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What Tamriel would look like from space, reworked
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Total comments: 31 | Last comment: 12-10-2007 at 04:13

 #1 - 11-24-2006 at 15:10
From: (NJ)
Joined: August 2nd, 2006
Posts: 410
Well I dont really care what Tamriel looks from space, even if it is reworked. But seriously, this really has no relations with the game itself. This isnt a screenie taken in game...

 #2 - the moon or asteroid - 11-24-2006 at 15:12
From: (Maine)
Joined: November 9th, 2006
Posts: 15
What about that asteroid/moon above vivvec temple district. But othe than that saweet and what is that continent of to the edge?

 #3 - 11-24-2006 at 15:29
Joined: August 18th, 2006
Posts: 325
this is cool, Delta get a job Resistance is Futile!

 #4 - Good - 11-24-2006 at 15:30
Joined: December 3rd, 2004
Posts: 1
Its a break from other lame POTDs its a nice pic even if u reworked it.
Good Job smile

 #5 - 11-24-2006 at 17:18
Joined: September 16th, 2002
Posts: 378
Sweet pic! Two Thumbs Up!

 #6 - 11-24-2006 at 18:16
From: (NJ)
Joined: August 2nd, 2006
Posts: 410
Hey fishbone, it shows how mature you are. That incident should have been left strictly at Battlefield files. I was simply making a point that this pic doesnt really belong here. I agree its cool and all.

Edit- No need for that. ~MercZ

 #7 - delta read it - 11-24-2006 at 20:26
Joined: January 11th, 2006
Posts: 83
yes it does belong here , its related to TES series pay attention

10/10 for the pic , nice photoshop / GIMP work there

 #8 - 11-24-2006 at 20:29
Joined: November 1st, 2005
Posts: 27
I give it a 9. Would have given it a 10 except its not a game screenshot. But still this is one awesome image =)

 #9 - 11-24-2006 at 21:04
Joined: October 7th, 2006
Posts: 20
The scale of the continent is way to big compared to the entire planet if you ask me. What sort of reference did you use?

 #10 - Guys, enough flamming - 11-24-2006 at 22:59
From: (Texas)
Joined: January 11th, 2004
Posts: 212
There is no need for flaming and attacks on other members here. Delta is entitled to his opinions, and Delta, you should show restraint. I've edited and deleted some posts.

This is here because it is Elder Scrolls related. Pictures don't have to be in game as long as they are related to the universe some how- they can be a photo shop for all we care. As long as it is TES related, game or lore.

The map has some inaccuracies, but that is about how big the continent of Tamriel is supposed to look like. In the old days of Daggerfall, there was a globe of Nirn (The name of the planet) which showed that Tamriel was small compared to the planet. Pyandonea is missing, but the chunk of land to the east seems to be an outcrop of the continent of Akavir. I personally like this one, it is very well done.

Here's a map of Tamriel if you need one-


Anyways, if you guys got business flaming each other, please take it else where, not here.

 #11 - 11-25-2006 at 01:03
Joined: August 18th, 2006
Posts: 138
great job! I just think that Vvardenfel needs to be more grey in the center, due to the ashlands. also, there is a big, brown desert in northern elseweyr. along with that, solstheim and skyrim should be icy and white... but other than the colouring issues, this is my new desktop image.

 #12 - 11-25-2006 at 01:31
Joined: October 31st, 2005
Posts: 178
It looks like an outstretched U.K

 #13 - 11-25-2006 at 02:18
Joined: October 19th, 2006
Posts: 64
looks really nice! 10/10

 #14 - 11-25-2006 at 02:40
From: (N.S.W.)
Joined: February 20th, 2005
Posts: 37
thx for the map mercz i didnt know the map of the hole game was that big and a good potd 10/10 from me big grin :thumbup:

 #15 - 11-25-2006 at 02:55
From: (neu-ulm)
Joined: August 22nd, 2005
Posts: 120
of course the scale isn't right, tamriel should be smaller, but on the other hand, i wanted to show the continent, so that you can see it, not just as a small point on the planet, i was just bored so i reworked it, and this is the final version, ( and if it's not the final, so i will make an better version, which i not put in there, because there has to be and end with this reworking, (like in Star wars, original, special edition , special remastered edition...) but in all i like it, and i'm glad for those , who like this pic.

 #16 - 11-25-2006 at 02:57
From: (neu-ulm)
Joined: August 22nd, 2005
Posts: 120
oh and i forgott, just compare it to the old version in the PodT,
then you will see what great improvements there are


 #17 - 11-25-2006 at 03:35
From: (The Heartlands)
Joined: November 5th, 2006
Posts: 334
REWORKED???????????? confused the older one was better Puke! 3/10

 #18 - 11-25-2006 at 03:57
From: (neu-ulm)
Joined: August 22nd, 2005
Posts: 120

 #19 - 11-25-2006 at 07:40
Joined: January 21st, 2005
Posts: 435


ftw sweet

 #20 - 11-25-2006 at 10:22
Joined: November 5th, 2006
Posts: 50
nice 1 but havent i seen this pic b4?

 #21 - 11-25-2006 at 11:07
From: (NJ)
Joined: August 2nd, 2006
Posts: 410
Ok, so i get the smack down while the 3 or more other members who were clearly more hostile than me gets away with the simple deletion of their posts. *ahem (regains posture) Well my apologies anyway, Im still a little sore from the "racism" at the Battlefield files (call it what you want guys) It just came with a surprise how many hitlers are still out there. I state the injustice of racism and all i get in return are foul words and poorly constructed come backs...

 #22 - 11-25-2006 at 11:36
From: (NJ)
Joined: August 2nd, 2006
Posts: 410
I guess Im gratful for the action that the staff is taking here. The admins for the Battlefield files(if any) arent doing anything to control the anger over there. You guys should go over there and read the POTD messages, youll sure to dump in your pants laughing.

 #23 - 11-25-2006 at 11:56
Joined: July 30th, 2006
Posts: 276
I like it... well done. 9/10.

 #24 - 11-25-2006 at 12:58
From: (California)
Joined: July 8th, 2005
Posts: 424
Kinda looks like you stole this star system from ST:Legacy :evil:

 #25 - 11-25-2006 at 13:14
From: (neu-ulm)
Joined: August 22nd, 2005
Posts: 120
no the backgrounds were diverse pics from the Deep Space, NASA and such stuff, found it with google

 #26 - Looks good - 11-25-2006 at 18:51
Joined: February 17th, 2003
Posts: 293
Nice pic, although the guy who said it looked "like an outstrecthed UK" made me laugh... sure, it looks like a stretched UK, if, somehow, you wiped Scotland off the face of the planet... Roll Eyes (sarcastic)

Anyway, nice pic, good work.

 #27 - 11-26-2006 at 04:01
From: (neu-ulm)
Joined: August 22nd, 2005
Posts: 120
i can send you a link to my blog, where you can watch the texture, and then you can see that this is not a stretched UK

 #28 - 11-26-2006 at 04:27
From: (The Heartlands)
Joined: November 5th, 2006
Posts: 334
i chnaged my mind 11/10 RockTwo Thumbs Up!Beer! Beer!

 #29 - 11-26-2006 at 06:31
From: (Rainham,Essex)
Joined: July 5th, 2006
Posts: 97
this rocksRock good pic 10/10Rock

 #30 - 12-01-2006 at 06:44
From: (neu-ulm)
Joined: August 22nd, 2005
Posts: 120
thank you all, maybe there will be an other new kind of PodT's nex time

 #31 - Re: Moon or Asteroid - 12-10-2007 at 04:13
Joined: August 2nd, 2006
Posts: 4
The asteroid would not be visible from space, and the continent you see is Akavir. (I presume)

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