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Never, ever leave your kid alone with a tube of ''Acme Super Glue'.'
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This Picture was added by Zero_Norway and validated by staff member: bloodreaver9

Average User Rating: 8.1
Number of Votes: 47
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Total comments: 17 | Last comment: 06-30-2006 at 03:07

 #1 - 06-29-2006 at 05:48
From: (WA)
Joined: February 20th, 2006
Posts: 501
Lmao its pretty good. 8

 #2 - 06-29-2006 at 06:16
From: (Carp, Ontario)
Joined: October 7th, 2005
Posts: 307

P.S. Why are you upside-down?smile

 #3 - 06-29-2006 at 06:16
From: (Akureyri)
Joined: March 4th, 2006
Posts: 64
Why don't you just shut up luka00. Noone likes to hear what you think if you don't say WHY you think it. Saying 'What sh*t' is not a proper excuse to give it such a low grade. Is posting sex poses and dirty language the only way to stop such senseless flaming? Why don't you try to be curteous and say WHAT IT IS you don't like about the picture, and stop acting like an 8 year old kid who lost his prozac.
I myself find this picture to be pretty funny. Though I would have come up with a different caption.

 #4 - He gave his opinion - 06-29-2006 at 07:32
Joined: April 17th, 2006
Posts: 965
He gave his opinion, he doestn have to say why, if you dont like, go away, here my opinion, this is crap,i could of done better, anyone could, and another opinion is that you are a sad person who always has to complain, it is really obvious what people might not like in this picture (well, not for you at least). That anyone can do this, simple, stupid and a waste of time really, this is really stupid. You sense of humor must be lame, and what did you rate this picture then? 9/10 probably, small things entertain small minds (points at ulfurg) big grin

 #5 - 06-29-2006 at 07:59
From: (Helsinki)
Joined: July 2nd, 2003
Posts: 156
I remember a staff member posting this on aonther filefront site:

" Do NOT merely post comments like "it sucks". Anywhere.
Do NOT flame or argue with ANYONE.
Do NOT whine because it's not funny. It doesn't have to be.
Do NOT post merely to refute the opinions of others.
Do NOT backseat moderate. We can do our jobs just fine, thanks.

Anything listed above is spam. If you don't have anything productive to say, just leave a rating and don't post".

Sorry if i broke some kind of sacred rule of not posting what moderators have said on other sites... but it's true YES i also know it reads do not backseat moderate, but still, face it, these guys are giving us all headaches.

 #6 - 06-29-2006 at 08:41
From: (Austin, TX)
Joined: May 27th, 2006
Posts: 2
Its a freaking picture, looks like its upside down, ok, not the greatest thing in the wold but who cares? relax. its a picture from a GAME on a website about a GAME.

 #7 - 06-29-2006 at 08:43
Joined: July 10th, 2005
Posts: 61
Im sorry for sending this picture in yeasterday then, I took it a while ago, so most people have probaly seen the room before, but i thought i could make up a funny title. But i can see some of you never have played with superglue when you were kids.
So anyways, send a picture in yourself then, so we can see what a true masterpiece looks like.

Thanks for the kind comments, from the kind people. smile

PS: And also, it did get picked before 64 other pictures, so i guess it has to have something good in it. So your not just dissing my humour big grin Also the staff member who picked it.

 #8 - 06-29-2006 at 10:57
Joined: May 20th, 2006
Posts: 63
heh thats interesting im guessing u used the editor more then i could do =) o well

zero i do know wut your talking about with super glue (teehee my dad kept lots of this stuff aroundt)

its cool its not the best ive seen but its definatly better then others ive seen

and zero does have a point lets see your "masterpeices"

 #9 - 06-29-2006 at 11:35
Joined: December 10th, 2004
Posts: 178
the area that this comes from is a mages guild quest (i think), so some might find it surprising that it dosnt come from editor (although it could). there are also much weirder things in the quest, so everyone should definately give it a try.

 #10 - 06-29-2006 at 11:36
From: (Bolsward)
Joined: May 5th, 2006
Posts: 147
haha Puke! bad 2/10

 #11 - 06-29-2006 at 12:47
Joined: June 29th, 2006
Posts: 94
Lol, well this pic has given me more of a laugh that any other Potd i've seen for quite a while, sure it's simple, but the funny thing is, those spiderwebs actually look like strings of dried super glue.

 #12 - 06-29-2006 at 15:05
Joined: April 6th, 2005
Posts: 94
So your not just dissing my humour Also the staff member who picked it.

Indeed and I have this too

I also deleted the inappropriate comments smile

 #13 - 06-29-2006 at 17:16
Joined: May 10th, 2004
Posts: 191
Omg a ban button. I wish I had one.

 #14 - 06-29-2006 at 17:17
Joined: May 10th, 2004
Posts: 191
Oh the pic is an 8/10

I played with glue way to much (glued my hand to my face stick out tongue

 #15 - 06-29-2006 at 20:25
From: (Brisbane)
Joined: April 15th, 2006
Posts: 37
Nice picture. I couldn't be stuffed doing that myself, so I applaud the effort.

 #16 - 06-29-2006 at 20:47
From: (Hawaii)
Joined: January 21st, 2006
Posts: 80
okay.. im guessing nobody has done that quest?

It is one of the daedric shrine quests. This is a picture of one of the rooms in Arkved's tower (the most screwed up and hilarious [though kinda freaky] dungeon you will ever find in this game). Each room has something wierd in it like : one room has absoultely no light sources, another room has giant furniture, another is filled with corpses, and another has FURNITURE ON THE CIELING.

Come on that is like the best quest in the game, how could you guys not have done or remembered that!?confused

 #17 - 06-30-2006 at 03:07
From: (Noosa)
Joined: June 24th, 2006
Posts: 122
my apologise for sending the same thing again

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