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  Gamefront: Weekly Network Update 12 (week 03, 2011) - News - FileFront News
  Posted by: Danny on 01-23-2011 @ 14:19
This News Item has been viewed 109,716 times

Welcome to all for the twelfth version of the Gamefront Network Update - News Section the first part of the weekly news post. The news part of this update includes the news that has been posted on the Network Site over the past week as well as some of the latest news from the Gamefront Main Site. There has been a fair bit of news from both the network sites and the main Gamefront site including new games, interesting stories, Free DLC and a lot of trailers this week!.

Lots more news can be found from Gamefront News - Here

We would love to hear any suggestions that you have; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Weekly Network Update, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the Network Update then simply drop me an email at Danny[at]filefront[dot]com (please put "Network Update" as the subject though smile ). If you like the Network Update please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, or support (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further).


Gamefront News: 8 Less Ambitious Game Boxes (LIST)

Last week we ran a contest following up on a Twitter meme called “Less Ambitious Movies,” and it’s inevitable spawn, “Less Ambitious Games.” Seeing as we like games, we challenged you readers to come up with a few “less ambitious” titles, daring you to be clever and win a thing by suggesting games for which developers wouldn’t have had to try that hard.

After the contest was through, we went through the comments and plucked out our favorites. Then we decided to make mock-up boxes for the best of them. What follows is what we came up with when we imagined a world in which games just don’t try that hard — a world you guys invented. We were limited only by our imaginations, the time we wanted to spend on it and our graphic design software. Enjoy.

8. Motion Control Experience Simulator
7. A POW Camp of One
6. Learn to Fly
5. Defense of Honor Against Insulting Cads
4. It’s a Race — to the Toilet
3. Boredom: Your Toughest Opponent Yet
2. Become a Stir Fry Legend
1. It’s Time to Go to Work

Read: 8 Less Ambitious Game Boxes (LIST)

Gamefront News: Anomaly: Warzone Earth Trailer

11 Bit Studios has released a new trailer for Anomaly: Warzone Earth. It should give you a good idea of the atmosphere for this reverse-tower-defense game. You can download this video here or watch it below.


Read: Anomaly: Warzone Earth Trailer

Gamefront News: Bethesda Confirms Skyrim Mod Tools

We’ve all become accustomed to Bethesda releasing mod tools for their titles. However, with the decline in moddable titles over the past few years, we were keeping our fingers crossed.

As it turns out, there was no need to worry. Bethesda has already mentioned a creation kit for Skyrim, and now it’s been confirmed to be similar to the tools released with Morrowind and Oblivion. Over on the Bethesda forums, a Community Manager has posted the following statement:

We’ve always been impressed with what the community has done with our tools. Like the Elder Scrolls Construction Set for Morrowind and Oblivion, we plan to release Creation Kit so you guys can mod Skyrim.

Read: Bethesda Confirms Skyrim Mod Tools

Gamefront News: Bethesda: We Own Fallout MMO

Bethesda isn’t mincing words anymore: it doesn’t care what Interplay or anybody else says, it owns Fallout and everything made of Fallout and everything that even looks like Fallout. Okay, not that last thing — got a little carried away.

Bethesda’s vice president of PR, Pete Hines, told VG247 that Bethesda owns the rights to the Fallout MMO game. You know — the game that Interplay is developing for 2012, the one Interplay says Bethesda passed on when it bought the Fallout IP in 2008. The one Bethesda started a lawsuit over.

“We own the rights to everything Fallout. The licence is ours. Fallout belongs to us,” Hines said when asked about Interplay’s comments about it still owning the MMO rights.

Interplay’s Eric Caen responded to VG247 and Hines’ comments with this:

When we sold the IP, it was clear that the MMO could be developed by Interplay. Then we received a unilateral termination letter. Since that, we are only asking either to continue the development, either to get this contract cancelled as the consideration would not have been received in full.

Read: Bethesda: We Own Fallout MMO

Gamefront News: Blizzard Invites ‘World of Starcraft’ Modder to Meet StarCraft II Team

Blizzard Entertainment just released a statement regarding the World of Starcraft mod situation, and it seems they were as impressed with the videos of the mash-up of its two big properties as the rest of the Internet.

In an email to press, Blizzard PR Manager Bob Colayco says the company has extended an offer to modder Ryan Winzen to come hang with the StarCraft II dev team. The company fully supports the modding community and is excited to see where the World of Starcraft mod goes in the future.

Winzen posted videos of the mod on YouTube showing off some pre-alpha gameplay and classes. After the videos started making the rounds on the Internet, Winzen received a notice from YouTube that the videos had been removed pending a copyright dispute with Blizzard. That info got picked up and passed around as well, and although it seemed like the name of the mod was at issue, there was speculation that a cease and desist order might be on its way. Winzen wrote on his forum for the mod that he was more than willing to change the name, but he seemed worried the project was going to get squashed, too.

Colayco writes that Blizzard’s issue was, in fact, about the name of the mod and the use of the trademarks involved. It wasn’t necessarily taking legal action against Winzen, but was starting to initiate a discussion with him about changing the name — and part of that procedure was to have YouTube remove Winzen’s videos until the situation was resolved.

Read: Blizzard Invites ‘World of Starcraft’ Modder to Meet StarCraft II Team

Gamefront News: Bloomberg Says PSP2 Announcement Next Week, PS Phone Soon After

So Bloomberg is calling the ball: Sony will be announcing the PSP 2 next week and the Playstation Phone (now pretty well considered to be called the Xperia Play) at Mobile World Congress starting Feb. 14 in Barcelona.

The business site is citing a pair of unnamed sources saying that SCE is using its event on Jan. 27 in Tokyo to finally drop the new PSP on us — the one that’s supposed to be comparable in power to the Playstation 3. This is stuff we’ve heard before, but now Bloomberg is saying it. Therefore, you should take note again.

The press conference next week is also supposed to explain a whole plan for networked entertainment for the PSP 2, which could be extended to the Xperia Play as well, that’ll probably be a whole lot like Sony’s CES 2011 presentation. During that keynote, Sony talked about 3D everything and connected entertainment flying through the air all over your house. Expect that kind of mindset when it comes to the new Playstation Portable.

Read: Bloomberg Says PSP2 Announcement Next Week, PS Phone Soon After

Gamefront News: Buy Killzone 3, Get in on SOCOM 4 Beta

If you weren’t already planning to pick up a copy of Killzone 3 on Feb. 22, you might want to rethink that position, because Sony is adding access to the SOCOM 4 multiplayer beta to the package.

That’s pretty good news, but here’s even better news: you don’t have to shell out for the uber-spiffy special edition of the game — everybody who buys the game gets into the beta. Try not to push to the front of GameStop line.

Details are available on the Official Playstation Blog:

To get early access to the beta, look for the SOCOM 4 callout on the front of all eligible copies of Killzone 3 (including both the standalone and Helghast Editions). Inside the box you’ll find a PSN code that you’ll be able to redeem for your early access as soon as the beta goes live. To find out when the SOCOM 4 multiplayer beta begins, be sure to check back at SOCOM.com once you pick up your copy of Killzone 3, hitting shelves on February 22nd.

Read: Buy Killzone 3, Get in on SOCOM 4 Beta

Gamefront News: Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo Coming Next Week

If you’ve been itching to get into Crysis 2′s nanosuit, your time is almost here. EA has announced that they will be releasing a multiplayer demo of the futuristic shooter next Tuesday, January 25.

The demo will include one map, called “Skyline,” and two game modes: Team Instant Action and Crash Site. Team Instant Action is similar to Team Deathmatch, pitting two teams against each other in a race to kill as many enemies as possible. Crash Site is similar to attack and defend, as it challenges teams to take control of alien drop pods, and fight off the enemy as they attempt to take control.

Once the full game hits, you’ll be able to compete in 6 gameplay modes on 12 maps, as well as earn 50 ranks and a number of unlocks and upgrades. Unfortunately, that won’t kick in until the game launches on PC, PS3 and XBox 360 on March 22.


Read: Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo Coming Next Week

Gamefront News: Dead Space 2 Box Has a Download Code for Dragon Age II Armor (VIDEO)

Purchasing Dead Space 2 on Jan. 25 will nab you a download code for a free set of Dead Space-inspired armor for the upcoming Bioware RPG Dragon Age II.

You’ll need an Electronic Arts account to activate the code for downloads for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 or PC versions of the RPG, which comes packaged inside boxes of Dead Space 2. There also seems to be at least a little story attached to the download, which was outlined in the press release:

In Dragon Age II, the chilling tales of Ser Isaac of Clarke are a favorite of bards performing in the wee hours of the night. In dank taverns throughout the land, these horror-filled stories captivate listeners and bring nightmares to those faint of heart.

EA has also released a video trailer for the DLC, which we’ve got embedded below along with the details about what the armor will be good for when you add it into Dragon Age II when it launches on March 8.

27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=9,0,47,0">

Read: Dead Space 2 Box Has a Download Code for Dragon Age II Armor (VIDEO)

Gamefront News: Dead Space 2 Launch Party Video

EA has released a video from the launch party for Dead Space 2. The video features about two minutes of footage from the party plus some gameplay action. Download the video here or watch it below.


Read: Dead Space 2 Launch Party Video

Gamefront News: Deus Ex: Human Revoution Will Feature Normal Difficulty Levels, Not Dynamic Bulls–t

At some point last year the rumor was that Deus Ex: Human Revolution would feature dynamic difficulty that would scale based on your skill or lack thereof. That kind of thing is always a bad idea, and it’s unnecessary if you just let the players change the difficulty level in the options menu during the game.

But that doesn’t matter, because the game will not have dynamic difficulty.

“I don’t know who said that, but that person was either drunk or doesn’t work here,” said Eidos producer David Anfossi in an interview with PC Gamer that’ll be in the imminent issue of that rag. The game will have the traditional easy, normal and hard difficulties.

Read: Deus Ex: Human Revoution Will Feature Normal Difficulty Levels, Not Dynamic Bulls–t

Gamefront News: Duke Nukem Forever Releasing May 3, Has New Trailer

You could be forgiven for thinking this day would never come. Heck most anyone who cared about the Duke thought he was dead and buried years ago. But like all great action heroes, he just keeps coming back.

In an interview with Game Informer, Gearbox President Randy Pitchford said he was revealing,

the most inconceivable, incorrigible and inspiring turn around story in the history of the video game industry – the coming of Duke Nukem Forever on May 3, 2011.

Equally excited was Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K, who added,

The moment fans all over the world have been waiting for is almost here. May 3, 2011 marks Duke’s return as he unleashes his brash and brutally honest wit on the world. His return is going to be epic and one that will make video gaming history!


Read: Duke Nukem Forever Releasing May 3, Has New Trailer

Gamefront News: Email Suggests Infinity Ward Delayed MW2 Content for EA’s Benefit

An unsealed document in the law suit between Activision and former members of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 developer Infinity Ward suggests the developer purposely delayed the release of a MW2 map pack to benefit Activision’s biggest rival, according to lawyers for the company.

The document was released as part of a court filing in the $400 million suit between Vince Zampella and Jason West, founders of Infinity Ward and formerly part of the Call of Duty team, and Activision. Activision is suing the pair, along with Electronic Arts, for breaking their employment contracts and allegedly sabotaging MW2; Zampella and West are counter-suing Activision for wrongful termination.

Through document discovery, a portion of the legal procedure where defendants and plaintiffs can petition evidence for their cases, Activision entered an internal EA email that they claim suggests the rival developer was working all along to “corrupt and destroy” Infinity Ward. The email from specifically says, Activision claims, that EA convinced Zampella and West to hold back on MW2′s Stimulus Pack extra content release so it wouldn’t conflict with EA’s release of DICE’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The email is dated March 2, the day of Bad Company’s release. The Stimulus Pack was released 28 days later.

Read: Email Suggests Infinity Ward Delayed MW2 Content for EA’s Benefit

Gamefront News: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Teaser Trailer

So we’ve had a couple days to recover from the news that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is happening next winter on the PS3 and 360, and we’re surprisingly peaceful about it. Now we have a teaser, and it’s mostly just part of the cinematic from the end of XIII with Lightning saying that doesn’t really mean anything. And that piano cue is back.

There is a little bit of new footage, but it’s just Lightning in her new getup, but we do also get to see for the first time that other person from the XIII-2 logo. We don’t know who it is yet, or if it’s a man or a woman, but it doesn’t look friendly. Here’s the teaser:


Read: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Teaser Trailer

Gamefront News: Homage or Plagiarism?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about rip-offs. No, not the potential price of the PSP2, but rip-offs of a more intellectual nature. From iPhone games that copy or outright steal, to retail software that takes “inspiration” from its interactive peers, the game industry does quite a bit to justify the old adage that there’s no such thing as a new idea. In some cases, it’s considered acceptable to lift ideas for your game, whereas in other cases, it’s a cardinal sin. The trouble is, there seems to be no hard and fast rule for what constitutes honest inspiration or nefarious theft, and unfortunately it seems to stem from one thing — how much you like the game.

Penny Arcade lampooned this last year with a comic strip about Darksiders versus Dante’s Inferno, where the former was considered an homage and the latter written off as derivative. Penny Arcade’s Gabriel claimed to have arrived at his judgment based upon which game he liked. While an amusing parody, it is an unfortunate truth that gamers pick and choose, often arbitrarily, which games are allowed to steal and which games are not, similar to how a celebrity can get away with a litany of offenses based on how famous they are.

Darksiders is a good place to start. This game shamelessly pinched most of its structure from The Legend of Zelda, and threw in a few nods to other titles such as God of War and even Portal. When it came to gameplay, Vigil’s 2010 action game had not one original idea to its name. What it did have was oodles of style and polish, with a fun implementation of its stolen ideas and a terrific set of characters which, while not particularly original themselves, oozed charm and did a rather fantastic job of distracting us from all the intellectual burglary going on.

(Click Below for Full Article)

Read: Homage or Plagiarism?

Gamefront News: L.A. Noire Trailer, Release Date Leaked (VIDEO)

File under YouTube Fail.

Somebody accidentally hit the shiny red button over at Rockstar (or Team Bondi, or whoever has an irresistible red button marked “do not push”), accidentally posting a new trailer for L.A. Noire that included the release date of the game — which we’re not supposed to have.

And, diligently, the Internet has plucked it from the stream of digital noise, even though it was only available for a couple of minutes before Take 2 yanked it back.

Wanna know when you’re going to be able to play one of our Most Anticipated Games of the Year?

27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" width="626" height="350" id="gorillaPlayer_tvgb001">

Read: L.A. Noire Trailer, Release Date Leaked (VIDEO)

Gamefront News: LA Times: Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer and Raven Co-developing Modern Warfare 3

Been wondering what the hell Price, Soap and Nikolai did after running off at the end of Modern Warfare 2? Of course you are, and while we’d been hearing over the past several months that, despite the whole legal kerfuffle over at IW that caused a good portion of the staff to exit stage right and head over to EA, Modern Warfare 3 will still happen and we might just get to follow our awesome team of non-Americans once more.

The rumors continue today, as the LA Times is reporting that the reconstructed Infinity Ward is working on Modern Warfare 3, and they have some friends to help out: Sledgehammer, most recently thought to be working on some sort of space marine Call of Duty title, and Raven Software.

OK, so the LA Times’ sources say MW3 has been in the works for a while and is prepping for the regular November CoD release slot. They say that IW and Sledgehammer are working together on the campaign, and that Raven is working on the multiplayer. Really!

Read: LA Times: Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer and Raven Co-developing Modern Warfare 3

Gamefront News: LittleBigPlanet 2 Endless Fun Trailer

Sony has released a new trailer for LittleBigPlanet 2. This trailer gives us a look at the endless amount of fun you will be able to have with your sack person. You can download the video here or watch it below.


Read: LittleBigPlanet 2 Endless Fun Trailer

Gamefront News: Microsoft Rolls Out 360 Anti-Piracy Update

In the wake of the recent hack of the PlayStation 3, Microsoft has rolled out a new anti-piracy update for their console.

The newest firmware blocks attempts to play copied versions of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, and Halo: Reach, among other titles. Anyone trying to play a copied game will likely be flagged for a ban from XBox Live.

Apparently, the hackers are prepared for this, as DigitalFoundry is reporting that the latest piracy firmware is equipped with a countermeasure that can lock up the console before it is flagged for a ban.

Thus continues the never ending battle between security and piracy. As usual, there’s no end in sight. At least we kinda saw this one coming.

Read: Microsoft Rolls Out 360 Anti-Piracy Update

Gamefront News: Microsoft to GeoHot: Wanna Mess with Windows Phone 7?

Sony might be seriously annoyed with hacker George “GeoHot” Hotz over blowing the security doors off the Playstation 3, but Microsoft thinks he’s a real cool dude.

Anyway, that’s what we gather from Twitter, where Brandon Watson, Microsoft’s “director responsible for the developer experience of Windows Phone 7,” tweeted this in the general direction of GeoHot:

#geohot if you want to build cool stuff on#wp7, send me email and the team will give you a phone – let dev creativity flourish #wp7dev

Kind of a brilliant move from Microsoft — stick it to Sony a little bit, look like hip, cool and happening dudes for supporting the little-guy hackers, and maybe be able to ride the lightning of the press blitz surrounding GeoHot and build some attention for Windows Phone 7.

And if Georgie happens to make something cool with his Windows Phone 7, he might be able to use any money he makes to pay back Sony if they win their case — and he gets pummeled with a big-ass fine. Works out for everybody. Well, except for those of us who can no longer play online games on Playstation 3.

Read: Microsoft to GeoHot: Wanna Mess with Windows Phone 7?

Gamefront News: More LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Support on the Way

Media Molecule is planning LittleBigPlanet 2‘s first downloadable content pack, and it’s going to be allow players to create their own LBP 2 levels and minigames that use Move controls.

Up to now, the only Move-compatible portion of LBP 2 has been Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves, a co-op experience that was released as a download on the Playstation Network before LBP 2 hit shelves this week. That game wasn’t anything to scream about, but it sounds like this new pack will offer up a whole lot more freedom.

Media Molecule talked with IGN about the upcoming DLC pack, but there weren’t many details. Sounds like the pack is still in the early stages — Siobhan Reddy, studio director at Media Molecule, told IGN official details about the pack would be annonced “in a little while.”

Read: More LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Support on the Way

Gamefront News: Mushroomia – The Strangest San Andreas Mod In The World

Sometimes there are strange things that are strange because they were designed to be weird. Sometimes there are strange things that are strange because you just don’t understand them yet. And sometimes there are strange things that are both, and into that category we find Mushroomia, a bizarre, drug reference-packed Mod of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that we cannot for the life of us figure out.

As best I can tell, it’s Alice in Wonderland in San Andreas, but I’ve been staring at the summary description for 20 minutes and I can’t make heads or tails out of it. Here’s what it says:

“One day, all known character from GTA San Andreas handle OG, relaxing in the barand sipping a beer, got into such a situation, after which he found himself in his owndrugged sleep. There happen to him a lot of interesting and funny stories at the end ofwhich he is a very shameful situation, and draws conclusions for his life, but after that heever decides to stay in her drugged sleep.

This game will bring to your mind playing something new and extraordinary. Newinteresting and varied gameplay give you a lot of laughter and fun. In the story used a lot of jokes, funny and epic moments.”

Mushroomia teaser (RC version) video - Mod DB

Read: Mushroomia – The Strangest San Andreas Mod In The World

Gamefront News: Nintendo Touts 30+ Titles for 3DS Before E3

At the same press event they announced the March 27 release of the 3DS, Nintendo also made hay of the long list of title the system will have available by the time E3 rolls around in June.

Here’s the list of games discussed at the event:

* Animal Crossing
* Asphalt 3D
* Bust a Move Universe
* Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D
* Crush 3D
* Dead or Alive: Dimensions
* Dual Pen Sports
* Kid Icarus: Uprising
* Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
* Madden NFL Football
* Mario Kart
* Nintendogs + Cats
* Paper Mario
* PilotWings Resort
* Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D
* Rabbids: Travel in Time
* Rayman 3D
* Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D
* Ridge Racer 3D
* Samuari Warriors: Chronicles
* Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked
* Star Fox 64 3D
* Steel Diver
* Super Monkey Ball 3D
* Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition
* The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
* The Sims 3
* Thor: God of Thunder
* Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
* Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 3D

Read: Nintendo Touts 30+ Titles for 3DS Before E3

Gamefront News: Red Faction Armageddon — A New Threat Trailer

With yesterday’s super exciting news about the Red Faction Syfy movie, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that there’s also a Red Faction, subtitled Armageddon, game coming out in the near future. I’m on the record as being extremely skeptical about this one, what with it looking like a damn horror game and stuff, but we’ve got a new trailer here that has managed to build up a little bit of goodwill from me toward this game.

This trailer is epic, and it paints the story as being less horror an more “revolution via monsters,” so it could end up that the game’s plot will be thematically appropriate for the franchise. We’ll see, won’t we? The trailer:


Read: Red Faction Armageddon — A New Threat Trailer

Gamefront News: Register Dead Space for iPhone, Unlock Content in Dead Space 2

Buying and registering EA Mobile’s upcoming Dead Space game for iPhone and iPad will allow you to unlock some kind of unspecified content in Dead Space 2, according to the iDevice game’s lead designer, Jarrad Trudgen.

In an interview with SlideToPlay, Trudgen let slip all kinds of details about the upcoming mobile prequel to Dead Space 2 — including that it includes a story that goes right up to the start of (and a little bit into) the upcoming survival horror sequel. He also said EA Mobile has been working with Visceral Games to make sure the games mesh well, and that one of the writers of the original Dead Space helped out with the story.

Trudgen wouldn’t confirm or deny whether the player is actually controlling Dead Space protagonist Isaac Clarke, but he did confirm that the game takes place on The Sprawl, a massive space station that serves as the setting for Dead Space 2.

Read: Register Dead Space for iPhone, Unlock Content in Dead Space 2

Gamefront News: Riot Games Considering Hiring ‘World of Starcraft’ Modder

All the attention that StarCraft II modder Ryan Winzen has received over his lawsuit-bait World of Starcraft mod might land him a job — but not necessarily from Blizzard.

Riot Games, the makers of League of Legends, has reportedly contacted Ryan through Pixelated Geek and is talking about potentially offering him a job. They haven’t made such an offer yet, despite reports, but it’s nice to hear something good coming out of this situation.

Pixelated Geek had this quote from League of Legends Lead Designer Tod “Zileas” Cadwell on its forums:

When I see a modder with a lot of drive that has done something cool, I tend to contact them. I shot him an email recently asking if he was interested in exploring an opportunity here. As to what comes of that, who knows — that depends on the mutual fit and his own goals.

Read: Riot Games Considering Hiring ‘World of Starcraft’ Modder

Gamefront News: Sony Rumored to be Implementing PS3 Serial Codes

The hack of the PlayStation 3 has been the talk of the internet for the past couple of weeks. We’ve talked about it ourselves.

Now a Dutch website, PS3-Sense is reporting that a source is telling them that all future PS3 games will carry a unique code that gamers will have to enter for the game to launch. The code can apparently be used up to five times.

While this would (in theory) work towards preventing piracy, it would also another major impact: used game sales. If such a system were implemented, it would be nearly impossible for used game retailers to know how many times a code had been used for a specific game. This could lead to used purchasers having to buy a new serial key from Sony. It would be the equivalent of EA’s Online Pass, except for every game on the system.

Read: Sony Rumored to be Implementing PS3 Serial Codes

Gamefront News: State Takes Woman’s Kids Because of ‘Online Computer Game Addiction,’ Being a Terrible Person

A Pennsylvania woman lost custody of her six kids to the state because they were allegedly living in deplorable conditions. According to her husband, the woman was neglecting her children because she was addicted to “online computer games,” and not just a terrible, terrible human being.

Police told news station WXPI all the kids of Elizabeth Ruffner are about 11 years old or younger, and that they house they were living in was littered with “animal waste” and was otherwise disgusting. There was also little to no food in the house for them and they were sleeping on a bare mattress.

The kids are currently in the custody of Child Protective Services, and police are working on charging Ruffner with child endangerment.

Read: State Takes Woman’s Kids Because of ‘Online Computer Game Addiction,’ Being a Terrible Person

Gamefront News: Steamworks Could Extend to More PS3 Titles

Everyone was pretty excited to hear that the PS3 version of Portal 2 would include cross-platform play. Now, Valve is hinting that there could be many more Steamworks titles headed to Sony’s console.

Speaking with Ars Technica, Valve’s Doug Lombardi commented,

We are hoping other titles will benefit from the Steamworks tools and services we’ve created for Portal 2 PS3, but we don’t have anything to announce today.

There have been statements made ever since Steamworks on PS3 was announced that made us think that Valve might bring more titles to the platform, but Lombardi’s comment here makes us think that it could (hopefully) become something akin to Steam on the PC: A haven for games of all types. That’s not something we would be upset about at all.

Read: Steamworks Could Extend to More PS3 Titles

Gamefront News: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Mercedes Trailer

With the Test Drive Unlimited 2 release date quickly approaching, Atari wanted to share with you the latest trailer featuring TDU2’s impressive Mercedes line-up. You can download this video here or watch it below.


Read: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Mercedes Trailer

Gamefront News: Yakuza 4 Gets a New Trailer and Official Western Release Date

Hey, guys, Yakuza 4 hits retailers in the Western World on March 15. Somehow we knew that already, but it was just announced today. Anyway, that’s not what’s fun here. What’s fun here is Sega gave us a new trailer for this thing. It’s called the “Battle Trailer,” an as the disclaimer at the beginning says, “this trailer contains scenes of a violent nature.” That is certainly true, given that you’ll see numerous swift kicks to the face thereafter. It’s all good times. Trailer:


Read: Yakuza 4 Gets a New Trailer and Official Western Release Date


Armada 2: I'm back and working on Upgrade 1.1 for Star Wars Fleet Command
Hey all. It's been a while since I've been working on my upgrade. Sorry for being MIA for so long folks. Life threw me quite a few curve balls. To be honest, the crashes that were reported with my original release threw my mind for a big spin lol. But I finally figured out why the crashes are happening and I'm working on fixing the issues. I am also taking some of the suggestions that players made into consideration, so I have a ton of re-tweaking to do. I've been changing things around and testing the upgrade around the clock, so I suspect that Upgrade version 1.1 should be ready within 2 weeks. Keep your eyes open people.
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Battlefield 1942: Lt. Moeder Theresa Memorial Event
There are almost two years gone since we with great sadness had to inform you about the tragic death of our highly considered team member and friend, Lt.MoederTheresa. Therefore we are going to host a comfortable gaming evening this year again to commemorate and remember our fine fellow modder. The third “Lt.MoederTheresa Memorial Event” will happen on Wednesday the 9th February and Sunday the 13th February 2011.

In this event we will play all of his maps because, as some of you maybe know that, Lt.MoederTheresa was a exceedingly skilled mapper, who created a lot of great maps for Battlegroup 42. We would like to invite you all to play together with us, the developer team, his awesome maps and to have fun just the same as like our friend and colleague Lt.MoederTheres would wanted. This time we added two maps which haven´t been created by Moeder, but we are sure he would like them: Brecourt Manor was always a scenario of interest of Moeder, and we know that he had plans to do a map about it. And the scenario of Hannut Steel is located in Belgium, the homeland of Lt. Moeder Theresa.

Here are the details about the event:

Battlegroup 42: Lt. MoederTheresa memorial event (No. 3)
MOB Clanserver BG 1.7 / IP:
Wednesday 9th February & Sunday 13th February 2011 / starting time is 8.00 pm GMT + 1
Server Rules: http://www.battlegroup42.de/modules/Forum/index.php?topic=1565.0
Whole playing time nine hours / 4,5 hours per day

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Dawn of War: Beta acces even without pre order on the 1st Feb
Perhaps in response to questions that surfaced about how non-Steam preorder customers will get early beta access, Relic- one day after announcing the beta, its phases, and how to access them- has stated that phase two (beginning February 1st) beta access will be given to all Dawn of War 2 Community site members who registered before January 25th.

If you are interested in playing the Retribution beta for an extra week, you'll want to hop over to the community site immediately to register there, if you haven't already. It seems like that will be the best way to assure you get a key in time for February 1st, even if you have preordered the game.

Sign up at there official site to get access.
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Dawn of War: Community Invited to Help Balance Multiplayer Modes Prior to Launch AGOURA HILL
Community Invited to Help Balance Multiplayer Modes Prior to Launch

AGOURA HILLS, Calif. January 17, 2011 – THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI) today announced that a multiplayer beta for its upcoming real time strategy game, Warhammer® 40,000®: Dawn of War® II - Retribution™, is scheduled to launch in late January.

Featuring all six multiplayer races including the new Imperial Guard faction, this beta is expected to run from the end of January throughthe end of February to test the new Steamworks networking and matchmaking features and to help balance the multiplayer mode. All new units for each race will be available in the beta along with the new multiplayer maps which ship with Retribution.

The beta is scheduled to go live on MondayJanuary 31st when global press and key Dawn of War® community members will be given access. It will then broaden to include everyone who has pre-ordered Dawn of War® II – Retribution™ on STEAM to date on February 1st. Finally, anyone who has bought a Dawn of War game through STEAM or has registered a Dawn of War II product on their STEAM account will automatically receive an invite onFebruary 8th. There will be no open registration phase to this beta.

The Dawn of War II - Retribution multiplayer beta is currently planned to run until midnight on February 24th, at which point the developers will take all feedback into account to create a day-zero balancing patch.
Read: Community Invited to Help Balance Multiplayer Modes Prior to Launch AGOURA HILL
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Dawn of War: Retribution Beta details announced
Relic has officially announced the dates and details of the Dawn of War 2: Retribution beta. The beta starts on January 31st, with press and invitees getting early access. The second phase begins the very next day, February 1st, and includes access for all Steam preorders. Relic staff have stated that they are attempting to secure access for non-Steam preorders, but nothing is set in stone yet. Still, it sounds like preorders from THQ's store at a bare minimum should be ok. The third and final phase will open the beta to those who have not preordered the game, but who own a Dawn of War title that is registered on Steam. Note that this includes ANY Dawn of War title and is NOT limited to just Dawn of War 2. For Dawn of War 1 owners who did not purchase any of those games through Steam, the wording implies that it may be possible to register the serial keys on Steam (recalling how Relic worked the recent Company of Heroes beta patch, where registering a Company of Heroes key on Steam unlocked the beta), so do not despair yet.

The beta will be multiplayer-only (no campaign and likely no Last Stand), but will have all the new units, the Imperial Guard, and maps. Balance, networking, and matchmaking will be tested during the beta, and Relic has stated they will be incrementally patching the beta so the testing will be visibly meaningful.

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Empire at War: Stargate - Pegasus Chronicles: Now Recruiting!
Hello people,

exceptionally we are not going to show you screenshots or videos in the January news. We took a short break over Christmas and New Year and want to begin the new year with a small calling.

We have again some jobs available, either as a full-time team member or freelancer, who can help out a bit. Main point is that we get some support in certain departments.

The following positions are available:

3D Artist
Task: Modeling and texturing of units, buildings or level props
Prerequisites: Adequate knowledge of any 3D program like 3D Studio Max or Blender. Experience in a graphical program like Photoshop or Gimp

2D Artist
Task: Design of GUI elements, menu graphics, icons or even textures of 3D objects
Prerequisites: Adequate experience in any graphical program like Photoshop or Gimp

Task: Animation of 3D objects like infantry
Prerequisites: Adequate experience in 3D Studio Max (is needed to export the animations)

Task: Scripting of events for the galactic conquest mode and writing of scripts for tactical missions
Prerequisites: Adequate experience in LUA and desirably with Empire at War respectively FoC

Please send the applications to merlingalgotta@stargate-eaw.de, klon@stargate-eaw.de or straight into the forums:

And for all, who are disappointed now: In February you will get some screenshots again wink

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: GTA4 Wheel Friction Mod Produces Insane Video

We love mods here at GameFront. Heck, we’ve got a whole network of sites devoted to them. So, when we saw this video, we couldn’t help but bring it to your attention.

YouTube user dot12321 decided to monkey with wheel friction settings in Grand Theft Auto 4, and see what happened. This video is the result. In his words:

I turned the wheel friction negative in GTA. This is just some of the retarded crap that happened. Due to excessive complaining from viewers, the way you do this is to find your handling.dat file in your GTA4 folder, edit “wbias” to be around -9 for each car.

Read: GTA4 Wheel Friction Mod Produces Insane Video
Read: GTA4 Wheel Friction Mod Produces Insane Video
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Medal of Honor: Happy Birthday Allied Assault
-what's the date today?
-someting like the January 20th, so what?

Remeber, 9 years ago, the best action Game of the L.A. E3 was released, it was called....

Medal of Honor : Allied Assault

Yes, it's been a long time ago... 9 years of shooting, of dying, of frags, of victorys, of fun, of cheats, of hacks, of mods, of skins....
Well, hoping the 1.12 patch is coming soon...
Read: Happy Birthday Allied Assault
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World of Warcraft: Leaders of the Horde and the Alliance - Part 2
The second part of this fantastic series is here, with those of that are interested in a bit of lore and history of the leaders of the factions then take a look at this great set of stories.

The second story of this exciting series, "Lord of His Pack" gazes into the mind of Genn Greymane, the strong-willed king of Gilneas. When his nation falls to the Forsaken, Genn and his fellow citizens set out across the perilous seas to find sanctuary with their night elf allies. It soon becomes apparent that the recent Cataclysm has not only ravaged the lands of Azeroth, but its oceans as well.

Check out the second part of the story here
Read: Leaders of the Horde and the Alliance - Part 2
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World of Warcraft: Public Test Realm Patch 4.0.6 Notes
This is the latest update for the first patch in development for the new year, if you can please do copy over your character to the test server and help out the Blizzard team develop their latest patch.

The first World of Warcraft: Cataclysm patch of the year is in development and now available for testing on the Public Test Realms. This minor patch includes several updates that we were unable to apply via hotfixes, including the recently discussed class balance changes, assorted bug fixes, and more. If you'd like to help us test out this patch and provide feedback, you can start by copying your character over to a test realm. Once you've had a chance to try things out, be sure to visit our Public Test Realm forum to discuss the patch.

Click here to check out the post and patch notes so far.
Read: Public Test Realm Patch 4.0.6 Notes
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