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  Weekly Poll Results - Which Annoys You The Most - Poll Results
  Posted by: humble_downloader on 10-08-2007 @ 22:15
This News Item has been viewed 4,451 times

Which Annoys You The Most

Wraiths 25.7% (324)

Wolves 22.2% (280)

Goblins 18.6% (234)

Trolls 8.5% (107)

Bandits 7.1% (90)

Other *Specify in Comments* 6.5% (82)

Ogres 6% (76)

Bears 5% (63)

Total: 1256
Start: 09-30-2007 01:06
Last: 10-08-2007 22:06

 #1 - Posted by: humble_downloader (Staff) on 09-30-2007 at 01:08
I hate the living daylights out of wraiths...So annoying!

 #2 - Posted by: Slvrbuu (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 01:26
Wolves have to be the most annoying thing in this game, they are everywhere. A side from that goblins are the second, and bandits are third.

 #3 - rats - Posted by: Sheepdragon (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 01:58
Rats. Only around to annoy. Stupid small bastards comes and starts nibbling on your shoes in the tall grass and you have no idea of where they are.

 #4 - Posted by: bfkdarthrevan (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 04:14
Wraiths, definetely wraiths, but why didn't you put the grummite deathdealer from SI between them, cuz those jerks keep blocking every slash you throw at them, and it's completely annoying!

 #5 - Mud Crabs - Posted by: stedeb1 (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 05:08
Especially in Caves and such. Mud Crabs are too annoying. and all you do is poke them and they die, they are a useless waste of space. stick out tongue

 #6 - Posted by: Blizzardream (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 05:38
The noise wraiths make creeps the crap out of me. But goblins to me are the most annoying, especially because they are so oddly tough.

 #7 - Posted by: DeathWarrior (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 05:39
I hate spriggans the most. To me they're so annoying that I type the kill command in the console when I face one.

 #8 - Posted by: soad667 (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 05:49
From the existing ones, Ogres, because they are the most difficult on hand-2-hand combat stick out tongue
Personally, i would vote Other, which goes for Will O' The Wisps. For some unknown reason, if i attack one, the game crashes to desktop. Can't remember when it happened for the first time. So i only sneak past them...

 #9 - Posted by: _Godfather_ (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 05:51
Other: Guards.

 #10 - Posted by: NobleWarrior (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 06:07
They are all annoying with the Oblivion leveling system.

 #11 - Posted by: IFailedEnglish (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 06:50
i would say adoring fan, but hes not really an option.

i would have to say that trolls are most annoying.

 #12 - Posted by: Ganondorf_X (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 06:52
Adoring fan's the most annoying, duh, although he isn't really an enemy...

hmm... I guess Guards are most annoying to me then, especially IC guards.

 #13 - Other - Posted by: urban_wave_3000 (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 11:26
Other : Cliff Racers

 #14 - Posted by: Kajet (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 13:15
Will o wisps, they can turn invisible, suck your life while replenishing theirs and can only be hurt by silver, magical, or deadric weapons (though that might have been changed...)

 #15 - Posted by: hybrid_hunter (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 14:42
Goblins are extremly annoying, they are annoyingly strong
(wabbajack is fun to use against them thoughstick out tongue)

 #16 - Posted by: KotCR (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 17:12
Wolves, because they always force me into a battle when I'm riding along without me even knowing they are there -_-.

Then it takes forever to find out where they really are, so I can kill them then continue with what I was doing.

 #17 - Posted by: basnyy213 (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 17:52
guards suck

 #18 - Posted by: Mad_Griffin (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 18:01
I can't belive this poll doesn't have the most obvious choices...
Rats, Mud Crabs, Slaughter Fish, Gaurds. I hate them all. I take time to change the polls, and I'm sorry it doesn't please you. Save your I can't believe's for elsewhere, thank you very much -Humble

 #19 - Posted by: stinkyjimmy (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 19:34
i hate how when the legions of daedric gods attack you they dont send soldiers they send a zoo.

 #20 - Cliff Racers are annoying. - Posted by: Scorian (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 23:28
Urban_wave_3000, you were thinking the same thing as me.
I don't know if anyone remembers how stupid and annoying Cliff Racers from Morrowind were, but holy crap those things were the biggest pain ever, and on top of that, they made the dumbest noises ever!
I don't get Cliff Racers, they were the one creature that frustrated the hell out of me in Morrowind.

But in Oblivion it would have to be wraiths. Annoying as hell.

 #21 - NONE ANNOY ME - Posted by: RobDes (Member) on 10-01-2007 at 19:23
I kill them ALL with no problem, but really strong Vampires do annoy me

 #22 - Imps - Posted by: Lios (Member) on 10-02-2007 at 03:50
Imps are definitely the more annoying ones to me. Aside from that, bandits.

 #23 - Posted by: Vendre (Member) on 10-02-2007 at 05:26
Trolls because they run so quietly and when you discover them they are just behind you + they look creepy.

Also there is Ghostly Apearance from MMM when you are close they make a noise that make you jump out of the chair! And then they dive inside you and diapears!

There are some other anoying creatures Scamps, Goblins, ´Carrion Rats, Haskils, Mudcrabs and more.

But the most anyoying enemy is Sheogorath! He just walks up to you and say "You shuldn't have done that." And launches a crepy spel that makes you appear in the middle of nowhere falling at 3000km from the sky!

 #24 - Posted by: Don_Kain (Member) on 10-02-2007 at 11:45

This oh-so-goddamnably-annoying high pitched soundset...

 #25 - Posted by: Minibull037 (Member) on 10-03-2007 at 01:13
DeathWarrior, how cheap!!! big grin

Wraiths!!! You dont hear them easily, they have freakin' good swords, they resist elemental damage and poisons and they suck the life out of you. Plus when you go to fight one, you realize that youve got an ebony blade out or something and you die. ARARFGGGHGHJHGJHGJH...

 #26 - Clannfears! - Posted by: harrier (Member) on 10-03-2007 at 08:44
Hate them so much!

 #27 - Has to be - Posted by: Loken (Member) on 10-04-2007 at 06:01

soo annoying if your going for a run somewher/riding your horse. i usually let good old ShadowMare take care of them tho, or my land Dreugh that i got form one of the mods on here.

most of the creatures mention annoy the hell out of me, why cant they just leave you alone?

also, guards get on my nerves, why do they run soo fast, and be everywhere at once!

i like to go on random slaughter spee's and kill every1 in a single city, when i get bored.

 #28 - Posted by: Demonic_Destoyer (Member) on 10-04-2007 at 11:06
I think the bandits and mauraders are good for getting free weapons plus its funny to watch the guards kill them but I have to say the wraiths are anoying especily when they use the burden spells and if you carry anything heavy u stop in tracks GAAh lol.

 #29 - Posted by: Fadeaway (Member) on 10-04-2007 at 13:06
Forgot imps.

This is simply because they've become generic and boring in Oblivion. They just feel tacked on.

 #30 - Other - Posted by: Draer_127 (Member) on 10-04-2007 at 18:48
cliff racers are the most annoying thing ever, that is they would be if they had put them in oblivion, there might be a mod for that

 #31 - Posted by: Ganondorf_X (Member) on 10-05-2007 at 09:16
^Why would anyone be so stupid to create a mod that adds Cliff Racers to oblivion!? eek!

 #32 - Posted by: Boomer_MaFiABoSs (Member) on 10-05-2007 at 13:42
Horrible fps annoys me the most. big grin

 #33 - Posted by: StarWarsGeek (Member) on 10-05-2007 at 19:18
I looked up the definition of annoying in the dictionary, and it had a picture of a cliff racer.

 #34 - Posted by: Minstrel_in_the_Gallery (Member) on 10-06-2007 at 08:17
On the bright side, cliff racers were good for target practice. Provided they were high up and didn't drop quickly, your could put anywhere from 30-50 arrows into one of them. Great for leveling up Marksman.

Other than that, you end up sitting there for a good ten minutes, wishing that you had a levitate spell...

For Oblivion, though...

Wolves. Here you are, running/riding along the roads, and you hear the battle music start. You stop, look around, trying to figure out where the enemy is, and pull out your heavily-enchanted, high-quality longsword.

Two seconds later, the bloody annoying wolf, yes, WOLF, lies dead at your feet, and you're wondering why you even wasted the time...

 #35 - Posted by: Fadeaway (Member) on 10-07-2007 at 14:52
Cliff racers in Oblivion would rock. The only reason people failed hard against Cliff Racers is that they either lacked a teleportation scroll to get them to a save haven or that they tried mountain climbing. The roads in Morrowind exist for a loose reason.

 #36 - Posted by: OutCastHalfBreed (Member) on 10-07-2007 at 20:32
Mountain lions defiantly.

 #37 - Posted by: Mad_Griffin (Member) on 10-07-2007 at 23:12
My good friend Super Llama was going to make a cliff racer mod but canceled because of your comments.

 #38 - Posted by: humble_downloader (Staff) on 10-08-2007 at 22:08
Looks like wraiths win!

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          Previous News Post 10-05-2007 @ 12:05 - Master Craft Mod Videos!

Average User Rating: 10
Number of Votes: 1
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User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. The Elder Scrolls Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 5 | Last comment: 03-18-2008 at 21:55

 #1 - 10-08-2007 at 22:17
Joined: December 11th, 2006
Posts: 442
Whoops, forgot about the comments stick out tongue
And the winner is wraiths (as I expected) followed by wolves and then goblins. Notable is the annoyance that comes from cliff racers, evident in the comment section.

 #2 - 10-09-2007 at 05:45
From: (Cape Town)
Joined: November 30th, 2006
Posts: 311
Sorry, dunno if this is against the rules, but thank you guys SO much for finally putting up one of my submitted screens big grin
Even if it has a low rating...
FINALLY big grin

 #3 - 10-09-2007 at 15:25
Joined: April 16th, 2007
Posts: 476
I said bandits because they always jabber at you big grin

 #4 - 10-26-2007 at 07:30
Joined: August 25th, 2007
Posts: 109
for me bandits are the most anoyng.When i walk and i mind my own bussines they just atk me,and then comes even more and more and more and more monsters.And then after 10min loots of corpses.And if that isnt enough i hit a guard and then they chase me around.And then my skills decreases coz of a dang bandit Aaargh!!!

 #5 - 03-18-2008 at 21:55
Joined: March 5th, 2008
Posts: 148
Will o' the wisps cause they regenerate health so damn much when you've nearly killed them.
Guards cause they are generic and annoying.
Ogres cause they take ages to kill.

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