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  Gamefront: Weekly Network Update 32 (week 28, 2011) - News - FileFront News
  Posted by: Danny on 07-17-2011 @ 13:12
This News Item has been viewed 74,336 times

Here it is the 32nd version of the Weekly Gamefront Network News Update, the news part of the update covers the news side of the Network and the Gamefront Main site over the past week. There has been a fair bit of news from the Main site including a lot of trailers, reviews, previews and a lot more - some of this has been included below including lots of trailers and videos from the main gamefront site over the past week as well as more news from the network sites. Also of course there is the news from the Network Sites not as much as the main site but still just as important! Lots more news can be found from Gamefront News - Here

We would love to hear any suggestions that you have; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Weekly Network Update, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the Network Update then simply drop me an email at Danny[at]filefront[dot]com (please put "Network Update" as the subject though smile ).

Also If you like the Network Update please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, or support (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further).


We have a new section this week, a small look at our own very active forums and to show that there is more to the network sites than just the network sites. The very active forums cover all of the games from the network amd of course lots more you can look at and even join in with the friendly staff and community - Here. This week there are two links which cover some of the active threads on the forums

This weeks Top Threads

Darkness Knight 15 posted a thread about jobs in General Discussion. If you want to join in on the discussion on how interesting your job is or learn valuable tips on how to survive several hours of boredom visit the forums.

The discussion on whether we should support EA's business strategy is still going on in Red Menace's thread about Battlefield 3. You can share your opinion on companies milking fanboys or why BF3 is worth it anyway here


Gamefront News: Announcement: Game Front Launching Enhanced PC Gaming Coverage

Dear Game Front readers, file downloaders, forum lurkers, Network Site fans and volunteers, and anyone else who has loved the site since it launched way back in 2001.

When we first launched editorial coverage last summer, we set out to give equal attention to every platform under the sun: consoles, PC, mobile, browser—whatever we could get our hands on. Our approach was to offer the “best serving of video games culture” available on the web.

In the past year, we’ve been closely observing what types of articles have struck a chord within the community. We’re always interested in what makes you yell at us in the comments, yell at each other, what gets you excited, angry and generally interested.

With these observations and a year of testing under our belts, I’m very excited to announce our brand new, enhanced editorial focus on Game Front: PC gaming!

What, why?!
This was a pretty easy decision for us to make, and it’s one we’re pumped to roll out. Game Front is known all around the world as one of the premiere destinations for PC gaming file downloads: patches, demos, modifications—that’s how we made our name, and our new additional PC-gaming focused editorial will add a welcomed harmony between our users and the articles we write.

What are you going to write about?!
PC gaming, without limitations. We’re interested in the complex geography that is PC gaming: the monuments of old retro classics, the metropolises of modern AAA titles, the crazy awesome shanty towns of user-created mods, the new tract houses of F2P, the lovable ghettos of rising indie hits. Our goal is to provide the best PC gaming coverage available anywhere, chronicling where your favorite hobby came from, where it is now, and the exciting places PC gaming is going in the future.

(for more click below - and its a very good article wink )

Read: Announcement: Game Front Launching Enhanced PC Gaming Coverage

Gamefront News: 2011 Comic-Con Bingo

There are so many venerable Comic-Con traditions. Bitching about the fact it’s not just about comics. Hot cosplay girls. Washed up celebs shoring up their damaged self esteem by basking in the dubious glory of uncritical fanboy adoration. But how can you keep track of them all? By playing Comic-Con bingo, of course. The crew over at Screen Junkies put it together and I think you’ll find it to be pretty much totally accurate. Except for Hasselhoff. It should be Lou Ferrigno.

Read: 2011 Comic-Con Bingo

Gamefront News: 2K Boss: “Strategy Games Aren’t Contemporary”

Check out this ridiculous quote from 2K’s Christoph Hartmann in MCV about why they’ve drastically changed up the X-Com formula on XCOM:

The ‘90s generation of gamers all love Xcom and we own the IP, so we thought OK, what do we do with it? Every studio we had wanted to do it and each one had its own spin on it. But the problem was that turn-based strategy games were no longer the hottest thing on planet Earth. But this is not just a commercial thing – strategy games are just not contemporary.

I use the example of music artists. Look at someone old school like Ray Charles, if he would make music today it would still be Ray Charles but he would probably do it more in the style of Kanye West. Bringing Ray Charles back is all fine and good, but it just needs to move on, although the core essence will still be the same.

That’s what we are trying to do. To renew Xcom but in line with what this generation of gamers want. There are so many things wrong with that quote that I don’t even know where to start. The whole thing is pure comedy, really, from the implication that Ray Charles would be a rapper today to the part where he says games like Starcraft 2, Shogun 2 and Civ 5 aren’t modern titles.

Read: 2K Boss: “Strategy Games Aren’t Contemporary”

Gamefront News: ARGO Online: “Great Field War” and Raffle Scheduled for Saturday, July 16

The first official “Great Field War” of the steampunk-fantasy MMORPG Argo Online will take place this Saturday, July 16, at 9 pm PST, in the Shining Desert. During the battle, players from both factions will vie for control of the scarce and vital mineral Earthdium, and the victors will enjoy access to the bountiful Earthdium deposits at the core of the desert as the spoils of war.

For this special Great Field War event, players will not only be able to participate in the brutal battle for access to the best Earthdium mining in the game, they’ll also be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a unique item that cannot be found anywhere else in ARGO Online.

If you’re an ARGO player, you don’t want to miss this weekend. If you’re not, this weekend sounds like a great time to become on.

Read: ARGO Online: “Great Field War” and Raffle Scheduled for Saturday, July 16

Gamefront News: Armada 2 Mod — Intrepid Class/USS Voyager


As I looked at the screenshots of this custom ship model for Armada 2, the Voyager theme song cruised into my mind at Warp 3. The level of detail is exquisite, and the faithfulness to the TV show cannon is impressive. At a quick glance, this could pass as the actual model used in the CGI.

This mod includes both a USS Voyager hero ship and a generic Intrepid if you feel there can only be one Voyager. Although, to be fair, even the TV show included more than one Voyager, what with the alternate timelines and weird aliens-of-the-week.

Download Intrepid Class/USS Voyager now, or visit GameFront’s Armada 2 network site, where you can find this and other great mods, or join the community and contribute your own creations.

Read: Armada 2 Mod — Intrepid Class/USS Voyager

Gamefront News: Battle of the Immortals: Titan Content Update Live

Perfect World has launched the the Titan content update for its action MMORPG, Battle of the Immortals. After a month of anticipation, the wait is over.

Thang Phan, Product Manager for Battle of the Immortals said:

Battle of the Immortals becomes even more epic with the Titan content update, which features huge monsters and even bigger bosses. We’re expanding the in-game world with two new maps, new pets, epic soul gears for each class, and players will be able to take on Kronos, the King of Gods, himself for pieces of new Soul Gear.

The Titan content update includes the following features:

Giant Kingdom and Black Dragon Lair maps – Explore new areas filled with new monsters and bosses
Titan Throne dungeon – Challenge the King of Gods, Kronos, himself and be handsomely rewarded with pieces of the new Soul Gear equipment sets
Greater, stronger pets – Venture through Rainbow Valley to the Ancient Beast Island and capture more powerful pets with higher levels
Primal Soul Gear – Obtain primal Soul Gear with additional skill and gear attributes
Gear re-forge system – Re-forge gear using Titan’s Glow from fallen monsters in the Titan Thrown or Black Dragon Lair
Gain new powers – If great powers come with great responsibilities, players will be even more responsible with new character stats

Read: Battle of the Immortals: Titan Content Update Live

Gamefront News: BioShock on PS Vita Will Weird You Out

Apparently, some people weren’t sure if the Vita BioShock project is a a new game or a port of BioShock or Infinite. So IGN asked Ken Levine about that, and he cleared that right up, while also saying you may be surprised by what they’ve cooking up:

That’s a new game. That is going to be strange and surprising to people, in the same way. I think when we launched Infinite, people said, “Wait, what, what are you doing?” I think we always want to surprise people…For us, it’s like, “Hey, here’s this weird experiment you want to do.” Experiments always carry risks, though. That’s been the experience of working on BioShock Infinite. And working on BioShock. People saying, “This is weird, risky, I don’t understand.”

So BioShock for Vita is a totally new game, and you’re gonna be baffled by it. Aight, I’m mentally preparing myself for the shock — no pun intended.

Read: BioShock on PS Vita Will Weird You Out

Gamefront News: Buy The Normandy SR-2 For Your Mantle

Someday I hope to make enough money to buy a house. Someday. For now I’m content living in cheap apartments, but I want a house so I can have a mantle to put cool gaming memorabilia on. Like this miniature replica of the Normandy SR-2. For $35 it can be yours for your rich-person mantle in your rich-person house. This is a pre-sale, so you can’t get it yet, but you can purchase the knowledge that you will eventually have it on your mantle sometime this fall. Ya rich douche.

Read: Buy The Normandy SR-2 For Your Mantle

Gamefront News: Call of Duty Elite Beta Launches Today

The first wave of invites for the Call of Duty: Elite beta are heading out today, according to Activision’s Dan Amrich, and players who have signed up to receive them should expect invites…sometime. In the future.

Amrich said on his One of Swords blog that the invites would be going in waves, but the first wave, sent out today, was pretty small. So it might be a bit before more players get added into the service, but introducing users to Elite slowly is part of Project Beachhead and Activision’s plan. So try to be patient.

Everything in the beta will be free, but Amrich says in his FAQ that some of the features beta testers are messing around with may end up in the premium tiers of the service. At this point, though, don’t expect anything that greatly impacts the Call of Duty: Black Ops experience beyond things like contests, groups, video sharing and maybe some challenges to complete. The real deep integration of Elite will come with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Elite’s primary focus in Black Ops is stat-tracking and social integration.

Amrich writes that for the most part, Elite invitations are going out in the order players signed up for them, but it sounds like Activision is kind of handling this however they want to (it seems press guys like ourselves will be receiving invites for evaluation purposes probably ahead of most players). There’s also no rush once you receive your invite to get signed up, because players won’t be losing their places in line if they stall.

Read: Call of Duty Elite Beta Launches Today

Gamefront News: Confused About Rusty Hearts? Perfect World Explains (TRAILER)

So far I’ve only had a passing awareness of Rusty Hearts. I walked past its booth at E3 on the way to other assignments, and asked myself, “Oxidized ventricles? What?”

Perfect World, the developer behind the game, seems to have recognized that I needed informing, which is why they made me this trailer. Okay, it only feels like they made it for me, but it is a quick and easy to way to get caught up to speed on the free-to-play brawler MMO hybrid.

Meanwhile, the game goes into closed beta later this month, and you can win a key from us! Just go RIGHT HERE.


Read: Confused About Rusty Hearts? Perfect World Explains (TRAILER)

Gamefront News: Comment of the Week: Gaming with the Grandson

In our business, we have a lot of existential dilemmas, because most of us work from home and don’t experience much in the way of real human contact, and what contact we do have with people is usually with our families, who all think our jobs are stupid. So it’s nice to get some positive reinforcement once in a while. Here’s what “Grandma Glenda” said on our Lego Pirates of the Caribbean walkthrough:

I rented this game from a Redbox so my 7-year-old grandson and I would have something fun to play on the Wii while he was visiting. The problem is that neither of us are savy enough to figure the game out without instructions. This website was the best thing ever. We would read (or best, watch the video clip) then run to the TV and play. Our entire methodology was Pause-Read-Play-Repeat. We had so much fun my husband even commented on us “giggling” into the night. We only made it to Smuggler’s Den, but we enjoyed it immensely and couldn’t have done it without this website. Thank you for a memorable weekend.

That is probably the nicest thing anybody has ever said to us. I think I’m about to cry.

Read: Comment of the Week: Gaming with the Grandson

Gamefront News: Crysis — Extreme Immersive Mod

Crysis is known for its graphics — and system requirements — but here’s a mod that further increases the realism with some immersion features. A hitbox system segregates body parts and assigns damage effects to each: as you take damage, you’ll have difficulty aiming, the camera will bob more, and your heartbeat will rise.

Which brings us to the heartbeat system. The actions your character takes — or the situations he’s in — will affect your heartbeat. If your heartbeat becomes too elevated for too long, you’ll have a heart attack.

A variety of camera tweaks further draw you into the game:

Dynamic Depth Of Field
Dynamic speed effects — a blur filter linked to player speed
Dynamic camera noise — shaky-cam effect linked speed and the heartbeat system
Dynamic free aim — adds a movement delay between the weapon and the player camera
Oh, and there’s wall-running. I’m not sure how that factors into the immersion unless you happen to be Neo.

Download Here

Watch the mod in action:

Read: Crysis — Extreme Immersive Mod

Gamefront News: Daily Independent: In Which You Blast Betentacled Martians in Bullet Hell Shooter Jamestown

I love this. Everything about this, I love.

I’m not really much one for bullet hell shooters, shoot ‘em ups, shmups, whatever you want to call them. I find I suck at them, usually. Good thing that Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony, from developer Final Form Games, is awesome in many more ways than just its shmup gameplay — which is also pretty great.

But I’m just captivated by its alternate history totally nonsensical storyline, in which you play Raleigh, an Englishman fleeing execution by King James in 1619, at the height of war between England and Spain. He flees to the New World, where he hopes to clear his name and endear himself to his king through an act of bravery. That act is finding out what happened to the lost colony of Roanoke, which has disappeared along with everyone who lived there.

Oh, and the New World is Mars, and Spanish is allied with Martians, and you fly around on a damn Flash Gordon sled blasting billions of the bententacled monstrosities, all in beautiful 8-bit splendor.

(for more click below)

Read: Daily Independent: In Which You Blast Betentacled Martians in Bullet Hell Shooter Jamestown

Gamefront News: Epic Says Valve’s Source Engine is “Long in the Tooth”

Valve’s Source engine and Epic’s Unreal Development kit are two of the most popular toolsets among indie game developers. While Source is a favorite among modders, the UDK has been the most powerful free-to-download utility available to developers for two years.

PC Gamer recently spoke with technical artist and level designer Alan Willard and Epic’s European territory manager, Mike Gamble about how the UDK matches up against the competition.

When asked why an indie developer should use the UDK instead of the Source Engine, Gamble said:

Because it’s current, right up to now. It’s DX11 if you want it. It’s what we built Gears with. Source is a little long in tooth, isn’t it? There’s a lot of modding done with Source, but I think you’ll find a lot more original content made with the UDK.

When asked why, then, are more mods released with Source than the UDK, Willard said:

Valve has a history of buying mods. I think that’s somewhat attractive to people. It’s like, “hey, maybe if I make a really good mod Valve will buy.” It’s where Portal came from, it’s where Counter-Strike came from, Team Fortress. Counter-Strike was a HUGE mod. It was hugely popular, a lot of people played it, so people are going to be attracted to making a mod for it.

Read: Epic Says Valve’s Source Engine is “Long in the Tooth”

Gamefront News: Everything You Need to Know About Driver: San Francisco in Three and a Half Minutes (TRAILER)

A new Ubisoft trailer for Driver: San Francisco isn’t messing around. It contains a rundown of just about every single feature the game’s single-player campaign has to offer, in less than five minutes.

Take a look below. We got a chance to mess with the new Driver just before E3, and its multiplayer modes were a lot of fun. Judging from the video, there’s a lot more to the game than we’ve even gotten a chance to see or experience, and you’re not going to find a quicker or easier way of learning all about the title. Just make sure you’re ready to pay attention.


Read: Everything You Need to Know About Driver: San Francisco in Three and a Half Minutes (TRAILER)

Gamefront News: F2P Of The Day: Battlestar Galactica Online Has A Plan

F2P of the Day is a recurring feature in which we select and sample a game that you can play without spending a dime.

Probably the most depressing thing about the 2004 reboot of Battlestar Galactica, aside from the highly controversial last 15 minutes of the series finale, is that unlike some other franchises we could mention, it’s never going to get the truly massive video game treatment it deserves. We won’t complain about games that get the tone and spirit of the show right, not at all, but it would be nice if just once, a BSG action-RPG could be slipped into the world in between KOTOR, Mass Effect or whatever the latest Star Trek game happens to be.

Alas, it’s not to be, at least not unless BSG manages to get a successful spin-off that proves the show has wider appeal than the (small, but awesome) group of dedicated fans who failed to make Caprica a hit. Until then, BSG shares a room with Babylon 5, and that means fans have to make due with what they can get. And what they can get is Battlestar Galactica Online, a F2P ship-focused MMO set just after the events of the late third season of the TV series.

Quick summary: Taking place immediately after the human fleet destroyed the Cylon resurrection ship1, the Cylons have attacked the human fleet and, due to some kind of hyperspace wedgie, both the human and Cylon fleets have been transported to an uncharted region of the galaxy. Heavily damaged, they now must busy themselves with repairing their ships enough to return to known space, while at the same time fighting each other (presumably) to the death. That means lots of resource gathering and ship to ship combat. Think Homeworld meets, well, Battlestar Galactica and you get the idea.

(for more click below)

Read: F2P Of The Day: Battlestar Galactica Online Has A Plan

Gamefront News: F.E.A.R. 3 — Gun Audio Behind the Scenes Trailer

You might not ever think about it, but the sound of firearms is crucially important to a lot of games. In a first-person shooter like F.E.A.R. 3, there’s a gun firing almost constantly. As a developer, if your user is hearing certain sounds for the vast majority of his or her time with the game,, it behooves you to ensure that those sounds are of the highest possible quality.

Enter the F.E.A.R. 3 audio team. After explaining the qualities of the vast number of different microphones they have on hand, a weapon expert fires a variety of different guns for the benefit of the expectant mics, including one hilariously phallic magnum. To learn more about the gunpowder-driven sound design in F.E.A.R. 3, check out the streaming and download links below. Our coverage also includes a full walkthrough, a review, and our special Aftershock review, which re-evaluates games a week after release.


Read: F.E.A.R. 3 — Gun Audio Behind the Scenes Trailer

Gamefront News: Flying Wild Hog Announces PC-Exclusive Hard Reset

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we showed you a single screenshot from an unannounced game? Well, now we know what the game is.

It’s called Hard Reset. It’s from a new Polish developer called Flying Wild Hog that’s a collection of developers that formerly worked at places like People Can Fly, CD Projekt Red, and City Interactive. The game is built on a proprietary engine called Road Hog, which tells me that we’ll probably see more games from Flying Wild Hog that use it.

Hard Reset takes place in a dystopian future where humanity is nearly extermininated. In the last remaining human city, you step into the shoes of Major Fletcher, an Army Combat Veteran and soldier of the CLN. You’ll find yourself embroiled in a conflict between two of humanity’s greatest enemies, where nothing is what it appears to be.

Hard Reset is scheduled to launch in September 2011. We’ll keep you posted on the news we hear about it, and you can also check out the game’s official site. Until then, here are a few screens and a teaser trailer to give you a look at the game.


Read: Flying Wild Hog Announces PC-Exclusive Hard Reset

Gamefront News: Fray is Making Turn-Based Strategy Cool Again (Screens, Video)

New gameplay screenshots have been released for the upcoming squad-based sci-fi multiplayer strategy game, Fray. If you haven’t heard of this title, it’s the opus of Brain Candy, an independent French game developer, and is set in a future where the world’s resources are controlled by three mega-corporations vying for dominion of the Earth. All human interaction is confined to the realm of virtual reality modules — one of which is the combat module Fray.

Players will control a squad of four soldiers of unique classes, weapons and abilities and choose to ally themselves with one of the three mega-corporations. Battles play out in a turn-based strategy style that rewards keen observation, tactics, and the wisdom of experience.

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the teaser from February:

Read: Fray is Making Turn-Based Strategy Cool Again (Screens, Video)

Gamefront News: Friday Flame Wars: The End Of Harry Potter – Do You Care?

Friday Flame Wars is a recurring feature on GameFront. We present a hot-button issue, and then encourage a debate within our community.

Poor Harry Potter fans. Your pathetic franchise is coming to an end. All you’ll have after tonight is a middling video game and the slow realization that Twihards will be getting something new while you’re still weeping for poor Fred1. Wizards? Magic? Dragons? Lame. Lame like Tiny Tim during the last 3 months of his second presidential term. Seriously, we cannot believe that grown-ups, actual grown ups, spend their time caring about this crap! The release of the final film in this unevenly adapted series of books is a reminder that despite quality, people will flock to anything with enough popularity like sheep. Good riddance.

Oh, except for the fact that they’re f*cking fantastic stories. Sure, they start out as by-the-numbers magical kid tales, but over the course of 7 books they become brutal and surprisingly mature. The series explores concepts like class warfare, the death of loved ones, racism, religious intolerance and the oppression and outright enslavement of minorities, while still managing to shoehorn in some exciting adventure, sports and yes, magic-that-happens-to-be-awesome. JK Rowling created a richly detailed universe populated by people who feel authentic and though the books aren’t perfect, they never betray a contempt for their audience. The films have been uneven, but they captured the spirit of the books and the release of the final movie is a bittersweet reminder of how rare a series like this comes along. We’ll miss it.

Read: Friday Flame Wars: The End Of Harry Potter – Do You Care?

Gamefront News: Get All The Mass Effect Comics For Free Right Now Maybe

In “anticipation” of the Dark Horse an Mass Effect panel at Comic-Con, Dark Horse is making all the Mass Effect Redemption and Evolution comics available for free both online and on iOS. That is if you can get the s–t to work. So far I’ve had no luck getting them to load on digital.darkhorse.com, and the iPad app keeps crashing on me anytime I try to access the store.

The stuff is only available for free until like noon pacific tomorrow, so I’d suggest not getting your hopes up; you’re probably not gonna get any free comics.

Read: Get All The Mass Effect Comics For Free Right Now Maybe

Gamefront News: Get the Skinny on Section 8: Prejudice’s New Map Pack, Hits Steam July 27 (TRAILER)

The second DLC pack for Section 8: Prejudice is on it’s way, bringing more maps and more mayhem to Steam, Xbox Live and the Playstation Network later this month.

Scroll on down to check out the video, which walks through the maps and shows their composition and, more importantly, their scale. They look like they’ll be home to quite a few different kinds of engagements, with a mix of human structures, vegetation and varied terrain.

The DLC hits Xbox Live first on July 13, then makes its way to PC on July 27.


Read: Get the Skinny on Section 8: Prejudice’s New Map Pack, Hits Steam July 27 (TRAILER)

Gamefront News: Global Agenda: 50% off all Recon Purchases

As we previously reported, July is “player appreciation month” in the scifi MMO shooter Global Agenda. Every week, a different class has a 50% discount on all AP purchases at the class shop in-game.

Week one kicked off with the Assault’s discount, and Recon week started July 13. Robotics and Recon are still to come.

For more information, visit the official website.

Read: Global Agenda: 50% off all Recon Purchases

Gamefront News: Grand Theft Auto 5 Briefly Appears on Gamestation

Gamerzines spotted this potential leak issuing from UK retailer Gamestation — a Grand Theft Auto 5 pre-order and release schedule. Gamerzines’ source states the release schedule has since been replaced with one that doesn’t include GTA 5.

The game has allegedly appeared on the release schedules of a few US retailers last month, and GameStop Germany’s website listed a release date of January 15, 2012, but this isn’t the first time retailers have been too quick on the trigger — Duke Nukem Forever, anyone?

Rockstar Games has yet to comment on the existence of GTA 5.

Read: Grand Theft Auto 5 Briefly Appears on Gamestation

Gamefront News: House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut Screens Make You Dead With Extended Overkilling Cuts!

If you’re a gamer of a certain age, you can’t help but have a soft spot in your heart for House of the Dead. Spread liberally through movie theater lobbies and miniature golf courses throughout the world, Sega’s goofy, gothic rail shooter was a delight to any preteen with a pocket full of quarters and a penchant for plastic firearms.

Many years alter, SEGA released House of the Dead: Overkill, a tongue-in-cheek, B-movified installment of the franchise intended for the Nintendo Wii. More than a year later, they’re coming out with an Extended Cut, which promises more guns and more content. Examine some screens below.

Read: House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut Screens Make You Dead With Extended Overkilling Cuts!

Gamefront News: How Console Gamers Get Mods (PIC)

Unreal Tournament 3, well-received by critics in 2007 but never attaining a wide player base, allowed PlayStation 3 gamers to play PC-created mods. Portal 2 promised a similar feature, and console mod tools may be available in the next installment of the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim. Hunted: The Demon’s Forge even has a dungeon-maker available across all platforms that allows for the creation of custom maps within very narrow parameters.

Regardless, the best mods will arise from the PC community, simply because it’s the platform with the right tools, the right interface, and — as Mark Rein said — “PCs are always going to be the tools through which all games get made.”

Are you going to sculpt a 3D model on a console? Paint a texture? Edit a sound track? PCs will feed consoles the best mods.

While thinking about this issue, we were struck by the wholesome imagery of a mother bird feeding her baby chicks. Then this picture of a cyborg bird feeding her mutant offspring happened.

Open wide, consoles. Here comes the airplane.

Read: How Console Gamers Get Mods (PIC)

Gamefront News: In Honor Of ‘Carmageddon’: The 5 Best Violent Car Games

Oh man, Los Angeles is so screwed this weekend. Already home to the worst traffic in America, this weekend the city’s government is about to totally make everything worse by shutting down a huge section of the 405 freeway – between the 101 and 10 freeways (that’s a 10-mile stretch) – for long-needed repairs. They’re calling this impending catastrophe ‘Carmageddo’n, not only because 405 happens to be the busiest highway in America, and that section happens to be the busiest part, but because everyone in LA will be dying to brutally murder each other with their cars. It’s going to be terrifying awesome super awesome.

If you’ve ever needed a reason to feel smug for having decided not to move to LA, now’s your chance. And while you’re at it, why not stick the knife in by doing what Angelenos can’t – driving really fast -while doing what they wish they could do – killing one another. Here it is, in honor of carmageddon: the 5 best violent car games.

5) Twisted Metal (1995)
4) Death Race (1976)
3) Motorstorm
2) Carmageddon (1997)

“BONUS POINTS FOR ARTISTIC EXPRESSION!”. Nothing sums up the original Carmageddon’s delicious lack of redeeming value like that hilarious bonus you get for ramming a hapless pedestrian into a cliff wall. And Carmageddon is non stop moments like that, which is makes it the perfect namesake for LA’s impending traffic disaster. The only thing that keeps it from being number one on this list? In Los Angeles, no one ever receives bonus points for artistic expression.

1) The Mario Kart Series

(all of the above have videos but only included the no 1 due to space - click below for the other 4)

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Gamefront News: “I’m Feeling Lucky” Steam Mod Randomly Decides What Game You Should Play

Image courtesy of PC Gamer

Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” feature is something we’re all familiar with, but few of us make use of outside of the occasional novelty search. With near-instantaneous search speeds, being redirected to the top search result saves an insignificant amount of time compared to the likelihood of needing to backpedal to surf to a different website.

Fortunately, this “I’m feeling lucky” Steam mod doesn’t simply boot up the first game in your Steam library — it randomly selects one. A user on Reddit created this application on request to help solve the crippling indecision many avid Steam users face when staring at the dozens of titles in their library.

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Gamefront News: JLab B-Flex USB Laptop Speaker Review

Laptops are getting more powerful every day, and it’s becoming more and more affordable to get one that’s suitable for gaming. Other than a few performance trade-offs, the biggest let-down when gaming on a laptop is the sound. Those little speakers they tuck into laptops just don’t produce the sort explosions and effects that we’re used to. If you’re looking for something a little better, JLab offers up the B-Flex, a USB powered external speaker that works with any Windows, Mac, or Linux box.

The B-Flex is simple enough in design. You’ve got a USB plug, a flexible length of metal, and a head with 2 speakers in it. Basically, when you plug the B-Flex in, it becomes your sound card, and all your laptop’s sound is directed through it. It’s plug-and-play, with no drivers needed for Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7, MAC OS, and GNU/LINUX Kernel 2.4 and above.

I won’t bore you with all the specifics of things like signal-to-noise ratio. Instead, I’ll just tell you this: the B-Flex drastically improves the sound of both music and gaming on laptops. The range of sounds that are reproduced is far greater using this speaker than any laptop I’ve ever played on. There’s less distortion at higher volumes, and the swivel-mounted head means you can direct the sound wherever you like.

(for more click below)

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Gamefront News: JLab J4 Earbuds Review

In today’s increasingly mobile-friendly world, we’re using portable devices more than ever before. It’s not just iPods and Zunes for music. We’re making calls, playing games, checking our stock portfolios and updating our social network status, all from our mobile phones and/or handheld gaming devices. As a result, a good pair of headphones is more important than ever. At a glance, the J4 Earbuds from JLabs would appear to be just that. But how would they hold up under real-world conditions?

The key to any pair of earbuds, especially those designed to fit inside the ear canal, is the proper fit. To help facilitate this, the J4s include 7 different sizes of silicone tips. With a little trial and error, you should have no problem finding a comfortable fit. Once you’ve got them in your ears, you’ll find they will stay there easily and comfortably whether you’re working out, gaming, or just jamming to some tunes. While they won’t block out all the background noise around you, they do isolate you somewhat from it. Along with a wide selection of tips, the J4s include a rugged travel case, so you can take these earbuds with you anywhere without fear of breaking them.

The J4s are well put together. Unlike many earbuds, they aren’t constructed of plastic. Instead, they feature an aluminium housing, and all the connections are protected with a firm, flexible plastic housing. Like many high-end sets, they feature a tangle-preventing flat cable and gold-plated 3.5 mm audio jack. They’re quite light, but they still seem very sturdy.

For more click below

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Gamefront News: Just Dance 2 Now the Most Successful Third-Party Wii Game Ever

Before today, the top-selling third-party game for the Wii was Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, hilariously. Seriously, what the f–k is with Wii owners?

Today, though, Just Dance 2 is the top-selling third-party game for the Wii. A positive change, if you ask me.

That puts Just Dance 2 at no. 10 on the all-time Wii games list. I think that says something about the Wii games stable that we probably all already knew.

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Gamefront News: Mario Money, Mario Problems

In these troubling economic times, it’s nice to see someone coming up with 21st century solutions to 21st century problems. Like this US dollar bill, given a much needed Mario-makeover. Could this be precisely the power-up the US Economy needs? Or has the Mushroom Kingdom phased out coin-dispensing blocks in favor of a paper currency? We don’t know, but who cares. This is the best video-game related use of a one-dollar bill since they added strip clubs to Grand Theft Auto games.

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Gamefront News: Metro: Last Light Trailer Shoots Out the Lights

Metro 2033 was a sleeper hit in the spring of 2010, dripping with ominous, post-apocalyptic atmosphere and inventive mechanics that blended stealth, shooting, and survival horror. Now that the secret is out, THQ is eager to cash in, ramping up the marketing (see this initial gameplay trailer) and adding an ill-advised multiplayer mode.

Despite the worries of die-hard series fans, Last Light is still prepared to deliver engrossing thrills along the lines of the original game. The trailer below shows our hero sneaking into a camp tenanted by Russian Neo-Nazis called The Reich, extinguishing light sources to hide his approach (using his handy air-powered sniper rifle) before creeping up on some goose-stepping Ivans, knifing them, machine-gunning them, and finally laying waste to a group of them using a chain gun. All in a days work when you’re in the Metro.


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Gamefront News: Microsoft’s Next OS to Run on PCs, Tablets, Phones, and the Next-Gen Xbox?

Tuesday at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, Windows Phone Senior Vice President Andy Lees stated that Microsoft would eventually harmonize PCs, phones, and tablets, making them share user interfaces and core technologies like Internet Explorer.

Lees said:

You can have full PC computer power available in whatever form factor you like. We won’t have an ecosystem for PCs, and one for phones, and one for tablets — they’ll all come together.

A source recently told This is my next that Microsoft is also planning to have the X-Box join that ecosystem within the next four years, which coincides with the end of the X-Box 360′s 10-year lifespan and the upcoming Windows 8′s expected three-year run.

The source went on to state that Microsoft is “seriously considering” re-branding this super-OS something other than “Windows.” Surprising, considering Windows 7 bought back a lot of faith in the Windows name. I can think of a couple instances in the past when Microsoft would have wanted to make a clean break from the Windows name (Vista, Millennium Edition) but stuck it out — are they simply hoping to retire the name gracefully, rather than in shame?

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Gamefront News: MMO Player Proposes in Rift and RL Simultaneously

What bride would ever think her marriage proposal would be recorded in FRAPS?

A man orchestrated a two-pronged proposal to his girlfriend, taking a knee before her in the MMORPG Rift and almost simultaneously doing so in real life. Both events were captured on camera and arranged in a picture-in-picture display.

Watch it for yourself at Eurogamer.

Maybe it’s just the music, or maybe my small heart grew three sizes today, because I think I have a tear in my eye.

I’ve heard of couples meeting through MMOs and even getting married through them, but this is the first time I’ve ever witnessed one of these events recorded on video.

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Gamefront News: NCAA Football 12 Review

So often with yearly sports titles we get bogged down analyzing all the different features of each game — “what’s new?” always seems like the most important question. But it’s not, in the case with NCAA Football 12. We’ll get to the features later, but first I want to address what is actually the most important question: does the game deliver a good game of football?

The answer is a resounding yes. With NCAA Football 12, Tiburon has delivered the best game in the franchise and easily the most authentic-feeling football video game ever. They’ve captured the game of football in a way I didn’t think was possible based on my many years of playing video game football.

It’s not perfect. That’s the most damning thing I can say about it, to be honest. I could nitpick the game to death, if I wanted to, but it gets so much right I’d rather hug it to death. NCAA Football 11 was a triumph, but 12 is even better, building on the foundation that game laid down to create something very memorable.

A lot of what makes the game work so well is it’s new dynamic tackling mechanics. The act of tackling with the controller doesn’t feel different, but what the game is doing with tackling certainly does. When I call the tackling dynamic I really mean it — it looks like real-world tackling.

(for more click below)

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Gamefront News: Netflix for 3DS Is Now Live

New in the Nintendo eShop on the 3DS: Netflix! Here’s what Bro Hornshaw had to say about this: “I just love that nothing, not even the need to take a s–t or leave your house, nothing short of concrete walls or solar flares can now interrupt humanity from enjoying ST: TNG.”

Anyway… the app gets the job done, but it’s easily the most sluggish version of Netflix that I’ve used in a long time, and picture quality isn’t great, as plenty of artifacts and pixelation shows up all over the image. But it gets the job done, and the menus look like the PS3 version of the app, which is a plus. But it’s clear that Netflix on 3DS is going to be an absolute last resort, when you just don’t have any other options.

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Gamefront News: New Cursed Crusade “Templar’s Curse” Trailer, Release Date

Since the previous “Sizzle” trailer for the Cursed Crusade, we’ve received an official release date, a retail price, and a new trailer.

This trailer shows more footage than ever of the hellish Templar’s Curse, an affliction railed against by Denz and Esteban, the game’s two protagonists. Amidst the scorched, charred vision of Western Europe, the two adventurers must quest to save not only their lives, but their souls as well.

Check out the trailer:


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Gamefront News: New Mount & Blade Patches: Warband, With Fire & Sword

TaleWorlds has released a patch for both of the two standalone sequels in its Mount & Blade series. The patch notes for With Fire & Sword are a little longer than Warband‘s, but it is the newer game.

Make sure you download the right patch for the game you have.

M&B With Fire and Sword v1.143 patch notes:


Completely rebalanced MP player character classes for all factions; now factions are more unique and fairly balanced.
Captain Co-Op difficultly has been rebalanced to spawn fewer enemies.
Tatar Town map spawn points have been rearranged.
Captain mode NPC troops have more hit points.
Disabled friendly fire for bots.
Dedicated server console operations have been updated.

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Gamefront News: No Demo for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Bethesda will not be releasing a demo for Skyrim, the next installment in the Elder Scrolls RPG series.

Producer Craig Lafferty told Gameplanet:

No, we won’t be doing a demo. For a game of this size and complexity it’s really hard to do a demo that represents the game truly. And it would have to be a gigantic demo. So we won’t be doing a demo.

However, we’re guaranteed to see downloadable content:

We’ll definitely do DLC. For previous games, DLC has been very popular, so we’ll keep doing that.

While I can’t say I’m happy that there will be no demo for Skyrim, I feel a well-established franchise like the Elder Scrolls can afford to skip on a demo — the weight of its title and the name of its publisher is enough to guarantee sales on faith alone.

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Gamefront News: Official Extreme Hangman 2 Trailer (Video)

I loved Extreme Hangman. Hell, I love regular hangman. (So much so that I once considered getting a game of hangman tattoo!) So I’m fairly excited about Extreme Hangman 2. Have a look and see for yourself why stick figure brutality and word games are the perfect combination.


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Gamefront News: Relic to help Develop Warhammer 40k MMO

With seven Dawn of War titles under its belt and the upcoming Space Marine about ready for release, Relic has asserted itself as the definitive developer of the Warhammer universe. Fans will be happy to learn that Relic will help Vigil Games develop the 40k MMO, Dark Millennium Online.

Relic marketing manager James McDermott told Eurogamer:

[The developers at Vigil] are definitely interacting with us a lot because we have a pedigree and an understanding of the IP, which they’re trying to develop.

In terms of the some of the core mechanics [of Space Marine], they were looking at our combat system quite carefully at one point to see if they could try and make it – not the same – but just have some level of consistency. That’s definitely been a consideration.

While Relic was happy to serve as a consult in the past, the release of Space Marine may afford them the free time to take a more active role in Dark Millenium’s development.

Read: Relic to help Develop Warhammer 40k MMO

Gamefront News: Relic Stands by the PC Platform

Canadian developer Relic Entertainment, known for its Warhammer 40,000 video games, has told Eurogamer that it will continue to invest in PC game development despite the recent deluge of high-profile video game leaks.

Relic marketing manager James McDermott said:

[Piracy] is always a concern as a company, but it’s not one which is driving the decision to make PC.

Relic knows that its established fanbase resides in the PC community thanks to its Dawn of War franchise and believes there will be crossover to Space Marine.

[Publisher] THQ has quite good traction with PC sales. Steam numbers continue to be really good for us.

Relic have been into PC games for a long time. We’re still seeing a lot of good numbers can come from that market. We still think it’s viable. We’ve already seen pre-orders are pretty high for PC on Steam.

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Gamefront News: Report: Ubisoft Launching Its Own Online Pass With Driver SF

Gamerzine is reporting that Ubisoft is set to launch its own version of an online pass with Driver: San Francisco. Called the Uplay Passport, the pass would, like other similar deals, requires a one-time-use code that will enable the game’s online features. Codes come bundled with new copies of the game, and GZ says they don’t know what it would cost to buy a code separately.

I knew this idea would catch on. Now with Sony and Ubisoft on it, we’re getting close to universal adoption.

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Gamefront News: Retro Rewind: Earthworm Jim as Child Torture (and Grown Man Torture, Too)

Earthworm Jim is merciless. And sadistic.

I downloaded the title (and its sequel) for a mere $5 on GoG.com, giddy to re-experience classic hilarious platforming of my youth (I never did get around to grabbing either the HD remake on Xbox Live or Gameloft’s version on my iPhone). Earthworm Jim appeared on the scene when I was just 10 years old, and I remember fondly bringing it home from Blockbuster — but not much in the way of gameplay. I remember quite a bit of the cartoon show, but strangely, almost nothing of the game. At first, I wasn’t sure why…

But now I know: I repressed that sh*t.

Earthworm Jim is savagely difficult. The very first level, a huge pile of garbage called New Junk City, is filled with fast-moving enemies that decimate Jim’s health with their attacks. And forget about shooting them, despite that cool raygun Jim carries around — the gun can only be aligned to the eight compass directions, so unless enemies nicely approach you from somewhere near straight on (which they never do), you’ll just be dumping ammo into the air.

For more click below

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Gamefront News: RIFT Summer Updates and What’s Next

In the Rift forums, Trion released an update regarding what fans can expect in the pipeline. While you can visit the forum for the full details, here are some highlights.

A second World Event, Waves of Madness, is underway. Improvements since the first World Event include:

More discrete phases that last longer
The ability to get caught up with the story by visiting Hammerknell and interacting with the local NPCs there. You no longer have to be present the instant the phases change over to see the vignettes play out.
Quests that change with the advancement of the event’s phases.
The ability to pass rewards and currency between your characters.
Trion is adding the concept of PvP Rifts, which players can try out on the Public Test Shard in the near future. PvP Rifts create a competitive objective in an area of the world that’s very rewarding to participate in. The goal is to create places where there’s guaranteed to be intense, focused PvP activity.

A new type of gameplay is in the works, called Instant Adventure. The goal is to deliver on a similar dynamic to the hectic fun of zone events, while making that kind of fun more available when you want it, by giving people an accessible way to build up to it.

New Chronicles of Telara instances are solo/small group instances that get everyone involved with key characters and villains in the worlds’ ongoing story.

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Gamefront News: S4 League: Season 2, “Iron Eyes” (Trailer)

A new expansion is coming to the online third-person shooter S4 League at the end of July. Titled “Iron Eyes,” the expansion will feature a new game mode, maps, weapons, and costumes.

In the new game mode, “Siege,” players must work together to capture the enemy’s base. “Skyline” is a new map that promises to introduce players to dangerous aerial gunplay, while “Ironheart” is a maze-like map shaped like a sphere. New costumes include the Royal and Imperial Guard Set, and new weapons, such as the turret, assault rifle, and the guillotine counter sword, will be added to the weapon cache.

Watch the trailer:


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Gamefront News: Sanctum Review

One of the things I’ve always hated about tower defense games is the helplessness. You set up your defenses, planning for the monsters coming your way and what you’ll need to defeat them, and when you’re finished or you run out of resources, you’re left hoping you covered all the angles and thought of everything you’ll need.

When your defenses are lacking, there’s little or nothing you can do. Monsters hobble through and destroy the thing you’re defending, deal damage to your castle, or in one TDF game I played, abduct your sheep for their alien experiments. It’s a bummer to just watch failure mark inexorably toward your defenseless sheep.

In Sanctum, you’re not powerless. In fact, you’re powerful, and you’re not only the builder of the maze and the commander of the defense grid that stops enemies from attacking your important energy core, you’re also a soldier on the ground carrying three powerful weapons with which to affect the fate of your defense. Sanctum gives you tower-defense gameplay from a first-person perspective — you can run around the game field as you set up your defenses, then whip out your sniper rifle or assault rifle and join the fight yourself.

For lots more please click the link below

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Gamefront News: Saints Row: The Third Gets a ‘Spensive Platinum Pack

Now that is a badass special edition for Saints Row: The Third. Those headphones are the main attraction, but they’re more than just headphones. They’re a headset, actually, with a vocal processor built in. Not compatible with your game consoles, however.

This pack will run you $99, which seems like a great deal if you were already planning to get the game. I mean, that headset is probably worth $40 easy.

Read: Saints Row: The Third Gets a ‘Spensive Platinum Pack

Gamefront News: See How They Made That Awesome Tomb Raider Trailer (VIDEO)

Shipwrecked, alone, injured and inexperienced — that’s the Lara Croft of Crystal Dynamics’ new Tomb Raider reboot, and if you haven’t seen this here trailer, stop, click that link, and watch it. Then come back here.

Because this post isn’t for you if you haven’t seen that trailer. This post is about another video that explains how they made that video. It’s an interesting behind-the-scenes look at something that we kind of tend to take for granted as players: that those game trailers devs and marketing companies put together to get us enticed take a lot of planning and a lot of work.

Since this Tomb Raider trailer is kind of phenomenal, you might be interested in seeing a little of the thinking behind creating it. Scroll on down.


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Gamefront News: Sony Devoting $20 Million To the Development of PSN-Exclusive Titles

I will say this: games that are exclusive to the Playstation Network are often quite great. Critter Crunch, Flower, The PixelJunk games, Super Stardust HD…

Anyway, Sony is dedicating $20 million cash over three years into the development of more such PSN-exclusive titles, and some of that cash is going to go into the Pub Fund, which was set up in 2009 to support independent developers.

Given my stance on PSN-exclusive games, I find this to be an exciting move, if one that isn’t particularly surprising. But it’s good to see that Sony is still dedicated to the Pub Fund. I mean, the Fund is bringing us Okabu, so hell yeah.

Read: Sony Devoting $20 Million To the Development of PSN-Exclusive Titles

Gamefront News: THAT’s How You’re Supposed to Half-Life Fanfilm!

I don’t really know what’s going on in Half-Life: Singularity Collapse, but boy is it pretty, and boy does it implement Source Engine resources well. If you ever get to thinking that Source sucks, just watch this video. Speaking of which…

Read: THAT’s How You’re Supposed to Half-Life Fanfilm!

Gamefront News: Tribes: Ascend To Be Playable at QuakeCon

The free-to-play shooter Tribes: Ascend is currently in closed alpha, but you can get your hands on it early next month at QuakeCon, where Hi-Rez Studios will be showing the game off for the first time. But, wait, that’s not all. On top of that, they’ll be handing out codes for the upcoming closed beta, which is super exciting in its own right. So I guess you have a new reason to go aside from the chance to play some RAGE.

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Gamefront News: Uncharted 3 Beta Extended By a Day

Can’t get enough digital Uncharted 3 murder? Good, because now you’ve got some extra time for death, because Naughty Dog has extended the beta to 9am PT Friday. That’s a whole extra day for you to lay down death upon your friends, which should make you happy because you just love killing things. jkjk

But, seriously, the beta has been extended to tomorrow. I guess I’m pulling an all-nighter tonight, eh?


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Gamefront News: Unofficial Minecraft Demo Hits DS (Video)

The Minecraft craze has finally made it to consoles. DS modder Smelaum has released a demo of his homebrew version of Minecraft — a barebones version of the game in which players can only add or remove blocks. While there is currently no way to save your game, the creator intends to rectify that and add full-blown level generation in a later release.

See it for yourself:

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Gamefront News: Vindictus Episode 8 Part 1 Content Update Live

A new content update for Vindictus is now live. Episode 8, part 1 ushers in two new raid bosses, several new dungeons, in game events and more.

Last month, Karok joined the ranks of the mercenaries battling the forces of evil in the land. Mercenaries of all fighting styles will now need to band together to face the latest threats in the world.

Presently, rumors are brewing of a rebellion at Ortel Castle. It is up to the bravest mercenaries to investigate and find out the truth. Elsewhere in the land, four new stories and battle quests have been added. These dungeons were designed to assist mercenaries through difficult leveling areas, and include: Red Ruins, Remnants, Depths of Ainle and Burnt Pumpkin Field.

UI improvements

Today’s content update includes several UI improvements, specifically to the inventory window. Advanced sorting options are now available: “Sort” and “Sort All” buttons can be found at the bottom of the Inventory UI. Mercenaries can now create a custom label for their inventory tabs, as well as set the desired item type for sorting (Normal, Equipment, Consumables, Material, Story, and Miscellaneous items), making keeping track of your gear easier than ever.

(for more click below)

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Gamefront News: Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team Review

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team is a few things, but mostly it’s a twin-stick shooter mashed together with a beat ‘em up. There are certainly worse things developers could spend their time making.

For what it is, Kill Team is pretty deep. You can play as four different classes, each of which has a focus on either ranged weaponry or melee, although each character class does have both a gun and the ability to bash in baddies’ heads.

The different classes, though, enable either replayability or a game experience customized to your play preferences. For me, it’s the latter, because I’m much better with ranged weapons than I am with melee. I tear through motherf–kers when I’m playing as a character who is geared toward guns, but when I get a melee-focused player I have a ton more trouble.

The game does have a story. You are a Space Marine “team” (you can play co-op, if you choose, but there are no AI teammates if you’re playing alone) sent to take out an Ork cruiser from the inside. The story is very peripheral, though; it’s just the justification for what you’re doing in the game. You don’t need to play this game if you’re just looking to get some new Warhammer story.

But if you’re looking to play a game that is generally fun, Kill Team is for you. The melding of twin-stick shooters with a beat ‘em up is a great idea and not one we see much, and Kill Team is so well executed that it makes me wish we could see this subgenre more often. Too, the addition of grenades and some really cool powerups make the game that much more effective an experience.

There are six levels, each of which lasts maybe a half an hour, and the various classes and possible upgrades combined with a scoring system extend the experience.

(for more click below)

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Gamefront News: WoW: New Real ID Party Feature Now Available for Testing

The first official “Great Field War” of the steampunk-fantasy MMORPG Argo Online will take place this Saturday, July 16, at 9 pm PST, in the Shining Desert. During the battle, players from both factions will vie for control of the scarce and vital mineral Earthdium, and the victors will enjoy access to the bountiful Earthdium deposits at the core of the desert as the spoils of war.

For this special Great Field War event, players will not only be able to participate in the brutal battle for access to the best Earthdium mining in the game, they’ll also be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a unique item that cannot be found anywhere else in ARGO Online.

If you’re an ARGO player, you don’t want to miss this weekend. If you’re not, this weekend sounds like a great time to become on.

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ArmA 2: Arma 2 Free 2 Play
Arma 2: Free (A2F) redefines the free-to-play battlefield with its truly unrivalled scale and gameplay possibilities. A2F serves up almost everything offered by the original Arma 2 - the '13th best PC game of all time', according to PC Gamer [1] - minus the campaign, HD graphics and support for user-made addons and mods.

Create your own custom-built scenarios or deploy a massive selection of missions and game-modes made by others. No micro-transactions, no hidden costs, just the same epic terrain and huge variety of equipment! This is Arma 2 Free - virtual war without the training wheels.

Arma 2: Free to download, free to play, free to share, free to host, free to create... free to play redefined!


For full details goto http://www.arma2.com/free
To Download the FREE Client goto http://www.gamefront.com/files/20548590/ARMA2Free_setup_zip
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Empire at War: Conundrum: The Battle for Earth
WAIT! Before you waste your time searching, there is no such fictional world item (tv series, movies, etc.) called Conundrum.

Now... Conundrum is a ship. A ship I made up. It exists as part of every universe and reality. Using hugely advanced technology, the original builders were able to travel from one point in space-time, to another. This is a new project, so I'm going to need experienced modellers and programmers.

The Story

An innocent man is transported from his home to the bridge of the IDS (Inter-Dimensional Ship) Conundrum. The ships crew requires a captain. The old one was the same man, just from another time. The man finds that he has to build up a massive fleet of spacecraft and groundforces to defend another version of Earth. This earth just so happens to be the one that exists in the Half-Life universe. If the Combine successfully invade this earth however, all time will be destroyed as this earth is slightly different. So the Journey begins...

Realities and universes involved:

Star Trek
Star Wars
Babylon 5
Half-Life (Duh)
Starship Troopers
Real World (sort of)

Units required:
Well preferably prominent ones from each of the above (Omega destroyer, Galaxy class, Rodger Young type, BC304 battlecruiser, Striders, Main Battle tanks of today, star destroyers and rebel ships on ONE side). The Combines ships will need to be designed from scratch, but i have many ideas for them.

PM me for more details and if you're interested.

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Empire at War: Star Wars FOC Improvements: Good News
Hi everybody, as you might have noticed I've got a new team member (welcome *SGA* Orion), and here's also a quick update about several stuff.

At first I need some more team members, right now only me and *SGA* Orion are working on the mod. Orion will be doing the models and maybe some maps but he makes his models with Google Sketchup so I need someone who can convert them to .Alo files.

Now about some several things:
As seen in the planet list there where some planets from Star trek, Stargate and Halo on the list and people asked me, if you can get special units from them. Well the answer to that is yes and no, you will first need a special starbase but that'll be explained in the weekly update next friday.

At second, the music. Before complaining more about the music please read this,
the ambient music is supposed to be relaxing music so you can chill out while preparing for battle, while the battle music will be rock and roll and heavy metal and such stuff. And about the galactic music, I'll let you vote! So you can suggest me a song and maybe I'll put it into the mod.

And finally I want to ask you a question,
I want to add minor unplayable factions into the game (such as the Black sun pirates) but I want to have them active so they fight back and build units like in Thrawn's Revenge, but doing that requires advanced coding, and I can't code myself so I also need a coder. If you interested you can send me a private message or an E-mail to megavin.winthagen@gmail.com

Well that's all I have to say, so have a nice day and stay tuned for more updates.

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Flight Simulator X: Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012 annouced(Free for those that have Railworks 2)
Chatham, UK—July 14, 2011— Railsimulator.com Ltd. announced today that RailWorks 3: Train Simulator 2012 (‘Train Simulator 2012’) will launch on September 23.

Train Simulator 2012 promises to be the most advanced consumer train simulator in the world, with the most realistic graphics, the best train models and the most engaging gameplay. These elements combine to create the most immersive sense of reality seen in a PC simulation as every aspect of gameplay and the in-game world is designed to make the player feel that they are really controlling the locomotive.

Train Simulator 2012 includes 15 highly detailed and accurate locomotives from the age of steam to present day and eight different routes featuring authentic signalling, stations and landscaping, Train Simulator 2012 will provides hundreds of hours of challenging gameplay. The RS Career System® allows players to compete against other drivers around the world. Built-in tutorials make it easy for newcomers to get in the cab and start playing right away.

Train Simulator 2012 enables enthusiasts to expand their virtual railroad in any way they wish. Train Simulator 2012 contains everything a player needs to set up and begin operating an extensive railroad, including train simulation, landscaping tools and downloadable content, and the software is updated automatically after purchase. Beyond the basic kit, users can choose from a wide variety of add-ons, scenarios and expansions to build the railway of their dreams.

“We’re amazed and delighted by how enthusiastically the community has supported the RailWorks simulation line,” said Paul Jackson CEO of Railsimulator.com. “RailWorks 2 was a worldwide success last year not least because the wealth of add-ons allowed players to make the game truly their own. Our fans will be excited by what we’ve achieved with Train Simulator 2012, and newcomers to our products will be simply amazed.”

Great news! Existing RailWorks 2 users will receive Train Simulator 2012 free of charge – all you need to do to receive Train Simulator 2012 is load up RailWorks 2 with Steam in Online mode, and the switchover will happen automatically on September 23.

Video footage from TrainSimulator 2012 will be released on the July 21

Across the sim, an extraordinary number of innovations and changes have been made to improve the player experience right from the beginning. We have taken into account the requests and wishes raised by RailWorks 2 users since last autumn in order to create the train simulation experience that train-simmers have been waiting for. Key upgrades include:

Read: Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012 annouced(Free for those that have Railworks 2)
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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Grand Theft Auto 4 Mod Nears Photorealism (Video)

Here’s a lightweight (~3 meg) mod for Grand Theft Auto 4 that ramps the graphics processing into overdrive — seriously, there’s a chance your video card will catch fire. It contains new shaders and lighting effects that can cause overheating on certain Nvidia cards; namely, the GF8800, high-end cards from the GF2xx series, and most of the GF4xx and GF5xx series.

If you experience artifacting, bugs, inexplicable slowdowns, blue screens, nausea, or explosive diarrhea, discontinue use immediately.

You’ve been warned.

The mod includes improved lighting effects that are adaptive to the day/night cycle as well as weather conditions, be they sunny, cloudy, or rainy. Lens flares add that new Hollywood camera feel, depth of field makes distance objects appear out of focus, and what appears to be HDR lighting — or at least some form of adaptive lighting — prevents overly bright areas from “whiting out.”

To install this mod, follow these steps:

NOTE: Back up any files that you will be asked to replace.

Download iCEnhancer v1.2.
Open iCEnhancer12.rar and extract the contents to your desktop or a temporary folder.
Open the folder “iCEnhancerData” and select all of its contents — including the folders.
Copy the contents of the folder.
Navigate to your GTA 4 installation folder (/Rockstar Games/Grand Theft Auto IV).
Paste the copied files and folders. If you are asked whether you wish to replace any files, select Yes.
Optional: To install the enhanced lens flare effect, right-click on the iCEnhancerLensFlare.rar and select “Extract Here,” replacing any files, as necessary.
Optional: To install the enhanced light shafts effect, right-click on the iCEnhancerLightShafts.rar and select “Extract Here,” replacing any files, as necessary.


Read: Grand Theft Auto 4 Mod Nears Photorealism (Video)
Read: Grand Theft Auto 4 Mod Nears Photorealism (Video)
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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Grand Theft Auto 4 Tilt-Shift Machinima (Video)

Here’s your tidbit of trivia for the day: tilt-shift is a form of photography that makes use of camera movement to simulate a miniature scale-model scene.

Now that you have something intelligent to say the next time you’re trying to pick up a girl at a bar, let’s dive into this Grand Theft Auto 4 time-lapse video that simulates a tilt-shift effect. To what end? Who cares — it looks quaint.

Watch it here:

Read: Grand Theft Auto 4 Tilt-Shift Machinima (Video)
Read: Grand Theft Auto 4 Tilt-Shift Machinima (Video)
More Grand Theft Auto San Andreas News: FileFront's Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Files

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