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  Weekly Poll Results - What is your favorite of all elder scrolls games? - Poll Results
  Posted by: Super_Llama on 07-05-2008 @ 19:39
This News Item has been viewed 4,085 times

What is your favorite of all elder scrolls games? (yes, there's finally a new poll!)

Oblivion 74.4% (499)

Morrowind 23.1% (155)

Daggerfall 0.8% (6)

Arena 0.7% (5)

Redguard 0.2% (2)

Battlespire 0.1% (1)

Dawnstar 0.1% (1)

Stormhold 0.1% (1)

Shadowkey 0,0% (0)

Total: 670
Start: 07-01-2008 14:26
Last: 07-05-2008 19:22

 #1 - Posted by: _Nameless_one_ (Member) on 07-01-2008 at 20:05
Well, I have never played any games except for Oblivion, (I'm guessing most people will be the same) so my favourite game is Oblivion.

 #2 - Posted by: SweetPunishment (Member) on 07-01-2008 at 21:56
Oblivion ! The other games are too outdated I guess. I've never heard of Dawnstar or Shadowkey...

 #3 - Posted by: vipbanana (Member) on 07-01-2008 at 22:36
I went Morrowind,Amazing game if you use mods to tweak the combat system.

 #4 - DAGAFAAAAAHL - Posted by: GOATSK (Member) on 07-02-2008 at 01:36
All the hardcore gamers like me should remember daggerfall...

in case you dudnt know ALLL the things we add as mods to oblivion.
(lycantrophy tweaked vampirism ETC) daggerfall already had standard.
it was THE elder scrolls. you could visit like... a million places (no no joke)

and with a playing environment bigger than 2 times the united kingdom. you never got bored.

if bethesda would make a complete remake of dagerfall with oblivions graphics.
we would have the game of the century on our hands.

 #5 - Posted by: Lord_AragornGR (Member) on 07-02-2008 at 03:01
The only ones that I have heard are Arena & Morrowind.
I have played Oblivion of course...
I installed Morrowind, and every time I try to play, it says a Snowflake texture is missing!!

SO my vote goes to (modded, of course) OBLIVIONstick out tongue

 #6 - Posted by: BaconWarrior (Member) on 07-02-2008 at 06:32
Oblivion gets boring without any mods. So I would have to go with Morrowind.

 #7 - Posted by: Super_Llama (Staff) on 07-02-2008 at 07:56
I agree with #6 AND #4 big grin

Shadowkey, Stormhold, and Dawnstar are for the moble phone / n-gage... I wish I could get them, I collect TES games... I have all of them except the mobile ones listed above. Redguard has no sound though frown

Daggerfall is so cool! I wish I could figure out how to make farms... or how to get enough money to buy one of those 21031750 dollar houses!!!!!!!!

 #8 - Posted by: Snipefalcon2 (Member) on 07-02-2008 at 08:08
This one was a hard one, but I had to chose Oblivion over Morrowind. The quests where, without any doubt, a thousand times better in Morrowind. The landscape a scenery where also many times better in MW then in OB (although the OB scenery is indeed better in quality)

But...the game play of oblivion (phisics, fighting and the such) makes it so much more fun to play.

What would be realy awsome is an Oblivion game, with the variety of Morrowind.

 #9 - Posted by: Super_Llama (Staff) on 07-02-2008 at 08:58
If only Silgrad tower was as good as it was supposed to be...

 #10 - Posted by: ETFEAR (Member) on 07-02-2008 at 09:33
Well i vote Obli.Caouse the combat at morrowind made me angry every time i played.I hit on the char but he doesnt get any dmg....So Oblivion for sure...

 #11 - Posted by: Wattan (Member) on 07-02-2008 at 09:42
Morrowind, gameplay is a lot better. Oblivion got boring without any mods, because it's more of the same. Close this oblivion gate, close that oblivion gate. Besides that, every gate is the same! Take the Sigil stone and done. It got really boring.

Not that I want to be pessimistic. Oblivion is a good game, but it could and should have been so much better.

 #12 - Posted by: Super_Llama (Staff) on 07-02-2008 at 11:31
Yeah, I totally agree with #11

 #13 - Posted by: Fenskez0r (Staff) on 07-02-2008 at 15:18
Yeah, oblivion does get a little repetitive...
Most small quests that you can do are helping a family kill goblins, or kill ogres, or kill vampires..
But I'd still have to go with Oblivion. It's the only one of those games listed I have played.

 #14 - Posted by: _Nameless_one_ (Member) on 07-02-2008 at 18:51
Am I the only one who actually explores Cyrodiil?
Quests are not the only thing you can do in the game, you know.

 #15 - Posted by: ThaHandyman (Member) on 07-02-2008 at 20:59
though my lappy cannot handle the extreme graphics of Oblivion,i could downgrade them or have limited time on my family's computer,but nothing can compare 2 the feel and environment of Morrowind,the graphics are good enough still 8 years later,and better enhanced w/ mods.the depth of Morrowind is also much deeper,though Oblivion can b fun 2 play just exploring the graphics and miscellaneous thingz: messin w/ radient AI

 #16 - Posted by: Super_Llama (Staff) on 07-03-2008 at 06:06
Well said stick out tongue

Morrowind is also very nostalgic for me, 1st TES game ever played!

 #17 - What you forget.... - Posted by: Mad_Griffin (Member) on 07-03-2008 at 10:46
What you forget is that Shivering Isles brought back alot of the visuals and variety of morrowind.

And what you must understand is that after bethesda noticed how popular morrowind modding was, they updated the modding system for oblivion so that users can literally make anything they desire pretty quickly. Unlike morrowind, oblivion can be bended to a user's will very easy very quickly...

Vanilla oblivion is decent on it's own, but the game was completely made for updates and expansions.

My strongest arguement would be that morrowind never had any DLCs

 #18 - Posted by: Super_Llama (Staff) on 07-03-2008 at 14:04
^ Morrowind's still better stick out tongue

 #19 - Posted by: ThaHandyman (Member) on 07-04-2008 at 00:31
i second the super lama^

expansions?bloodmoon was so different from morrowind offering a completely different environment yet keeping that morrowind feel,i can dig it

 #20 - Posted by: Sheepdragon (Member) on 07-04-2008 at 17:45
I'm tied between Morrowind and Daggerfall, so I'm not sure about this one.

 #21 - @Mad_griffin - Posted by: Sheepdragon (Member) on 07-04-2008 at 17:48
There was DLCs for Morrowind, but not for the xbox... just check the Elder Scrolls website. They weren't as elaborate as Oblivion's, but on the other hand they were free.

 #22 - OBLIVION!!! - Posted by: Lokgarr (Member) on 07-04-2008 at 20:00
I say oblivion because the combat system a thousand times better than morrowind. Oblivions combat system relies more on player skill than your level. Morrowind is a great game combat is crap, most sword swings miss.

 #23 - @Sheepdragon - Posted by: Mad_Griffin (Member) on 07-04-2008 at 22:14
What do you mean morrowind had DLCs but not for the Xbox???
That's what a DLC IS!

Oblivion beats morrowind by just a hair

 #24 - Posted by: Super_Llama (Staff) on 07-05-2008 at 19:37
I say the opposite stick out tongue but that's probably because I have a crummy comp that won't run Oblivion correctly XD

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          Previous News Post 07-05-2008 @ 19:31 - Mod Screenshots

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User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. The Elder Scrolls Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 3 | Last comment: 09-11-2008 at 09:49

 #1 - 07-05-2008 at 19:41
Joined: April 16th, 2007
Posts: 476
Poor shadowkey, not one vote...

 #2 - 07-16-2008 at 09:58
From: (Samara)
Joined: July 16th, 2008
Posts: 1
morrowind ruleeeeeeezzzzzzzz. i have one big problem with tes - i like morrowind a lot more than oblivion but morrowind is in the past...i like everything in morrowind even graphics in my mind is better than in oblivion (not by the technology but the atmosphere). music is much more cozy in morrowind. oblivion wins by the computer technology but the world in it is smaller, music textures buildings and everything is sharpy. i prefer to sit in with a cup of tea and play morrowind. oblivion just like tokio hotel, i can't tell how it is but i hope you understand. and morrowind is the game of all times, the game of the real labour of the developers and that's all! and of course morroind mods are much better than oblivion ones Rock i choose morrowind but...still...i play oblivion frown

 #3 - 09-11-2008 at 09:49
Joined: April 16th, 2007
Posts: 476
I agree big grin

I don't play either of them much though... I do love Morrowind and I play it more than Oblivion. Of course, I barely play any games anymore... confused

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