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Sunset at the Stable
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Total comments: 14 | Last comment: 03-27-2006 at 01:23

 #1 - 03-25-2006 at 15:07
From: (buenos aires)
Joined: January 2nd, 2006
Posts: 375
y still dont have the game im getting crazy!!!!!!!! nice sunset 10/10 Rock

 #2 - 03-25-2006 at 17:25
From: (Conn.)
Joined: May 28th, 2005
Posts: 253
the game is awesome!!! but i have a prob with it, sadly......when npcs cast spells or i hit an emeny with an enchanted weapon, there is extreme lag Aaargh!!! its crazy!!! the game runs great on high settings, except for npc magic Puke!

 #3 - 03-25-2006 at 18:09
Joined: September 1st, 2004
Posts: 113
I bought Oblivion but so far all the videos have been horribly laggy. The intro credits to the game and the intro video with Patrick Stewart talking barely work (they skip in sound and video very, very badly). My computer aces the system requirements and the actual game works, it just kinda sucks with no videos. Anyone else have this problem? I e-mailed tech support but haven't received a response yet.

 #4 - 03-25-2006 at 18:31
Joined: January 29th, 2006
Posts: 8
shifty, post ur specs here, i think i no what ur talking about


MSI k8nNeo4 Platinum Socket939 Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ (2.10 gig)
256 MB GeForce 6800GS Video Card
2 GB DDR400 PC3200 Ram

 #5 - 03-25-2006 at 18:49
Joined: September 1st, 2004
Posts: 113
I don't know my motherboard and can't find its box, but it is not bad, here is the rest of my pc:

AMD 64 3200+ 2.0 GHz processor
Nvidea Geforce 7800 GS
1GB Corsair pc3200 400 MHz ram

I just bought the Geforce 7800 (saved up for a long time), and mainly so I could play Oblivion. Also, when I do the detect the video harware thing is sets my options to "ultra high" settings, so I think that means my pc can handle Oblivion. Please let me know if you have an idea of what is wrong, I've spent a lot of money to play this game

 #6 - 03-25-2006 at 20:31
Joined: May 10th, 2004
Posts: 191
did you update your video card drivers?

 #7 - 03-26-2006 at 07:41
Joined: September 12th, 2005
Posts: 174

 #8 - 03-26-2006 at 10:48
Joined: September 25th, 2005
Posts: 191
omg i need this game but i have no moeny Cry

im with #1 its driving me crazy

 #9 - to #6 - 03-26-2006 at 11:57
Joined: September 1st, 2004
Posts: 113
Yes I did Sleeper

 #10 - 03-26-2006 at 12:40
Joined: August 10th, 2004
Posts: 165
game runs perfectly set to maxixum settings 1200x960 (shadows set to default shadow filter high) with the following setup. your specs seem fine, or at least good enough to run it on MAX 1024x768, try repairing windows, running spybot and AVG, also, make sure in DXDIAG has sound acceleration set to 'standard' or full, some people experience less/more crashes/preformance with either settings.

7800 gt 256
2gb ram (2 sticks)
sata hd
storage hd
audigy 2 pl
generic dvd
generic mobo
3.4 ghz 775 p4

 #11 - 03-26-2006 at 15:33
From: (WA)
Joined: February 20th, 2006
Posts: 501
!!Oblivion is AwesoMe!! Although..... This picture up top is REALLY easy to get, and his/hers graphics aren't that good either.

 #12 - 03-26-2006 at 19:42
Joined: November 5th, 2005
Posts: 81
haha the stables are fun because i always sneak up and kill the person looking after the horses then steal one and run away

 #13 - 03-26-2006 at 22:02
From: (Hawaii)
Joined: January 21st, 2006
Posts: 80
ah, i bough oblivion cause my parents are getting me the 360 really soon (1 week) so i still have to wait!Cry

The spirit of gaming is calling for me to play it........ but i cant... DANG YOU OBLIVION! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LOOK SO GOOD!Aaargh!!!

 #14 - 03-27-2006 at 01:23
Joined: March 25th, 2006
Posts: 40
i use high settings. But the picture is a jpg so the quality is not that good

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