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Extreme twister
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Total comments: 14 | Last comment: 11-18-2006 at 08:47

 #1 - 11-12-2006 at 23:51
From: (Plymouth)
Joined: February 22nd, 2005
Posts: 153
haha that ork is gonna have a stif neck! its an ok POTD, kinda obvious tho as its jus a trashed house. the ork saves it tho. 6/10

 #2 - 11-13-2006 at 00:56
From: (Queensland)
Joined: May 14th, 2005
Posts: 60
agh you noob, its a shop. The orc is twisted. I got this bug once, the guys head got caught behind a rock and his body fell down the hill at cloud ruler. it went all the way to bruma and in the end one pixel of his body ended up stretched about a kilometre long.

 #3 - 11-13-2006 at 06:58
From: (Sleeuwijk)
Joined: January 16th, 2006
Posts: 329
He's gonna need special threatment after that!eek! 7/10

 #4 - 11-13-2006 at 08:12
From: (Alex/polis)
Joined: November 12th, 2004
Posts: 440
Lol, i had this bug once, while playing SplinterCell Coop... and only when i was switching at normal vision smile
Btw,never had a problem like this in Oblivion...

 #5 - 11-13-2006 at 09:18
Joined: August 18th, 2006
Posts: 325
one word............................................lolHmmm Donut!

 #6 - 11-13-2006 at 12:42
From: (Hofors)
Joined: October 3rd, 2006
Posts: 88
lol its the elasto-guy from the fantastic four!!! he knocked that guard on the right there and is about to attack the screen big grin

 #7 - 11-13-2006 at 15:03
Joined: October 21st, 2006
Posts: 407
its ok but probba;y happens all the timeTwo Thumbs Up!Two Thumbs Down!smile

 #8 - 11-13-2006 at 18:30
From: (NJ)
Joined: August 2nd, 2006
Posts: 410
Yup I've had this happen to me in Splinter Cell and Oblivion. In SC, i was in a split jump on a wall, the comp saw me, shot me down, and my upper half of my body fell, stretching the torso, while my legs remained suspended in the air. As for Oblivion, lets just say that land dreaughs can get even more ugly. Reloading the game in Oblivion seems to fix this, even if you quicksaved right in front of it.

Anyway, I guess the Imperial Gaurd died while trying to beat the ork.

 #9 - 11-13-2006 at 23:55
From: (Queensland)
Joined: September 21st, 2006
Posts: 27
hahaha, if i could i would give it a 20/10 but i can't so 10/10

 #10 - 11-14-2006 at 09:01
Joined: June 25th, 2003
Posts: 268
The technical term is a "twang" cool Btw......... I just made that up. wink 8/10

 #11 - 11-14-2006 at 10:44
Joined: July 30th, 2006
Posts: 276
Nice one, 8/10 for comedic value.

 #12 - 11-14-2006 at 12:26
Joined: November 14th, 2006
Posts: 57
I generaly get this bug when I get extream lag, which is after long hrs of the game being up (I got to sleep and leave it on, cupple days later this happens when some one falls down or dies) 8/10

 #13 - 11-14-2006 at 13:33
Joined: October 21st, 2006
Posts: 407

 #14 - 11-18-2006 at 08:47
From: (The Heartlands)
Joined: November 5th, 2006
Posts: 334
thts not hard to do 3/10 Two Thumbs Down!

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