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Arthas the beautiful...
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This Picture was added by inesra and validated by staff member: Victoria G

Average User Rating: 7.8
Number of Votes: 28
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Total comments: 19 | Last comment: 04-27-2009 at 13:09

 #1 - 04-26-2009 at 16:35
From: (Louisiana)
Joined: August 3rd, 2008
Posts: 106
We went from awesome.....to...not so so awesome.

 #2 - 04-26-2009 at 16:37
Victoria G (Staff)
Joined: March 2nd, 2007
Posts: 349
Due to the increasing hostile comments regarding my screenshots, I have removed the last one validated and removed those of mine left in the queue (over 100).

 #3 - 04-26-2009 at 17:08
From: (idaho)
Joined: December 26th, 2007
Posts: 38
Seeing as how they're haven't been any scantily-clad elves in the past few days, I'm not very surprised ratings are lower than usual.

Quote from a previous PotD:
"ANIME EEEEWW. that is my explanation.
i do not rate the picture on how much effort is put in"

Seems if you want higher ratings you need more half-naked, non-anime styled female characters, even though the characters that are "too anime-ish" are far from it.

Personally, I prefer the high detail scenic pics over the said scantily clad elves.

 #4 - 04-26-2009 at 17:57
From: (Missouri)
Joined: February 15th, 2008
Posts: 164
You mean like that one, Floydian?

 #5 - 04-26-2009 at 18:40
Joined: April 2nd, 2009
Posts: 197
<comment & rating removed>

 #6 - 04-26-2009 at 21:56
Joined: February 15th, 2008
Posts: 56

2nd-highest rated potd: [url]http://elderscrolls.filefront.com/potd/104544[/url}
3rd-highest rated potd: http://elderscrolls.filefront.com/potd/114078
4th: http://elderscrolls.filefront.com/potd/108606
5th: http://elderscrolls.filefront.com/potd/109360
6th: http://elderscrolls.filefront.com/potd/104656
7th: http://elderscrolls.filefront.com/potd/108582
8th: http://elderscrolls.filefront.com/potd/115658
10th: http://elderscrolls.filefront.com/potd/112885
*2* out of the top 10 potd's as far as ratings have 'scantily-clad elf chick' as part of the subject matter. Not exactly a majority - not even half. A whopping 20%. Go to the archive & sort by rating/descending. I think you'll find your theory that only scanitly-clad female potd's get rated high has just a few holes in it.

(Now on to general comment, not directed necessarily at #3)

No matter what's put up, someone complains, quite vociferously & usually rather rudely. Vanilla? Eww, horrible graphics, get back to the good potd's. Modded scenery? Photoshopped! Modded armors/characters as well? Oh, now it doesn't look anything like Oblivion at all & is an affront. (Cause it's not like Beth provided a CS & encourages modding, has a "mods" section on their official forums or anything. *eyeroll*) Happens to have an elf in it? Blasphemy! Cause again, not like half of the vanilla races are elves or anything - I mean just look at it, Oblivion doesn't have elves or magic or goblins or trolls - it's cleary *not* a fantasy game. *bigger eyeroll*

The interesting bit is (and I'm not gonna go back & reread comments to verify this - that's a bit more work than the 5 seconds it took to go the archive & sort by rating), I get the feeling it's always the *same* people complaining - if the pic is hot female character, it should be scenery. If it's scenery, it looks too good & must be totally photoshopped. If it's a male character it's either 'gay' (which btw using as an insult just shows some basic ugly prejudice) or is somehow too far from vanilla Oblivion to be good. Seems there's just some people who only come here to berate other people's screenshots & gameplay.

Since Floydian1 & SweetPunishment took over, the POTD's are actually changed every day, it's never the same author 2 days in a row (remember when less active admins would just go in order thru the queue, and you'd have something like 5 pics from the same person in a row?), and people are actually expected to act with civility. It seems that this is a truly horrible change in circumstance for some folks.

 #7 - 04-27-2009 at 00:02
Joined: April 9th, 2008
Posts: 26
*Agrees with above person*

*Wishes site would get better instead of worse*

 #8 - 04-27-2009 at 00:30
From: (Riga)
Joined: December 2nd, 2005
Posts: 3206
Nice passport pic LoL!
Anyway, I have to agree with people who bash anime.
First of all, because it lacks realisticness(lol). I mean, teen chicks with no armor 'n with giant swords? pleeeaaase....
Secondly, people who like random-beauty shots will eventually get bored by them, so, we need more action/bloody rampage pics.
Thirdly, photoshop gets old.

P.S. kalia, for male pics not to be gay it must be either humorous or epic-win-like-ness(is that even a word? O_o)
Everyone knows Arthas with his dramamtic evil look, right?
Well, PotD-doers can always relate to that.

 #9 - NO! - 04-27-2009 at 06:05
From: (Florida)
Joined: February 17th, 2007
Posts: 403
Floydian, please don't stop posting pictures. If you look at picture ratings, you will find that they are usually rated high, which means the majority of people here like them. (I think.) You should ignore the bad ratings. It's not that your pictures are bad. The low-raters are just bad people, usually. I, myself rate EVERY Floydian picture a perfect 10/10, because you deserve it. Your pictures are very high quality, and sometimes, they can even brighten my day a little. So please don't stop posting them, because I'm sure just as many, if not more, people enjoy them, as hate them. And besides, you can just tell yourself that most low-raters are morons, and most people know better.

 #10 - 04-27-2009 at 06:29
Victoria G (Staff)
Joined: March 2nd, 2007
Posts: 349
I'll still throw up the odd pic, there were a lot of pics in there that would never see the light of day anyway, I'll just submit one when I intend to validate it in future.

For future reference:

It's a fantasy game (ie. not real life), realism can be suspended for the sake of art.

1. Double posting in order to highlight the fact you've smashed somebody's pic down will get you a temp ban, length dependent on what you said ie. if you are particularly nasty/insulting you only make things worse for yourself possibly permanent.

2. Shock horror you can submit a picture on the same subject (obviously not the same pic) ie. ships or even like the picture above. Some folks here seem to be under the impression you can't or it's a major crime. If that was the case then I'd have to delete the whole queue!

3. Ratings 1-3 without a good reason or anonymously get removed. Since I've yet to see a reason why any picture here should get such a vote I'll treat all such as malicious and no dressing your post up into a 500 word essay to basically say 'it sucks' won't do.

4. Don't moan that there isn't enough of one type of picture, I can only validate what's there, if you want more fighting pics or funny ones then get submitting!

 #11 - 04-27-2009 at 08:21
Joined: September 6th, 2008
Posts: 111
Do the smart thing and take away comments and votes. Or AT LEAST take away the voting system. Its nice to have something to look at each day and the ability to vote on whether or not I think it is awesome can come or go and nobody will care.

 #12 - 04-27-2009 at 08:26
Victoria G (Staff)
Joined: March 2nd, 2007
Posts: 349
Actually taking away the voting would be nice but that's out of my hands, I don't see it changing anytime soon. What would be better is the 'thumbs up' system they have on Nexus.

 #13 - 04-27-2009 at 08:46
From: (Riga)
Joined: December 2nd, 2005
Posts: 3206
The problem is in the core-a.k.a. pics =/

 #14 - 04-27-2009 at 08:59
From: (Missouri)
Joined: February 15th, 2008
Posts: 164
"P.S. kalia, for male pics not to be gay it must be either humorous or epic-win-like-ness(is that even a word? O_o)" - A_L_I_E_N

Unless the submitter was, like kalia, a woman...

 #15 - #14 - 04-27-2009 at 09:12
From: (Riga)
Joined: December 2nd, 2005
Posts: 3206
You know what they say, you do good or do nothing at all.

 #16 - 04-27-2009 at 09:19
Joined: February 7th, 2008
Posts: 370
So girls can't do what guys can herosinger? If you can submit the hot elves stuff why can't we girls submit some half naked guys?

 #17 - 04-27-2009 at 10:30
Joined: February 15th, 2008
Posts: 56
SweetPunishment, I think that was actually herosinger's point - that the prior poster was assuming all videogame players & therefore anyone who posted a pic of a male is *of course* a teenage male, because there are no females who play/post. (You & I? We must just be deluded about our gender. wink )

 #18 - 04-27-2009 at 12:00
From: (Louisiana)
Joined: August 3rd, 2008
Posts: 106

1) Unrealistic? Realism in a fantasy game, where shooting fireballs out of your hands is the norm, is an oxymoron.

2) Armor has no bearing on how protected the character may be in this game. You have access shield enchantments. You could run around in your underpants with a few shield enchanted rings and be perfectly fine in the vanilla game, so what's wrong with a character fighting in revealing clothes in a modded game?

3) This site doesn't get very many "random-beauty shots", but if you really want more "action/bloody rampage pics", take some yourself and upload them here. Awe all of us with your apparent skill. Roll Eyes (sarcastic)

4) Not all shots that look better than your game looks are 'shopped. Assuming a shot is 'shopped is both ignorant on your part, and insulting to the author if it isn't.

Then, on the other hand, you have Rogue Sun's shots, which, when edited or not, are always masterpieces, and *very* far from boring.

I fail to see how edited shots can get boring, and an untouched shot from an unmodded game wouldn't.

Unmodded/unedited shots are plain, boring, and uninteresting the vast majority of the time.

 #19 - #18 - 04-27-2009 at 13:09
From: (Riga)
Joined: December 2nd, 2005
Posts: 3206
I do not mean the gameplay stuff, but the pics people send.
Also I have skills in doing pics, but in different games such as KotOR, JA, Battlefront, Doom and so on.(been there done that)
And I did once a pic for this site, not gonna search for it, cause don't have time.
You can find it if you want, the title was(i think) 'We want you'

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