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  What do you want to see on our network? - Network News
  Posted by: FFxSTALKERx on 02-04-2010 @ 11:28
This News Item has been viewed 53,065 times
We want to know what you, the Network Community, Developers, Staff and General Passerby's want to see on our network.

Do you have a suggestion on how to make the POTD system better? How about submitting files, movies or modifications? We want to know it all. If you have suggestions on improving current parts of the networks sites, adding in new features we haven't even thought off or just general comments and feedback we want to hear it.

No opinion will be over looked, no comments swept under the rug. If you were in charge how would you improve the network? What would you add? What would you take away? What would make your visit here perfect?

Submit your thoughts, suggestions, ideas in the comments section below or send an email off to network@filefront.com

Your ideas, suggestions, thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you.

          Next News Post 02-11-2010 @ 12:24 - Break Media purchases FileFront.com
          Previous News Post 01-28-2010 @ 17:43 - Weekly Poll Results - Test Poll. Can you see this Poll?

Average User Rating: 7.2
Number of Votes: 13
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User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. The Elder Scrolls Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 45 | Last comment: 03-05-2010 at 12:16

 #1 - 02-04-2010 at 11:31
n0e (Staff)
From: (Spring Hill, TN)
Joined: February 27th, 2004
Posts: 29
Don't be afraid to speak up. If you would prefer a more personal conversation, then please email us at network@ filefront.com and we'll talk to you through email.

 #2 - 02-04-2010 at 12:01
Joined: September 17th, 2008
Posts: 257
No more Rosh POTD's.

 #3 - 02-04-2010 at 12:46
From: (Barnsley)
Joined: May 2nd, 2009
Posts: 5
i would like to see more things to do on the network like videos or a music playlist summet like that.

 #4 - 02-04-2010 at 13:17
n0e (Staff)
From: (Spring Hill, TN)
Joined: February 27th, 2004
Posts: 29
Rosh POTD's?

 #5 - 02-04-2010 at 13:34
From: (PA)
Joined: October 22nd, 2008
Posts: 156
lol, c'mon, Erstok...they're not talking about jkfiles, but rather the entire network.

If you don't like Rosh PotD's, then you'll need to convince your colleagues to submit other material...70% of the PotD's that are sent in have Rosh in them, and there's nothing we can do about that.

As for the new post, I'd say banners. Each site needs new banners. They are still screaming for a visual update and a new banner would be the quickest way to do just that.

 #6 - 02-04-2010 at 13:45
From: (Legnica)
Joined: February 5th, 2006
Posts: 1033
Hey I like torturing Rosh Devil! he's got to be Jar Jar of Jedi Academystick out tongue

Could we get PotD in it's former position ??? Some things shouldn't have changed

 #7 - 02-04-2010 at 14:16
Joined: June 30th, 2008
Posts: 119
Widescreen User Friendly. Right now there is alot of blank screen (current resolution 1920x1080).

As mentioned before, I too would like to see some new banners as well.

Also, more member customization options would be nice too.

 #8 - 02-04-2010 at 14:18
Joined: March 23rd, 2009
Posts: 144
I would like to be able to upload screenshots
And files
And Images in comments
and and censors
and and and and and and

Heheheh, the first two I would really like...

 #9 - RE: What I'd like to see - 02-04-2010 at 15:04
Joined: January 3rd, 2008
Posts: 434
Filefront staffers/management,

Since you're asking, I'd like to see more EaW/FoC Mods. There are some mods out in the 'world' community that, for some reason or another, are not allowed here on filefront.

Now I can understand this IF, the mod contains malicious coding, spyware, etc. However, if reasons are just petty human nonsense, then, I take issue with that!

As an example, I will say that Nomada Firefox should be allowed to post his mods here; of course, there are others. If the petty human issues that arise get in the way, then I suggest arbritation between the 'waring' parties. Bottom line, if mod coding is safe, why not allow us (the players) decide by our downloads?

 #10 - 02-04-2010 at 18:19
Joined: July 1st, 2008
Posts: 1094
Well, heres a few things I would like:

Don't show your IP when you send someone a personal note (prevents virus, hacking etc)

It would be nice if you got an update whenever someone commented on one of your files, or a reply button like youtube has would be a swell idea, since I find it hard to keep track of comments that I made like 3 months ago

It would be nice if you could have a picture below your name like they have on the forums.

I agree with MuchTooLearnUSH (post #9). You should allow more mods here.


Anyways, thats what I think about it. Hope you take that into consideration.


By the way, im almost at like 700 posts! (on this date Febuary 4th 2010 just incase someone sees this in like 2030). smile

 #11 - 02-04-2010 at 20:32
From: (Kent WA)
Joined: August 28th, 2007
Posts: 1258
It would be nice to be able to send attachments on the website's e-mail application. Many times I have wanted to privately send someone a screenshot that they have requested or send them an exclusive peek at my mod's latest readme and it's just a hassle to have to find out their actual e-mail address and send it through another e-mail program.

Since it was discussed, I do NOT agree with #9 and 10. The 'filtering' on this network is just fine and prevents a lot of theft. It helps to keep the integrity of the community higher. If you want a mod that's not hosted here, download it from the site that it's on...or, preferably, don't download mods that aren't allowed here because they probably aren't allowed for a reason.

I DO like #10's post about receiving notifications of thread replies though.

I also agree that these sites could use a visual update. I understand how time consuming that can be though. I seem to remember DoW Files having a banner contest a ways back though...perhaps each community could do something similar for their respective sites (though the DoW contest never amounted to anything...).

 #12 - 02-04-2010 at 21:33
Joined: January 29th, 2009
Posts: 200
Id like to see an easier way to look for mod. Right now its fine, but its really to find one mod one day, and loose one the next day

 #13 - 02-04-2010 at 21:34
Joined: June 29th, 2004
Posts: 321
There are lots of links on the pages. Some are redundant. Simplify please? It would help users find what they are looking for instead of looking cluttered.

Thumbnails for the latest files? And not have as many? Say...25? Perhaps have a small icon or number to show its votes or popularity. I look mainly for files when visiting sites. This would help me decide whether I want to click for more info or not. Perhaps a concatenated description too. I guess what I'm asking for is a preview section instead of a listing.

 #14 - 02-04-2010 at 21:48
From: (Kent WA)
Joined: August 28th, 2007
Posts: 1258
#13: There already is a preview section if you are browsing in the sub-directories rather than the main page...this also includes thumbnails. Having all that info on the front page makes the page too long IMO.

 #15 - 02-04-2010 at 22:39
Joined: July 1st, 2008
Posts: 1094
I somewhat agree with number 11 about the sites getting a visual update. But there seems to be a certain charm with the 90's wepage feel to it lol. I think that having a nicer banner for EaW files would be good though. It looks kind of old.

 #16 - 02-04-2010 at 22:39
Joined: July 1st, 2008
Posts: 1094
Oh, and a happy 700 posts to me smile

 #17 - 02-05-2010 at 02:38
From: (California)
Joined: July 12th, 2008
Posts: 366
I'd be nice to finaly have the downloading issue fixed, you know where you get redirected to another page and then another page just to end up clicking on a small bar like thing that pops up. Can it be like back then again where all you have to do is click on the miror download once and the download box pops up emediately?

Another thing, I've been waiting for quite a while now and I've been wondering if were any closer to the day when we can actually change our log-in names?

Other than that I would like to extend an appreciation to the staff for this bulletin(shows future potential of great improvements for this site). Beer! Beer!

 #18 - 02-05-2010 at 02:52
From: (Pennsylvania)
Joined: June 1st, 2006
Posts: 206
Could you please get rid of the random big ads that pop up on these sites? I understand you need advertising, but this is just annoying. To make up for it, just have more ads on the sides of the site.

Also, POTDs I think should be back in its old place, I usually don't notice it where ti is now.

And like #17 said, I'd also like to only click on the download mirror and download right away.

 #19 - Avatar - 02-05-2010 at 05:09
Joined: June 20th, 2007
Posts: 93
- I agree with #10 in his #3 suggestion: if we could have a small avatar, like 50x50 size, it could be great and very much lively, and it don't take any space with the img url.

- I don't know anything about webmastering, but I just suggest: to choose the colors of our favorite filefront site (text, links, back color etc etc)

- Maybe more various contests could be fun: mods of course, but why not wallpapers or other graphical works?

 #20 - 02-05-2010 at 05:43
GOODY (Staff)
Joined: April 24th, 2005
Posts: 1000
A few comment about content in here. In particular about the exclusion of certain mods.
I would like to let you all know that ALL mods are welcome here unless they break certain rules that all sites should adhere to.
A example of this would be if a file altered the games exe file. That is against the EULA on all games and as such we would not allow a file to be added to the network sites. Then there is plagarism which basically means taking other work and passing it off as your own. This is done more often than people know and it can be something small in a big mod or simple altering something slightly and sending it in as your own work. Again we would not accept the file unless written permission was recieved from the original developer.
Those rules are there to protect developers not to be used as a excuse to pick and choose which files we host.

#19 most sites do allow wallpapers and other media to be submitted. If site you frequent does not have that particular section then let us know via network@filefront.com and we will sort something out.

 #21 - 02-05-2010 at 07:52
From: (Reading)
Joined: August 5th, 2009
Posts: 276
my idea is that instead of applying through email.
theres a tab were you just submit there like the submit files but

 #22 - 02-05-2010 at 09:15
Mr.Funsocks (Staff)
From: (Network Management)
Joined: August 20th, 2004
Posts: 1004
Kill the full-page ads.

 #23 - hmm - 02-05-2010 at 11:04
From: (Pennsylvania)
Joined: March 2nd, 2009
Posts: 301
i want to see a little more activity in SoaSE (may need some more files posted)

i also want to see a place for supcon2 when it comes out

@7 i would like to see an avatar picture

@8 i would like it if i actualy knew wheather my file made it on to the site or not. (not just submiting it WITH EMAIL and not knowing when or if it will get on)

 #24 - 02-05-2010 at 11:09
Joined: January 21st, 2010
Posts: 9
I would like if we have an on-line chat a file for every one in the, dance...cool

 #25 - 02-05-2010 at 11:12
Joined: December 21st, 2008
Posts: 555
Giving a rating in the reviews again?

 #26 - 02-05-2010 at 19:16
Joined: October 19th, 2005
Posts: 736
I would like to see...

- A small avatar for the comments section, I would recommend no more than 50x50.
- New banners (and colors, maybe) for the network sites
- A changing of the Table of Contents menu to a Nav-bar either just above or just below the banner (Also, the weekly poll button is not really needed, as it's right there on the main page anyway)
- Removal of the Categories section under the poll. Not needed since it is also on the left side of the page.
- Do not allow user description for files on any of the network sites. 90% of the time they do not give enough information, not to mention basic English errors that tend to show up with them.
- Notification of a submitted file being posted to a site.

Giving a rating in the reviews again?

I personally don't like this idea... Not because it means I would have to take an extra minute or so per review, though.

And to those who complain about the ads: Adblock. Get it.

 #27 - 02-05-2010 at 23:04
Joined: July 1st, 2008
Posts: 1094
Lots of good feedback FF staff. I sure hope you guys take some of this into some serious consideration.

I enjoy Filefront allot. I think its a great place to host custom made stuff for games, and I am happy to put in effort to help make it even better. I think Avatars would make everything much, much better.

 #28 - 02-06-2010 at 05:16
Joined: June 26th, 2005
Posts: 625
please please restore the order of the items on the page..put the forum back on top then the new files and then the top 10. the categories aren't necessary since they are on the left...

also do NEVER put images below comments like on the forums. it is irritating to see those things everywhere so please let this place as it is..so i hope you do not consider that request...

 #29 - 02-06-2010 at 08:14
BlackRook32 (Staff)
From: (Augusta, Georgia)
Joined: June 15th, 2002
Posts: 701
* The Domain Page Changes: I've been getting a lot of e-mail complaints about the main page layout on BCFiles. Some fail to realize at the time it was a network wide change. Having a moment to ponder the two layouts, I agree the old format was better.

* Navigation on the Site: #10's ideal about email notification to the Author if his/her mod page gets a comment is a good one. Most Authors done monitor a mod page 24/7. People still comment on a mod years after it's release. I would be nice for the Author to know their works are still appreciated.

* Downloading Files: Long for the old days when one "click" sufficed. Now you have to upload three pages and dodge a bombardment of popup ads. Though a savvy user knows hoe to defeat things like this. IMO, This will not endear anyone to hang around to get a file, if it's a constant hassle.

* Adverting/Popups: While I understand the necessity of them. I can deal with the bottom page popups. But the re-directing of pages and the ads embedded in the reviews? IMO, looks really tacky & annoying.


 #30 - 02-06-2010 at 12:41
Reaper948 (Staff)
Joined: August 6th, 2009
Posts: 37
avatars or something would be nice for the comments and stuff and going back to the old site layout would be even better thats about all I can think of atm

 #31 - 02-07-2010 at 01:36
From: (Goes)
Joined: February 22nd, 2008
Posts: 64
maybe video reviews that would be cool
and i agree on the new banners
Avatars would be nice
And i too would like widescreen support (1680x1050)

 #32 - Ahm...Faster Network Downloads - 02-07-2010 at 05:07
From: (panevezys)
Joined: January 6th, 2010
Posts: 248
Because Very Boring To Click The Download And Then Click The Download In The Next Site And Wait...............big grinbig grin I'm Want That, When Click The Download Button The File Is Start Download (except Security Windows). That's What I Want.(Sorry For Bad English. I'm Not Leaving In English.) Dance!

 #33 - 02-07-2010 at 06:42
From: (PA)
Joined: December 8th, 2006
Posts: 319
I want to see the ability to have HI-DEF screens for files and news posts. In this day and age, HI-DEF is the way to go!

 #34 - 2 other things - 02-07-2010 at 06:52
From: (Pennsylvania)
Joined: March 2nd, 2009
Posts: 301
we need an editing feature for the post so you don't see "sry for double post" or even triple.

also need a quote feature to quote what somebody else said without having to go look at the number and saying @(#)and making other people look at the other number. it can be a pain but right now it's the only way to respond to specific posts.

 #35 - 02-07-2010 at 12:06
From: (Guilford CT.)
Joined: May 9th, 2009
Posts: 516
Avatars Two Thumbs Up! like on GT

 #36 - The Terran Empire as a Playable Race - 02-07-2010 at 15:07
From: (Fairborn/Ohio)
Joined: October 13th, 2007
Posts: 4
I'm currently playing S.F.C.III with the 534C Patch. I'm playing as the Federation. What I'd like to see is someone create a modification to S.F.C.III that would add the Terran Empire as a playable race. With Eric Bethke's and Taldren's permition, of course! As the "Mirror" Johnathan Archer said in "In a Mirror, Darkly" "Great men are not Peace Makers, Great Men are Conquerers! Thank You, for your time and please forgive any spelling errors that I've made. Joseph L. Rand(JayLR) Josephfairborn@aol.com

 #37 - And,I almost forgot, I'd like see more S.F.C.III Wallpaper files. - 02-07-2010 at 15:19
From: (Fairborn/Ohio)
Joined: October 13th, 2007
Posts: 4
The title says it all. I forgot to add in my suggestion, above that I'd like see more colorful S.F.C.III wallpaper files here to download. Once again, Thank You, for your time. Ladies and Gentlemen. Joseph L. Rand(JayLR)Josephfairborn@aol.com

 #38 - 02-07-2010 at 16:03
From: (Dayton, OH)
Joined: June 2nd, 2007
Posts: 314
^^This is for network related ideas not mods for individual games...
I also find it funny that FFstaff is recommending adblock... anyways...
I like the idea of receiving notifications when files are updated...
also editing would be nice...
About the new layout, I like it, it's not plain text and it's not boring...
unless you are visiting from a mobile phone, it should look pretty good...

 #39 - 02-07-2010 at 23:46
From: (Erie)
Joined: July 7th, 2005
Posts: 318
encourage game developers to produce more mod-friendly games. everything lately has to be perfect and unmoddable : /

ive noticed that mohfiles, codfiles, and bf1942files used to get a LOT more new submissions every week. now its like 3 a month.

 #40 - 02-08-2010 at 02:18
Joined: November 3rd, 2002
Posts: 1355
For me there are 3 major flaws that stick out.

#1 is that the 2 most recent files get their own section above the list. That's all fine and everything, but you don't show which game/mod they are for by category. For sites that deal with a franchise of games this is a bit frustrating when it's not mentioned in the limited space shown for the description.

#2 is the POTD spot- others have already commented on this and I agree the top of the page is where it should be. Because it is a daily change, there is no better way to make a site look active than a brand new POTD every D at the top of the page.

and the big #1 is the POTDs themselves. Lately they just aren't being updated. I spent 3 weeks getting my computer to work again after it fouled up and when I came back there was STILL the same old POTD there on BFfiles, despite quite a few people saying they had submitted pictures, including one I submitted and now don't have on my hard drive at all anymore.

It's really quite simple. Update the POTDs each DAY, or hire someone else who can.

 #41 - Bring back the old layout. - 02-10-2010 at 12:36
From: (Oshawa, Ontario)
Joined: April 15th, 2007
Posts: 126
#1 Change the layout to the way it used to be.

2# Change the way the private messaging works so it doesn't show our IP...

#3 Finish the FileFront Network Member Options. So we can edit our password and username when ever. That and maybe give us the option to upload our own Avatars.

 #42 - 02-11-2010 at 13:10
From: (Texas)
Joined: October 7th, 2009
Posts: 255
1-Move the potd to the top of the page, and make it bigger, a thriving community needs to be seen, and the community over here at Bridge Commander is big, but BC didn't make it out of the closing scare last spring. A new POTD might bring in more people, and every site should have a POTM, POTY and POAT(picture of all time)

2-Dont shuffle the sites around, but create a brand new layout, new colors for sites, and stuff like that, and have relates sites(SFCIII Files, Legacy Files, Armada/Armada2 files, and BCfiles with links to each other, because legacy gets alot of ports from us, and A2, and we get 50% of our mods from SFCIII files.

3-Make people register to vote, i am tired of good files getting a 1 or a 3.2.

4-Bring back direct DL it worked, and it was faster than working through the Filefront main site.

5-Get the users options working, give us avatars, and a edit button next to our post.

6-Have something to stop 1 rating noobs, like a thing that after so many 1 rates, they get a message thart says you have rated 1 so many times, please wait 3 hours to vote again

* The Domain Page Changes: I've been getting a lot of e-mail complaints about the main page layout on BCFiles. Some fail to realize at the time it was a network wide change. Having a moment to ponder the two layouts, I agree the old format was better.

* Navigation on the Site: #10's ideal about email notification to the Author if his/her mod page gets a comment is a good one. Most Authors done monitor a mod page 24/7. People still comment on a mod years after it's release. I would be nice for the Author to know their works are still appreciated.

* Downloading Files: Long for the old days when one "click" sufficed. Now you have to upload three pages and dodge a bombardment of popup ads. Though a savvy user knows hoe to defeat things like this. IMO, This will not endear anyone to hang around to get a file, if it's a constant hassle.

* Adverting/Popups: While I understand the necessity of them. I can deal with the bottom page popups. But the re-directing of pages and the ads embedded in the reviews? IMO, looks really tacky & annoying.


I totally agree

 #43 - 02-12-2010 at 15:08
Joined: October 27th, 2009
Posts: 1536
1) Change the layout. This is not a desire, but a necessity. The new layout is ridiculous, but rolling back to the old one wouldn't be so great either - I suggest a new layout that makes the PotD larger and doesn't make the newest 2 mods have pictures and descriptions, but to be the same as the other mods.

2) 1 click to download, instead of clicking on 'Download' to be taken to the bottom of the mod's description, then have to click again to go to a page, and then have to click again. And all that uses FileFront's bandiwidth, my bandwidth, and my time.

3) Less compression of images. I upload extremely high quality pictures and they become extremely pixellated, which ruins the professional impression I attempt to give.

4) Avatars for the site, and avatars to be shown in comments.

5) Same account for FileFront gaming sites and the forum.

6) A wider layout. I am using a 24 inch 1920 x 1200 screen, and the site, instead of using my screen's capacity, is reduced to a thin strip in the middle. It should up-scale, like Wikipedia, for example.

7) Better or more servers... Please. I used to be able to download at 310 KB/s, now I can barely reach 10.

8) Some reviewers are very rude at times, I think their reviews should be moderated before being posted, and suggestions given to the reviewer to give more constructive advice instead of making the new modders (such as myself) seem like unskilled, stupid people that just waste space with their newly-learnt skills.

 #44 - @ JulioC - 02-13-2010 at 07:25
Joined: July 22nd, 2002
Posts: 1836
I consider what you say very valid, however, regarding the complaint in point 8 made by you, usually the staff is advised by the site managers to be polite in reviews. If you have been treated disrespectfully in one you should inform the site manager or a network administrator about this as it is usually not the network's policy to hire people doing that.

You should send an email to network@filefront.com describing the offense and putting a link up for it, you will certainly receive a reaction. smile

 #45 - 03-05-2010 at 12:16
From: (Hoorn Noord-Holland)
Joined: December 17th, 2008
Posts: 280
woooowwwww i think that the staff has enough idea's here to start a whole new site lol stick out tonguebig grinBeer! Beer!

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 » Supreme Commander
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