringing back the Original EaW campaign into GC mode. There are several other changes mentioned in the changelog.

Had this for a while so hy not release. This mod removes corruption, places planets on their correct position and adds the EAW camapigns, adds new maps, improves AI, adds new GC's and readds the costum Gc missions.

Download: New Galaxy Mod
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Halo: Pixel Force: Halo
Ah. To play a classic sidescroller back on the NES days! Now, this was a real treat to play. It brought a lot of old feelings, similar to when I used to play classic Mario back during my youth (don't worry, i'm only 24, so not THAT old, lol). What we have here, is an 8-bit "deimagining" of Halo: Combat Evolved. Yes, a Halo side scroller! Now, I haven't played through the whole game as of yet, but going by the first level alone, I can tell that this will be a great file to have. It also caters to players looking to get a small classic Zelda-type fix aswell as the vehicle sections go to a top down viewpoint.

The only downsides to this is that the controls can't be changed, there is no save feature and the screen aspect is fixed. What that means is that the game can take up most of the screen, but that there is a constant black border.. I'm not sure how long the gameplay is either. If there are people out there who want to relive the glory days of 8-bit games, and still want more Halo, then this is the game for you.

Download: Pixel Force: Halo
More Halo: FileFront's Halo Files

Jedi Knight III: FlufMod 0.9.5 Beta
Don't be fooled by the title of this mod! It does not contain fluff, nor does it make anything fluffy (sorry Chewie), this is a big mod which changes many aspects of force powers, combat and adds a variety of custom player models and skins for both multiplayer and singleplayer! First of all, lets have a look at the changes to the singleplayer side of the game.


First off it is worth noting that this mod adds a huge number of excellent custom player models and skins made by a variety of authors, for you to choose from when you start a new game. Not only that but there are also customization menu options for many of these, allowing you to refine you character even further. If you want to play as a Shadowtrooper with blue, red and black armour, then you can! wink If you want more detailed information, then be sure to check out the readme. There is also a cool little robe toggle thing, which allows you to put on or take off your outer robes on the fly, should you decide that you would rather use your robe with the hood up for a bit of sneaking around, or maybe take it off completely when battling a bunch of Cultists. This feature is available for both SP and MP.

All in all a very in depth and complex mod here. This wont appeal to everyone of course, but I am sure some people will absolutely love it! Just a note to the author for next time around though, I think it would be a good idea to include a simplified readme with a briefer outline of the features to make it easier for newbies to get started with the mod and also for the benefit of us reviewers to be able to quickly see what the mod features without having to do a lot of reading or hours of play-testing. wink

Download: FlufMod 0.9.5 Beta
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Jedi Knight III: ForceMod III Classic Edition Version 1.3A Basic
Well its been a while since the last version of Force Mod III Classic Edition was released, but now Venomous^Heart is back with an update. Below is a snippet from the readme which explains the new updates since the last version: For those of you unfamiliar with the mod, it is a massive and far reaching project which changes many aspects of gameplay, from saber selection and combat, character classes and some fantastic little features available via the ingame menu, which I will come to later.

All you need to do is look at the saber selection menu and the incredible amount of detail which has gone into it, with melee damage charts for the various types of weapons. Add to that new saber colours and a whole new saber selection interface and it makes for an amazing change, though the complicated looking damage tables will not appeal to everyone. Check out the screenies below for an example. There have also been some changes to the force power menu, with several force powers now having a 'level 4', or turning the force up to 11 you could say. stick out tongue Force jump in particular on power level 4 now allows you to jump huge distances. These level 4 powers obviously cost a large amount of points to purchase however!

As for character selection, as in Movie Battles II there is a wide variety of different characters to choose from ranging across several different classes, such as Jedi, Sith, Mercenary, Droid and more, with models and skins made by top notch modders.

Download: Version 1.3A Basic
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Stalker: Absolute Nature 2 Texture Pack for CoP
Tired roaming all the same looking Zone? Do you want Zaton to be rotten, Jupiter with dry autumny look and Pripyat completely dead at the same time?

Now each area can have unique look with different foliage and ground textures.

The goal of this texture pack is to improve overall sharpness and quality of the ground and foliage textures in the game. All areas can have unique look and feel with slightly different textures for each of them.

All the textures in the pack has been sharpened. This include gradual sharpening of separate MIP map levels in every texture. The benefit is that the usually blurred MIP maps are still sharp as they fade into distance. This results in overall sharpness of the image.


* Textures gradually sharpened on MIP-map level.
* Visible features on the ground in the distance
* New rendered grass, tree, bush and reed textures
* 5 styles to choose from: default, green (summer), dry (autumn) rotten and dead.
* Each area can have different style applied.
* New ground textures.
* Fixed ground bump maps with proper specular intensity channel.
* 3 texture resolution options to choose: default (the same as vanilla), high and ultra.

Download: Absolute Nature 2 Texture Pack for CoP
More Stalker: FileFront's Stalker Files

Star Wars Battlefront 2: HvB2: Zombie Mode
Fasty001 returns to us today with an update to his Humans vs. Bots mod, adding a mode where you can play against a horde of zombie bots. This is pretty much a one vs. all type of mod, so you can't play as the zombies. The zombies are pretty interesting, and I like the animations for them. You can read the review for the full version or download it by clicking here. Basically, give this a download if you're interested in a unique mod with some interesting gameplay mechanics for this game.

Download: HvB2: Zombie Mode
More Star Wars Battlefront 2: FileFront's Star Wars Battlefront 2 Files


Armada 2: LCARS Buttons
A more LCARS-themed set of build buttons for all Federation ships, stations and interface commands, Including the Galaxy and Premonition Class (undamaged) for any who want them buildable.

All buttons are for the stock version of their respective units except for the Premonition Class, which is the A1 version of the 'Premonition Modding Kit'. The buttons light up properly when they are hovered over, unlike the last version.

Download: LCARS Buttons
More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Dawn of War: M!cR0 T4CT!C Mod by Lambo Lambo
Yes, yes I know, I was suppose to make a .SCAR coded map, but I got a little bored dealing with the .SCAR codes(I`m almost done with the map) , so I made this mod.

Ever wanted to control your units individualistically, instead of having them all in a squad doing one thing? This mod allows you to do just that! Having all squads to become a single unit, you controll them right down to the details, the game now requires more tactics then just, waiting and see who shoots of who, while moving units back and forth with simple micro tactics. There is sort of a Tier 3 to it, in case the game seems endless =)

Mod Details :
- All squads have only 1 unit.
- Very Micro Intensive.
- More fun with more players.
- AI`s are not really good, playing it online with other players , especially good ones will truly let you feel the fun.
- Allows players to win 1 vs 3 or 4 scenarios.(NOT on AIs, Humans)

Download: M!cR0 T4CT!C Mod by Lambo Lambo
More Dawn of War: FileFront's Dawn of War Files

Empire at War: Convector's Mod
In my previous review I heaped praise upon this 1 credit / 1 second mod. Not much has changed (I think). It's been 7 months since that review, and there is no changelog for this release. I'm pretty sure I see new ships. But if there's anything else I can't quite put my finger on it.
I have finally finished v1.6.3. Thanks to the help of my friend Jasi we got this mod up. There will be an update to this mod because we had to take out the custom music. frown

Download: Convector's Mod
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Farcry 2: Higher Damaging Weapons
Developer Name: REAL METAL BEAST / DarkIncLegion

This is a basic mod I've made to make the weapons do more damage in this game. As far as I know it only affects your weapons. This mod was first uploaded on Moddb and now I've decided to upload it here as well. I have no way of testing this version as my computer is dead. I have a feeling that explosive weapons might be too damaging so if you could please let me know if they are.

Download: Higher Damaging Weapons
More Farcry 2: FileFront's Farcry 2 Files

Halo: SparkEdit v3.01
Every now and then, after I have validated a mod for download here, I see comments pop up saying "OMG u onli uoosd sparkedit, dis suxs lol". I'll be totally honest. I have no idea how SparkEdit works, so I don't see the reason why such comments should be written in the comments section. I had a quick look at the tool itself, and it seems very easily laid out. I am going to assume that it is a map altering tool of some kind, but don't quote me on that.

I do not believe this was submitted by the original author, as the included readme and the typed readme during the submit process were completely different. But my anti-virus system gave me no alerts so I guess this is legit. (To whoever submitted it, try to work on your spelling a little bit next time) As I said before, this is a tool for modders who know what they are doing. So, have at it then!

Download: SparkEdit v3.01
More Halo: FileFront's Halo Files

Jedi Knight III: Ultimate Kyle
This is the Ultimate Kyle, the Kyle to end all Kyles, the Kyle to make all other Kyles scream in terror while they burn in the awesomeness of the Ultimate Kyle! Ok, maybe I over exaggerated a bit. This mod actually does a few things, namely it replaces all of Jaden's cinematic dialogue and heal sounds with appropriate dialogue from Kyle, which has some pretty hilarious results. But that’s not all, as we also have a new, younger looking, Kyle skin though the difference is only quite small, with the grey patches in his hair and beard having been toned down by making them a little more brown. It does take a few years off him though! Unfortunately though, this replaces the default Kyle. I’m not a big fan of when skins replace existing base skins, so in any future versions I would prefer to see this skin as a separate one.

More impressive though are the Kyle skins available from the customization menu, which I think look really good and are certainly a change from the somewhat boring old Kyle. The textures are good quality and there are several variants to choose from for torsos and legs, though only one head unfortunately. That said, there seems to be a bug with the leg selection menu, as whatever you select only changes the look of the boots and not the trousers as well, the trouser texture being set by which ever torso you choose, which limits customizability. If that bug could be fixed we would have a really nice selection of customizable Kyle parts to choose from! Wait... that sounded so wrong, almost like going into a shop and asking “can I have one of Kyles legs please?” “Yep, that well be 5000 credits please!”.

Download: Ultimate Kyle
More Jedi Knight III: FileFront's Jedi Knight III Files

Knights of the Old Republic: Belaya Head Replacement
rc2212payback is back with a mod which replaces the head of Belaya, a Jedi on Dantooine who scolds the player on their first arrival. The new head is based on the first female player head, but has yellow eyes. The mod uses TSLPatcher to intsall, for ease and compatibility. The author notes that this is still a beta, and as such there are still bugs with the mod. Most importantly, the author draws the reader's attention to a bug which will cause Belaya's head to replace the player's head as well. If the player chooses the first female player head, in particular, that head will look like the new Belaya skin.

The mod is competent, but notably unfinished. The skin, while not poorly-made, is a little simplistic, and the decision to give Belaya yellow eyes, which normally indicated that the character is a Sith, is perhaps a matter for personal judgement as to whether it is justified. Since the mod simply replaces several files, the use of the TSLPatcher seems a little unnecessary. The author might improve the mod by making the head a new one, which does not replace an existing player choice, and so also improve compatibility. A more unique reskin for Belaya would also much improve the mod. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a mod which changes Belaya's appearance, this is one to consider, and we look forward to the full version of the mod.

Download: Belaya Head Replacement
More Knights of the Old Republic: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic Files

Knights of the Old Republic II: Ultimate Personal Items
HaVoKeR makes his KotORFiles debut today with this mod for the second Knights of the Old Republic game. This mod adds a new container to your quarters on the Habinger which contains a lightsaber, come components and other items.

While the 1000 components seems like overkill to me, the lightsaber, belt and gloves are certainly a welcome addition that early in the game. The main reason I can see people going for this mod is the early lightsaber. If you want an early lightsaber in the game or any of the other items appeal to you, give it a go!

Download: Ultimate Personal Items
More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

Unreal Tournament 2004: XS Vehicles Alpha 2.5
This is probably one of the best vehicle packs developed for Unreal Tournament 2004;
T-Shinzon's XS Vehicles Alpha 2.5 features a huge amount of vehicles from small one-manned arial attack aircrafts to Lightning tanks to the terrifying Wyvern Battlecruiser. This Vehicle pack was developed by T-Shinzon so all credit goes towards him not me.

Download: XS Vehicles Alpha 2.5
More Unreal Tournament 2004: FileFront's Unreal Tournament 2004 Files

S K I N S / M O D E L S
Armada 2: Borg battle pack
This folder contains my versions of the bbattle1, bbattle2, bbattle3 and bbattle4. I tried to stay close to the originalships, as seen in various tv series and movies. The fused tactical cubes turned out to have a high polycount, so this file could be to big for old computers.

Important Note: Make a backup of your existing files, because most files in this folder will overwrite the stock files!

Download: Borg battle pack
More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Armada 2: Galaxy-X Class
A Galaxy-X Class Command Cruiser for Fleet Operations, complete with a Magnan Phaser Cannon. As it is equipt with the Magnan Phaser like the Phalanx, is it a Risner-exclusive avatar unit with a build limit of 4. A set of alternate textures are included with regitration numbers included.

Download: Galaxy-X Class
More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Armada 2: Legacy Class (also for demo)
This is an update to the recently uploaded Legacy Class. It now has better and slightly higher resolution textures and hardpoints for the deflector and tractor beam emitters. The Legacy-Class is based on the Prometheus, Intrepid, and Akira class star ships. It takes longer to build than the Sovereign-class but it's also stronger and has one more torpedo than the Sovereign. Hardpoints for weapons and special weapons are named according to their function (see readme for details)

Download: Legacy Class (also for demo)
More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Armada 2: Pallada Class
This is a Constitution variant created for the destroyer and support role. The Pallada was known for being durable and rugged, making her an excellent combat vessel for her time. One of the notable vessels of this class would be the USS Polaris, a prominent member of the United Earth first fleet.

Thanks to his inspirational and the epic CG rendering skills of Dave Metlesits from DeviantArt, I was inspired to do a rendition of one of his original vessels. Which was the Pallada Class USS Polaris. It is a destroyer vessel featured in his numerous fan fictions currently hosted on DeviantArt. After securing permission from Dave to create an Armada 2 version of his craft, I immediately proceeded to start work on this rendition. Of course, with the help of Fahres for the original model and Majestic, for the kitbashing. Team effort for the win!

Download: Pallada Class
More Armada 2: FileFront's Armada 2 Files

Bridge Commander: SFP Surpasser
This is an interesting take on the Raging Queen/Curry design seen in DS9. The model has high res textures, and spec maps. It's ballanced well for the early ambassador era. It wont stand up to quantum torpedos but can take on Excelciors and other small vessels. It's small size makes it good for using manuvering tactics to take down larger, slower ships.

Download: SFP Surpasser
More Bridge Commander: FileFront's Bridge Commander Files

Call of Duty 4: Butterfly Knife
My new knife I made for COD4 Enjoy it! Readme is inside the zip. For this model I've also made some additional skins.

These new skins and models for a Butterfly Knife are great! The quality of the model is fantastic and the colours don't look like a quick 'photoshop overlay paintbrush doing,' they look carefully done and best of all is that they're isn't any wacky colours on them, which makes them look all the more realistic.

Download: Butterfly Knife
More Call of Duty 4: FileFront's Call of Duty 4 Files

CnC Generals: USA Camo
This MOD changes the appearance of ALL USA units. For most of them is a different skin included. Needless to say: This MOD Contains four sets of camo. You can change them WILE THE GAME IS RUNNING!

To make everything more synoptic, I included an icon to display the camo type currently installed.

Download: USA Camo
More CnC Generals: FileFront's CnC Generals Files

Doom 3: Doomguy
Doomguy skin is a simple remake based on Doomguy character from The Ultimate Doom and Doom 2. I had to redesign his skin in 512 x 512 pixel. So he is the Doomguy we always know.

Download: Doomguy
More Doom 3: FileFront's Doom 3 Files

Empire at War: Nemesis Gunship
Wookiepedia calls it a Nemesis-class patrol ship. Although I'm not familiar with it, it does appear to be a formidable enemy. Plenty of firepower and the ability to drop troops and speeders.
The Nemesis Gunship is a heavelly armed transport during the Legacy era.
It can be seen in the Legacy Era Sourcebook.

The model comes complete with landing animation, code and icon.

Some additional coding is required to get it ingame

Download: Nemesis Gunship
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Empire at War: TIE Experimental Pack
Is $leeper an X-Wing Alliance fan too? I've made it no secret that X-Wing (the game) was my first love. The following games in the series were, of course, improvements and better all around. But nothing makes you forget your first love. So I was excited when $leeper released the TIE Experimental M1. Now with the whole model pack I can get down to some X-Wing Alliance modding for EaW. Thanks $leeper for bringing me a bit of nostalgia. This is a modelpack of the Tie Experimental Series, as seen in Star Wars X-Wing Alliance.
It includes the Models of the TIE Experimentals M1 (Bizarro), M2 (Biggun), M3 (Warhead), M4 (Bomb) and M5 (Booster). Icons are included too, but some additional coding is required to get it ingame.

Download: TIE Experimental Pack
More Empire at War: FileFront's Empire at War Files

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Aston Martin DB9 Volante
Here is the Aston Martin DB9 Volante, a highly detailed convertible Aston Martin DB9 that will replace the comet or any other similar car of your choice within GTA San Andreas. This car includes a very highly detailed interior with fully 3D seating, and well everything even the smallest of details such as the buttons on the radio are included. The car itself also includes a fully 3D and detailed engine. The Aston Martin also includes realistic Damage, Collision and shadow models. The Aston Martin is very accurate when compared to the real life version of the car and includes a top up and top down version of the car!

The car also includes a custom handling, several different colours to choose from (which can be bought, spawned or found in the game) and is completely moddable in any transfender store within the game. You can tell that a lot of hard work went into this model when even the minor detail has been included (radio buttons, air conditioning blowers, radio and the rest of the dashboard), definately a recommended car!

Download: Aston Martin DB9 Volante
More Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: FileFront's Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Files

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Aston Martin V8 Vantage N400 v1.2
Here is the Aston Martin v8 Vantage n400, a highly detailed Aston Martin Vantage that will replace the infernus or any other car of your choice within GTA San Andreas. This car includes a very highly detailed interior with fully 3D seating, gearsticks and well everything even the smallest of details such as the volume and the buttons on the radio are included. The car itself also includes a fully 3D engine, as well as several different paint jobs that you can use in the game. The Aston Martin also includes a realistic Damage Model and is very accurate when compared to the real version of the car.

The car also includes a custom handling, several different colours to choose from (which can be bought, spawned or found in the game) and is completely moddable in any transfender store within the game. You can tell that a lot of hard work went into this model when even the minor detail has been included (radio buttons, air conditioning blowers, radio and the rest of the dashboard), definately a recommended car!

Download: Aston Martin V8 Vantage N400 v1.2
More Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: FileFront's Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Files

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Hyundai Accent Era Tuning
Here is the Hyundai Accent Era Tuning, a detailed and well made small car that will either replace the elegant or any other similar car of your choice within GTA San Andreas. This car includes a custom handling although no other custom features although you can always make your own. The car itself is fairly detailed and includes a detailed interior as well as a fairly detailed custom damage model and more. The Hyundai looks fairly accurate to the real life version of the car and also looks brilliant in the game.

Download: Hyundai Accent Era Tuning
More Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: FileFront's Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Files

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Hyundai Accent Coupe - Rally Car
Here is the Rally Car version of the Hyundai Accent Coupe, a highly detailed and well made car that will replace the Super GT or any other similar car of your choice within GTA San Andreas. This car only includes a choice of one colour (its a race car), although it does include a custom handling as well as a fairly detailed and well made interior. The car does look fairly good in the game and of course it does what its designed for to race, although probably not the fastest car but it does run fairly well in the game.

Download: Hyundai Accent Coupe - Rally Car
More Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: FileFront's Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Files

Knights of the Old Republic II: Gold Sith Commando
Havy makes his FileFront modding debut today with this reskin for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. This basically changes the Sith Commando Armour to be gold. That's about it. If you like the look, download it. If you don't like it... Don't download it. See the pattern here? All in all, a pretty basic mod, but nice if you're into that sort of thing.

Download: Gold Sith Commando
More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

Knights of the Old Republic II: Revan's Lightsaber Pack
My fellow staffer Marius Fett has a new contribution to offer the community for the first Knights of the Old Republic game, essentially he has produced Revan's "first" lightsaber hilt in the cannon as a lightsaber in game. Be sure to check out the screenshots to see what the hilt looks like, suffice to say the hilt is as you would expect from someone such as Marius well done. If you have wanted Revans original cannon lightsaber in game then this mod could well be for you; it is faithful to the saber hilt it is based on. If there is one criticism of the mod it is that it requires cheats to spawn the item in game instead of being placed somewhere.

Download: Revan's Lightsaber Pack
More Knights of the Old Republic II: FileFront's Knights of the Old Republic II Files

Star Trek: Legacy: Cardassian Va'kor Starbase & Shipyard
Now entering Cardassian space. You can't have a Dominion War without their legendary shipyards. Now you can take leisure or aim at the new Va'kor type space station. As a bonus, this also incorporates the Monac style shipyard hub and pylons. This station and the Monac D pylon are also dockable shipyards to repair and rearm your ships. This version of the Va'kor station is stock compatable, and may overwrite the ODF for any Cardassian starbases you have installed. This is a remarkable mod and the scale of it looks amazing in the game. Well worth downloading.

Download: Cardassian Va'kor Starbase & Shipyard
More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Star Trek: Legacy: Prime Reality Venture Class
Featuring the pinnacle of Federation technology its the great Venture Class from STLegacy!

Ported from Bridge Commander, you'll notice its a very sleek model, not so dis-similar from the Galaxy, or Mnemosyne. The model is quite detailed, but there are areas of the ship that look very smooth - partially down to the aztec pattern being so small. Therefore the specs and bumps aren't noticeable until you get real close to the ship. The ship's nacelle and deflector colours also differ from the norm, and its down to player taste toward if they are likable or not. For me, they look good, but make the ship look like a S31 or Terran ship - since many of those ships have light blue nacelles.

The port appears to be quite good. Weapons fire from all the right places, and the arcs never seemed wide enough for the phasers to cut into the ship. The ship has logo's but no lights or breakable parts. The balancing seems spot on. The ship is powerful, but not overwhelming. It can take a beating too, and perhaps its defensive capabilities are too great.

Download: Prime Reality Venture Class
More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Star Trek: Legacy: Proteus Class

Heres a new ship from Kophjaeger and WileyCoyote. The Proteus class is an organic looking futuristic ship combining the best of all Federation technologies. Personally, I'm not 100% a fan of its looks, but I know that people will lve them, and they are easy to grow on. I do find, however, there are some slight sloppy texturing sections. I find that the impulse glow isn't fantastic and sort of ruins the side of the ship. Also, the texturing on a whole can look cartoonish - with its bussards and nacelles.

The port however seems very good. I liked the balancing, in my test she was the first ship to fall, and seemed to deal out allot of damage, while taking it in return. Very often I've reviewed ships that simply never die. The combination of phasers and quantum torpedo's seems to be the norm for future ships now, and this ship follows suit. Other basics seem fine. The hardpoints are accurate, and logo's present on the ventral and dorsal sides of the ship.

Download: Proteus Class
More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

Star Trek: Legacy: Va'kor Starbase
Now entering Cardassian space. You can't have a Dominion War without their legendary shipyards. Now you can take leisure or aim at the new Va'kor type space station. As a bonus, this also incorporates the Monac style shipyard hub and pylons. This station and the Monac D pylon are also dockable shipyards to repair and rearm your ships.

This version of the Va'kor station is UU 2.0 compatable, and will overwrite the ODF for your Cardassian starbases. This will not overwrite any models or textures, and you can easily set this station to exist on its own. Just rename the odf before installing.

Download: Va'kor Starbase
More Star Trek: Legacy: FileFront's Star Trek: Legacy Files

X3 Terran Conflict: X3TC Naval Shuffle 1.3
This is alpha 1.3 of the Naval Shuffle mod for X3 Terran Conflict. For more information, please visit the Naval Shuffle thread of the Egosoft forums through this link.

Download: X3TC Naval Shuffle 1.3
More X3 Terran Conflict: FileFront's X3 Terran Conflict Files


Call of Duty: United Offensive: Bircheshead (Bug Fixed)
This map is a favourite of our clan... Played ctf only rifle on this map .. tThe original version has a bug in the re-spawn of the Russian team on the ladder where players returning after death to be born within the steps without possibility out of there ... Leave a post in the original version if someone could fix it and spend time and we did enjoy it a great map and we are grateful to the author: Kal.

PD:Kal thank you very much for this map and we want to tell you that your version is intact only the bug is fixed

Download: Bircheshead (Bug Fixed)
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Company of Heroes: ManyRoads (4)
ManyRoads is a map that is not like any other, with dimensions of around 928 x 256 it can be fun if not challenging at times to gain a foothold and even keep it. Each side has 3 "Easy" capturable ammo sectors, it makes it easy to gain ammo for those needed upgrades. Fuel and manpower sectors are however, still close enough to capture before the real combat begins. Each side has their own advantage for defending/attacking each build up of enemy forces, Playing as germany all you need to do is place a few well guarded Flak 88's approximately 1/2 way up the map and they will hold the allied forces at bay.

Where as the case for the allies, Airborne forces can bunker down in one of the numerous buildings while their 57mm antitank guns can aim down one of the roads and take out any enemy forces quickly, with the help of a sniper or two. One or two units that succeed in this map are the Sherman Callopie, and the Nebelwerfer, so my advice to anyone who wants to play this map. Make sure if you see any of these units, TAKE them out quickly before they can induce any damage. On another note, Defend your captured sectors well. The AI can come down any road.

Download: ManyRoads (4)
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Company of Heroes: Village Offensive 2v2
Village offensive is a large 2v2 map revolving around a non ruined town with countryside features. The map consists of three sections, the middle acting as an island with vehicle capable bridges crossing towards two areas. The left side has 3 bridges to it, the right has only two. There is also a footbridge connecting the two base sections to each other at the furthest point away from the HQ's.

It's balanced pretty well, but I wouldn't want to try playing it online against a good team because of the layout of the centre island. It's probably best for Skirmishes vs the AI.

Download: Village Offensive 2v2
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Farcry 2: FC Lan Party 2011
Developer Name: REAL METAL BEAST / DarkIncLegion

Welcome to the Far Cry 2 Lan Party! The Lan Party is located in an old underground military bunker! DM Only, Hurry, the party is about to begin
2-4 Players (This is a small map so i recommend max 4 players)

Download: FC Lan Party 2011
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F.E.A.R.: Headquarter beta
Developer Name: REAL METAL BEAST / DarkIncLegion

Welcome to a new F.E.A.R. Combat map, it´s dark in there i know, it is meant to be that way. The biggest bugs have been fixed but couldn´t stop the flickering of some lights. Also the CTF flag positions are not perfect and this map was made in germany



Download: Headquarter beta
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Jedi Knight III: Sirens Enclave
Well I don’t think I’ve ever seen a map based on Greek mythology before, but if these are the results, I would like to see more! This is Sirens Enclave, inspired by the story of the Sirens, who would lure sailors with their song to shipwreck on the rocky coast of the island where they lived. In this map you can indeed find a shipwreck at the entrance to the fantastically huge cave, though I do think the ship could have done with a bit more detail, or used some more patches in order to get some rounded corners in there.

The main cave itself, like I said, is huge with a great rock spire rising in the middle amid a shallow lake filled with rocks and waterfalls cascading down the walls of the cave. The waters reflections on the walls, or the water caustics to use the correct term, look great and really contribute to the atmosphere of the area, though I have to say that they don’t quite look realistic. I cant quite put my finger on the reason though, but if I had to suggest something to help in this regards, I would suggest making the lighting in this main area a little more blue, I think that would help the water caustics reflecting on the walls fit in a little more. Nevertheless I still think they look really nice, good work there!

Download: Sirens Enclave
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Jedi Knight III: XYZ
I know what you may be thinking, and no, this map doesn’t have anything to do with letters of the internet, in fact I find its name quite puzzling, but I’ve seen stranger in my time. wink It is in fact a pretty impressive clan map and its nice to see that JK2 still get some clan attention even after all these years.

As the readme states, this map is the authors attempt at combining the best features of several of the best loved clan themed maps into one map. What is more, from looking at the map and the readme, it doesn’t appear that this was made for any specific clan or guild, though the readme does not specifically say one way or another. Nevertheless I found no clan symbols or logos of any kind when I play-tested it and I think this would be an excellent map for any JK2 clan or guild to use! The map itself is very big and has many rooms for the various purposes you would expect of such a map, such as obstacle courses training rooms, bar areas, outdoor areas and a secret council room, though considering the amount of detail the author goes into in his readme about its location and uses, it isn’t really that secret. stick out tongue One great feature of this room that Is definitely worth revealing though is that you can change the map to either a day or night mode via two switches on the wall in the council room below their corresponding day or night sky, very clever!

The main hall area is strongly reminiscent of Sith Council and Jedi Council GC and I presume it took its design queues from. This leads off to various other rooms, although am quite disappointed at the number of doors that do not open and behind which is nothing. Something like this is ok for an ordinary map, since unopenable doors are often used to make the map feel bigger, but on a clan/academy map you kinda expect something to be behind each and every door! The map is also quite difficult to navigate as several areas are either accessed by teleporters or through various corridors and rooms, rather than all neatly leading off the main hall.

Download: XYZ
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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Olivet Castle Beta 2
This is an updated version of Mike Smith's Olivet Castle map. The map was made slightly tougher with some added zombies to fight. A few minor problems were also fixed. I hope you enjoy this map!
Also, if you have the first version of this map, I recommend you delete it, since this version is much better.
Mike Smith

Download: Olivet Castle Beta 2
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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Patches_for_maps_RTCW_SP
Patches for some addons and maps single player created for RTCW game. These patches add some missing textures and models.

* Thanks to * Id Software and Gray Matter for creating this game and all RTCW's fans for creating various maps single player.

Download: Patches_for_maps_RTCW_SP
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Star Wars Battlefront 2: Cerea: Savage Hunt
Cerea: Savage Hunt, a map by AgentSmith_27, is an interesting map set in the forests of Cerea, the planet where Ki-Adi-Mundi is from. The map pits elements of his species against a team of "Savages", which is basically just composed of reskinned tusken raiders and wampas. The map is your standard forest- it has a lot of trees and rocks and logs, like most forests, and it also has a river. There are four control points- each on one side of the map, though the leftmost is set inside a base-like structure. The map is decent, if somewhat uninspired and bland. The extremely dark terrain is a bit too dark, though everything else in the map is lit enough to distinguish what it is. On a whole, the map's individual details are rather hard to pick out, as everything pretty much looks the same against a black background. That's not to say that it's bad- just that it is somewhat bland. It needs a little more color to be memorable.

Sides-wise, the matchup is a bit weird here- there are wampas and tusken raiders on one side, and Cereans on the other. The Cereans play much like a standard side, as there is a rifleman, heavy, sniper, and melee weapon user. There is also Ki-Adi-Mundi, who is unlockable after 10 kills. He makes the melee unit somewhat redundant, but it is somewhat useful as there are loads of units that only use melee in the map. In the "base" CP, there are some Geonosians and other units, which all use melee weapons. The base is somewhat annoying, since you get mobbed by the melee units. There is also a big ship-looking thing flying around outside, controlled by a hostile team, that shoots huge rockets at you and your teammates. It also can be an annoyance, since its rockets shake the entire screen when they land near you.

Download: Cerea: Savage Hunt
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Star Wars Battlefront 2: Coruscant: High Fight (The Clone Wars - Map Season)
Cody_LG is here today with his latest map, apparently the first in his Map Season. This one is called Coruscant: High Fight.

The map is absurdly small. It's like the SWBF version of Call of Duty 4's Shipment. There are four CPs, two of which are uncapturable. The playing area is composed of a hallway and a small platform outside of the hallway. There's not really any strategy or anything involved- you just run straight at the enemy and try to kill them before they kill you. This is a hard feat. The map should not be one giant chokepoint. It's not good design to only have one nearly-insurmountable area to fight in.

Sides are all right, though you don't get much of a chance to use them. Everything looks custom, with the clone models being the show ones and most of their units based off that. There's one with a giant chaingun, one with a T21, one with a .50 cal sniper rifle (what?) and assorted stuff like that. The other side is composed of Mandalorians and some other droids and humans, but since I've never seen the Clone Wars show I can't comment on their accuracy. They all look good, but some more playing time and/or space would have been appreciated.

Download: Coruscant: High Fight (The Clone Wars - Map Season)
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Star Wars Battlefront 2: Kamino Civil War
Kamino: Civil War, by darklink92, is what I refer to as a "mission map" - a map that uses a shipped map as its actual map, but it has modified sides and other aspects of the map are changed. This is one of those maps, using the stock Kamino map as its base and featuring a bunch of overpowered ARC troopers duking it out.

The sides are composed of one unit- an ARC trooper, available in both blue and red flavors, featuring a blaster rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, chaingun, mortar launcher, cloaking shield, and detpacks. It also has a regenerating shield and an infinite jetpack. This is pretty much the definition of "overpowered". Luckily, the other side has the exact same unit, because the premise of this map is a bunch of clones fighting. I suppose it is rather handy not to have to pick out different units when one just accomplishes everything for you, though, so nice idea on the author's part.

So, basically, give this mission map a download if you want to play around with some super-powered ARC troopers on the stock Kamino map. It's pretty fun for a "just-screw-around" map, so check it out.

Download: Kamino Civil War
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Star Wars Battlefront 2: Rhen Var: Church
Modmaster 13's "Rhen Var: Church" is a large map set on Rhen Var. It's based around a huge "church" and surrounding snowfields. The church is large enough and detailed enough I spent some time just exploring it. Visually, from a distance at least the church looks great, especially with the lighting, but up close there are annoying bugs that detract from the feeling of immersion - various blocks have z-fighting issues or have cracks between them. While I know that Rhen Var assets use a lot of small pieces and can be annoying to lego together, the mentioned bugs do kind of mess things up visually.

Gameplay wise the map is decent but not great. Because of the CP placement most of the battles in conquest mode tend to take place on the nearly featureless snowfields, which is a pity considering the size and detail of the church, especially its interior. Given the size of the map I'd encourage the author to increase the number o troops or add a seperate XL/uber mode also. There are also a few AI running into wall bugs, particuarly in hero assault mode, but they don't make the game unplayable. Some vehicles would have definitely made things more interesting given the large size of the map and openness, and given the Particle Cannon Turrets something more to shoot at. In terms of modes hero assault was pretty fun, mainly because it doesn' use much of the snowfields.

Download: Rhen Var: Church
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Warcraft III: Lord of the Clans
Thrall's Story should be interesting for everybody who hasn't read Christie Golden's Lord of the Clans, from which I had the Idea to create this campaign. It's about his journey from slave to becoming warchief of the horde. At the same time you can look at it as a direct prequel to the WarCraft 3-Training/Demo-Campaign because his story is continued there. Unfortunately I couldn't copy the book 100%. For example: there will be only minor discussions about the orcs' eye color, the liked Gladiator-Fights will only appear in a short cinematic and the important character Sergeant had to be cut out. All in all I wanted the campaign to be as playable as possible, otherwise I could have done a cinematic-series. But don't be afraid, there is enough to read, maybe too much big grin Some stats: 11, Maps, 3 of which are cinematic-only, with at least 5 hours of playtime.

Download: Lord of the Clans
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Warcraft III: Medieval Mazing TD
1-5 players, 50 levels. 5 bosses, 3 difficulties. It is a very original Mazing TD. There are 3 starting-checkpoints, but you can build one extra checkpoint wherever you'd Like. Unlike most similar maps you have very little space to build in, so position every tower/mazing rock carefully. The map is made so that you can go afk it anytime you want, because you decide when the next wave will spawn, and which kind of wave. You can choose between 4 different builders, each with 4 basic towers that can be upgraded to other towers with various abilities. All builders can also build the 4 supertowers.

Download: Medieval Mazing TD
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